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Award-Winning Aden Anais Swaddling Blankets - The Ideal Baby Gift If you’ve found out you are having your first baby, your probably reading every book you can get your hands on right about now. Maybe you’re lucky enough to know a lot about babies because you had younger siblings, babysat or something else entirely. Maybe you’re someone whose only experience with babies was the doll you destroyed as a toddler. Regardless of your level of experience, most moms-to-be are anxiously absorbing every written word or loads of verbal advice from well-wishing friends. You’re going to learn a great deal once you’re expecting. One term you’ll likely hear a lot about is swaddling.” And, if you’re not familiar with swaddling, it can seem extremely unfamiliar, confusing and even somewhat strange. So, what exactly is swaddling? Basically, swaddling is wrapping an infant in a swaddling cloth or blanket very securely so they’re not able to move their limbs a great deal. And don’t worry you’re not restraining your baby. Swaddling has been around for centuries and offers womb-like safety and security to your infant. With that in mind, you’re going to need plenty of swaddling cloths to keep your little one cozy and snug. Aden and Anais are the swaddling specialists and are considered one of the premiere brands for swaddling cloths in the world. Their cloths are made of a muslin fabric, that’s both breathable and soft for your precious bundle of joy. A large assortment of adorable prints are available, whether you’re having a baby boy, baby girl or you’ve decided to wait to find out. Visit your favorite baby boutique to take a peek at the entire Aden and Anais swaddling collection and stock up on your favorites.

For yet another cozy, cuddly option, choose a sleeping bag from the Aden and Anais collection. Made of the same soft, muslin fabric as the award-winning swaddling cloths, the sleeping bags are an ideal solution to keep your little one warm and safe all night long. As adorable as they are practical, you’ll definitely want more than one to help promote sweet slumber for your baby.

Award-Winning Aden Anais Swaddling Blankets - The Ideal Baby Gift