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MARCH 2017

The future belongs to your child – and all children

Support students, strengthen your PTA April 28 – 30 in San Jose


oin thousands of PTA parentvolunteer advocates and leaders, along with educators and community leaders, to address education, health and community issues affecting our state’s children and families. • Learn how to set up and support your PTA, your kids and your school for success in the months and years to come • Get the latest information on issues affecting your family and school community, build the skills you need to strengthen your PTA and network with other leaders from across California. There’s nothing like convention to strengthen your leadership skills, confidence and knowledge. It’s an investment in your PTA’s success.

What do you get for your registration fees? FUN! Access to workshops, exhibitors, special events and much more!

What does your PTA get? Leaders who are trained in the best tradition of PTA, great ideas and samples from the exhibit hall and a voice in general meetings. Plus, your PTA will get the opportunity to share best practices and challenges with PTA leaders from throughout the state.


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CALL to Convention: The California State PTA


hereby calls upon its membership to send duly accredited delegates to the 118th Annual Convention in San Jose, April 28 – 30, 2017. All PTA members are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Stay engaged with the latest convention news, updates and info by visiting And be sure to use #PTA4Kids in all of your social-media posts!

*Membership card required at convention check-in.

Convention Chronicle • March 2017



Inspiring Speakers Special Guests

Ryan J. Smith, The Education Trust-West Executive Director


Ryan J. Smith is currently the Executive Director of The Education Trust–West, a research and advocacy organization focused on educational justice and the high academic achievement of all California students, particularly those of color and living in poverty. Since taking the helm of Ed Trust–West, Ryan led the team’s development and production of 2015’s Black Minds Matter: Supporting the Educational Success of Black Children in California, a report championed by the California Legislative Black Caucus, and leveraged by state and local education leaders, students and other advocates. Ryan also guides the organization’s strategic work to better serve communities fighting for change at the local level, leading to Ed Trust–West’s launch of the inaugural Community Data and Research Hub in Southern California.

Hear from exciting and powerful speakers during the annual convention in each action-packed general meeting. ������


A previous Annie E. Casey Foundation Children and Family Fellow, Ryan holds a B.A. in political science from UCLA. Ryan has authored more than a dozen editorials and opinion pieces published in the Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Sacramento Bee, Education Week, US News and World Report, and others. He was named by Education Week as one of the “Ten Education Leaders to Watch” nationally and also received the Families in Schools’ “Parent Engagement Leader of the Year Award.”

I grew up with a single mother who dedicated everything to ensure that I had access to a quality education. Because of her passion, at the age of 15 I started community organizing in South LA for educational improvement efforts. I continue to commit to getting results for impoverished communities and communities-of-color by leveraging the intersection between research, advocacy, policy and community engagement.”

Megan Gross, California Teacher of the Year Megan Gross has been a special-education teacher for nine years, the last three teaching an autism spectrum disorder special day class at Del Norte High School, where she leads a team of instructional assistants who collaborate to design and support unique learning opportunities and experiences for their students. Her classroom is a place where students feel welcome and can access the resources needed to thrive academically and socially in general education settings. It serves as a home base for her students, providing security and comfort when needed, but also confidence for each student to grow with the rest of their classmates and participate in school-wide activities.

Teaching is life-fulfilling work. I love the challenge of identifying the best instructional and support strategies for my new students each fall and delight in the rewards of each student’s “a-ha” moment that ultimately leads to growth and continued success.”



Nathan R. Monell, CAE, National PTA Executive Director Nathan R. Monell, CAE, joined National Parent Teacher Association (PTA) as Executive Director in May 2015. Throughout his entire career, Nathan has pushed to help improve the lives of individuals who are often marginalized by multiple life factors. At America’s oldest and largest volunteer child advocacy association, he is working side-by-side with parents, teachers and policymakers at every level to help ensure the educational success of our nation’s children. Nathan is a Certified Association Executive with the American Society of Association Executive (ASAE). He earned a Certificate in Nonprofit Management from Georgetown University, a master of arts degree in communication studies (organizational communications/behavior) from the University of Michigan, and a bachelor of arts degree in speech from Cornerstone University.



Claudia Camacho – “‘First Timer’ was written on the first ribbon I received at the 2016 PTA convention. This phrase was appropriate for me because, although I have always been involved in my children’s schools, I have never been part of a PTA. “I did not know what to expect that first day


Convention Chronicle • March 2017

of convention, but just being in the same space as other people with the same goal/mission was amazing! I learned that students can be part of PTA units without having to be a PTSA; I learned that there are actually five levels of PTA. I also learned about networking, advocating on a local and national level, and of course I came

Activities Live Chat

There’s always so much to see and do at convention! We are planning plenty of activities and special events to keep participants engaged, learning and having fun. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s happening at convention:

Friday, April 28, from 5 to 6:30 p.m. FREE for registered participants

Chat with the members on the state board on any PTA topic you have questions about. Meet leaders from other units, councils and districts to share your ideas.

Finding a Balance Friday, April 28, from 5 to 6 p.m. FREE for registered participants

A mini-workshop led by students sharing the stressors they face both academically and socially. Learn ways to support students during these stressful times.

Family Arts Experience Friday, April 28, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. FREE for registered participants

Virtual Healthy Lifestyles Scavenger Hunt Friday, April 28, through Saturday, April 29

• Find out how arts education impacts California’s economy and jobs – and our children’s future

Optional $10 donation Participant donation supports Healthy Lifestyles Grants

• Get hands-on training on engagement activities to share with your PTA and school community

Guess the secret of each Board of Director, take a selfie with them, meet new friends and more.

• Take home a FREE Family Arts Program-in-aBox so you can bring a family arts night to your school and PTA.

Ξ Ribbon Opportunity Ξ

On Display Friday, April 28, through Saturday, April 29

Join California State PTA and the Hewlett Foundation for a Family Arts Experience. This exciting event will showcase research-based strategies to engage families and build awareness about the relevance of the arts in increasing student achievement. • Learn about the importance of arts education for your child and all children

Students Reflections Art Gallery The Reflections Art Gallery is something you won’t want to miss! View the Award of Excellence Reflections entries, along with selected favorites of the judges. Ξ Ribbon Opportunity Ξ

Membership Wall of Fame

Student Orientation (Ages 12-18) Friday, April 28, from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. FREE for registered participants Lunch provided.

This is an opportunity for student delegates and participants to meet each other and interact with student members of the California State PTA Board of Managers.

Celebrate PTA membership! Ask questions and gain best practices in the membership area. Bring a photo of your membership event to post on the wall of fame.

PTA Historical Display Visit the display of artifacts and learn about the accomplishments of PTA.

away with new fundraising ideas! The workshops offered covered a wide range of topics. I estimate that each meeting had about 2,000 members in attendance! “I was so inspired by the meetings, workshops, vendors and sponsors that I actually brought my own children on the third day of convention. They

enjoyed meeting everyone and learning about democracy and how voting really does count! I would recommend convention to any member of PTA because there is truly something for everyone whether you’re a ‘First Timer’ or a seasoned pro. The 2017 convention will be in San Jose:

Make a plan to go—you won’t regret it!”

Convention Chronicle • March 2017


Business of the Association

������ Your Voice Matters


eneral meetings allow PTA to enact the business of the association, hear inspiring speakers and celebrate our founders’ legacy and vision in the ongoing work of California State PTA. Delegates will debate and

vote on items to direct our organization, advocacy and future. We look forward to hearing from you at the general meetings!

Making motions at convention To assist delegates during consideration of business items, a Motion Review Station will be located in the general meeting room. Notice of the business items to delegates is published in the Convention Chronicle, on the website and in the Convention Program Book. Notices of “Intent to Amend” may be submitted at two locations: electronically before convention; or at the Motion Review Station by the end of the first general meeting. Submitted Notices of “Intent to Amend” will be posted for delegate review at the Information/Lost and Found booth. If a delegate wishes to amend the proposed Legislation Policies as published, a Notice of Intent To Amend must be received: ■ electronically prior to the start of convention (link available after the hearing webinar on April 20 at 7 p.m.); OR ■ at the Motion Review Station before the end of the first general meeting. A motion to amend may be permitted without the required written notice only if the amendment results from new information that came after the deadline. Delegates presenting such amendments must first go to the Motion Review Station before proceeding to the microphone.

What leaders are saying about convention:

I learned a lot and have a lot of ideas to bring back to my council and to my unit.”


Convention Chronicle • March 2017

I enjoyed every minute of convention. The new perspectives I gained regarding issues that California State PTA supports and our voting process was invaluable.”

Business of the Association

Legislation Policies for Adoption Delegates are asked to consider the following amendments to the California State PTA Legislation Policies, published in the Toolkit of the California State PTA and posted online. The current policies were adopted by convention delegates in May, 2015. Deletions are identified by a line through the word (unit); additions, insertions or substitutions are identified by underlining (unit).

amendments California State PTA Legislation Action Committee Recommendations regarding CAPTA Legislation Policies A legislative measure is considered to include bills (state and federal), legislative ballot measures (statutory, constitutional amendments placed on the ballot by the legislature), proposed statewide initiative petitions, and initiatives that have qualified for the statewide ballot. policy


The California State Board of Managers of the California State PTA is responsible for taking action on state legislation and federal legislative measures, and proposed or qualified statewide ballot measures. policy


Legislative measures selected for action by the State Board of Managers California State PTA must be of statewide significance, and must fit within both the Purposes of the PTA and within the framework of the legislation platform adopted by the convention delegates, as well as other relevant PTA authorities. policy


Any position on legislation legislative measures adopted by the California State PTA Board of Managers remains in effect, unless, after subsequent review, new action is deemed warranted, and is adopted according to California State PTA procedures. policy


All positions on legislation and statewide ballot legislative measures taken by the California State PTA


Board of Managers shall be posted on the association’s website in a timely manner. policy


A unit, council, or district PTA with an interest in a proposed or qualified statewide ballot measure, which pertains to the welfare of children and youth, must determine whether the California State PTA Board of Managers is studying or has taken action, before taking considering any action locally. Action may be taken locally by following the appropriate steps PTA’s standard procedure for making a study. policy


Any California State PTA action on legislation legislative measures represents the official position of the organization and shall not be interpreted as representing the personal opinion or conviction of every individual PTA member. policy


Unit, council and district PTAs are encouraged to promote adopted California State PTA positions on legislative measures and may be

Webinar Hearings

Prior to Convention • Legislation Policies Webinar Prior to Convention Thursday, April 20, 7 p.m. • Resolutions & Bylaws No submissions No changes No hearing.

requested to actively support them, which does not require a local vote affirming the state position. While unit, council and district PTAs are not required to work actively for any position, they should not officially oppose a stand taken by the State Board of Managers California State PTA. Unit, council and district PTAs need not vote to affirm a California State PTA position in order to take action. Expressed membership disapproval of Disagreement with a position on legislation legislative measures should be communicated to the California State PTA Board of Directors through regular channels, with a report of the extent of – and reasons for – the disapproval disagreement, including supporting PTA authorities. policy


Any unit, council or district PTA may request that the California State PTA Board of Managers consider taking action on a state legislation or proposed or qualified statewide ballot measures legislative measure. policy 9 A district, council or unit PTA may wish to take action on a state

legislative measure that affects only its local or regional area. The district PTA affected must inform the California State Board of Directors PTA before taking a position. policy


Unit, council and district PTAs are responsible for taking may take action on local issues originating in school districts, cities, regions, or counties, if such action fits within both the Purposes of the PTA and the legislation platform the framework of adopted by convention delegates, is supported by PTA authorities, adheres to PTA policies, and affects the wellbeing of children and youth. policy


Informational (non-advocacy) material on PTA positions related to legislative issues, including local or statewide ballot measures, may be sent home with students, in compliance with local school district policies and procedures.* *State law requires school districts to adopt policies regarding sending material home with students.

New Webinar Hearings Prior to Convention

Hearings are conducted to give you an opportunity to learn specific details on items that will be considered for during general meetings. This year, delegates will vote on changes to legislation policies. Be sure to review them thoroughly if you are a voting delegate. A web-hearing has been scheduled for Thursday, April 20, at 7 p.m. It will be recorded for viewing at a later time if you are unable to attend. This will provide you with ample opportunity to ask questions long before the business is presented for your vote. Look for an email blast outlining how to register and what to do if you have an amendment. There were no Resolutions submitted this year, and bylaws changes are not anticipated. Should something emerge requiring your consideration on these topics, an email will be sent informing you of any pre-convention hearings.

I had a wonderful experience at convention this year and I would definitely recommend it to people who have not attended before.”

I love convention: the camaraderie. Feeling like an integral part of such a big PTA family is vital to me.”

Convention Chronicle • March 2017


Nominees for office The California State PTA Nominating Committee asked the following individuals to serve in the Board of Directors elected positions. The Nominating Committee report will be presented during the First General Meeting of convention on Friday, April 28, at which time, if notice has been filed in accordance with the California State PTA bylaws, nomination by petition will be announced (Article XII, Section 2) or nominations may be made from the floor (Article XII, Section 3). In the event of a nomination by petition or nomination from the floor, each nominee for a contested position will be granted five (5) minutes to address the delegate body. If a ballot vote is necessary, the location and times for voting will be announced. When there is but one candidate for an office, the ballot for that office may be dispensed with and the election held by voice vote at the close of nominations.


Election of the 2017-2019 California State PTA Officers

he California State PTA bylaws (Article VIII, Section 2) state that, except for the office of president, the officers shall be elected biennially in odd-numbered years, and the presidentelect shall succeed automatically to the office of president. 2015-2017 President-elect Dianna MacDonald will succeed to the presidency for the 2017-2019 term. Elections will be held at the First General Meeting, Friday, April 28. Dianna MacDonald – President

Dianna MacDonald is currently the president-elect for California State PTA. She has served PTA at the local, regional and state levels in various roles including serving as the family engagement advocate, vice president for education and leadership mentor. Her work has focused on early-childhood education, supporting military families, special education and closing the achievement gap. She is a National PTA presenter, a national Issue Forum Moderator and has received extensive training in building inclusive and equitable communities as well as completed the Masters in Governance program through the California School Boards Association. Additionally, MacDonald is certified in the new Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) and has a deep understanding of school finance, the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) process, school policy and local implementation. She recently served as a school board trustee as well as a member of the California School Boards Association Delegate Assembly. As a strong believer in early-childhood education and family engagement, MacDonald is looking forward to working with all stakeholders and members of the Education Coalition in addition to streamlining processes and procedures to support local PTA leaders and strengthening outreach to the youngest Californians and their families. She and her husband Mike have three sons, and she credits PTA with teaching her how to advocate for her own children, and then with becoming an advocate for all children across California.

Celia Jaffe – President-elect

Celia Jaffe has been a PTA leader for 20 years, most recently as statewide vice president for education. She is a past president of Fourth District PTA, which serves the PTAs in Orange County. Celia has served on the Legislation Action Committee, the Resolutions Committee, and many others. As a trustee of the Huntington Beach City School District 2004-2014, Celia served on the Delegate Assembly of the California School Boards Association. Celia holds a master’s degree in education and taught high-school English for five years. Celia, her husband and their two grown children love trivia and board games.

Tom Horn – Vice President for Leadership Services Tom Horn started his involvement with schools, education and PTA when he took the time to get on a school campus and began to see the difference and importance that can be made with a small investment of time. His PTA involvement has spanned over two decades with service and encouragement to other parents, especially to other fathers, to take the time to get involved and make a difference in the lives of children and families.

Carol Green – Vice President for Membership Services

Carol Green currently serves as California State PTA’s vice president for communications. She began volunteering with PTA when her daughter started kindergarten and has volunteered at various levels since, including president for Ninth District PTA serving San Diego and Imperial Counties. She works in community/media relations for community coalitions focused on preventing drug use among youth. Green spent more than 20 years in radio and television news. She is an active community volunteer including past president for San Diego Junior Theatre. She has a bachelor of arts degree in communications and journalism from San Diego State University. Green and her husband have three children.

Brad Waller – Vice President for Communications Brad Waller is a serial volunteer, Internet entrepreneur and high-technology business owner. Trained in physics (MIT), Brad has worked in engineering and marketing for the last 28 years. Education is a passion, as Brad has served numerous positions at the unit, council, district and state levels for the PTA, and he currently serves as a member of two school boards. Brad started his career in the Aerospace industry doing things he can’t talk about, working in advanced Infrared technology, project management, and marketing. Brad lives in Redondo Beach with his wife of 23 years and high school senior daughter.

������ Workshops

by PTA leaders,

for PTA leaders 6

Convention Chronicle • March 2017

Julie Redmond – Vice President for Special Events

Deborah Johnson – Secretary

Shereen Walter – Vice President for Health & Community Concerns

Kathy Corzine – Treasurer

Julie Redmond has been involved in PTA for over 18 years. She has served at the local, council, district and state levels. Julie has served as the vice president for convention as well as president, treasurer and parliamentarian at the local level. Julie holds a bachelor of arts degree in business administration with an emphasis in accounting. Julie feels that time spent involved in the improvement of the lives of children in California is essential. Julie has been married for 37 years to Michael and has one son, Jonathan.

Shereen Walter is a member of the Superintendent of Public Instruction’s Safe Schools and Community Advisory Committee. She has completed the Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools (REMS) Train-the-Trainer Program to provide training for site-based planning teams in the creation, revision or enhancement of school Emergency Operations Plans. Shereen has served on the Asset Management and Boundary Realignment Committees in the Huntington Beach City School District and the Strategic Planning Committee in the Huntington Union High School District. She earned her BS in geophysical engineering from the Colorado School of Mines, and her masters degree in business administration from the University of California, Irvine. She and her husband, Steve, have been married 32 years and have three grown children: Stephanie, Lindsey and Dylan.

Mary Perry – Vice President for Education

Mary Perry is an independent education consultant. From 1993 to 2011 she was deputy director of EdSource and in that role explained complex education policy, data and research to a wide range of education stakeholders. Mary served on the governing board of the Campbell Union School District from 1990–99. She began her involvement in public schools as a local PTA president and remained active in PTA throughout the time her three children were in school. She holds a B.S. in journalism from the University of Oregon and an M.A. in liberal arts from Stanford University.

Lynn Miyamoto – Vice President for Family Engagement Lynn Miyamoto graduated from UC Davis with a B.A. in international relations and a J.D. She is partner of Miyamoto & Florey, LLP, a practice focused on immigration. She serves on various nonprofit boards including serving as the immediate past president of the Glendale Educational Foundation and California State PTA as the chair of the School Smarts Committee. She also serves on Jericho Road Pasadena, a non-profit matching volunteer skills sets for other non-profits, and Keiro, a non-profit serving seniors in the Japanese American community. She lives in La Crescenta with her husband, Kevin. She has two beautiful daughters: Corrina and Saralyn.

Deborah Johnson has worked in all levels of PTA for 33 years. She started when her oldest of three children was 6 months old in a preschool PTA. Deborah has served in multiple positions from being a chair person to serving on the California State PTA Board of Managers. She is a kindergarten teacher and has been in the classroom for over 18 years.

Kathy Corzine started in PTA when her son entered kindergarten. Her first elected position was President of RUHS PTSA. She has served in various unit, council and district board positions. Kathy has served on the California State PTA board on the Leadership Commission and the Programs and Member Services Commission. Kathy lives near Mission Viejo with her son, daughter-in-law, her new granddaughter and the family’s two dogs. Prior to having her son, Kathy taught second grade. Kathy works for a real estate development and property management firm in Santa Monica as the accounting manager and controller.


Maggie Steele – Parliamentarian

Maggie Steele previously served California State PTA as the vice president for family engagement and the vice president for programs and member services. In addition, she held numerous positions at the unit, council and district levels including the office of president of Peralta District PTA. As a parent volunteer, she has been engaged in community and school organizations such as Girl Scouts, Odyssey of the Mind and band boosters. She also served as a parent representative on school site councils, school district and WASC accreditation committees. Professionally, Maggie holds a Ph.D. degree and recently retired as a college professor. She and her husband reside in Pleasanton and have two daughters.

Leah Darrah – Director of Legislation

Lea Darrah has been a PTA member and volunteer since her oldest child, who is now a college graduate, started kindergarten. Over the years she has been active as a leader at PTA units in her community as well as serving on Site Councils and wide range of district committees. She is a passionate advocate for family engagement and has worked on a statewide task force to teach community members how to advocate for their children. She is also an active community volunteer including serving as the registrar for the local soccer club. Lea and her husband Matt have four children.

Workshops Whether you’re a brand-new PTA officer or a seasoned volunteer taking on a new role, there’s nothing like convention to get you up to speed! Workshops and table talks presented by longtime PTA leaders get you the tools you need to make your PTA stronger and your job easier – offerings include:

Leadership and Running Your PTA • You are the New PTA President • You’ve Got Questions: We’ve Got Answers • Do Good Things for Your PTA Membership • Successful Treasurers • Parliamentary Procedure – Easy as ABC • Power Up Your Board • PTA Programs in a Flash

Trends in Education and Advocacy

Health and Community Concerns

• Mind the Gap: What is the Achievement Gap & How to Fill It

• Online Safety: What Parents Need to Know

• Arts on the Brain

• Vision and Learning: There is More to Learning Than Just 20/20

• Advocacy Hot Topics • Family, School and Community Connections • Creating Local Change for Children

• Teen Drivers - Distracted and Reckless • LGBTQIA+ Facilitating the Conversation

• It’s Not All About Cookie Dough: How PTA Advocates for You • How is My School Doing? How Do We Help Schools Improve?

Convention Chronicle • March 2017


CONVENTION CHRONICLE Volume 41 – March 2017


2327 L Street Sacramento, CA 95816-5014 PH: (916) 440-1985 • FAX: (916) 440-1986 Online:

2327 L Street Sacramento, California 95816-5014

Official CALL to the 118th Annual Convention of the California State PTA. Mailed to all unit and council presidents, California State PTA Board of Managers, past state presidents, advisory board members and county superintendents. President: Justine Fischer Vice President for Convention: Barbara Harris Vice President for Communications: Carol Green Executive Director: Sherry Skelly Griffith Editorial and Design Team: Michelle Eklund, Brady Oppenheim, Ralph Ruiz, Patricia Ruiz

������ Register today for a stronger PTA tomorrow! Get the tools and skills you need to make your PTA stronger and your job easier – all while having fun with other leaders from across California! Attending convention is the very best investment you can make in the future of your kids, school and PTA, so don’t wait – register today at (Don’t forget to book your room at our host hotels for a great PTA rate.)


Online: March 1 – 31 • Pre-registration: April 1 – 21 • Onsite: April 27 – 30

Don’t forget … Convention badge: You must wear your credential (name badge) for admittance to the convention floor, exhibit hall and workshops. Credentials may not be shared. Dress: Business casual.

Don’t forget to bring: • Your bar-coded confirmation letter • Your current PTA membership card, if not pre-verified when registering early • For students, a signed Parent/Guardian Approval and Consent to Treatment Form. Don’t be left out of the excitement! Be sure to pack and bring these items with you to San Jose.


Convention Chronicle • March 2017

Handouts: Print or download handouts online at beginning April 21. Notes: Use your smartphone, tablet or notepaper to take adequate notes to prepare a report for your unit when you get home. Include events, general-meeting activities, new ideas and trainings you

received at convention. Share the materials you bring home with your unit, council or district to help spread the word about all you’ve learned to help your PTA, students and school. Be courteous: Give attention to speakers on the floor. Minimize side conversations. Turn cell phones off or silence them. Network: Take this unique opportunity to make new friends and share ideas with others from all over California.

Visit exhibits: Find information on exciting new programs and products for your students and school. Convention delegates: Attend the convention general meetings and conferences. You are the elected convention delegate representing your local PTA. Members of your unit, council or district are depending on you to represent them and vote on their behalf. Arrive on time and remain until adjourned. Most of all:

Have a good time!

Convention Chronicle 2017  

Your voice matters in the business of the association! Delegates have the opportunity to influence the direction of the organization. Learn...

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