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The Value of Love


The Value of Love

The Value of Love


This is a poem that I wrote one morning during my devotional time with God. I was not thinking of romantic love specifically as you may see from the study that I was doing before I began the poem itself (I have included that here). John 15:9 “As the Father have loved me so I have loved you: continue ye in my love.” Love others as Jesus loved you. 1 John 3:16 “Hereby perceive we the love of God, because He hath laid down His life for us: and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren.” We must be willing – we must lay down our lives – sacrifice ourselves – our schedules our own best interest, our goals, our pursuits... for others (for the brethren). Galatians 6:10 “As we have therefore opportunity let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.” Let us love and be charitable to everyone especially to the saints. We want to love the saints and take every opportunity to help them out if we can. This is the love Jesus enjoined. Loving God with all heart, mind, and soul and strength and loving our neighbor as our self (ref. Matthew 12:28-31). Not emotion – Not feelings of well wishes, but a love that causes action and sacrifice and a certain giving of yourself for that other person's welfare. John 2:16-17 “The zeal of thine house hath eaten me up.” What does it mean to be eaten up with zeal? When you’re not concerned about your reputation, how you look to others, what others think of you, what they may say to you, but you are wholly concerned with doing the work of God in truth. When your whole concern is with furthering the cause of Christ and seeing to the work of His kingdom. What you get and what you do is a side note; in consequential as long as the kingdom of God is perpetuated. Ecclesiasties 4:8-12 “For whom do I labour and bereave my soul of good? …it is a sore travail. Two are better than one, because they have a good reward of their labor. For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow, but woe to him that is alone when he falleth... If one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” 2013 Copyright CCF Writers


The Value of Love

The Value of Love


Love will make your labor easier and more rewarding. If you consider your brother and your sister to benefit them and be a blessing to them then you will get more joy out of it, it will be a bigger blessing to you. Love will make your load lighter that you are called to bear. Love will help you out and strengthen your resolve, love will cause you to be able to go farther than you ever thought you could go. Therefore Jesus said, “If you love me, keep my commandments” (John 14:15). Note: As you enjoy the poem on the left side you’ll see color coded words and superscripted statements. That is so that you can refer to the right side for a further explanation of the thought that I was trying to express in the poem.

Love will cause you to go farther than will power or strength or endurance alone.1


wants to be expressed, thus it is a driving, motivating force.


Love will cause you to sacrifice things you could never have otherwise parted with.2

desires to benefit its object so it will cause you to do whatever it takes to aid them, to further them along.


Love breaks down all resistance, all pride, all fear, all concern and erases every doubt.3

Emotion, lust, desire, need, and nature can be suppressed, but love will be expressed.4 Life and preservation add no reservation... love cannot be quenched, neither does it ebb and flow.5 Affection may be affected – circumstances 2013 Copyright CCF Writers

in order to exist, express, and bless its object must of a necessity overcome every negative emotion that would cause it to be quenched.

Emotion is objectless. It can be triggered by this one or that one or another one; therefore emotion is fickle and fleeting. Emotion changes with the tides, it ebbs and flows, but love stays and does not go. Emotion is heartless. It seeks only a certain stimulation. It advances its own cause, it takes for itself, even in seemingly selfless actions.

Lust is evil. It is as gnawing teeth waiting to devour its object. It wants and is passionate therefore it is willing to do whatever is necessary to obtain its object. It will plead and cry and beg, but that does not make it love. It can be focused intently on one object and abide true in its relentless pursuit, but it is not love. Lust can wait, stalk, and lie still


The Value of Love

The Value of Love


may create distance, but love does never fade.6

as it hunts its prey, but it is not love. Lust therefore is deceptive, because it can perform like love and is intense like love and often poses as love, yet it is false.

Love is not visual, physical, dutiful, or selfish.7

Lust is a hunger that once satisfied discards its prey. Leaving a rotting carcass for the vultures to finish off. Lust is intense and can be focused, but it cannot be sated or abide satisfied for long. It cannot be legitimized. Lust will always sin. Lust must be illegitimate to truly satisfy its desire. Lust cannot follow the right pattern. It must lurk in the shadows and devour in the night. It must creep up and sneak around and be wrong to feel right. Lust does not benefit its object but feeds on them. The fisherman feeds the fish only to hook it. The trapper baits the animal only to lock it in. Lust will do much for its object, but in the end it will win and the object will lose and be used and abused because lust is careless, heartless, inconsiderate.

Love bends knees and breaks backs, for it is by nature servile and selfless.8 Love does not profit the possessor but relieves only as it is given away wholly, fully, and without reserve.9 Love ask nothing but free expression.10 Opportunity affords love its most essential element that it may grow and thrive. Yet love contained, bottled up and constrained does not of a necessity die. All it needs is the light of day, all it needs it the air of opportunity and it blooms and blossoms and flourishes and grows. Love is fervent and fresh and forceful. Though by its nature it can do no ill to is object, nor to any no matter how it is received, it is nonetheless ever warring against all opposing forces and intervening elements to exist, to express, and by nature to rid the possessor of anything contrary to those ends.11 2013 Copyright CCF Writers

Love will not pursue if the pursuit would not suit its objects best interest. Love will not demand anything of its object that would cause the object harm. Maybe love hurts sometimes, but it helps always. In its hurting it is helping and strengthening and teaching and enabling its object to be better, to stand on its own; to be independent of itself. Lust always seeks to make its object dependent on itself, so that it can use that a leverage at a later time. Love gives of itself. Lust gives for itself, or its own selfish motives. Love is always at the feet; servile and selfless. Lust is always in your face, trying to get you to pet it, encourage it, feed it.

Desire is a fire that can be quenched. Desire can be legitimized, but not perpetuated. Once fed desire goes out. No matter how hot the flame desire will burn out in the end of itself. Love is a flame that never burns out. Love is not dependent on feeling or emotion. Love is burning even when its object is not present.


The Value of Love

The Value of Love For love and self cannot coexist, but must all the time be at war with each other, love and pride cannot abide, for love is always at the feet while pride would use people as elevators.12

Love and life have much strife, for love is not concerned with life and life with love in turn. Love would give life to express itself, while life oft encumbers and restricts love's ability to express.13

Expounded Need is suppressible it can never be eliminated, but it must always be kept under control. Need has no feeling, it is just an appetite, a craving that must be kept in check.

Nature sends one out looking for someone, but it has no object, no thought to consider either the possessor or the object. It simply looks for fulfillment; an object to desire.


will be expressed:

These all can be, must be contained, but love will be expressed. Even when it is sitting still love speaks. In its quiet time, love’s voice is yet speaking.

Love and duty are aliens one to the other. Though love is ever doing and always sacrificing, it never feels or needs the constraint of necessity, love is its own compelling force. It of itself constrains and makes the unnecessary as compelling as the ordinary, the perfunctory and the dutiful.14

Love is never silent by choice, but is patient, is considerate, is not arrogant or pushy. Love does not rush in headlong or heedless, but it considers its object to benefit them. It takes more into consideration their interest than its own. It gives more than it takes. It restrains itself as long as it takes, therefore even in silence it speaks, expresses itself. 5Love

Love cries for expression and longs for opportunity. Love is not easily constrained and can't lightly be tossed aside. Love exist, love resist all negative forces. Does love always express and must it needs possess it's object? Love constrains and yearns for expression, but yet the first rule of love is that it is not 2013 Copyright CCF Writers

does not preserve itself if it can benefit its object. Love will injure the possessor if it can benefit its object. Love does not ebb or flow. Other things rushing in may hinder love. Negative forces may try to eradicate it from the heart, but love is constant and true.


is an expression of love, but circumstances or emotions may affect such expression, yet still love abides. Love is not in feeling, love is not in emotions, love is not in desire, or the expression of those desires. Those are symptoms that love causes, but not the love itself.


The Value of Love

The Value of Love harmful to others. Love cannot break, cannot destroy, cannot even yet impose itself upon another, therefore love will smother and smolder when lust would in such cases shoulder it's way in to win.

Expounded If you think a fire is out add some oxygen to it. If you think love is died down, consider it. Let the possessor turn their attention to the object of their love and see if it be died down or just as fervent as ever. Let them cast aside hurt and pride, let them put away distrust and anger. Let them cast out negativity and see, does the flame yet burn as bright?


is not visual. It does not depend on how its object looks or presents themselves.

There is an offering of love an expression of love – a presentation, but pure love does not control, does not demand. Love offers. Love lays at the feet, love may ask, request, entreat, love may cry or call or beg, because love is not proud or considerate of self or ego or the like. Yet love will not barge in where it is not wanted or possess that that is not given freely of the objects will. Love is not emotion, but emotion might try to subdue love's expression.15

Love is not physical. It does not exist by virtue of, or in hopes of certain expressions or side notes. Love is not dutiful. It is freely given, never forced or coerced. Love is not selfish. It does not seek its own best interest, but ways to benefit its object.


bends knees. In that it is always at the feet ready to serve and also in that it proposes to marry its object (with all that marriage entails) rather than seeking any alternate means. Love breaks backs. It will sponsor the possessor to do whatever it takes to please its object, no matter that it may be painful or harmful to themselves.


Yet hurt (emotion) is an agent of pride more so than love. For love neither sponsors hurt not regards it, but pride does rise up against hurt and and self puts up a defensed wall to impede anything that would allow hurt in.

does not profit the possessor. Love is not a beneficial thing. It is something to be given away, something to be passed along rather than enjoyed. Love is selfless it is a fire that is contented only when it is expressed. When the possessor has emptied themselves completely, without regard for their own selves, then may they be relieved.


Yet love forgives without qualification or hesitation and seeks to reconcile.

asked nothing in return. Its greatest joy is giving of itself.


is forceful, but it does not force its object, but it fights to be expressed. It fights against 2013 Copyright CCF Writers


The Value of Love

The Value of Love Therefore love can only be constrained by things outside of itself – either its rejection or suppression by its object or by negative forces within warring against it. Can love be therefore redirected?

Pure love is undefiled and cannot be perverted.

Expounded things within the possessor that would cause it to not have free course and full sway.


is selfless so it wars against self-interest.

Love is pitiful so it and pride cannot abide together. Pride wants to be elevated, even at others expense, but love is content to be in the shadows.


is sacrificial, even to the death of its possessor. So life is not a fan of love, but would smother it in necessities and distractions. 14Love

One heart can love many and much but can be given away only once.16 Yet a gift that's not accepted – a true rejection that leaves a heart broken must needs give way to opportunity.

makes duty disappear because love operates by desire and not obligation. Love promotes joyful service, while duty is lifeless. 15When

love causes the possessor pain or negative emotions—which can, does, and may happen–then pride steps in, and self rises up to defend its own interest. Love is not in any of these things. Love forgives. Love forgets. Love is relentless in its desire to express, to help, to benefit it’s object.


For if not then hearts could never mend and love could never recover or discover another opportunity and even upon death love must be left bereft for its engine (heart) died within the objects possession. No man can serve two masters – love is a servant, it pours itself at its objects feet. It spends itself at it's objects delight, it cannot possibly be detracted or distracted from one to another. Therefore love is exclusive and all encompassing.

2013 Copyright CCF Writers

person may love many people in a common sense such a family and friends, but romantic love is a bond, an entwining that grows ever more intricate and therefore is exclusive to one person

Pure love is all we have said and much more. Yet for the most part love is not given away purely, but is mixed with all these other things we have expressed. This is life and the nature of things. We do not experience or allow for pure love as we wrote about here, but we mix in self-interest, we mix in some pride, some life, some nature, much emotion, some desire, and some doubt. Therefore love is hindered in its expression. Oh, but if we let love grow, if we let it breathe, if we let it be… It will benefit, it will bless, it will find a way to express.

The Value of Love  
The Value of Love  

A look at an oft misunderstood word, love. The value of real love is unmeasurable, neither can these few words do it justice.