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You remember all the old horror movies: one character in the film encountered what was seemingly an innocent and benign object -but it was actually possessed of some terror which would wreak all manner and form of havoc over the next couple of film reels. Here, Martha Reppert is attacked by a big tub of lettuce.

Daughters’ Luncheon Youth Sunday 2012 Picnic Coming in June!

The Redeemerite June, 2012

No, not really. Martha is one of Redeemer’s volunteers at the Kansas City Community Kitchen. More about the Community Kitchen is inside.

Episcopal Church of the Redeemer 7110 nw missouri route 9 kansas city, missouri 64152-2930 address correction requested

Phone: 816/741-1136

Non-Profit Organization

US Postage Paid Kansas City, Missouri Permit # 6751

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6pm NICC Open



Women’s Bible Study Weekly Meeting Tuesdays 10am, Coffelt Hall Overeaters Anonymous Weekly Meeting Tuesdays 12:30am House of Prayer Quilters Weekly Meeting Friday 9:30am AA Weekly Meetings Tuesday 7pm and Saturday 10am,HOP Al Anon Weekly Meetings Wednesdays 10am and 7pm, HOP(except 4 th Wed. Downstairs). Saturday 10am, Downstairs

7:20pm Redsox @ Northland Cathedral

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Weatherby Lake

Redeemer Picnic

7pm Vestry Meeting, Coffelt Hall

10am NICC Open


11 10

7:00 pm Fancy Frosters




12 10:30am Men’s Bible Study


7pm Movie Night, Coffelt Hall



6:15pm Redsox @ Northland Cathedral

21 6:30pm LeLeche, DS 7:20pm Redsox @Seminary

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6:15pm Redsox @ Towerview 6:30pm Stephen Ministry





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Saturday Friday Thursday Wednesday


Father’s Day 17

Photo: Fellowship of the Performing Arts, The Screwtape Letters -- from a 2008 performance.

SPEAC Food Pantry

* C. S. Lewis, from The Screwtape Letters (C. S. Lewis Pte. Ltd., 1942; Harper Collins, 2001), from Letter 12, p. 60

Clothing Center

-- The Rev. Joe Behen

10:30 Holy Eucharist

permission to let the words of both Scripture and of our prayer book wash over you every day. Trust these words to work something sacred in you, something that may not be what you want at any given moment, but something that you can trust to be good.

*Northland Infant

C. S. Lewis once wrote about this, in the voice of his devilish character, Screwtape, who said that, “The Christians describe the Enemy (God, Screwtape’s Enemy) as one ‘without whom Nothing is strong’. And Nothing is very strong: strong enough to steal away a man’s best years not in sweet sins but in a dreary flickering of the mind over it knows not what and knows not why, in the gratification of curiosities so feeble that the man is only half aware of them, in drumming of fingers and kicking of heels, in whistling tunes that he does not like, or in the long, dim labyrinth of reveries that have not even lust or

8am Holy Eucharist

A Habit of Spirituality

Each Sunday

But regardless of how you do it, making these gifts of our tradition part of your daily walk, can be life-changing. Give yourself


Sometimes, the time that works best finds us away from our prayer books and bibles. Well, worry no more. Do you have a smart phone? Recall that, “There’s an app for that!” It seems to be true – you can find an app that gives you the BCP right on your phone. There’s even an app for the daily lectionary readings. These tools put everything you need to provide you with this most Anglican of disciplines as close as your right pocket!


Many variations of this practice are possible. Many people have found that to make time for Morning Prayer before they leave for work fits best. It may require our setting the alarm twenty minutes earlier each day. Others have found these prayer cycles, over time, to be too much, and have leaned toward the shorter daily devotions that the prayer book offers. Still other find that evening time, or the half hour before falling asleep is most useful. When we do it, and amount of time spent is less important than the fact that we do it.


So how do we go about creating spiritual practices that enhance our relationship with God? Numerous books have been written on this topic, and there are a multitude of possibilities for such disciplines. But I will suggest one here: that we all begin to engage the daily pattern of worship found in our Book of Common Prayer, and the associated reading of Scripture that our tradition has gifted us with – the daily lectionary.


ambition to give them a relish, but which, once chance association has started them, the creature is too weak and fuddled to shake off.”* This is a powerful indictment on both our lack of spiritual practice and of our “spending” of free time. My intention here is not to produce guilt, but rather to name this challenge that so many of us face, in order that we can learn to control it, rather than, as Screwtape described, having it control us.

Events at Redeemer in June 2012

“I’ve always wanted to make spirituality a bigger part of my life, but I just haven’t been able to make it a priority for some reason.” This simple but direct statement expresses what many people have said to me over the years, when the topic of spiritual practice arises. It’s doubtfully a news flash to anyone to say that our lives have gotten busier over time, and yet, over time, it becomes increasingly true. Our jobs require more of our time than the same jobs did even ten years. There’s often not much that we can do about our busy lives. But here’s a scary thought: What if it’s not the “busyness” of our schedules that keep us from healthy and useful spiritual practices? What do we actually do with the free time that does present itself? When a rare unclaimed, unscheduled moment does appear, we are often unprepared for it, and it slips away in a half hour of games on our phone, or maybe scrolling through countless Facebook entries. I think that’s what startles us about the lack of spiritual discipline in our lives. As St. Paul said, “I do not understand my own actions, for I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing that I hate.”

r e m e e ! d c e i R r Picn e ! 7 m 1 e m n t u n i u J o , P y S ” da Sun Lake “C y b r e h t a e W

Redeemerites Volunteer at the

Kansas City Community Kitchen


de i R t a Bo

ng i m m Swi each! B

Hamburgers & Hot Dogs! Bring a side dish or dessert if you can. Bring a lawn chair or just sit on the picnic benches in the shelter. Definitely bring your friends & the entire family! Lunch will be about 12:30 PM, but you can come over for coffee anytime after the 8 AM service. Then, stay all day. We’ve reserved the shelter until sunset. Maps will be at the church. Carpools will be available. The R edeemerite X June, 2012 X Page 14

Twice a month, Redeemer volunteers take their talents to the Kansas City Community Kitchen, a facility which serves as many as six hundred people a day. Some of these people are homeless, some experience a handicap, either physical or mental, and all are legitimately in need of help. A growing clientèle is that of the “working poor,” people who have jobs but can’t make enough money to feed themselves and their families. Redeemer volunteers work with the kitchen’s chef/organizer/meal planner/chief cook & bottle washer Erika Rucker to help prepare meals which are highly nutritional and utterly delicious. One night the volunteers made hundreds of pounds of meat loaf using donated ground turkey and fresh peppers, along with the

more conventional fixin’s. The huge stainless steel trays were then covered with plastic and placed in a walk-in refrigerator where the fresh ingredients slowly allowed flavors to mingle until the trays were popped in huge ovens the next morning. Volunteers almost made a special trip the next day just to savor their gastronomic creation. That is the essence of what the KCCC does: serve meals which cost little but provide the highest standard of nutrition possible. Erika, a culinary school graduate, is frequently challenged by how to combine donated foodstuffs -- items which may not at first glance go well together. However, she always seems to come up with a successful mixture. One may say it is Divine inspiration. Surely, at a facility such as this,

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the program out of church kitchens in the inner-city area. However, the program overwhelmed church kitchens so ECS went about modernizing a structure so that it could be specifically designed for this purpose. KCCC is bright and attractive. It is also very efficiently designed so that cleanliness can easily be the top priority. The kitchen completely fulfills all requirements for a commercial facility. Thus, the ability to keep things immaculate without wearing out the volunteers is important. Episcopal Community Services describes this mission as “feeding the hungry, changing lives” based upon a parable from the book of Matthew which reads, “the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when was it that we saw you hungry and gave you food, or thirsty and gave you something to drink?’ And the king will answer them, ‘Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.’”

Erika is glad for any Divine assistance she can get. Creative solutions are most welcome. Redeemer volunteers work either the first Monday evening or the second Monday evening of each month. They either meet at the church around 5 then carpool to the kitchen, located at 8th & The Paseo, or go there directly after work. After finishing their task of preparing food for the next day, the Redeemerites return north and oftentimes choose an eating place for their own dinners. The work gets done and the fellowship is a pleasant bonus. KCCC has been around for over a quarter century though not in its present location. Episcopal Community Services formerly ran

Denise Davis, chair of Redeemer’s Outreach Commission, tells us they has chosen the Kansas City Community Kitchen as Redeemer’s mission for the month of June. Donations you make to the Outreach fund will thus support other Redeemerites as they donate their time and energy toward this important cause. What will the money be used for? It might be anything from commercial grade kitchen equipment (typically expensive because of the heavy wear this equipment gets), or paper goods like napkins and paper towels, or cleaning supplies. They typically use $350 of cleaning supplies a month so as to remain in full compliance with health and sanitation laws. Redeemer contacts include Deacon Sherrill Russell who organized the first team. Sherrill’s number at the church is 741-1136. Jeannie Carlile organized the second team. Her home phone is 741-3131.

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Father’s Day Picnic

For those who are wondering what to do on Father’s Day, Vicki Asbury suggests that a picnic in the park would be a great idea. It’s hard to top boat rides, a swimming beach, hamburgers and hot dogs, and a choice for dad to either be surrounded in the smoke of a charcoal grille, or to sit back and let somebody else do all the work. This will be Redeemer’s annual summer picnic at C Point in Weatherby Lake. If you have plans to have relatives and friends in town that weekend, bring them, too. We invariably have more food than anyone can possibly eat, so the challenge of feeding a few more guests is hardly an obstacle. There will be no charge for the Redeemer picnic though everyone is encouraged to bring a side dish or dessert to share. You are also encouraged to bring your own lawn chair if you wish to sit outdoors. There are also plenty of picnic tables inside the shelter where you can sit. The date is Sunday, June 17. Those of us who attend the 8 AM service are welcome to show up anytime after that service lets out. Coffee will be served, and you can enjoy the cool breeze in the C Point shelter. Others of us who attend the 10:30 AM service should dress for the picnic then go over to C Point. Carpools will be available. Maps will also be available at the church.

month. Typically, the host will provide the main course and everyone else brings side dishes, desserts, and whatever else the group wants. Dinners typically take place on a Saturday evening though groups make their own decisions as to details. Tom Stevens reminds us that the upcoming publication of a Redeemer cookbook presents us with the opportunity to try out some of the recipes we discover in the cookbook. For more information about the Dinner Groups, please call Patti Clark at 741-4008 or sign up in Coffelt Hall.

Liturgical Study Group

Fr. Joe Behen has begun a new series of biblical studies each Sunday morning. Each of the presentations begins at 9:15 AM (about 15 minutes after the 8 AM service lets out), and finishes about 10:15 AM (about 15 minutes before the 10:30 AM service begins). Thus, it is conveniently scheduled for you regardless of which service you prefer. The first couple of sessions drew about twenty people, but there is still space for more. Call Fr. Joe at the church office (816/741-1136) for more information, or just show up any Sunday.

Lunch will be served at about 12:30 PM. If you will be attending -- and especially if you will be bringing guests -- please place your name and the number of people attending on the signup sheet in the church. Or, you can call Vicki Asbury at 741-8159. It is most important that we know how many people to plan for.

New Dinner Groups

Patti Clark is putting together new Dinner Groups for this summer and autumn. These are groups of 8 - 10 people who gather at one another’s homes for a dinner about once per

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What Won’t Happen Wednesdays this Summer

Regular Wednesday evening programs will take the summer off. Programs will resume after Labor Day. Should you forget about coming to Redeemer on Wednesdays this summer? No! Because events are still being planned.

Jerea & Floyd Baldwin ...

...request the pleasure of your company when they celebrate their Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary on Saturday, July 7. The anniversary celebration will take place in Coffelt Hall from 2 - 5 PM. Jerea extends a most cordial invitation to everyone at Redeemer. She requests that you call her in advance so that she can plan for how many people will be there. Jerea’s phone number is 801-8498

Emyla Baker

Congratulations to Emyla Baker! After several phases of an elimination process, The Women’s Foundation of Greater Kansas City chose Emyla to begin serving as a new team member of a select group of high school ladies from Missouri and Kansas who will work together for a year reviewing and deciding where grants will be used in the Greater Kansas City area. The Women’s Foundation calls this the Girls Grant Project Team. After a year, Emyla will be able to initiate a process in order to stay on another year. She and her parents are obviously very excited about this opportunity.

Space for something Any suggestions?

What Will Happen Wednesdays this Summer

Sue Ellen Hanis is offering an exercise course which will particularly benefit those suffering from arthritis, but will benefit anyone of any age.

Sue Ellen’s course is in Tai Chi and will take place every Wednesday evening at 7 PM beginning on June 6 in Coffelt Hall. There will be no charge and everyone is welcome. In case you’re asking yourself, “isn’t Tai Chi one of those martial arts? Will I have to kill somebody?” the answer is that Tai Chi originated as a martial art, but that killing people isn’t looked upon positively by the Episcopal church. Sue Ellen assures us that no one will be asked to kill somebody in order to demonstrate his or her abilities. Rather, the focus is on s - l - o - w movement which will enable the participant to stretch muscles, expand range of motion, and improve balancing skills. Sue Ellen says that absolutely no experience is required. Music and movements are based on Chinese Sun style Tai Chi. The program was developed by the Arthritis Foundation. Jumping and fighting aren’t part of the program. Dress in comfortable clothes and flat-soled shoes (not sandals). Call Sue Ellen for additional information at 587-0054,

Movie Nights

Come autumn, Father Joe Behen will be making a series of Wednesday evening presentations discussing the theology of films. These aren’t necessary “religious films,” but rather films for which a theology is present -- though perhaps not even obviously so. Fr. Joe decided that summer would be a great time to show the movies so that when he talks about them this autumn, you’ll be familiar with them. First in the series? The Whale Rider on Wednesday evening, June 13 at 7 PM.

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Summer Break for Redeemer Youth ... But Not Really

Redeemer Youth completed their 2011-2012 season with a big cook-out followed by work in the St. Francis Garden located adjacent to the House of Prayer. That was described as “a lot of work, what with weeds to spray, leaves to rake, and a couple of unwanted plants to be uprooted.” Louise Thurlow advises us that Redeemer Youth were most careful to avoid disturbing the plants and bushes put in by Redeemer’s “Soil Mates” team.

2012 Daughters’ Luncheon

Of course, Redeemer Youth look at the summer “vacation” by putting on a full schedule of other events such as Camp WEMO during the first weekend of June, Missionpalooza in July, plus the annual pool party in August. Redeemer Youth are also very active in the church’s Vacation Bible School at the end of July, plus planning for next autumn. Jenny Thurlow has plans for upgrading the youth Sunday School room during August. Vacation? Nothing on the calendar? Naaaaaah.

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Youth Sunday at Redeemer

Linda & the Soil Mates If you didn’t know better, you might think that the group, Linda & the Soil Mates was some sort of 1970s retro country rock band. It isn’t. It’s our own Redeemer volunteers who keep the land around the church looking so bright and colorful. April’s garage sale yielded almost $1200, and much of the money has already been invested in making Redeemer look even nicer. Over forty perennial plants, bushes, and roses have been purchased and already put in the ground. If you haven’t noticed the improvements, that’s not completely surprising. Most of these plants need a year or more to become established. Roses which the Soil Mates (a word play on ”soul mates”) put out a couple of years ago are just now exploding in colors. Last year’s plants are looking healthy but it may be much later this season or even next year before they reach maturity. Linda Cookson, the unofficial organizer tells us the Soil Mates are focusing attention around the memorial garden in front of the church. Friends we have known over the years have asked that

featuring Sharon Mayrath, above their ashes be placed in the Memorial Garden so the Soil Mates have decided that the area should be a welcoming place for family and friends of those former Redeemer members who remain with us in spirit. Soil Mates have also purchased a new selfpropelled power lawn mower which is needed to keep the front of the church mowed. Several of Redeemer’s volunteers donate their time to manicure the lawn, but need help in moving the mower along (several are retired and in their 70s). Redeemer’s tight financial condition required the elimination of the budget for any landscaping so money which the Soil Mates pays for improvements which cannot be accomplished otherwise. The new lawn mower was also purchased by the Soil Mates as there was no budget available from the church. Linda reminds us that when we come to the church, to take a moment and appreciate God’s beauty. The Soil Mates also encourage you to bring friends to the church. They will find the grounds to be cheerful and welcoming to them.

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Redeemer Youth are taking an ever greater role in the work of the church. For the first Sunday in May, they opened the day with a superlative breakfast, using donations to defray the cost of several youth activities which will take place throughout the summer. However, the 10:30 AM service was a truly inspirational insight into the vigorous spirit which a part of our own young people. They read from scripture but also sang, performed on musical instruments, and even delivered the sermon. On the last page of this photo section, you’ll also see Redeemer Youth working around Redeemer’s property clearing out weeds and otherwise tending to the landscaping. Redeemer “Soil Mates,” meet Redeemer Youth. Now that is an energetic combo!

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