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NON-PROFIT BOOTH APPLICATION October 14, 2012 Non-Profit Organization _______________________________________________________________________ Address ________________________________________ City, State, Zip ______________________________ Telephone Number _______________________________ Fax Number ________________________________ Email __________________________________________ Website ____________________________________ Booth Size: 10’x10’. Booths will be place on a first come, first booked (approved) basis. All booths are subject to the approval of the general committee of the festival. The booth committee reserves the right to place vendors as deemed necessary. Booths will be within a comfortable walking distance of each other. Booth Setup and Take Down: Booth setup begins at 7:00 am. Vendors must register with the event coordinator no later than 8:00 am on the day of the festival. No vehicle traffic allowed after 8:30 am. Hours of Operation: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. The street must be clear of all items no later than 6:30 pm. A $50 cleaning deposit will be returned upon confirmation from block captain of clean site. _____ (initial) Requirements: Vendor booths must remain intact until the festival concludes at 5:00 pm. Vendors may walk booth components out of the area, but no vehicles will be allowed until 6:00 pm. Only vehicles with a vendor permit card will be allowed on the grounds between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm. Vendors are responsible for their own tables, chairs, coverings, etc. Tents must be secured without impeding fire lanes. Parking is first come, first served on the day of the event. There will be no electricity supplied. Generators cannot exceed 65 decibels. Vendor Acceptance: Once a vendor is approved, there will be no refunds for any reason. You will receive an acceptance letter after the application has been approved. We accept all types of arts & crafts. However due to space limitations, duplicate arts & crafts may be refused. Fees: $50 plus a $50 refundable cleaning deposit Amount of check enclosed $_______ make payable to Spring Valley Chamber of Commerce Spring Valley Tailgate & BBQ Festival, its members and participating merchants and entities are not responsible for any injury, loss, or legal action that may arise or come to the exhibitor or his/her agent or his/her goods or property while under this agreement. The Spring Valley Tailgate & BBQ Festival does not provide individual insurance. Vendors waive all claims for personal injury, damages to persons or property including but not limited to medical expenses, cost, law suits, fees, etc. I understand that the Spring Valley Tailgate & BBQ Festival Committee reserve the right to accept or deny any application. _____ (initial) I understand the following merchandise may not be displayed or sold: Fireworks, noise poppers, stink bombs or fragrance bombs, aerosol spray toys (i.e. Silly String or hair dye), weapons, firearms, lewd/profane/drug logo merchandise, food, drinks or alcoholic beverages. All copyrighted or trademarked items must be properly licensed. No animals except for service animals are allowed. No outside alcohol may be brought in. No food or beverage may be sold. _____ (initial)

I have read and agree to abide by all rules and regulations outlined in this application. Printed name_____________________________ Signature ___________________________Date___________ Please send this agreement and check to: Spring Valley Chamber of Commerce PO Box 1211 Spring Valley, CA 91979-1211

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