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Judge Beverly Reid O’Connell “She was a wonderful colleague at the LA USAO for the five years that we overlapped. Then she was a wonderful colleague on the LA Superior Court for the two years that we overlapped there. We later presented a program together at a judicial education seminar and she was a wonderful teaching partner (and teacher) as well. Two things that stood out the most about her were her amazingly sharp wit and her fabulous sense of humor. Also, she was always ready and willing to help and encourage a colleague in need--or anyone in need, for that matter. The world is truly a lesser place without her.” – CWL Northern California Judicial Liaison, Justice Elena Duarte

“Judge O’Connell was an inspiration to so many of us in Southern California.” – CWL Board Member, WLALA Board Member, Presiding Administrative Law Judge Susan Formaker

“Like many, I was devastated by her loss. I loved this former colleague for her brilliance, integrity, work ethic and decency. We have lost a giant public servant and devoted daughter of California. UCLA Bruins have lost a loyal fan. I wept at the shocking news of her passing. She was tireless in teaching law students, lawyers and fellow judges. Since I met her in the late 1980s when we were new associates at Morrison & Foerster in Los Angeles, her essence remained the same. Steady, strong, kind and righteous. It was a privilege to be her friend and colleague and a pleasure to know her.” – CWL Southern California Judicial Liaison, Judge Yvonne E. Campos Editorial Feature on Judge Beverly Reid O’Connell on the following page.



CWL Newsletter October 2017  
CWL Newsletter October 2017  

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