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Do You Have the Guts to be Beautiful? By Trish Gomez Registered Dietician & Personal Trainer ‘Please Lord, no bumps or rolls, and no zits’. Those were the two things I remember praying for on my wedding day. It was the most important day of my life, and more importantly, the most photographed day of my life. God forbid I’d have to spend the next forty years looking at photographs of back boobs and concealer spots, especially since I was married before the age of Photoshop. Even if you’re good with photo editing, you don’t want to face the day feeling self-conscious about how you look. Maybe you’ve even started researching which cleansing fast or last minute ‘drop a dress size’ diet you’ll attempt in the next twelve weeks. But I can help solve your diet and skin problems with one simple question. Do you have the guts to be beautiful? It’s the title question of a beautiful book by Dr.’s Jennifer Daniels, MD, and Mitra Ray, PhD. And when they say guts, they’re not talking about your ability to stand up to your future mother-in law. It all starts in your gut- your small intestine. This is where real magic happens, where nutrients like niacin, which fuels our metabolism, or omega-3 fats, which form a protective layer on our skin, are taken into our circulatory system and delivered to their final destinations. According to Drs. Ray and Daniels, years of unhealthy eating have damaged our guts, weakening this delivery system. When our bodies don’t get the nutrients we need, they don’t work so well. It’s a combination of undernourishment (lack of all the right foods) and over-toxification (now that’s a word I made up, but you get the idea- too much sugar, fake foods, and over-processed garbage). Skin wrinkles and sags as collagen is depleted. Overtaxed organs like the liver lose their efficiency, and wastes accumulate in the skin, causing blemishes. Metabolisms slow from a lack of important nutrients, and junk ingredients in processed foods stimulate cravings for sugar and carbohydrates. Fortunately there is one solution to all your pre-wedding beauty goalsclean, healthy eating. In just a few short months, you can change the shape of your waist and your face with the following simple, easy changes to your diet.

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Eliminate all processed foods. Eliminate most, if not all, sugars.

Increase the amount of colorful fruits and vegetables to 7-9 servings per day, and make at least half of those raw

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Avoid all artificial sweeteners Choose non-gluten whole grains, such as brown rice and quinoa Eliminate all white flour based foods Drink plenty of water, add lemon Go organic as often as possible

These eight simple steps can help you whittle away those last ten pounds AND create a clear, glowing complexion. If these changes seem overwhelming, consider investing in some professional help working them into your life. The results will be worth far more than you ever imagined!


beauty - more than genes  

it takes guts.