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From: Tina Flowers Sent: Friday, May 30, 2014 6:47 PM To: Mike Vincent; All Aldermen; Cc: Mark Sime; Subject: RE: Personnel - Classification of City Clerk Per Charter - Wait - Vincent Please allow me to clear up any misinformation that has resurfaced in regards to the attempted reclassification of my position. I feel it is important to go on record to present the facts associated with this issue. I did not initiate nor did I support the reclassification of my position as City Clerk. This issue was proposed to me by City Administrator Sime in late January, 2014. At that time, I expressed the concerns of this reclassification as being in direct conflict with the City Charter and also that my position would no longer have the status of being a classified position under the City's Civil Service Rules and Regulations. I also advised Mr. Sime at that time that if asked in a public meeting, I would have no choice but to go on record as expressing my opposition of the proposal. I was then directed to list the ordinance on the agenda for Board action at the February 11, 2014 Board of Aldermen meeting. Once the agenda was posted for the Aldermen and public citizens, I received numerous telephone calls from members of the public, a few Aldermen and then Mayor, Jeff Schlink, about my opinion of the proposed position reclassification. During those conversations, I again voiced my concerns and opposition to the change in position classification. The day before the February 11, 2014 Board of Aldermen meeting, I was informed by Mr. Sime that he was removing the item from the agenda. When I asked about the sudden change, he informed me that since I did not support the change, he was removing it for my benefit. At that time, I told him that if there was such a concern for my benefit, then the item should never have appeared on the agenda for Board action. I then contacted Jeff Schlink to advise him of my conversation with Mr. Sime and to inform him that an amended agenda would be sent to the Board and posted accordingly for the public. Mr. Schlink can be reached at (314) 267-4107 to confirm the validity of the conversation and these actions. From a fiscal responsibility standpoint, please know that as a manager of two City departments, I exercise extreme frugality when it comes to spending taxpayer dollars. It is not my practice to put forth anything for Board action without extensive thought and review. It is also important to know that I would never recommend any type of action that would be in conflict with City rules and regulations, especially when there could be the negative perception of intentionally promoting personal gain without any regard whatsoever for the City. I, too, hope that the Board is very pleased with my work as City Clerk. I enjoy working for the citizens of Crestwood, the business owners, vendors and anyone else with whom I come into contact. I have a tremendous amount of expectation for which I hold myself accountable as I serve the City and hope that you will call upon me if you ever have any concerns about my performance. In closing, I want to thank you for taking the time to read this email. It is my hope that some clarification has been established with regard to this issue. Kind regards, Tina Jack: per our discussion, please retain this email for the files.

From: Mike Vincent Sent: Friday, May 30, 2014 10:46 AM To: All Aldermen Cc: Mark Sime Subject: Personnel - Classification of City Clerk Per Charter - Wait - Vincent Colleagues, Aldermen Trueblood at our public meeting this week asked our CAttny to begin to draft a change in the charter to reclassify our clerk. I am not in support of this change at this time, and feel we should wait on legal expenses until the matter has been discussed by the board. Actually, I feel this is best a matter for debate by the Charter Review Commission, and can best be addressed by them at that time. I say wait... and incur no expense now. Most of us I assume have seen the legal costs incurred the last time this was brought forward. It is my understanding our clerk initiated discussions with our CA and that he attempted to positively help her and to consider FLSA guidelines. It is my understanding our clerk changed her mind and the issue was dropped. At that time, as now, I understand our CA had no criticism of our clerk or her work. It is my hope we all feel our clerk is doing excellent work, and needs no further protection beyond what she has with the CSB. As you know, I feel our collective board posture should be to build a TEAM atmosphere throughout the staff; my personal opinion is that opening this issue is not constructive at this time, nor worth further legal expense. Mike

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