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Thought of an Apple iCar? Every revolutionary invention starts with the iconic ‘I’, reflected by the best contraptions in the industry: The iPhone, the iPad, the iMac. And what would be the next big thing? I would wager my life on the first iCar from Apple Inc. Over the last decade, Apple has been that company whose brand trademark owes to the fact that it produces a bunch of industry-setting devices. It owned the lime aisles of the market: The media player market with the iPod; the smartphone market with the famous iPhone, and; the tablet market with the iPad. But since both the past and future seem to go in Apple’s favor, it’s a matter of time before we see ourselves parking our buns behind the steering wheel of the new iCar.

In his testimony regarding Apple’s dispute with Samsung over the latter’s alleged violation of Apple iPhone’s design, Phil Schiller, Apple Senior VP of Marketing, divulged a once long hidden factoid about Apple’s manufacturing plans. He said that the tech giant once considered creating its own brand of automobile. At that time, Schiller didn’t buy the idea and dismissed it as ‘crazy stuff’. And the rationale behind the refusal was fairly unsurprising. After all, Google has been working on its own car (Google’s Driverless Car) for quite some time now. Nevertheless, Schiller said that Apple is definitely open to the idea of making its own camera brand (Make no mistake! It will be called the iCamera). The photo above is just a concept design for the iCar. Since it is still an airbrushed notion of Apple’s think tanks, we are still unsure of its specifications and features. Nevertheless, the picture somewhat captures the identity of Apple; though the ‘Apple’ icon is noticeably absent. But if we think about it, knowing Apple fully well, the fancy features of its present devices possess the huge possibility of getting integrated as features of the iCar. Take for example Siri: If the making of the iCar ever comes into fruition, I bet Siri will be a fantastic addition. Who wouldn’t want to have an intelligent assistant- now driver- that can act primarily as your GPS? Not only will Siri come in handy when you want to go somewhere; it can also make wonders while you are travelling downtown: You can ask Siri to play your favorite music while in the car, or you can ask Siri to play your favorite movie (I am pretty sure iCar will have a small Apple TV inside it). Finally, the iCar’s windshield can also act as a transparent touchscreen monitor that can be used a la iPad or iPhone. Well, we just don’t consider the probability that it can be the cause of several vehicular accidents in the future (LOL).

But before we savor the future, let us first channel our excitement towards the upcoming release of the iPhone 5. If you are not yet prepared to buy the iPhone 5, we can make things speedy for you! Sell an old iPhone at Cash for Smartphones and get cash for it! Source:

Thought of an Apple iCar  

Over the last decade, Apple has been that company whose brand trademark owes to the fact that it produces a bunch of industry-setting device...

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