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A New Life as a Certified Medical Coder Awaits You

So I ask you fellow coder: • Do you really want to take a chance and fail at your next CPC exam? • Don’t you want to prepare and give yourself the best chance to succeed?

What you will be getting is my 2 day/ 12 hour video presentation of myself going though my actual coding manuals and powerpoint slides with you. This is a very effective way to learn this type of material. You will see my key manual guideline notes and learn my proprietary “Bubbling and Highlighting System� to help you quickly find the KEY ANSWERS in your manuals during the open book CPC exams.

This will help YOU highlight your own book so you can quickly find your own answers when you take the exam. Instead of flipping back and forth between pages where the guidelines are, the answers are right next to the codes when you take the board exam- JUMPING OUT AT YOU. My students swear by this technique! They’ve said it gave them the confidence that they needed to pass the exam.

Another plus: My Bubbling and Highlighting Technique helps you in your day to day coding work AFTER the exam too!

Medical coding and billing certification ---Medical Coding And Billing Certification. Passing the CPC exam is your first step in entering or moving up i...