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What Is Candida?

Candida Is The Short Name Used To Describe Yeast Overgrowth In The Body.

The Technical Term Is Candidiasis. Like Their “Cousins” The Molds, They Live All Around Us. One Family “Candida Albicans” Lives In All Mucus Membranes, I.E. Intestines, Eyes, Ears, Bladder, Stomach, Lungs, Vagina, Etc.

It Is One Of The Billions Of Other Friendly Organisms That Serve A Useful Purpose In The Body. One Of Its Important Functions Is To Recognize And Destroy Harmful Bacteria.

However, Candida Is Not Intended To Overgrow And Get Out Of Control While The Body Is Alive. This Is Only Intended To Happen When The Body Dies, When It’s Function And Characteristics Change In Order To Break Down The Body.

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