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Benefits of Call Tracking for Businesses Call tracking is a simple and affordable way for businesses to produce meaningful marketing data that can change the course of a campaign. Used in the form of low cost phone numbers, they are directly tied with the performance of a marketing campaign. CallFire’s Call Tracking solution allows businesses to purchase new and unique local, toll free and international numbers to be implemented on different marketing materials (e.g. billboards, websites, and leaflets). The response to these individual numbers will then help businesses attain a greater understanding of what marketing techniques work for them and what needs to be changed. In the following document the key features of call tracking will be reviewed as well as the long term advantages it holds. Key Features of CallFire’s Call Tracking: •

Local, Toll Free & International Numbers: CallFire’s database allows businesses to pick

their own unique toll-free, local or international numbers that is routed back to their office. Businesses can diversify their results by choosing to purchase more than one number and placing them in different campaigns. •

SMS Tracking: When combined with CallFire’s SMS Text Message service, messages

from long coded phone numbers (i.e. 555-555-5555) can be tracked and responded to using CallFire software. •

Custom Whispers: Pre-recorded messages can be set up for callers or receivers to listen

to. For callers they can be used to disclose a recording. An example message is, “This call may be monitored for training purposes.”

For receivers they can be messages announcing the

source of the call. •

Recorded Inbound Calls: In efforts to improve customer service, all inbound calls can be

recorded to be played back at a later time at no extra cost. This allows businesses to identify areas where additional training is needed as well as the type of leads the campaign is attracting. •

Comprehensive reporting: Using Google Analytics, businesses will receive up to date,

real time tracking of their phone numbers, including email notifications on successful calls. After a few weeks campaign data can be reviewed to determine the success of the campaign and if any adjustments need to be made. •

Personalized Marketing: Adaptable for both small and large businesses, the CallFire

platform is fully customizable from the plan to the software API. This is ideal for marketers and

developers who can program their own call tracking application that can be sold as a service to their clients or be used for themselves Increase Return of Interest (ROI) with Call Tracking Call tracking can quickly determine the quality of each call through the recorded conversation and call summary feature. This becomes invaluable data that can be immediately applied without the need to change a marketing campaign just yet. Improving customer service techniques is the first step to form a strong audience base before the end of the campaign. When call tracking is combined with an established voice broadcasting and test messaging solution, it can be a dynamic and affordable tool that’ll dramatically change the relationship between customer and seller for the better. Tailored voice broadcasts and text messages keep businesses in close contact with their customers without being intrusive or overwhelming by contacting them in manners applicable to their lifestyle. The greatest benefit of call tracking is still its ability to follow both offline (TV, print, radio) and online (email, website, PPC) analytics. Businesses seeking current and continual information on their market perception, will find the reporting measures from CallFire’s call tracking invaluable to their long term ROI. For more information visit

Benefits of call tracking for businesses  

CallFire’s call tracking opens a world of opportunities for all businesses seeking to obtain a greater understanding of their market. Using...

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