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ABOUT US Callen-Lorde Community Health Center offers comprehensive primary care aimed at New York’s LGBT communities and people living with HIV, including dental services, sexual health and STI care, a full continuum of integrated HIV/AIDS care, transgender care, gender affirming gynecology, psychiatry, mental health services, laboratory services, supportive case management, facilitated enrollment into Medicaid and other insurance plans, and community outreach and education. Our Health Outreach to Teens (HOTT) program is New York State’s only comprehensive medical and mental health program serving LGBT and other homeless youth in the streets of New York City. As a Federally Qualified Health Center, all of our services are provided regardless of ability to pay. 3

“I love you Callen-Lorde, you have saved my life again and again, and I don’t know where I would be without you. Our community needs you. And we are lucky to have you.”



A LETTER FROM OUR EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Dear Friends, Supporters, and Community Members, We are proud to present our 2015-16 Annual Report in which we focus on Action, Access, and Advocacy. For almost 50 years, Callen-Lorde Community Health Center has served New York City’s LGBTQ communities and those living with HIV/AIDS, regardless of patients’ ability to pay. We are rooted in the core values of our namesakes, Michael Callen and Audre Lorde, whose activism sparked generations to fight for equal healthcare access. The demand for LGBTQ culturally competent heath care has never been greater. The tragedy in Orlando as well as the daily violence faced by our communities reminds us of the ongoing hate and trauma that overwhelmingly impacts those we serve. Callen-Lorde is on the front lines of meeting the medical and mental healthcare needs of our vast communities across New York City. The opening of Callen-Lorde Bronx represents a significant milestone in addressing the healthcare necessities of LGBTQ New Yorkers, particularly those who are underserved and face significant barriers to care. Our Bronx facility is up and running and welcoming new patients for full-service primary care. In the pages of this report you will learn how our team is confronting healthcare obstacles on the clinical side and through our public policy work. One key example of this effort involves working in conjunction with New York’s “Ending the Epidemic” initiative. We have expanded our PrEP services and continue to advocate for laws and policies that allow access to this critical protocol, as well as overall expanded access to testing and treatment for all those most profoundly affected by HIV and AIDS. Together we are building a stronger, more sustainable organization that will continue serving LGBTQ communities long after we have finished our own service. We are incredibly grateful for your support, which makes our work possible. Onward together! Yours in service and solidarity,


Wendy Stark Executive Director

A LETTER FROM THE CHAIR OF THE BOARD Dear All, I am truly honored to have taken on the position of Chair of the Board of Directors. My own relationship with Callen-Lorde began when I started my transition over 15 years ago; Callen-Lorde lies near and dear to my heart, as it does for the countless individuals we serve. Callen-Lorde has been a trailblazer in providing compassionate, high quality, and LGBTQ+ affirmative medical and mental health services for the past 45 years. When many in our communities have had nowhere else to turn, Callen-Lorde was there. We have consistently driven healthcare forward from our early adoption of Informed Consent protocols for transgender and gender nonconforming individuals, to our prominent role during the horrifying peak of the HIV/AIDS crisis. We provide best practices and cultural competency trainings to other organizations and providers while working closely with our communities to constantly develop new and essential programs to target critical needs. And so I ask you to join me, my fellow Board members, our wonderful management and staff in supporting this groundbreaking organization in whatever way possible. Only through our coming together can we serve the needs of all vulnerable New Yorkers, LGBTQ+ or not, to stay healthy and to live affirmative, joyful lives. Thank you for all your help.

Laura A. Jacobs, LCSW-R Chair, Board of Directors


A LETTER FROM OUR CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER Dear Friends and Supporters, This has been another exciting and eventful year at Callen-Lorde as we strive to balance continuing growth in demand for our services with the highest quality comprehensive care for our patients. Through both expansion and careful collaboration we have been working toward improved access to quality healthcare for NYC’s LGBTQ communities. Simultaneously we’ve seen improvements across the board in a variety of metrics including HIV, mental health, chronic health conditions and screenings such as mammograms. Very importantly we can now identify differences in our quality measures for men/women, cis/ TGNC and by sexual orientation allowing targeted interventions to address discrepancies. Responding to community need and in coordination with the State’s ‘Ending the Epidemic’ blueprint to reduce the transmission of HIV, we’re proud to be the largest PrEP provider in New York State, building a program that has started 2,400 patients on PrEP and ensures patients are supported and quality is maintained. At the same time 9 out of 10 of our patients living with HIV are virally suppressed – the second highest rate in the state. Achieving viral suppression helps to protect patients by strengthening their immune systems and protects partners by significantly lowering the chance of transmitting HIV. Recognizing that LGBTQ communities experience higher rates of anxiety, depression and suicide, Callen-Lorde has been integrating mental health throughout our programs. Screening for depression has become routine and the numbers screened has increased tenfold. For those with a positive screen, we have expanded mental health services at 18th Street to enable a detailed assessment and a plan for ongoing care. Access to healthcare - quality healthcare - is a human right. As we work hard to meet strong demand for LGBTQ affirming care, we remain focused on quality. This year we look forward to sharing more data with staff and patients demonstrating the high quality care that Callen-Lorde provides. Sincerely,


Peter Meacher, MD, FAAFP, AAHIVS Chief Medical Officer

A LETTER FROM OUR SENIOR DIRECTOR OF RESEARCH AND EDUCATION Dear Friends, Callen-Lorde has had an extremely successful year with multiple publications and presentations at national and international meetings. While we directly provided care to nearly 17,000 people over the last year, we have impacted thousands more through our research and education efforts. The World Professional Association of Transgender Health Symposium was held in Amsterdam on June 17-21, 2016. A delegate of Callen-Lorde providers and Board Members attended and presented their research on varied topics in transgender health including informed consent models for hormone care, cancer disparities among LGBTQ people, community participation and youth care. Later this summer, Callen-Lorde staff participated in the International AIDS conference (IAC), held in Durban, South Africa. The IAC is the largest healthcare conference in the world with over 18,000 scientists, policymakers, advocates and people living with HIV in attendance. The conference highlighted the latest scientific advances in HIV cure research as well accomplishments and challenges around HIV prevention, treatment and care. For the first time a one day pre-conference on transgender health was held on the eve of the 21st International AIDS Conference. Throughout the week Callen-Lorde presented on multiple topics, with 2 oral sessions and 6 poster presentations, and one of our very own researchers, Pedro Carneiro, was awarded the esteemed Lange/van Tongeren Young Investigator Prize for his poster on PrEP implementation in New York, serving as a model for other organizations looking to scale up their own PrEP efforts. As you will see on the following pages, Callen-Lorde has trained and presented to hundreds of agencies in over 20 countries over the last year, helping to enhance the health and wellness of LGBTQ people and people living with HIV/AIDS on a global scale. With the help of our funders and donors, we will continue to pioneer and lead the way in making LGBTQ health a reality for our communities. Sincerely, Asa Radix, MD Senior Director of Research and Education


CALLEN-LORDE ON THE MAP Callen-Lorde continues to share our research and academic expertise with other agencies and organizations around the globe to improve the health and wellness of LGBTQ people beyond our doors. Since our 2014-15 report, our team met with nearly 130 such entities representing over 20 countries on a myriad of subjects and trainings ranging from cultural competency and sensitivity to population health and more. PRESENTATIONS, TRAININGS AND VISITORS IN 2015/2016:


10 10

Oakland, CA Transgender Health Summit Washington, DC National Black PrEP Summit The White House United States Conference on AIDS Ft. Lauderdale, FL Transgender Medical Symposium Atlanta, GA National African American MSM Leadership Conference on HIV and Other Health Disparities The National HIV Prevention Conference Chicago, IL Midwest LGBTQ Health Symposium Baltimore, MD Lead Serve Lead: the Annual Meeting of the Association of American Medical Colleges Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting Bethesda, MD Trans Net conference Newark, NJ College Health Matters in the LGBTQ Community conference Rutgers New Jersey Medical School Rutgers School of Nursing Perth Amboy, NJ Raritan Bay Medical Center

New Brunswick, NJ Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Albuquerque, NM Sexual and Gender Diversity Summit Albany, NY Albany Medical Center Whitney Young Community Health Center Bronx, NY Montefiore Medical Center Mosholu Montefiore Community Center VIP Community Services Bronxville, NY Sarah Lawrence College Brooklyn, NY Bowery Residents Committee Lutheran Medical Center: Sunset Terrace Family Health Center Services for the Underserved SUNY Downstate SUNY Downstate School of Medicine New Hyde Park, NY Women’s Health Projects at Long Island Jewish Medical Center New York, NY Next Stops: “Examining LGBTQI Issues at the Intersections” conference at NYU Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service

“iLove: Better Choices, Better Life, Better Me!” A Forum for Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender & SGL Women at NYC Black Pride 1199 SEIU ACRIA Albert Einstein School of Medicine Ali Forney Center Allied Service Center of New York City (ASCNYC) Amida Care Argus Community Audre Lorde Project Baruch College Bridge Back to Life Center Center for HIV Educational Studies and Training (CHEST) Center for Urban Community Services (CUCS) Chelsea Diagnostic Radiology Columbia University Columbia University Medical Center Community Health Care Association of New York State (CHCANYS) Community Healthcare Network Con Edison Covenant House Fountain House Global Learning Collaborative High School Gouverneur Health

Harlem United Hudson High School of Learning Technologies Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Institute for Family Health Latino Commission on AIDS in collaboration with the Hispanic Health Network Lehman Manhattan Preparatory School LGBT Health Workforce Conference Metropolitan Community Church of New York (MCCNY) in conjunction with Sylvia’s Place and SMART Youth Morgan Stanley Mount Sinai Beth Israel Mt Sinai Institute for Advanced Medicine NAMI NYC Metro New Alternatives in collaboration with ACT UP New York City Department of Education New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene New York Eye and Ear Infirmary New York Immigration Coalition New York Professional Nurses Union (NYPNU) New York State Transgender Health Conference New York University NYU Medical Center

Physicians for Human Rights National Student Conference Planned Parenthood Public Health Solutions Quest to Learn Rent University Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York (RMANY) Ryan White Part A Conference Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders (SAGE) Settlement Health Streetwork’s Harlem Center Syphilis Advisory Group at NYCDOHMH The Center The New School The Peer Health Exchange Weill Cornell Medical College Poughkeepsie, NY Vassar College Rochester, NY University of Rochester Staten Island, NY The Pride Center of Staten Island Stony Brook, NY Long Island LGBT Conference Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia TransHealth Conference Dallas, TX American Conference for the Treatment of HIV (ACTHIV)




International AIDS Conference

Transgender Healthcare in Europe Conference



Oksana Pokalchuk, Human Rights Education Officer, Amnesty International




British HIV Association (BHIVA) conference

Daniyar Orsekov, Kyrgyz EXETER Indigo John Dean, Clinical Director of the West of Irina Karagapolova, England Gender Identity Psychiatrist, WPATH Service Honoree Kim Charaka, Kyrgyz Indigo


The U.S Department of State and the U.S. Embassy in Moscow NOVOSIBIRSK Kseniya Kirichenko, Transgender Legal Defense Project

Meeting of the British Association of Gender Identity Specialists (BAGIS)

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Director of Bureau of AIDS Global AIDS Program (GAP)


Australian Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson


Jack Byrne, Human Rights Consultant at TransAction


GEORGETOWN Guyana Ministry of Public Health

Cezar Babin, Psychiatrist

National AIDS Programme Secretariat (NAPS)



Mick van Trotsenburg

Clive Anderson, iTECH



World Professional Association for Dmitrii Isaev, Psychiatrist Transgender Health (WPATH) Symposium BANGKOK







KRISTIANSAND Hospital of Southern Norway


GENEVA Healthcare Accreditation ILGA (International Institute Lesbian Gay Bisexual Ministry of Public Health Trans and Intersex Organization)



Carlos E Rodiguez Diaz; University of Puerto Rico


United and Strong



In 2016, Callen-Lorde formalized our longstanding policy and advocacy work by creating a new position, the Senior Director for Community Health Planning and Policy. With Kimberleigh Smith at the helm, the role is a vehicle through which CallenLorde can translate its superior clinical care and expertise, training, research and education to the public policy space at all levels of government. Born out of the Stonewall Era, CallenLorde is rooted in the ideals of health equity. Our communities face disparities often in access, quality and outcomes in healthcare. However, we find ourselves in a moment when the convergence of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, (some) advances in civil rights for LGBTQ citizens, structural changes to New York’s health systems and efforts and movements like Ending the Epidemic in New York State and Black Lives Matter nationally, afford us leverage to realize our vision for LGBT health equity.

In 2015-2016 we made important, incremental strides with our allies in New York City and State. n ENDING THE EPIDEMIC: Secured millions in funding to implement the Blueprint to End AIDS, an effort to bring new HIV infections in New York State below 750 per year; worked to remove the upper age limit for offering an HIV test (previously it was 13-64); expanded access to post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP), allowing pharmacists to dispense emergency medication to prevent transmission of HIV much like the “morning after” pill for pregnancy; and lobbied to allow minors to consent for HIV prevention and treatment much the way they can consent to STI screening and treatment. 12

n TRANSGENDER HEALTH POLICY: Bringing our internationally-recognized expertise in healthcare for our transgender community, Callen-Lorde weighed in on the state Department of Health’s proposed amendments to the regulations that inform what transitionrelated services Medicaid will cover. As a result of our efforts and many others, Transgender New Yorkers covered by Medicaid can access critical healthcare they have been denied for two decades. n Finally, we continue to work to impact the evolving [healthcare] regulatory environment, ‘raising’ our voice to state conversations about value in health care and clinical models that yield improved outcomes with more efficiencies. Callen-Lorde offers a unique platform that recognizes - and acts upon – the connections between racism, sexism, economic insecurity, violence, homo and trans-phobia with healthcare and public health. This is our power, and we look forward to joining with all you to transform this power to action and progressive change.


AUDRE LORDE (1934-1992)

THEA SPYER (1931-2009)

Michael Callen was born in Rising Sun, Indiana, and began his career as a successful composer and singer. In 1982 he was diagnosed with AIDS (then known as Gay-Related Immune Deficiency) and quickly became a leader in the response to the growing epidemic. In 1985 he became a founding member of the People with AIDS Coalition, the first organization to spring from the AIDS selfempowerment movement. As a leading authority in the community, Michael was called to testify before the President’s Commission on AIDS and both houses of Congress. In 1990 Michael chronicled the stories of long-term survivors in his book Surviving AIDS. With Peter Allen and Marsha Malamet, he co-wrote the song “Love Don’t Need a Reason” and was a founding member of the a capella group The Flirtations. Michael continued his work in the community and in music until his death at age 38. He is survived by his partner, Richard Dworkin.

The daughter of Caribbean immigrants, Audre Lorde was born in New York City and wrote her first poem at age twelve. In the 1950s while at Hunter College, Audre worked as a librarian and educator and became a leader in the early lesbian activist community in Greenwich Village. Her poetry was published regularly throughout the 1960s and 70s and gained wide recognition with the publication of her book The Cancer Journals in 1980, which chronicled her experience with breast cancer. In this groundbreaking work, she examined her own fears, anger and ultimately, her strength and hope. Her published writings include nine volumes of poetry and five books of prose. Audre was named New York State’s Poet Laureate in 1991 by Governor Mario Cuomo, a post she retained until her death at age 58 after a 14-year struggle with breast cancer. She is survived by her children, Elizabeth and Jonathan, and her partner, Dr. Gloria Joseph.

Thea Spyer, Ph.D was a brilliant psychologist, avid violinist, golfer and dancer. Born to Elisabeth Ketellapper and Willem Spyer in Amsterdam, Dr. Spyer immigrated to the US States during World War II. In 1963 she met Edie Windsor, who soon become her partner for the remainder of her life. Dr. Spyer earned her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Adelphi University. She interned at St. Vincent’s Hospital and the NYC Veterans Administration, and later became Director of the Psychiatric Clinic at the International Center for the Disabled. She was then Clinical Consultant in Rehabilitation at St. Vincent’s Hospital Westchester before concentrating exclusively on her private practice, where she cared for her patients until she passed away from aortic stenosis in 2009 at the age of 77. Dr. Spyer is survived by her spouse Edie Windsor, whom she married in Toronto, Canada in 2007.


OUR HISTORY Since the days of Stonewall, Callen-Lorde has been committed to improving the health and wellness of LGBTQ people in New York and beyond. We have built upon our history to become a global leader in LGBTQ healthcare, providing the highest quality research, education, training and care, to provide direct service to those in need while training the future leaders in our fields.


CHP opens what is believed to be the nation’s first communitybased HIV primary care program in conjunction with Bellevue Hospital. In the evenings, CHP continues to operate volunteerstaffed health clinics.

St. Mark’s Community Clinic and Gay Men’s Health Project respond to the AIDS crisis by merging and incorporating to form Community Health Project (CHP). CHP takes up residence (squats) in a 3,500 square foot space in an unoccupied building at 208 West 13th Street, which later that year officially becomes the organization now called The LGBT Community Center.




The Lesbian Health Program is established to provide support and healthcare, including a peer sexual health screening program, for lesbian and bisexual women one Saturday each month.


1969-1970 1983 1985 1990 1995 1996 s

St. Mark’s Community Clinic and Gay Men’s Health Project are founded to provide LGBT-sensitive, free health services – primarily related to sexual health – by volunteer clinicians and support staff.



The Transgender Health and Education program is formed to provide resources and hormone care for transgender and gender non-conforming people one Saturday per month, one of the first of its kind in the country.


CHP purchases a 27,000 sf building at 356 West 18th Street that will be its new primary care home and begins a gut renovation of the condemned facility. The FDA approves the first AntiRetroviral Therapy for people living with HIV.

On March 2, Community Health Project moves to 356 West 18th Street under a New York State Article 28 license and becomes the Michael Callen-Audre Lorde Community Health Center, dedicated to the memories of Michael Callen, HIV advocate, founding member of the acapella group The Flirtations, and founder of the People with AIDS Coalition, and Audre Lorde, poet laureate of New York State, health and human rights activist, and breast cancer survivor.

Callen-Lorde partners with Lutheran Family Health Center Network to become one of the nation’s first LGBTfocused FQHCs as a sub-grantee.

In its first full year of operation, Callen-Lorde provides approximately 9,000 patient care visits to 3,000 patients. Callen-Lorde applies for a designation as a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) and is rejected.

Callen-Lorde’s Dental Clinic sees its first patients.





1998 1999 2002 2003 Callen-Lorde is accepted into the federal 340B pharmacy purchasing program to offer low-cost prescription access to uninsured patients.

Callen-Lorde launches an Donor Insemination program as well as a new Transgender Care Coordination program.


2004 2009 Callen-Lorde Community Pharmacy opens to the public and files 5,000 prescriptions a month during our first year of operation





Callen-Lorde receives Article 31 approval to expand its mental health programming to include long term care.


The Affordable Care Act is passed into law.

2010 2012 2014 2015 s


Callen-Lorde opens its second location, the Thea Spyer Center at 230 West 17th St, a fully integrated mental health/ medical practice.

Callen-Lorde Bronx opens at 3144 3rd Avenue in the Morrisania section of the Bronx, co-located with BOOM! Health, receives independent FQHC status, becoming Callen-Lorde’s third clinical site.

New York State mandates the inclusion of some transgender health benefits in its Medicaid program and State-licensed commercial health plans. The Supreme Court renders the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional and the Affordable Care Act constitutional.




“Callen-Lorde has made it possible for me to live my truth out loud, and I will forever be grateful.” My inner discovery that I was different from most children whose genitalia marked them as presumptively male began at about age 8. By the seventh grade I knew I was seriously different, but back then - in the early and mid-1960s - none of us had the language or understood the concepts that now are increasingly accepted as strands in the multi-hued fabric of our society. Translating my recognition of internal dissonance into an action plan took me a longer time than many. But, fortunately, at age 64, when I finally realized what was necessary, instead of taking the riskier path of self-medication, I made a call to Callen-Lorde. From the first person with whom I spoke on the phone, to my intake interview, to being introduced to an amazing counselor, and with every nurse, technician and medical provider I met, I increasingly recognized the remarkable good fortune that had brought me to Callen-Lorde’s door. The brilliant writer and director Lana Wachowski wrote for one of her characters, “If I had remained invisible the truth would stay hidden. And I couldn’t allow that.” Today, as a still successful attorney and a parent of two boys, I’m trans, out and proud. And there isn’t anywhere else I’d consider going for my continuing medical care.


ROSCOE’S STORY: “Callen-Lorde was safe a place that could help me navigate what I saw as an impossible situation to overcome.” The most profound part of my journey with Callen-Lorde began at a very low point in my life when I was struggling with health—both physical and mental—and trying to find myself, my purpose, and who I wanted to become. As a young black man with huge financial burdens and no job, it was a relief to enter the doors of Callen-Lorde. It is my hope that others might read my story and enter into its doors as well. At age 30, I found myself living in a shelter, working at a local burger joint, not really knowing what to do with my life. I lived with HIV since 1999 and for many years, I felt shame, insecurity, fear, helplessness… like death was near. I was so deep into drugs that they became a “safe place” for me, as I’m sure they do for many who struggle. Never would I have guessed that this gifted kid from Detroit would be in this dark place…but there I was. Thankfully, Callen-Lorde was there to help. Callen-Lorde was safe a place that could help me navigate what I saw as an impossible situation to overcome. They helped me improve my physical and mental health, and taught me how to work on taking a more positive approach to living. They were willing to accept me as I was without judgment, and to help me heal from these health traumas. I felt like the entire staff was on my side and part of my team in progressing and pushing me in meeting my goal of living a healthy, productive, long, and happy life. After the burger joint, I landed a job at a global New York-based retailer, even though I had no retail experience. 2 ½ years later, I was close to the number 1 sales person in the entire company. And most recently, I started a new career at an insurance brokerage house in Manhattan serving non-profits which is exactly what Callen-Lorde is. My story is pretty amazing as I write it. Today I am managing my health expertly, and am happier and more at peace than I can ever remember. Had Callen-Lorde not been there at that moment in time, I might not be here to write this right now. Thank you, Callen Lorde, and Godspeed!





WELCOME TO CALLEN-LORDE BRONX On July 1st, Callen-Lorde opened the doors to our first clinical site outside Manhattan at 3144 3rd Avenue in the South Bronx, co-located with our partners at BOOM!Health. This new location will allow us to serve an additional 3,800 patients per year, offering everything from primary care, mental health to sexual health services and more, all regardless of ability to pay. Callen-Lorde Bronx is fully bilingual and works with our partners to offer supportive wraparound services to patients, ensuring the highest quality integrated care. Find out more at




“Patients should be able to freely make personal decisions about their own health without judgment, and without fear.” I came to New York several years ago for my medical residency with a focus on HIV and reproductive healthcare. As a resident, I was shocked to hear my patients tell me how they felt judged by doctors when discussing sensitive topics such as gender identity, sexual orientation, sexual practices or reproductive health decisions. I knew then I wanted to focus my career on creating a safe space for my patients to discuss these issues as well as receive the latest care in sexual health. Soon thereafter I was fortunate enough to do a rotation at Callen-Lorde through their student residency program to gain cultural competency in providing care to LGBTQ people.

I was quickly impressed by the dedicated and mission-driven providers and I wanted to be a part of this community of leaders who are in the forefront of caring for patients who feel like they are not able to access the care they need elsewhere. Patients should be able to freely make personal decisions about their own health without judgment and without fear. That is still only a distant possibility in so many communities in the US and around the world – and I have dedicated my career to making it a reality. 24 24




“Because of Callen-Lorde, I no longer felt all alone in this journey.” My name is Aydian Dowling and I’m a transgender male. My transition began in 2010 when I made my first trip to the Callen-Lorde in New York City. I was scared, I was excited and I was nervous. But walking into the center I felt a small relief come over me when I was welcomed by smiles and kind gestures instead of confused looks and questions like I received at other doctors when I was trying to begin the first steps to my medical transition. I’d gone to doctors and counselors for almost an entire year trying to get people to understand where I was coming from and the hard struggles I was having on a daily basis. The doctor I worked with at Callen-Lorde was beyond comforting and not only cared about my medical and physical health but also my mental health. That touched me a lot because transitioning can be very scary going into the unknown all alone and because of Callen-Lorde I no longer felt all alone in this journey. I will always have a special spot in my heart for the Callen-Lorde center as they truly helped guide me in my first steps to becoming my true self. 27







“I sparkle and I smile more, thanks to the wonderful dental care I receive at Callen-Lorde.” I moved with my family to the United States, to New York City, in 1977. It was an instant love affair living here. This is the place I feel most comfortable being an out gay man. In the early 1990’s I started doing drag - on Halloween actually - but kept it private from my family as I still do. As a gay man I am very quiet, conservative and reserved, like a gentleman ought to be. But when I put my drag on I am as comfortable in Georgina’s skin as George is in his. As Georgina I feel more assertive, outspoken, savvy, glamorous and ladylike. I sparkle and I smile more, thanks to the wonderful dental care I receive at Callen-Lorde with my longtime doctor, J.P. Gonzalez. He makes me feel very comfortable when he works on my teeth and I am very fortunate to have found him, and Callen-Lorde. I am proud of Georgina and my friends adore her, too. I am truly grateful to Dr. Gonzalez and all of the wonderful staff at Callen-Lorde for keeping me smiling.



“At Callen-Lorde they see me, they hear me.” Though I can’t say I knew it at the time, I walked in to Callen-Lorde to change the narrative of my life. Up until then my relationships with doctors and my own health had been discordant to say the least. I could not trust myself to make wise decisions and felt I could not trust healthcare professionals with intimate truths. In the past I had been made to feel judged and unregarded when I was in need, and therefore at my most vulnerable. By the time I got to Callen-Lorde I was a mass of fear and shame and skeptical that I could find an environment where I could take comfort in seeking care and knowledge about my health. Since I’ve become a regular patient at Callen-Lorde I’ve found new levels of confidence and a clear conscience because I know that I’m taking care of myself with professionals that have my back. At Callen-Lorde they see me, they hear me. It is clear that Callen-Lorde has a vested interest in the LGBT community and our well-being that goes beyond lip service. Every time I walk in whether it be for a routine check-up or to pick up my prescription for PrEP I am reminded that I belong to a community. I am so grateful for a place that exists where so many hurdles to engaging in healthcare are removed, and assistance in navigating other hurdles is provided. My experience has led me to believe that at Callen-Lorde they really emphasize the “care” in healthcare. I’m a different person today than when I first walked through these doors. Today I feel empowered with the self-awareness that comes with addressing concerns and taking the next right action to get better and feel healthy.

32 32






39% 12% 8%



10% Outside NYC









Callen-Lorde’s patients continue to be diverse in terms of race and ethnicity.



% %
















0 E,








Many of Callen-Lorde’s patients are young persons – 65% are under the age of 40.







14% 50-64

2% OVER 64

GENDER & GENDER IDENTITY AMONG PATIENTS UNIFORM DATA SYSTEM (UDS) GENDER, 2015 The majority (11,561) of Callen-Lorde’s patients are male and 5,075 are female.* GENDER IDENTITY AMONG TGNC PATIENTS 21% or 3,500 patients at Callen-Lorde are of transgender or gender non-conforming experience, making Callen-Lorde one of the largest providers of transgender healthcare in the nation.

















*The federal UDS does not collect information on transgender identity.



In 2015, Callen-Lorde provided care for 4,175 patients living with HIV, the majority of whom are men who have sex with men (MSM). HIV SERVICES, RACE/ETHNICITY 2015







1 AN














, 3%



















Callen-Lorde’s patients are payer-diverse, with 34% covered by private insurance, 35% covered by Medicaid and other public coverage, 5% covered by Medicare and 26% uninsured. With the implementation of the ACA marketplace in New York, Callen-Lorde saw a 20% decrease in the uninsured and an increase in patients covered by Medicaid and private ACA plans.


UDS insurance type, 2015

5548 4536 4362 1324 853




1% was spent on fundraising

of last year’s funds were spent on patient care

was spent on administrative costs


was re-invested into the organization’s growth

Net assets at end of FY2015: $21,525,157. To request a copy of the complete 2015 audited financial statement, contact Caitlin Quigley at or 212.271.7268






To ensure that Callen-Lorde is providing the level of quality care that our patients deserve and have come to expect, we regularly conduct annual patient satisfaction surveys. In 2015, we collected more than 3 times the surveys collected in the previous year, and saw an overall satisfaction increase of nearly 5% -a testament to the dedication and compassion of our providers and staff. RESPONSE STATS: 2015 - 2,292 responses 2014 - 732 responses 2013 - 430 responses


“Callen-Lorde has been my first experience with a positive LGBT environment and my first experience feeling safe as a transgender man.�

A SELECTION OF COMMENTS FROM OUR 2015 SURVEY: “I love that Callen-Lorde makes a clear effort to create a safe space for everyone. I feel comfortable here because of the respect I receive from the staff.” “No matter who you are you’re welcome here.” “The staff is very welcoming — although I’m not economically disadvantaged myself, I like knowing that I’m supporting a health organization that helps people when they need it.”

“I love coming to a place that primarily serves LGBT people - I feel super comfortable and I love all the staff!” “I love that I can be comfortable about my sexuality and my sexual health with my healthcare provider.” “Callen-Lorde has saved my life my doctor is an angel and truly is concerned about my well-being, I’m so glad I found Callen-Lorde 17 years ago!”



OUR HEALTH OUTREACH TO TEENS (HOTT) PROGRAM CARED FOR OVER 1,400 YOUTH UNDER THE AGE OF 24 – OVER 80% OF WHOM ARE HOMELESS OR UNSTABLY HOUSED “I feel comfortable being a part of the HOTT Program because they make you feel comfortable. The doctors don’t treat you like an outsider or different; just like you are human.” 43

BE AN INSIDER BE A MEMBER BE INVOLVED Howard J. Brown, MD helpedSociety change the image Howard J. Brown

of LGBT people for Americans when he came out while serving as New York City’s Public Health Commissioner in 1973. In the spirit of Dr. Brown and his unwavering courage and dedication to the health of our communities, we established our major donor society in his name.

John B. Montana Legacy Society

Howard J. Brown Society members make annual contributions of $1,000 or more to help CallenLorde continue its vital work offering the highest quality healthcare to the LGBT communities, regardless of ability to pay. The support of members helps to offset the $5 million in unreimbursed services we provided last year. To recognize their generosity and commitment to Callen-Lorde, members receive benefits and privileges including complimentary tickets to ROAR!, our annual summer party at the Central Park Zoo, as well as periodic donor receptions and other special events. But perhaps the most important reward is the satisfaction of knowing that they truly play a vital role in the health and wellbeing of the LGBT communities.

To learn more about the Howard J. Brown Society or to change how your name is listed, please call Donnie Roberts, Senior Director of Development and Communications at 212.217.7172 or 44

John B. Montana, MD, was one of the first physicians in New York City to identify and treat people living with AIDS at the outset of the epidemic in 1981. Dr. Montana saw many of the earliest cases at his Greenwich Village practice, and became a proponent of harm reduction and safer sex, advising GMHC, ACT-UP, and many other AIDS-related organizations. He generously gave his time and money to many community organizations, including Callen-Lorde, and provided care to many uninsured patients in need. It was in this spirit of generosity that Dr. Montana left nearly $400,000 in his estate to CallenLorde to help us provide care to the most vulnerable members of our communities, regardless of ability to pay. To recognize his leadership and commitment to ensuring LGBT people had a place to seek care, we’ve dedicated our planned giving society in his name. To learn more about how you can follow in Dr. Montana’s footsteps by including Callen-Lorde in your estate plans – or if you have already made arrangements to support us in you estate plans – please contact Donnie Roberts, Senior Director of Development and Communications, at 212.217.7172 or

THANK YOU HOWARD J. BROWN SOCIETY 2015-2016 Anonymous (2) Robert Aguiar Anne M. Aldrich & Kim M. Whitehurst Ellen Alpert & Janice Sears Joseph L. Arena Jimmy Asci & Josh Schulteis Ward Auerbach & Andy Baker Peter J. Awn Joe Baker & Stuart Thompson Ariella Ben-Dov & Rebecca McBride Herve Pierre Braillard James F. Braun, D.O. & Kirk N. Lawson David S. Brown Diana Childress John S. Clark Ethelind A. Coblin & Jennifer Judge Barbara Cohen Matthew Cohen Robert N. Cory Clare M. Coss & Blanche Weisen Cook Stephen M. Dillon, M.D. & Phil Maguire James T. Evans, Ph.D., Esq. Scott Fein Martin Feldman Ferguson Family Kay Ferguson John Fredrickson & Jeff Formanek Sean & Barry Godfrey-Reives Nestor Gomez

Marc Grodman, M.D. David A. Hansell & Robert Cimino Marla Hassner & M. Gerard Thompson N. Patrick Hennessey, M.D. The Holcombe Family James Jaxxa & Rob Caldwell, MD Matthew Jayes Keith Kahla Roberta Kaplan & Rachel Lavine Noel E. D. Kirnon Peter Kozma* Sal LaSpada & Ronald D’Amico Jay Laudato & Tom Watson Dr. Rosanne Leipzig & Ora L. Chaikin Matthew Lemer, M.D. & Scott Murphree Elizabeth Lorde-Rollins, M.D. & Judy Boals Hilton A. Marcus Martin Markowitz Seth M. Marnin Gal Mayer, MD Jay Nierenberg, M.D., Ph.D. Bruce Pachter Lisa Ayn Padilla & Allison Drew Klein William Pagano, MD & Francois Boucher Allison Palmer Reza Pazooki & Peter Schmid Antonio Poglianich & Peter A. O’Kuhn Ed Pon & Joe Cooper Donnie Roberts & Geoff Allman Barbara Rothberg, DSW, LCSW & Amy B. Lane

Karen Sauvigné & Diane D’Alessandro Andrew Scharf Rudolph V. Scott Stephanie Seremetis, MD & Ann Campbell, MD Frank Shanbacker Cindy Simon & Jayce A. Fox Ted Snowdon & Duffy Violante Susan Somerville Irwin Srob Wendy Stark & Katie Douglass Jeff Sundheim Sarah Thompson & Bernice Leventhal Joy A. Tomchin Stanley Tomchin Henry van Ameringen Andrew & Xavier Van Degna Tom Viola Jack Watters* & Ian Archer-Watters Colin A. Weil Steven J. Weissman & Daniel Bowers, M.D. Robert B. Wilson Edie Windsor Ben Wiseman Mabel Wong & Germaine Z. Chan Andrea Woodner Chainllie Young, M.D., Ph.D. *deceased This list reflects members in good standing in Fiscal Year 2015 and/or 2016. 45










EVENTS AND OUTREACH 1. Behind-the-scenes at the PrEP 101 video shoot, a unique PSA series on the once daily pill to prevent HIV.

2. Spring Fever 2016 honorees Ellen Alpert and Staceyann Chin. 3. Councilmember Richie Torres addresses the crowd at the 2016 Community Health Awards. 4. Sexual Behavioral Health Coordinator Jesus Barrios presents his poster at the 19th annual United States Conference on AIDS (USCA) in Washington, DC. 5. 2016 Transcendence honorees Amos Mac and Juliana Huxtable with Callen-Lorde Executive Director Wendy Stark. 46

6. Research Associate & Counselor Machel Hunt tabling for National Black HIV/ AIDS Awareness Day.

7. Runners kick off the 1st annual Rainbow Run supporting Callen-Lorde. 8. Health Education Coordinator Rachel Bookbinder on National Voter Registration Day. 9. Facilitated Enrollers Novely Cabrera and Geraldine Caba at Brooklyn Pride. 10. Prevention Outreach Provider Carlos Gomar tabling at National HIV/AIDS Testing Awareness Day. 11. Scenes from Splash! 2016, a pool party in support of Callen-Lorde in the Fire Island Pines.

12. Wendy Stark, Executive Director at Callen-Lorde, Michael Adams, President & CEO at SAGE, and Glennda Testone, Executive Director at The Center pose with equal marriage champion Edie Windsor at the 2016 Hamptons Tea Dance. 13. Prevention Data Manager Pedro Carneiro receives the the Lange/Van Tongeren Young Investigators Prize at the 2016 AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa.

14. Team Callen-Lorde with Congresswoman Barbara Lee, co-chair and co-founder of the Congressional HIV/ AIDS Caucus at the 2016 AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa.

15. Stephany Hernandez, Novely Cabrera, Kimberleigh Joy Smith, Wendy Stark, Marc Murphy and D’hana Perry pose at the 2016 CHCANYS Grassroots Advocacy Day in Albany, NY. 16. PrEP Supervisor Sam Wilburn addressing the crowd at the New York City Hall HIV/AIDS Advocacy Day. 17. Patient Administrative Services poses on Administrative Appreciation Week. 18. Dr. Rona Vail receives the Linda Laubenstein Award for clinical excellence in HIV care. 19. Team Callen-Lorde prepares to march at NYC Pride 2016.














Laura A. Jacobs, LCSW, Chair

James T. Evans, JD, PhD

Psychotherapist Institute for Personal Growth

Associate, Litigation Department Paul Hastings LLC

Lanita A. Ward-Jones, Vice Chair

Lisa Ayn Padilla, JD, LL.M.

Manager Administration The Beacon Theater

We Cann Heal, LLC

Matthew Cohen, Treasurer Vice President Signature Bank Karen Sauvigné, Secretary Mount Sinai School of Medicine Director for Education, Geriatrics & Palliative Medicine

Allison Palmer Communications & Marketing New York Public Library Archley J. Prudent SVP of Programs Development International STEM Society for Human Rights John Paul Sánchez, MD, MPH

Independent Consultant

Assistant Dean, Diversity & Inclusion & Professor, Emergency Medicine Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Former Co-director GATE – Global Action for Trans* Equality

Shane S. Spicer, MD

Justus Eisfeld

Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry Columbia University 48



Wendy Stark Executive Director Andy Fliegel Senior Director of Human Resources Anthony Fortenberry, RN Chief Nursing Officer David Guggenheim, PsyD Chief Mental Health Officer Dan Hunt Senior Director of Finance Peter Meacher, MD Chief Medical Officer Asa Radix, MD Senior Director of Research and Education

Donnie Roberts Senior Director of Development and Communications Mytri Singh Senior Director of Innovation, Informatics and Quality Kimberleigh Joy Smith Senior Director of Community Health Planning and Policy Christine Smoot-Lowers Chief Operating Officer

Production: Caitlin Quigley Photography: Jimi Sweet, William J. Nazareth, Jr., Callen-Lorde Staff Design: Jana Potashnik, BAIRDesign, Inc. 49

THANK YOU TO OUR SUPPORTERS $100,000 or more The Peter and Carmen Lucia Buck Foundation, Inc. The New York Community Trust Henry van Ameringen $50,000 - $99,999 BioReference Laboratories Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS MAC AIDS Fund Maxor National Pharmacy Services Corp. The Brian A. McCarthy Foundation, Inc. The New York Women’s Foundation Susan G. Komen Greater New York $25,000 - $49,999 Ellen Alpert & Janice Sears Association of Lesbian & Gay Affirmative Psychotherapists Estate of John P. Hennigan Rita J. and Stanley H. Kaplan Family Foundation The Tides Foundation $15,000 - $24,999 Krisczar Bungay, MD & Jim O’Sullivan Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS Gilead IJR Consulting SEI Giving Fund $10,000 - $14,999 Anonymous Fred Says Mount Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center Stacey L. Silvers, MD & Beth Haley Team New York Aquatics, Inc. Joy A. Tomchin Stanley Tomchin Edie Windsor


$5,000 - $9,999 1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East Advanced Sports Medicine Amida Care Joe Baker & Stuart Thompson James F. Braun, D.O. & Kirk N. Lawson Bristol-Myers Squibb Virology The Clark Family Fund of the Boston Foundation John S. Clark CohnReznick LLP Intersection Diving for Life Foundation, Inc. James T. Evans, Ph.D., Esq.

Scott Fein GMHC Marc Grodman, M.D. Health 2.0 Advocates The John F. Kidde Fund #2 of the Community Foundation of New Jersey King Family Foundation Sal LaSpada & Ronald D’Amico Jay Laudato & Tom Watson Macquarie Neal Mesnick, M.D. Mount Sinai Medical Center Lisa Ayn Padilla & Allison Drew Klein William Pagano, MD & Francois Boucher Quest Diagnostics Inc. Frank Shanbacker Signature Bank Stacey Silvers, M.D. & Beth Haley Irwin Srob Robert B. Wilson $2,500 - $4,999 Joseph L. Arena Bolton-St. Johns Stephen M. Dillon, M.D. & Phil Maguire Dynamic Construction Services Inc. GE Foundation Global Impact Marla Hassner & M. Gerard Thompson Janssen Therapeutics Keith Kahla Elizabeth Lorde-Rollins, M.D. & Judy Boals NYU Lutheran Family Health Centers Bruce Pachter Pfizer Foundation Antonio Poglianich & Peter A. O’Kuhn Barbara Rothberg, DSW, LCSW & Amy B. Lane Karen Sauvigné & Diane D’Alessandro Stephanie Seremetis, MD & Ann Campbell, MD Ted Snowdon & Duffy Violante Susan Somerville Shane S. Spicer, MD & Cristóbal Gutiérrez Wendy Stark & Katie Douglass Earlean T. Ward Jack Watters* & Ian Archer-Watters Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC Ben Wiseman Mabel Wong & Germaine Z. Chan

$1,000 - $2,499 A & A Maintenance Anonymous Anonymous Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center Robert Aguiar Anne M. Aldrich & Kim M. Whitehurst Jimmy Asci & Josh Schulteis Ward Auerbach & Andy Baker Peter J. Awn Bank or America Ariella Ben-Dov & Rebecca McBride The Benevity Community Impact Fund Herve Pierre Braillard Brio Benefit Consulting Brown & Brown of Garden City DBA Sobel Affiliates, Inc. David S. Brown Chase Not-For-Profit Banking Diana Childress Christopher Street Financial Ethelind A. Coblin & Jennifer Judge Barbara Cohen Matthew Cohen Robert N. Cory Clare M. Coss & Blanche Weisen Cook Jose M. Davila Denise & Gene DeMaio DIAGEO Easy Rent Systems, Inc. Justus Eisfeld & Johnny Capozuca Martin Feldman Ferguson Family Kay Ferguson William Floyd & Jeremy Berman John Fredrickson & Jeff Formanek Faith E. Gay & Francesca Zambello Sean & Barry GodfreyReives Nestor Gomez David A. Hansell & Robert Cimino Robert Hayes HB Events, Inc. N. Patrick Hennessey, M.D. The Holcombe Family Jackson Lewis P.C. Feygele Jacobs Laura A. Jacobs, LCSW-R James Jaxxa & Rob Caldwell, MD Matthew Jayes

JustGive Roberta Kaplan & Rachel Lavine Noel E. D. Kirnon Richard Kosinski Peter Kozma* Dr. Rosanne Leipzig & Ora L. Chaikin Matthew Lemer, M.D. & Scott Murphree The Luminescence Foundation, Inc. Carri Lyon Hilton A. Marcus Martin Markowitz Seth M. Marnin Gal Mayer, MD Navin C. Mehta, MD Michielli + Wyetzner Architects New York Gay Pool League New York State Health Foundation New York University Jay Nierenberg, M.D., Ph.D. No Devotion Dara Ottley-Brown & Martha E. Stark Paulo Pacheco, MD & Paul Brennan Allison Palmer Reza Pazooki & Peter Schmid Pfizer Inc. Ed Pon & Joe Cooper Primary Care Development Corporation Donnie Roberts & Geoff Allman John Paul Sánchez, MD, MPH Andrew Scharf Rudolph V. Scott Maggi Sedlis Goldstein Cindy Simon & Jayce A. Fox Michael Stafford Jeff Sundheim Sarah Thompson & Bernice Leventhal Sandy Turner & Philippa Weismann UBS Matching Gift Program Andrew & Xavier Van Degna Tom Viola Colin A. Weil The Philippa V. Weismann Family Foundation Steven J. Weissman & Daniel Bowers, M.D. Andrea Woodner Chainllie Young, M.D., Ph.D. $500 - $999 American Express Charitable Fund APICHA Community Health Center At the Wallace

WE TAKE GREAT CARE TO ENSURE DONOR ACCURACY; IF YOUR NAME DOES NOT APPEAR, OR IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO CHANGE YOUR LISTING, PLEASE CONTACT DONNIE ROBERTS AT DROBERTS@CALLEN‑LORDE.ORG OR 212.271.7172 Mark Aurigemma Deborah Bachrach Erik Batt & Daniel Marsili Robert S. Beil, M.D. BOOM!Health Diane Bratcher & Marianne Weil Alan Briones Carol L. Buell & Olivia Hicks Armand G. Cacciarelli, MD, FACP Richard Clarkson Elizabeth and Bruce Cohn Cowden Associates, Inc. Michael Dansky Emily Davidson Owen Davidson & Mark Prezorski Richard J. & Susan R. Davidson Scott Davis & John Hadity Buddy Dikman Double E Communications LLC Douglas J. Durkin Joshua Elmore Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield HealthPlus William Fallon Lauree Feldman & Sarah L. Holland Johanna T. Fifi, MD & Rachel Ventura, MD John S. Fitzgerald Fox Rothschild LLP Jeffrey K. French Donna Futterman, MD & Terri Jackson, MA The Galloway-Kahn Family Jodie Garay & Andrea Stanley Julie Goldscheid & Penny Damaskos Gotham Plastic Surgery Katherine V. Hawes Evelyn U. Heinbach Kenneth Heng Hon. James C. Hormel & Mr. Michael P. Nguyen Catharine Hough & Keryn Lowry Peter & Frances Jacobs Mark Janson Tim Johnson Mitch Karsch & Jack Wettling Anne F. Keating Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum & Randi Weingarten Paul Koenigsberg Jeffrey Kwong Dean J. LaBate William Lauch Sarah Lidgus Susan London Hermes Mallea & Carey Maloney Gwen Marcus & Nancy Alpert Elyce Matthews Peter McKown Randy Meadoff & Tyra Liebmann Toby R Meltzer, MD Michielli + Wyetzner Architects

John Mills Alfred L. Morse & Annette S. Morse Foundation NYU Langone Health System Christian J. Oliveira Carly Ozard Pantheon Properties James Payor Elizabeth & Richard Perricone Stuart I. Post Mary Quinones Patsy Rogers Rossiter Financial Group Schwab Charitable Fund Jeremy Schwartz, LCSW Traci Schwinn & Vincent Dotoli Sarah T. Sheffield Marium Ann Short Ed & Donna Sirlin Claudia Slacik & Susan Davis John Snyder, Esq. & Jackson Lewis P.C. David Sproles Michael Terman Charles Ueng Alex & April Uram Matthew Vandenhengel Lanita A. Ward-Jones & Rakiyah Jones Robert L. Warner, M.D. Thomas Watson Michelle L. Widmeier, D.C. & Nicole Pearson Douglas A. Wirth Micah Wissinger Alexander Wolf $250 - $499 Carol Alpert Kenneth Ashley Peter Joseph Avitabile & Henry L. Gubitosi Catherine Baker-Pitts James Ball Uri Belkind Leonard Berliner, M.D. Tobin Berliner Brooks Betts Ellen Birenbaum, M.D. Kate Bishop Julie Bliss Betsy Boggs Frank Bonello Patrick Boucher & John Orcutt Peter Brehm Dr. Barbara Brenner Cindy Broholm & Rona Vail, M.D. Robert A. Bronzo Rebecca Brooks & Bianca Grimshaw Brian Byrd Ellen Carton Lori Cohen

Peter Cohen-Millstein Congregation Beth Simchat Torah, Inc. Victoria Contino Merle C. Cunningham, M.D., MPH & Kevin M. Absec Carrie Davis & Lisa Levy Anthony De Persia Bridget & Vince Douglass Michael Eidelman, M.D. & A.J. Vincent Stanley Ely Warria Esmond Isaac L. Evans-Frantz Kenneth J. Fabbrini, Jr. Lynn A. Faria & Kendra L. Hutchinson Mitzi Flexer Andy Fliegel Robert French Laura Friedman Friends of Deborah Glick Brian Ginsberg Robbyn Glisson Erik Goetze Harvey Goldberg, M.D. The Leonore Gordon PD Arts and Wellness on the Go Fund at Stonewall Community Foundation Carla Grande Evan Graner Catherine Gund & Bruce Morrow Carter Harris Gregory Allen Hinrichsen, Ph.D. Lawrence Holtzin Insignia-BNT National Title Agency, LLC John Janka Sunde Johnson David Kellman, M.D. Janet Khamashta & Marsha McCaleb Peter Killy Charles P. Kopelman Rochelle Krause Irwin Kroot & Anthony Catanzaro Howard & Arlene Kuperberg Joshua Lehrer & Jeffrey Seller Alan Lubliner & Arthur Nascimento Don MacLeod Chris Mainor & Hon. Martha Royster Gregory L. Matalon Sarah Mathison & Sharon Stapel Craig Matters Matthew McMorrow & Marc Karavasian

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Callen lorde 2015-16 Annual Report  
Callen lorde 2015-16 Annual Report