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Called Chosen Faithful STEPS TO RESTORING R AIN Absolute Obedience

WEEK 8, JUNE 8, 2013

1 Kings 18:1 “Go shew thyself to Ahab; and I will send rain upon the earth.”

The entire thing rested on Elijah’s obedience to God’s command.

No matter how dire the situation God only answers by virtue of our strictest obedience to His commands.


This month we will wrap up our Steps to Restoring Rain series.

God requires absolute obedience before He will bless in a particular way.

If Elijah had not followed God’s command, the drought would have continued and many lives would have been unnecessarily lost.

The criticalness of our moving in step with God’s plan cannot be underestimated.

God could have just appeared to Ahab Himself in a dream or vision, but He had a certain plan already worked out not only to show Ahab who He was in a real way, but to show forth His power to the people of Israel as well.

Verse 2 “And Elijah went to shew himself to Ahab.”

Elijah went without hesitation, worry or fear. He obeyed God’s command immediately and implicitly. He unhesitating obedience made way for the rain that later fell.

Verses 7-15 “I will surely shew myself to him today.”

Elijah didn’t get distracted by Obadiah’s greeting, neither did he allow his fears to affect him. He continued steadfast in his purpose, determined to accomplish the Lord’s command that same day.

I do hope everyone understands that we are not speaking of natural blessings or test and trials, but the Word of God (ref. Isaiah 55:10). Very rarely is rain ever mentioned as a negative thing in the Word of God, though it is sometimes mentioned as coming as hail (ref. Exodus 9:18, Psalms 105:32) or being mixed with hail and fire (ref. Psalms 11:6, Ezekiel 38:22) which typifies the judgments of God poured out upon the wicked. The need for a restoral of rain is illustrated by Bro. Darryl Johnson’s message at last year’s Columbus Fellowship Meeting entitled: “Feasting in a Famine?” Below is a snippet from E. Faith Stewart’s book in which we see how critical it is to move at God’s word.

In Real Life

Definitely Guided by God's Spirit – from Living by Faith—E. Faith Stewart There is also another way in which He has promised to guide us, and sad to say, but few of the Christians think of the great privilege that could be theirs; or of their responsibility in magnifying the Lord through these personal demonstrations of His power and of His care. Thank God it is possible for us to hear the voice of God clearly speaking to us, definitely trying to guide us in clear paths of service to Him. In the year, 1929, I had a very definite experience of being guided by the dear Lord in a plain path in service to my fellow man. I lived at that time in Indianapolis and was pastor of one of the congregations. Sister Keith was a faithful member in my congregation. Her general health was good but she had had a few serious heart attacks. These were not very frequent so we had not been deeply concerned about her. She lived a number of blocks from my place, but I usually walked there to see her. One night, possibly 3 o'clock in the morning, I was definitely awakened from sound sleep as if some one had entered the room and called me. As I awakened, I sat up in bed, and after a moment's thought, knowing that I was alone in the apartment; I realized that the Lord had awakened me. So I bowed my head in prayer and asked Him what He had awakened me for. The answer quickly came, "Call a cab at once and go to Sister Keith." I quickly called the cab and rapidly dressed while waiting for it. In a few moments, I was there. Being so definitely sure God had spoken, I expected to see the house lit up, and to see the family stirring for I was sure something was wrong there. To my surprise, everything was in darkness and the family sleeping (as far as I could see). The cab driver stood by a few minutes and the enemy of all good said, "What a foolish thing you have done. They are all in bed asleep." Quickly looking to the Lord I was impressed to enter a small side gate and to try and go around to the back door. I sent the cab away and entered that dark passage for the first time in my life. As I reached the kitchen door, I saw through a small crack, that light was in the house. Without knocking or speaking, I opened the door and entered. There in a chair sat our beloved Sister Keith, to all outward appearances gasping her last breath. She had awakened with heart attack and had gone downstairs for water. When she got downstairs she was so bad she could do nothing. Her husband worked nights and the two daughters were both upstairs in bed asleep. From where she sank down in the chair, with much difficulty she had unlocked the back door. She could not speak a word but as she saw me enter, the tears of gratitude flowed from her eyes. Without a word to her, I stepped to her side and as I laid on hands, I felt invested with authority from Heaven over the affliction. God enabled me to pray the prayer of faith and the work was instantly done. Our praises awoke the girls and they soon joined us. All together, we prayed, worshipped and adored our Saviour and healer. From that hour, Psalm 32:8 has been more real to me than ever before in my life—"I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way in which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye." "Bless the Lord Oh my soul and all that is within me, bless His Holy Name."

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