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Site Considerations

Consideration to factors such as accessibility and microclimate has been given when developing the masterplan. With emphasis on accessibility in terms of pedestrian access as well as delivery of goods an art pieces, the entrance to both the Art Hub and the Administrative building, which houses the storage units, has been placed at the level of Tuapannguit street. Therefore, access to both buildings is made through the top floor. The parking has been placed at the entrance of the parameter, within close proximity to the main street, however visually hidden from the viewer’s perspective when reaching the site, in this way sustaining the idea of the open view. The placement of the parking is also pending on the local plan which suggest a future underground parking on the Eastern border of the proposed site. Nonetheless, the decision of immersing the volumes into the terrain responds to the local climatic conditions by adopting a vernacular approach. Making this analogy to the local tradition of the turf house, which uses the ground as insulation, the proposal uses the sloping of the dramatic topography as an envelope, therefore reducing the total energy requirement. The exposed facade is strategically orientated, so that maximum light exposure during hours



of use can be achieved. Moreover, in order to facilitate sunlight on the outdoor spaces, the buildings leave as minimum shading as possible on the given site. The placement of the two volumes considers the existing fabric. Therefore, the Administrative building is following the grid of the neighborhood of single family houses on the NW border of the site. The scale of the building replicates that of the above mentioned dwellings. The Art Hub however, represents a transition from the small scale of the dwellings, to that of the large housing blocks placed on the N and E boundaries of the site. Resilient design has also been a key parameter when developing the site plan. In this sense raising water levels due to the melting of the ice cap has forced us to push the building away from the edge.

Fig. 53. Future Underground Parking

The natural layout of the topography outlines the presence of three flat plateaus. These plateaus define public spaces at different heights above sea level, therefore outdoor public areas around the building will be supported throughout time [fig.54].

Fig. 54. Flat Plateau

Master's Thesis  

Architecture and Design Master's Thesis Proposal

Master's Thesis  

Architecture and Design Master's Thesis Proposal