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Open letter to President Obama: How can you decimate the Community Action programs, which have helped hundreds of thousands of people in need, stay off welfare and become self-sufficient, contributing members of society. I think Sargent Shriver, and the Kennedy and Johnson heritage would be devastated by this action. People who can't find help through Community Action will end up on the welfare rolls and then on the streets. States, which are barley keeping their heads above water, will be hit the hardest by this cut because they are not in a position to spend state funds to provide the services that help people help themselves. Community Action is not a hand out program but it is a hand up!!. Please look at the data for over 45 years. Talk to people who have better lives as a result of Community Action!! We understand the need to trim the budget and we are more than willing to look at a redesigned program through the re-authorization process. We understand the need to absorb our share of the cuts across the board, but total decimation will not serve the objectives of reducing the deficit, but it will add people to welfare, unemployment and homelessness. Thousands of dedicated underpaid people will be without jobs in an economy which is not producing them fast enough to make a dent in unemployment. Mr. President, you have represented yourself as a person who understands poverty and the need for training and jobs. This is not the way to achieve your goals. Please reconsider your decision to cut Community Action by 50% and make competitive on a national level. it will never work and many areas of the country, especially rural and the most vulnerable populations, will never benefit from the remaining funds. Many of us, including me, have been involved in this grass roots, local program, for over 40 years. We know how much good it has done. Thank you for listening. On behalf of Community Action. Michael J. Micciche Santa Rosa, California Â


Open letter to Obama re Community Action, safety net programs and the proposed massive cuts.