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Nuuk Kunst Museum

As mentioned under the Initial Considerations section, The National Gallery’s collections will be built up with works bought by or loaned over to Greenland’s National Gallery of Art. At an organizational level, the brief divides the pieces into four closely related, mutually illustrative departments: the Department of Greenlandic art, the Department of more recent and contemporary graphic art in Greenland, the Department of circumpolar art and the Department of international art [Greenland’s National Gallery of Art, 2010]. Therefore, as the driver for the proposal has been the establishment of a National Gallery for Greenlandinc and Circumpolar art as forseen by the Municipality, the group has seen it essential to analyze the existing Art Museum in Nuuk, locally known as Nunatta Eqqumiit­sulianik Saqqummersitsivia. The focus of the analysis has been the exhibited art, as well as the morphological layout of the venue and the succession of spaces. At a morphological level, the plan of the museum is organized by having a succession of spaces through which the visitor must pass twice in order to return to the exit. However, the processional route throughout the exhibition spaces is quite clear, benefiting the viewer’s experience of the venue.



As a plan for future development, the National Gallery of Greenland intends to add to it’s portfolio a number of major and minor private collections from all over the world, such as distinguished pieces in wood or bone, or works of embroidery and sewing.

As a curious observation, we have highlighted the importance of implementing artificial light within the exhibition spaces. In the visited museum, the only space having natural light has been left unused, as the exhibition architects have considered the light a damaging factor for the existing artifacts.

Moreover, the museum’s collections will be established by means of a combination of long­term loans, transfers from existing museums and public collections and acquisi­tions in the form of donations or purchases.

Moreover, looking at the nature of the exhibited pieces, a number of different typologies can be defined. Therefore, the spaces within the new Museum should be able to accommodate anything from large kayak frames, to small bone sculptures.




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1. Main Entrance 2. Lifestyle and Class Distinctions 3. Special Exhibitions 4> Thule Culture 5. Greenlandic Mummies 6. Means of Communication


7. Cooper’s Workshop 8. Transportation 9/ Norsemen 10. Ancient People

Fig. 32. Plan Layout of Nuuk Kunst Museum

Master's Thesis  

Architecture and Design Master's Thesis Proposal

Master's Thesis  

Architecture and Design Master's Thesis Proposal