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Wednesday, February 5, 2014 Big Plans For California Chrome The Cessna 172 is a singleengine, fixed-wing private plane that seats four, costs about $290,000 new, and can be seen by the dozens at regional airports throughout the world. The plane was going to be Steve Coburn’s ©Benoit new hobby a few years ago. “I wanted to buy an airplane,” Coburn said last weekend. “My wife said no.” Carolyn Coburn was not keen on the aviation idea, leading the couple to seek an alternative investment. They chose Thoroughbred racehorses. When Carolyn Coburn put her foot down over the airplane, she made a decision that put her family on the 2014 Triple Crown trail.—at, By Steve Andersen

General Challenge Passes At 18 General Challenge, two-time California champion and seventh on the all-time California-bred money earning list, passed away Tuesday at Golden Eagle Farm at age 18. “Its with a heavy heart that we announce the great General Challenge has been euthanized,” read a post on Golden Eagle Farm’s Facebook page. “He was not doing well the last few days and today his condition deteriorated rapidly. The great ones always tell us when its their time and he told us today. Everyone at the farm was with him when he passed. He is being buried next to Best Pal at Golden Eagle Farm.”

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Cal-Bred Champions Announced The California-bred Horse of the Year for 2013 will be announced at the California Thoroughbred Breeders Association’s Annual Meeting and Awards Dinner, to be held February 10 at The Claremont Hotel Club & Spa in Berkeley. Continued on page 2

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Seabiscuit’s Barn Officially Historic On Jan. 14, 2014 Seabiscuit’s stud barn, located at Ridgewood Ranch in Willits, California, officially was listed in the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. The 15-month nomination process conducted by Seabiscuit Heritage Foundation president Jacqueline Cooper was supported by individuals around the world, including Michael Howard, family historian of Seabiscuit owner Charles Howard; and organizations such as Santa Anita Park and Rotary Club of Willits, as well as the property owner, Golden Rule Church Association.—continued at, By Blood-Horse Staff PUBLISHER’S NOTE: This article has been republished with permission from


Leading 31, ! 2013 ! ! ! California:! January !1 !Through December ! In ! Sires %&'$()*+,(-&. !/+0&$(')+7'-)()*.+8&-+25))&-

%&'$()*+,(-&.+ !/+0")&/+1") 2')4+,(-& 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35.


Unusual Heat . . . . . . . . . . .124 Tribal Rule . . . . . . . . . . . . 203 Eddington‡ . . . . . . . . . . . . . 128 Ministers Wild Cat . . . . . . . 121 Benchmark . . . . . . . . . . . 117 Kafwain . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 121 Bertrando† . . . . . . . . . . . . .105 Old Topper . . . . . . . . . . . . 103 Southern Image . . . . . . . . . 85 Good Journey . . . . . . . . . . 63 Decarchy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 95 Tizbud . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51 Heatseeker (Ire) . . . . . . . . . 58 Salt Lake* . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59 Swiss Yodeler . . . . . . . . . . 89 Lucky Pulpit . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47 Marino Marini . . . . . . . . . . . . 87 In Excess (Ire)* . . . . . . . . . . . 89 Vronsky . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 Stormin Fever . . . . . . . . . . . .73 Rocky Bar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59 Cindago* . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 Atticus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 Affirmative . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 Game Plan . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Suances (GB) . . . . . . . . . . . 31 Terrell . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58 Awesome Gambler . . . . . . 43 Globalize . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 Perfect Mandate* . . . . . . . . 36 Prime Timber‡ . . . . . . . . . . . .33 Sea of Secrets . . . . . . . . . . . 73 Popular . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Cee’s Tizzy† . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39 Square Eddie . . . . . . . . . . 13

,6'-6. 786 1182 875 936 851 867 610 721 664 476 548 335 341 405 643 304 500 561 251 493 384 175 295 198 238 193 452 300 235 234 282 484 233 228 48

2'3&. 1") 114 199 128 169 126 124 100 112 105 62 62 42 46 75 87 38 74 83 43 50 78 39 49 23 37 36 44 22 24 42 30 43 30 33 7

90()(:5:+;<+25))&-.= 7'-)()*. $4,903,019 4,810,599 3,698,416 3,526,137 2,893,260 2,532,511 2,409,301 2,047,923 1,939,568 1,865,461 1,723,239 1,595,921 1,481,295 1,367,856 1,353,563 1,291,116 1,259,385 1,222,913 1,187,797 1,111,118 1,002,537 845,904 821,599 807,234 741,182 718,891 661,929 647,778 645,767 586,902 544,170 528,176 507,907 505,867 473,045

2')4+,(-& 25))&-. 1. Good Journey................. 63 2. Heatseeker (Ire) .............. 58 3. Unusual Heat ..................124 4. Lucky J. H. ...................... 16 5. Cyclotron ......................... 15 6. Trapper ............................ 15 7. Southern Image.............. 85 8. Western Fame* .................15 9. Atticus ............................. 44 10. Lucky Pulpit..................... 47 11. Anziyan Royalty ............... 14 12. Awesome Spirit .............. 10

2'3&. 1") 7'-)()*. 62 $1,865,461 46 1,481,295 114 4,903,019 15 453,516 17 411,009 17 191,559 105 1,939,568 27 320,346 49 821,599 38 1,291,116 13 273,178 8 156,565

0&$(') 7'-)()*.> 25))&$15,080 15,000 14,925 14,703 14,680 14,426 14,071 13,792 13,325 13,255 13,248 12,703

%&'$()*+,(-&.+ !/+?@&-'*&+7'-)()*.+8&-+,6'-6 90()(:5:+;<<+,6'-6.=

2')4+,(-& 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.


Unusual Heat ............... 124 Cindago* ....................... 32 Tizbud ............................ 51 Vronsky ............................42 Heatseeker (Ire)............. 58 Lucky Pulpit .................. 47 Eddington‡ .................. 128 Affirmative..................... 32 Tribal Rule .................... 203 Bertrando† .....................105 Good Journey ............... 63 Ministers Wild Cat ....... 121

,6'-6. 786 175 335 251 341 304 875 198 1,182 610 476 936

7'-)()*. $4,903,019 845,904 1,595,921 1,187,797 1,481,295 1,291,116 3,698,416 807,234 4,810,599 2,409,301 1,865,461 3,526,137

?@&-'*& 7'-)()*.> ,6'-6 $6,238 4,834 4,764 4,732 4,344 4,247 4,227 4,077 4,070 3,950 3,919 3,767

The statistics contained in these rankings are compiled by The Jockey Club Information Systems Inc. (TJCIS). While every effort is made to prevent errors and omissions, California Thoroughbred cannot guarantee their complete and total accuracy. A dagger (†) indicates that a stallion has been pensioned, an asterisk (*) that he has died, a dot (•) that he is now standing elsewhere, a number sign (#) that he did not stand in California in 2013 but is standing in the state in 2014, a double dagger (‡) that he is not standing in California in 2014 but will stand in the state in 2015 and in !"#$ that he is a freshman sire. In all cases, a sire will remain in the rankings until the year after his last California foals are two-yearolds. Statistics cover racing in North America (U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico), England, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates only.

CTBA CAL-BRED CHAMPIONS Continued from page 1

The four finalists for Horse of the Year, in alphabetical order, are: Halo Dolly, Points Offthebench, Teddy’s Promise and Tiz Flirtatious. The business session of the annual meeting begins at 4 p.m. with a 6 p.m. cocktail reception and a 7 p.m. awards dinner. For reservations, please contact Christy Chapman at (626) 445-7800 ext: 247 or email at The other champions that will be presented at the dinner: Champion Sire of California Conceived Foals by Earnings—”Unusual Heat,” owned by The Unusual Heat Syndicate. Champion Sire of California Conceived Foals by Turf Earnings—”Unusual Heat,” owned by The Unusual Heat Syndicate. Champion Sire of California Conceived Two-Year-Olds by Earnings—”Tribal Rule,” owned by The Tribal Rule Syndicate. Champion Sire of California Conceived Foals by Number of Winners— ”Tribal Rule,” owned by The Tribal Rule Syndicate. Champion Freshman Sire of California Conceived Foals by Earnings - “Square Eddie,” owned by J. Paul Reddam. Champion Breeders of California Foaled Thoroughbreds by Earnings— Tommy Town Thoroughbreds. Trainer of the Year Award—Jerry Hollendorfer. Champion California-bred Horse of the Year—TBA at Awards Dinner. Champion California-bred Two-Year-Old Female—”Swiss Lake Yodeler,” 2 CALIFORNIA THOROUGHBRED WEEKLY • February 5, 2014

bred by owners Mr. and Mrs. Larry Williams, trained by Jerry Hollendorfer, sired by Swiss Yodeler. Champion California-bred Two-Year-Old Male—”Tamarando,” bred by owners Mr. and Mrs. Larry Williams, trained by Jerry Hollendorfer, sired by Bertrando. Champion California-bred Three-Year-Old Female—”Doinghard-timeagain,” bred by owner Tommy Town Thoroughbreds, trained by Jerry Hollendorfer, sired by Ministers Wild Cat. Champion California-bred Three-Year-Old Male—”Gervinho,” bred by Barry Abrams and Madeline Auerbach, owned by Keith Brackpool, trained by Carla Gaines, sired by Unusual Heat. Champion California-bred Older Male—”Points Offthebench,” bred by Gary Rocks, owned by Donnie Crevier and Charles Martin, trained by Tim Yakteen, sired by Benchmark. Champion California-bred Turf Horse—”Tiz Flirtatious,” bred by owner Pamela Ziebarth, trained by Martin Jones, sired by Tizbud. Champion California-bred Older Female—”Tiz Flirtatious,” bred by owner Pamela Ziebarth, trained by Martin Jones, sired by Tizbud. Champion California-bred Sprinter—”Points Offthebench,” bred by Gary Rocks, owned by Donnie Crevier and Charles Martin, trained by Tim Yakteen, sired by Benchmark. Also at the dinner, trainer William Morey, Jr. and stallion In Excess (Ire) will be inducted into the California Thoroughbred Breeders Association (CTBA) Hall of Fame.

Weekly Update Non-Member Registration Fees Increase Registration fees for California-bred and California-sired foals will increase as of April 1, 2014 for non-members of the California Thoroughbred Breeders Association, it was announced on January 30. Registration fees for non-members of the CTBA will be $200 per foal if applied for by September 30 of yearling year and $250 if applied for after September 30 of

yearling year but before the following January 1. Registration fees for member fees stay the same—$100 per foal if applied for by September 30 of yearling year and $125 if applied for after September 30 of yearling year but before the following January 1. The fee will remain the same for twoyear-olds and older: $750.

Angus Represented by First Winner California stallion Angus was represented by his first winner on January 31, when Spanishsugarrr won the fifth race at Golden Gate Fields, a $20,000 maiden claimer. Spanishsugarrr is out of the Comic Strip mare Spanish Halo, was bred by Greg James

and Roger Wynn, is owned by Wynn and trained by James. Spanishsugarrr ran the mile in 1:41.21 and won by three lengths at odds of 2-1 in the field of seven. Angus, a son of Smokester, stands at Geocel Ranch.

Terry Lovingier Appointed To TOC Board The board of directors of the Thoroughbred Owners of California (TOC) unanimously voted to appoint Terry Lovingier to fill a vacancy on the board created by the recent resignation of Madeline Auerbach. ©Benoit Lovingier, a native of Oklahoma who was raised in Lakewood, California, has had a lifelong love of horses. With his wife Barbara, he owns and operates Lovacres Ranch in Warner Springs just east of Temecula. The ranch encompasses over 500 acres and is home to several Thoroughbred stallions, including Awesome Gambler, Empire Way, Time to Get Even, Bushwacked, Grace Upon Grace and Swiss Yodeler. Lovingier, who races mainly in partnerships, has campaigned many good runners including Willa B Awesome and currently has Willie B Awesome, Time For Angie, Time for a Hug and Takem By Surprise. “Terry brings a wealth of experience as both a breeder and an owner to the TOC board,” said Chairman Mike Pegram. “As a member of the CTBA board of directors as well, he will be a great asset in helping us nurture a strong working relationship between our two organizations.” “I look forward to working on behalf of California owners and know there is much work to be done,” said Lovingier. “We need to take care of the people who take care of our industry, such as the breeders, the gamblers, and the owners who race the horses. We need to make sure that our fans don’t go elsewhere, such as Las Vegas, because we haven’t catered to them. We need to look at all the options and put together packages that entice new people, especially youngsters, to participate. We also need to keep our focus on the welfare of the horses.”—TOC Online

TOC Schedules Open Forum Horsemen are invited to an open forum to be held Saturday, February 8, at 10:30 a.m. in the Baldwin Conference Room on the third floor of the Clubhouse Level at Santa Anita Park. Registration ends February 7 at 5:00 pm. Meet TOC directors for a discussion of current events and a chance to have your questions answered. Have a question or hot topic? Email us in advance at 4 CALIFORNIA THOROUGHBRED WEEKLY • February 5, 2014

Send Photos Of 2014 Foals Through the August 2014 issue of California Thoroughbred, the official publication of the California Thoroughbred Breeders Association (CTBA), this year’s crop of Thoroughbreds foaled in the Golden State will again be spotlighted in each monthly magazine with advertorials featuring six to eight photos of foals per page. The cost to publish individual photos is $75 each, while a full page insertion will be discounted down to $500. These charges represent a reduction of more than 50 per- cent on the price of a regular full-page advertisement in the magazine. Insertions will include a caption with each foal’s sire, dam, broodmare sire, sex, date of birth and breeders, as well as the details, including a logo, of their farm location. Photos need to be submitted by the following Monday deadlines; March 3 (April issue); April 7 (May issue); May 5 (June issue); June 2 (July issue); and July 7 (August issue). For additional information, please contact the magazine’s Advertising Manager, Loretta Veiga, at 445-7800, extension 227, or its Managing Editor, Rudi Groothedde, at 445-7800, extension 226. Photos for free inclusion on the CTBA’s web site,, can be submitted to Ken Gurnick at or The California Thoroughbred Breeders Association, encourages breeders to submit photos of newly arrived foals for posting on the site. Digital photos only will be accepted and should be sent as email attachments, accompanied by the names of the sire, broodmare, broodmare sire, breeder and foaling date.

Barretts March Catalog Online The catalog for the 25th Annual Barretts March Sale of Selected Two-Year-Olds in Training is now on-line and will be mailed soon. This auction of 141 two-year-olds will be held on Monday, March 3 in the Hinds Pavilion located on the grounds of Fairplex Park in Pomona, California beginning at 2:00 p.m. The catalog can be viewed now at:

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Inquiries to Rick Taylor • Property of B.J.Wright

35325 De Portola Rd, Temecula, Ca 92592 • Ph: 951 303-0313 • fax: 951 303-0613 E-mail •

Weekly Update CHRB Annual Report Now Online The California Horse Racing Board’s Annual Report for fiscal year 2012-13 and racing year 2013 is now available on the CHRB Website ( under “Publications.” For your convenience, we are attaching a pdf of the Annual Report. The CHRB no longer publishes a print edition of the Annual Report.—From CHRB

Jockey Club Tour On Fox Starts February 9 Thoroughbred racing fans will see more major stakes on national television this year, starting with the February 9 debut of the “The Jockey Club Tour on FOX,” featuring champion three-year-old Will Take Charge in the Donn Handicap (grade I) at Gulfstream Park. The 90-minute FOX Sports 1 broadcast from 5-6:30 p.m. (all times Eastern) also will include coverage of the Gulfstream Park Turf Handicap (grade I) and the final career start by popular two-time champion female sprinter Groupie Doll in the Hurricane Bertie Stakes (grade III). On February 4, the reality series “Horseplayers” returned on the Esquire Network with a new episode chronicling the lives of serious handicappers. Airing Tuesday, February 4 at 10 p.m., episode four delved deeper into the background of Kevin Cox, a big bettor known as the “Brooklyn Cowboy.” After Tuesday's show, “Horseplayers” will go on a two-week hiatus while the NBC family of networks airs coverage of the Olympic Winter Games. New episodes will resume starting February 25 and the remaining episodes of season one are set for March 4, March 11, March 18, March 25, April 1, and April 8, always at 10 p.m. —continued at PUBLISHER’S NOTE: This article has been republished with permission from

Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation Newsletter discussing 2013 stallion statistics on durability and soundness is now available online at:

Only Sour Taste Remains After Horses Depart Hollywood The hostage crisis has ended. Thoroughbred racing in California at long last has been freed from the passive/aggressive captivity imposed by the owners of Betfair Hollywood Park. As of Friday, January 31, the remaining few horses were being vanned out of the spacious, relatively modern backstretch that was used for nearly a decade as leverage for the owners of Hollywood Park to maintain their cynical stranglehold on the sport. However, just because the owners of Hollywood Park have gone – and taken the track with them – does not mean that the California industry is immediately free from the effects of the last eight years, when the property was owned by a land development company that cut capital improvements to the bone, deferred maintenance, and eventually abandoned any pretense of a viable marketing program.—continued at, By Jay Hovdey PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Republished with permission from

Rams Owner Buys Land Near Hollywood Park A 60-acre parking lot on land adjacent to shuttered Betfair Hollywood Park has been acquired within the past month by developer Stan Kroenke, owner of the St. Louis Rams. The Inglewood parcel, on the west end of the racetrack property, was the subject of discussions between the late Raiders owner Al Davis and then-Hollywood Park chairman R.D. Hubbard in the late 1990s as a possible site for an NFL stadium. The proposal was later dropped and the land sold, and in recent years it has been mostly unused while sometimes serving as an overflow parking area for the nearby Forum. The land is not part of the 238-acre commercial and residential development expected to begin this spring of the existing racetrack property to be known as “Hollywood Park Tomorrow.”—continued at, By Jack Shinar

Fencing Crucial For Farm Safety, Value The first impression that a farm gives to its visitors is not the gates that welcome them to the property but often the fences that line roads on the drive to get there. Those fences have a dual purpose, not only keeping the horses in their confines but serving as the roadside advertisement of a farm’s attention to detail, safety, and upkeep. The quality of a farm’s fencing also can affect its property value. “Fencing is important,” said Bill Bell, an agent for Justice Real Estate, a prominent realtor of Thoroughbred farms in Lexington, Kentucky. “The horses are going to injure themselves if there is any possible way. They’ll figure out a way to hurt themselves, so you want to try to make things as safe for them as you can, and good fencing is important.”—continued at, By Joe Nevills PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Republished with permission from


PUBLISHER’S NOTE: This article has been republished with permission from

The Del Mar Thoroughbred Club Hires David Jerkens David Jerkens, currently the racing secretary at Northern California’s Golden Gate Fields, will relocate to Southern California in early June and assume the role of racing secretary at the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, it has been announced. Jerkens, 35, is being brought on at Del Mar to strengthen the racing department headed by Tom Robbins, the track’s executive vice president for racing and industry relations, as well as its long-time racing secretary. —From DMTC, Continued at

California-Bred Maiden Winners In North America: Jan. 27-Feb. 2, 2014 Old Topper


Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms, LP (951) 201-2278

Tommy Town Thoroughbreds (805) 686-4337

Feb 1 (SA, $21,750 MCL.) Warren’s Cliff S. Benjamin C. Warren’s dk. b. g., 4, by Affirmative—Little Mystery by Bertrando. Breeder: Benjamin C. Warren. Trainer: Jorge Gutierrez. Jockey: Alonso Quinonez.

Jan 30 (OP, $25,000 WMC.) Kopper Kitty. Craig Drago’s ch. f., 3, by Old Topper—Amber Kitty by In Tissar. Breeder: Baseline Equine LLC. Trainer: Chris A. Hartman. Jockey: Ken S. Tohill.

ANGUS Jan 31 (GG, $13,210 MCL.) Spanishsugarrr. Roger L. Wynn’s dk. b. f., 3, by Angus—Spanish Halo by Comic Strip. Breeders: Greg C. James and Roger L. Wynn. Trainer: Greg C. James. Jockey: Russell A. Baze.

BERTRANDO Jan 31 (SA, $23,500 MCL.) Rambling House. Harris Farms Inc. and John Nicoletti’s dk. b. g., 3, by Bertrando—Lovely Pet by Devil’s Bag. Breeders: Harris Farms and John Nicoletti. Trainer: Dean Pederson. Jockey: Martin A. Pedroza.

BLAZONRY Feb 2 (TP, $5,500 MCL.) Jimmy the Whip. Larry E. Smith’s b. g., 4, by Blazonry—Stayingalive by Gone West. Breeders: Running Horse Equine Training and Wellness Center LLC. Trainer: Larry E. Smith. Jockey: Jeremy Rose.


PAPA CLEM Jan 28 (TUP, $11,000 MOC.) Papa’s Flashy Girl. Pinnacle Racing, Saratoga West and Patrick McGhee’s dk. b. f., 3, by Papa Clem—With a Flash by Deputy Commander. Breeder: Legacy Ranch Inc. Trainer: Jeffrey Metz. Jockey: Rocco Bowen.

REDATTORE (BRZ) Feb 2 (GG, $7,210 MCL.) Galea. Duane C. Offield’s b. g., 4, by Redattore (Brz)—Dancing Spray by Cari Jill Hajji. Breeder: Duane C. Offield. Trainer: Duane C. Offield. Jockey: Abel Cedillo.

ROYAL WALK Feb 1 (GG, $8,315 MCL.) Warren’s Gecko. Juan Padilla’s dk. b. g., 6, by Royal Walk—A. P. Amazon by A.P. Indy. Breeder: Benjamin C. Warren. Trainer: Dale T. Raymond. Jockey: Barrington Harvey.

Feb 2 (SA, $57,750 MSW.) Alert Bay. Peter Redekop B. C. Ltd.’s dk. b. g., 3, by City Zip—Hickory (Chi) by Dushyantor. Breeders: Thomas Newton Bell and Ross John McLeod. Trainer: Blaine D. Wright. Jockey: Tyler Baze.

Dixie Chatter

Ballena Vista Farm (760) 789-3900 Feb 2 (GG, $8,210 MCL.) My Aunt Annie. James P. Abel’s dk. b. f., 3, by Dixie Chatter—My Annie T by Trempolino. Breeder: Barbara E. Millard. Trainer: Jedd B. Josephson. Jockey: Russell A. Baze.

Sea of Secrets

Victory Rose Thoroughbreds (707) 678-6580 Feb 2 (GG, $13,210 MCL.) Moving Seas. Morningside Stable and Steve and Andrea Heboian’s b. f., 3, by Sea of Secrets— Excessive Moves by In Excess (Ire). Breeders: Morningside Stable and Steve and Andrea Heboian. Trainer: Jedd B. Josephson. Jockey: Juan J. Hernandez.

Stormin Fever Golden Eagle Farm (760) 789-2821


Jan 31 (GG, $13,105 MCL.) Relentless Warrior. Juana Aguilar and Van K. Blades’ dk. b. g., 3, by E Z Warrior—Ms. Inxs by In Excess (Ire). Breeder: Van K. Blades Jr. Trainer: Efrain Miranda. Jockey: Russell A. Baze.


Feb 1 (SUN, $10,320 MCL.) Coranto. Solitaire Stable’s dk. b. g., 5, by Formal Gold—Day Dancer by Slewvescent. Breeders: Richard and Patricia Keeline. Trainer: Henry Dominguez. Jockey: Alfredo J. Juarez Jr.

Jan 28 (TUP, $9,000 MCL.) The Third One. Dolly Odom’s dk. b. c., 3, by Stormin Fever—Back Door Girl by Charismatic. Breeder: Legacy Ranch. Trainer: Raymond Odom Sr. Jockey: Juan G. Rivera. Feb 2 (GG, $33,905 MSW.) Hurryhank. Andy Broberg and Gena, Jeff and Suzi Stiefel’s b. g., 4, by Stormin Fever—Dress for Excess by In Excess (Ire). Breeders: Andrew

Broberg and Jeff Stiefel. Trainer: Andy Mathis. Jockey: William Antongeorgi III.


Jan 30 (SA, $56,750 MSW.) Hanserella. Henry R. Cordova’s dk. b. m., 5, by Terrell—Hanselina by Hansel. Breeders: Ross John McLeod and Thomas Newton Bell. Trainer: Jeff Bonde. Jockey: Edwin A. Maldonado.

Tizbud Harris Farms Inc. (559) 884-2859 Jan 30 (SA, $21,000 MCL.) Tiz Futurity. Edwin Alverez and Gary Sherlock’s dk. b. g., 4, by Tizbud—Flor de Forestal by Makaleha. Breeder: Joe Duffel. Trainer: Gary Sherlock. Jockey: Tyler Baze. Feb 1 (GG, $8,420 MCL.) Handpicked Bud. Kings River Ranch’s dk. b. g., 4, by Tizbud—Classy Jo by Smokester. Breeder: Lou Neve. Trainer: J. Eric Kruljac. Jockey: Leslie Mawing.


Rivendell Ranch (559) 264-5534 Feb 1 (GG, $9,210 MCL.) Whodoo Pirate. Joseph P. Morey Jr. Revocable Trust’s dk. b. f., 3, by Trapper—Shewin by Pirate’s Bounty. Breeder: Joseph P. Morey Jr. Revocable Trust. Trainer: William J. Morey Jr. Jockey: Kyle Frey.

Tribal Rule

Ballena Vista Farm (760) 789-3900 Jan 31 (GG, $33,800 MSW.) Marcelino Springs. John Battle’s dk. b. g., 4, by Tribal Rule—When by Skip Trial. Breeder: Russell Drake. Trainer: Doug Utley. Jockey: Catalino Martinez. Feb 1 (GG, $8,315 MCL.) Afternoon Rule. Lyle D. Carter’s dk. b. g., 5, by Tribal Rule—Five o’Clock Toddy by Five Star Day. Breeders: Woodbridge Farm and Lilley Ranch. Trainer: Steve M. Sherman. Jockey: Pedro M. Terrero.


Jan 31 (SA, $56,750 MSW.) Thermal Wave. Jonathan Hilvers and E. W. and Judy Johnston’s b. g., 8, by Unusual Heat—Curves ’n Curls by Something Lucky. Breeder: Old English Rancho. Trainer: Donald Warren. Jockey: Joseph Talamo.

Maiden Winners This is a list, arranged in order of sire, of California foaled Thoroughbreds who broke their maidens in the U.S. and Canada during the month indicated. The information contained on these pages is compiled by The Jockey Club Information Systems Inc. While every effort is made to prevent errors and omissions, California Thoroughbred cannot guarantee their complete and total accuracy. 8 CALIFORNIA THOROUGHBRED WEEKLY • Februaray 5, 2014

2014GoldenStakesSeriesSchedule12-16-2013-310pm:December California Thoroughbred Magazine 12-16-2013-245pm 12/16/13 4:00 PM Page1

6DWXUGD\7%'89:;<:=%>?7%@4>% 6DWXUGD\!"#$%&'(&)"*+!",-*" *A%!B8%,8<CDEF8%!G%(GHEF<I8% " " " " " J<DK9:8CLJ<DKAE:8C%@KM8<:K"DCA%'G:% " " " !B8%N"$,+(%/!#!+%/+.*+/ " " " !"#$%&'%(&)*$ ! 3;<$=>>?@AB0$CA?DA$EC?>F5 ! !






*Registered California-bred or sired foals of 201Ă&#x201C; must make a $300 payment by 6$785'$<7%'+O.P#.M%>?7%@4>. " " " *201Ă&#x201C; Foals not making the $300 payment may supplement to the N"$,+(%/!#!+%/+.*+/ for a one-time fee " " of $25,000 at time of entry. *Registered California-bred or sired foals of 2009 or earlier are grandfathered into the N"$,+(%/!#!+%/+.*+/ at no cost. " " *Advertised Purses Are Subject To Change. Forward all nominations to:

"Q(+. 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 "Q(+.R/%#,,.+// 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 "

J#$*'".(*#%!-"."PN-O.+, " O.++,+./%#//"J*#!*"( " !"#"$%#&$'(()* ! ! +,-+./+0$-+$1)(''2'()* ! ! 3'4'5$66728*(($9$3*((5$78:24*44 ! !! !

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!"!#$%&%"'%(")*(#!+,%-"./+/ 0000000000000001%2344%5+.%(")*(#!*"(%6%2 0000000000000000

California-Bred Flashback: Golden Doc A On February 9, 2008, Golden Doc A, a daughter of Unusual Heat, won the grade I, $250,000 Las Virgenes Stakes for three-year-old fillies at Santa Anita Park, with Lovely Isle second and Tasha’s Miracle third in a field of six. Golden Doc A was trained by Barry Abrams and ridden by Rafael Bejarano. She ran the mile in 1:35.86 and won by a length at odds of 8-5. Golden Doc A was the fifth of eight foals out of the Crested Wave mare Penpont, who also foaled Grade I-winning millionaire Unusual Suspect and stakes-placed Rushen Heat. The Las Virgenes was Golden Doc A’s third win in 10 starts. She won two other stakes and placed in seven others, including a second in the grade I Santa Anita Oaks. She finished her career with three wins in 26 starts and earnings of $580,126. Golden Doc A was bred by David Abrams, was foaled at Old English Rancho in Sanger and was owned by Ron McCauley.

RECENT EARNERS OF THEMAIDEN BONUS PROGRAM • Henry Cordova, owner of Hanserella earned $17,500 on January 30th at Santa Anita Park • John Battle, owner of Marcelino Springs earned $10,000 on January 31st at Golden Gate Fields • Jonathan Hilvers & E.W. & Judy Johnston, owners of Thermal Wave earned $17,500 on January 31st at Santa Anita Park • Andy Broberg, Gena Stiefel, Jeff Stiefel & Suzi Stiefel, owners of Hurryhank earned $10,000 on February 2nd at Golden Gate Fields • Peter Redekop B.C. Ltd, owner of Alert Bay earned $17,500 on February 2nd at Santa Anita Park


SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 15 ANNUAL REGISTRATION Of STALLIONS is due at a fee of $1,250 each Contact Assistant Registrar Dawn Gerber: SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 15 DEADLINE GOLDEN STATE SERIES Deadline to nominate California- bred/California-sired two-year-olds (foals of 2012) to the Golden State Series; $300 fee applies. Contact Registrar & Incentive Program Manager: Mary Ellen Locke:


MONDAY, MARCH 3 BARRETTS 25th ANNIVERSARY MARCH SELECT SALE OF TWO-YEAR-OLDS IN TRAINING Hinds Pavilion, Fairplex Park, Pomona • Phone: (800) 467-7379 • (909) 629-3099 • FAX: (909) 629-2155 12 CALIFORNIA THOROUGHBRED WEEKLY • February 5, 2014

California Weekly Hay Report From Friday, January 31, 2014 !C:')<Q'X?8D96C<D'"<',H6D'26D9'GA8@D8'FC<9@59U'R\O]^_^]R\_O







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

REGION #1: ("%,1' /(,&%]J"Y(,)/(U' S6D`6QC?E'JC7C5E' SH@D9@E'2@DD8<' @<7'GA?L@D

!"#$ 50


/.13+ *(45)67+5 $225–225 $225

Alfalfa 130 lb-2,000 lb large and small squares


!"#$ 750

S)F%)J&(,"' /.+0120 .)22&TU',8H@L@E' 0A8<<E'#?998E' FCA?D@E'S?998:E'T?=@E'S68::@'(8B@7@E' GA@58:E'TCACE'&A'*C:@7CE'SCA@<CE S@5:@L8<9CE')L@7C:E'@<7')AV6<8

/.13+ *(45)67+5 $240–240 $240

Alfalfa Retail/light< 80-125 lb bales

)AA'V:658D' :8VC:987'!"#' 9H8'D9@5`'C:' =@:<'?<A8DD' C9H8:M6D8 <C987)AA'V:658D' :8VC:987'!"#' 9H8'D9@5`'C:' =@:<'?<A8DD' C9H8:M6D8 <C987-





)AA'V:658D' :8VC:987'!"#' 9H8'D9@5`'C:' =@:<'?<A8DD' C9H8:M6D8 <C987-





)AA'V:658D' :8VC:987'!"#' 9H8'D9@5`'C:' =@:<'?<A8DD' C9H8:M6D8 <C987-

/.+0120 500 $300–300 $300 delivered ("%,1&%(' /.+0120 50 $275–275 $275 delivered S)('W")XY/('' .)22&TU' Alfalfa 130 lb-2,000 lb large and small squares S@<'WC@[?6<E'F@A@B8:@DE' S9@<6DA@?DE',?CA?L<8E JC<CE'J8:587'@<7'J@:6VCD@ /.+0120 150 $295–295 $295 delivered F&(,%)2 S)('W")XY/(' Alfalfa 130 lb-2,000 lb large and small squares .)22&TU J@78:@E'!:8D<CE' Z6<;DE',?A@:8'@<7'/<QC-

Region #5:

/.+0120 S"Y,1&%(' 8""4 F)2/!"%(/)U Z8:<E'(C:9H8@D9'' 2CD')<;8A8DE' @<7'+8D98:<'S@<'#8:<@:76<C-

Region #6: S"Y,1&)S,' F)2/!"%(/)U &@D98:<' S@<'#8:<@:76<CE' %6B8:D678' @<7' /LV8:6@A'.@AA8Q


!"#$ 425 200

/.13+ *(45)67+5 $250–255 $253.53 $219–228 $223.50

Alfalfa Retail/light< 80-125 lb bales

!"#$ 100

/.13+ *(45)67+5 $240–240 $240

Alfalfa Retail/light< 80-125 lb bales

/.+0120 /.+0120 8""49/.+0120 8""4

!"#$ 550 50 100 400

/.13+ *(45)67+5 $215–225 $219.09 $210–210 $210 clippings $205–205 $205 $180–180 $180

)AA'V:658D' :8VC:987'!"#' 9H8'D9@5`'C:' =@:<'?<A8DD' C9H8:M6D8 <C987)AA'V:658D' :8VC:987'!"#' 9H8'D9@5`'C:' =@:<'?<A8DD' C9H8:M6D8 <C987-

Alfalfa 130 lb-2,000 lb large and small squares !"#$!%&&'"('#")%*''''+,*-').&-$+&/01,&*').&%)0&'''''()$(",').)/2)#2&''''*&23*&2/.&%&*''''

!"#$"#$%&$'%()*(%+,-.)"-/)*0%1#23%.24)*(-5%"-6)*(257%,*)%$/.%/2(%423)%(&$/%89:%+3$**;0%,*).%<-(&%6-*,$"% $==)$3$/5)%$/.%-/()/(%2#%*$")%>,$/(-($(-6)%#$5(23*%$3)%$==32?-4$()%$/.%4$/'%#$5(23*%5$/%$##)5(%#)).-/+%6$",)@ !AB CAB DBE FACG899: K,=3)4)%%%%%LMN LOP%%%%% Q8RS%%%%%% QTM%%%%%% J3)4-,4%% MNGMH%% OPGOT%%% 8N9G8RS%%% T9@SGTM%%% U22. MHGOM%%% OTGP9%%% 8S9G8N9%%% SRGT9%%%% B$-3%%%%% OMGOS%%%%%%%%%P9GPP%%% 8O9G8S9%%%%%%%%%%STGSR%%%% V(-"-('% QOS% QPP%%%%% L8O9%%% LST%%%%%%%

FACGH9: IJG899:% QSS@H%%%%% QMM% SP@SGSS@H%%% M9GMM% SM@SGSP@S%%% 8RGM9 S9@SGSM@S%%% 8TG8R LS9@S%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%L8T

)*!'4')567'*898:;8<9'!6=8:>'(*!'4'(8?9:@A'*898:;8<9'!6=8:>'%!.'4'%8A@96B8'!887'.@A?8> ,*('4',C9@A'*6;8D96=A8'<?9:68<9DEFG'4'F:?78'G:C986<E'%!.'5@A5?A@987'?D6<;'9H8'+6DIJ6<<'KC:L?A@-'' ,*('5@A5?A@987'?D6<;'9H8'M8D98:<'KC:L?A@ ''.@A?8D'=@D87'C<'NOOP'7:Q'L@998: ',*('=C9H'ROP'@<7'NOOP

CTBA !Magazine !Update The February 2014 issue of California Thoroughbred, the official publication of the California Thoroughbred Breeders Association (CTBA), is on the verge of being completed and is scheduled to be mailed out to its subscribers and the CTBA membership at the end of this week. Featured as this edition’s cover story is Phil Lebherz’s Premier Thoroughbreds in Oakdale that is home to the stallions Smiling Tiger, Sierra Sunset, Sway Away and Twice the Appeal, as well as Pat Grohl and Amie Allen’s state-of-the-art Premier Equine Center which specializes in horse rehabilitation by utilizing hydrotherapy. Besides this article, the latest magazine also includes many other feature stories of interest, such as: an editorial on California-bred Points Offthebench, the 2009 son of Ballena Vista Farm’s Benchmark who was posthumously awarded the 2013 Eclipse Champion Male Sprinter trophy based on his two grade I wins last year; an analysis of the 2013 records for all those Cal-breds who were included on last year’s champions voting ballot for CTBA members; a profile on Jerry Hollendorfer, last year’s CTBA Trainer Of The Year whose 2013 career season included grade I wins by Shared Belief, Lady of Fifty, Sahara Sky and Cal-bred Tamarando; reviews of both those sires who led the overall standings in California during 2013, and the Golden State’s top freshman sires of last year; a CTBA Member Profile on Charles “Chuck” Winner, the new Chairman of the California Horse Racing Board (CHRB) whose successful runners over the years have included the multiple graded stakes-winning Cal-bred Liberian Freighter and current California stallion The Pamplemousse; a Focus On The Future piece on 30-year-old Alexis Garske, who was introduced to horses and racing by her later father Richard and currently works full time at Santa Anita Park; a wrap-up of the win by Cal-bred Gervinho in the grade II, $201,000 Sir Beaufort Stakes at Santa Anita on Dec. 26, 2013; wrap-ups of the wins at Santa Anita last month by the Cal-bred duo of Cyclometer and Dancingtothestars in the $88,960 Midnight Lute Stakes and $91,000 Megahertz Stakes, respectively; an Another Man’s Treasure story on the 11-year-old Cal-bred gelding Cost of Freedom, a grade I-winning millionaire who has now been retired by his new owner John Malone; the latest chapter in the Cal-Bred Millionaires’ Row series, featuring the grade I winner and millionaire Ultra Blend who became the 57th locally bred runner to reach this milestone when she ran fourth in the grade I, $1,818,000 Breeders’ Cup Ladies’ Classic at Churchill Downs in Kentucky on May 4, 2011; the latest chapter in the A Blast From The Past series, spotlighting the Cal-bred colt Terrang who won the $145,000 Santa Anita Handicap on February 28, 1959; a Horse Care article titled “Physitis In Young Horses”; a Guest Forum contribution by Megan Gaynes of Auction Horses Rescue that details her admirable quest during the past three years to save as many Thoroughbred mares as possible, including the stakes-winning Cal-breds Blonde Bounty and Blonde Fever; and all the many other interesting and informative features, departments and columns that this publication’s loyal readers look forward to every month. So now is the time to secure valuable advertising space in the March 2014 copy of California Thoroughbred, the monthly publication that remains the best medium for marketing Thoroughbred stallions, farms and businesses in the Golden State. To ensure representation in this next issue, please contact the CTBA’s Advertising Manager Loretta Veiga without further delay at or (626) 445-7800, extension 227. Arrangements either can then be made to secure the placement in this magazine of a high quality, competitively priced advertisement that’s certain to provide the maximum possible exposure to your services and/or products on offer.


" ""#$%& Wednesday, January 8, 2014

©California Thoroughbred WEEKLY 2014 201 Colorado Place, Arcadia, California 91007 Telephone: (626) 445-7800 or 1-800-573-CTBA (California residents only) FAX: (626) 445-6981 E-mail address:

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NEWSLETTER STAFF ! Editorial: Rudi Groothedde, Ken Gurnick ! Advertising: Loretta Veiga ! Art Director: John Melanson ! ! Production: Charlene Favata-Markel California Thoroughbred WEEKLY is published in Arcadia, Calif.

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CALIFORNIA BREEDERS SAFETY ALLIANCE An MOC exclusive workers comp program in partnership with The Zenith Insurance Company, an A-rated specialty comp carrier.

Endorsed by the

—Rudi —RudiGroothedde Groothedde


CALIFORNIA THOROUGHBRED FARM MANAGERS ASSOCIATION proudly presents the 2014 Training Center Tour

March 15th 7 AM to 2 PM â&#x20AC;˘ Cost $20 per person This is a drive yourself motorcade tour We will begin the tour by visiting the all newly renovated

San Luis Rey Downs Training Center in Bonsall. We will see the track in action - Visit the barn area, swimming pool and gallop trails. Next we will tour Galway Downs in Temecula. This facility in under new ownership. We will see the training track, the barn area and the many amenities this horse center has to offer. At high Noon we will serve lunch to all participants at Milky Way Farm where several great stallions reside and many newborn foals will be showcased. After lunch optional wine tasting is available at several nearby wineries. Keyways, Oak Mountain, Leonesse, Danza Del Sol and many more! PLEASE REGISTER before MARCH 5TH by mailing your check to: CTFMA, PO Box 876, Fallbrook, CA 92088 For more information please contact us at:

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