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By Calima Dufaux, Miss Bliss Couture 2012

Dressing for Four Seasons IN BLISS COUTURE

Picture by: Leah McCullough

DEAR FRIENDS OF BLISS COUTURE This past July 21st, dreams came true as I had the honor of being chosen as Miss Bliss Couture 2012. Throughout the event, I was asked how I would contribute to the Bliss brand and continue to showcase the imagination and beautiful ideas of this trailblazing designer across Second Life. My answer at that time was simple: I would put all of my passion, my personal sense of beauty and flair in fashion, and my talent as a model and a stylist to convey the aesthetic values and creativity of Bliss Couture in the world of fashion. After several weeks of enjoying my new role as Miss Bliss Couture and supporting the artistic direction of Amutey DeCuir and her creative team, I decided that one of the best ways I could contribute to Bliss is through a Look Book for this inspiring brand - not as simply a way to fulfill my commitment, but also to enjoy the new collections and amazing designs that allow many creative possibilities in styling. It was a true delight and is a great reminder of why Bliss Couture is such an inspiration to countless individuals in this virtual world. In this Look Book I wanted to also showcase what Bliss Couture means to me: true elegance and awe-inspiring fashion style that sets the stage for new trends in SL. All in all, Amutey brings us a splendid combination of experience and innovation and I am proud to help represent the brand as Miss Bliss Couture 2012.

Un Ballo In


∙ Bliss Couture Adin Sculpted Feather Gown ∙ Bliss Hair: Mari Hair

DARK SEDUCTION ∙ Bliss Couture Lene Feather Top ∙ Bliss Mesh Leather Skinny Pants ∙ Bliss Couture Dragon Puff Gloves ∙ Bliss Hair: Queen Attachment

Sunset Couture ∙ Bliss Couture Zizi Sculpted Babydoll Dress ∙ Bliss Hair: Calima Attachment

GLITTERGLAM ∙ Bliss Mesh Glitter Jumpsuit ∙ Bliss Couture Elahna One Shoulder Top ∙ Bliss Couture Annalea Hat

dressed in perfume ∙ Bliss Couture Yeva Ruffles Top ∙ Bliss Mesh Wynn Gown (skirt) ∙ Bliss Couture Mezzo Hat ∙ Bliss Hair: Alethia Hair

JUST A LITTLE CRUSH ∙ Bliss Mesh Lace Ruffles Dress ∙ Bliss Hair: Crimson Hair

Timeless ELEGANCE ∙ Bliss Mesh Mimosa Gown ∙ Bliss Couture Ella Hat ∙ Bliss Hair: Serene Hair

SILENT BIRDS ∙ Bliss Basic Bellamorda Bodice ∙ Bliss Mesh Lace Off Shoulder Coverup Jersey ∙ Bliss Basic Cailin Suspenders Pants ∙ Bliss Hair: Lexa Attachment

Eastern Delight ∙Bliss Couture Fang Gown ∙Bliss Hair: Zylina Attachment

untamed fire ∙ Bliss Fur Mirsa Mesh Dress ∙ Bliss Basic Broken Legging ∙ Bliss Hair: Voff Hair

LOOKBOOK 2012 Styling & Photography by: Calima Dufaux, Miss Bliss Couture 2012

Bliss Look Book 2012, by Calima Dufaux Miss Bliss Couture 2012  
Bliss Look Book 2012, by Calima Dufaux Miss Bliss Couture 2012  

Bliss Look Book 2012, by Calima Dufaux Miss Bliss Couture 2012