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Call of Duty: Mobile Season 7: New Vision City! Play as Motoko and Batou, featuring the original voice actors, as you complete missions in Battle Royale. Crawl your way to victory aboard the Tachikoma! Unlock tracer rounds for the first time with the Mythic Switchblade X9 - Neon Legend! Destroy post-humans and unlock cyber-parts to augment your operator. The most anticipated FPS mobile game of the century Call of Duty: Mobile is here thanks to Tencent gaming. This shooting game’s graphics are awesome and touch controls are surprisingly easy to pick up and play. Moving and shooting feel is top-notch even on older smartphones, with easy access to secondary weapons and abilities. There’s even a “Simple” mode, in which your weapon automatically shoots when aimed at enemies. Click the download button above and start the battle.CHECK WEBSITE BELOW >>>