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Sony Model What? Don’t think that the Sony Xperia S and the Xperia Ion were the only smartphones that would rock our world this year. Ultimately, don’t ever think that after its divorce from a long-standing business relationship with Ericsson, Sony would fall into pieces and hit the bedrock of failure. Well, this is definitely not the case of Sony. As a matter of fact, the severance of its long term ties with Ericsson has made Sony an eager company that can capitalize on its inherent power and abilities. And who died and made me a tech analyst? Well, with the help of GSM Arena, I lifted the list it obtained from the electronics giant about the unknown smartphones that will surface before the year ends. Although these mobile phones are still unconfirmed, there is no harm in hoping to see the innovation that can altogether change the way things go in the industry. First on our list are the Xperia Nypon, and the Xperia Kumquat. Unlike the iPhone 5 rumor mills, these two gadgets aren’t able yet to generate a lot of buzz using their meager online presence. And it’s pretty natural. Sony has been keeping mum about things, and the murmurs are still not that loud. The Nypon is alleged to be a bigger device than Kumquat. It is said to be housing a 4-inch qHD Reality Display with a NovaThor U8500-based chipset. Other salient features of the Nypon include the industry standard 8-megapixel camera with 1080p video recording abilities. Definitely a competitive phone!

Apart from the purported Nypon and Kumquat, the list includes phones which are practically unheard of. Some of them are: 1. Pepper 2. The Tapioca 3. The Tapioca DS 4. The Hayabusa 5. The Atlas 6. The Mint 7. The Affm 8. The Lotus 9. The Olive We assume that these are just codenames and not the real names of the devices. Judging from the names of the device, I believe the one who devised the monikers in the past came from Ericsson’s end. Another piece of dismal news is that all the technical specifications of the gizmos are not yet felt on the airwaves. But if you are asking about the price, since the the Xperia S is listed at 590 dollars, then we can probably bank on Hayabusa and Mint to be 632 dollars and 720 dollars, respectively. Supposedly, all the handsets above-if they would ever materialize- will run the Android OS; although we have no idea yet what OS versions each will run on. Until then, we still have to attune our energy and interest into collecting news, updates, and confirmations on such matters. But what exactly is the implication of this? What we need to learn is that we should prepare to snag whatever new device is released on the market. And we should start by selling electronics or sell your cell phone for lots of cash at Cash for Smartphones! Get a quote now and be amazed at how much you can get for that old device.


Unknown Smartphones of Sony  
Unknown Smartphones of Sony  

The unknown or unpopular smartphones of Sony, you might be surprise that there is better version that your current Sony Smart Phone