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The Atrium The atrium acts as a catalyst between the two functions housed under the roof of the main building.

Point of Departure

The Art Hub is designed for a large variety of users, having the aim of sustaining an active and informative program. The social intention is to create a synergy between these two programs through the means of artistic expression. The intention is therefore manifested through the architecture of the center. This is achieved by way of the gesture of the focal point, the nucleus, which takes the shape of the atrium.

of the venue. This intention is realized through the generous atrium window which offers a splendid view out onto the fjord. Therefore the apogee of the formulated narrative can be experienced both from the outside, as well as from within the Hub.

To accommodate this, a single entrance that is shaped to direct the user onto this focal point is accessed from the ground level of Tuapannguit street. From here, the user is presented with the choice of descending towards the National Gallery and the Arts and Crafts facilities, or remain on ground level, where public functions such as a shop, a cafe and a library have been placed. The circulation route is perceived as a visual statement, as the Dark Walnut Stairs stand out in the plain scene of the atrium. An important vision stated in the initial design phases, that of the narrative and the open view, is repeated in the interior



Fig. 85. The Entrance to the National Gallery

Master's Thesis  

Architecture and Design Master's Thesis Proposal

Master's Thesis  

Architecture and Design Master's Thesis Proposal