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BBQ CONTEST RULES & REGULATIONS October 14, 2012 Qualifications: This BBQ competition is open to amateurs who have never participated in a professional BBQ competition. Registration: Amateur BBQ Teams must register by October 5, 2012. Space is limited to 30 teams. The entry fee is $150 plus a $50 refundable cleaning deposit. Early bird registration is $100 plus a $50 refundable cleaning deposit if postmarked by September 28, 2012. BBQ Area: Each team will be given a 10’x20’ area for their entry fee. If additional space is needed, additional space may be purchased if available Supplies: Each team must provide their own meat, cooking ingredients, cooking devices, utensils, fire extinguisher, shade tent and prep table. Styrofoam containers will be provided for the amateur BBQ judging and will be provided at check-in. Conduct: The Chief Cook is responsible for the behavior of their amateur BBQ team and guests. General Information: No animals are allowed except for service animals. No outside alcohol is allowed. The Spring Valley Tailgate & BBQ Festival Committee and the Spring Valley Chamber of Commerce are not responsible for tents, cookers, equipment and/or personal items left on the grounds before, during or after the contest. The Spring Valley Tailgate & BBQ Festival Committee reserves the right to make additional rule changes as the situation warrants. Decisions made by the committee are final. Violation of any rules of the contest may result in disqualification, expulsion from the contest, and/or disqualification from future participation. Check-in/Meat Inspection: Check-in time is at 7:00 am. Meat inspection will be immediately after your team has been assigned their space and setup. A mandatory meeting will follow check-in. Meat Preparation: Meats may not be pre-cooked, sauced, spiced, injected, marinated in any way, or otherwise pre-treated prior to the meat inspection with the exception of carne asada, which can only not be precooked prior to inspection. Cooking: Wood, charcoal or gas cookers may be used for this contest. Meats must be maintained at a temperature of 40° F or less prior to cooking and at or above 140° F after cooking. Judging: Food must be turned into the judges’ tent in the Styrofoam containers provided at time of check in. Entries will be judged on appearance, taste and tenderness using the Spring Valley Tailgate & BBQ Festival Committee guidelines. Turn in time for tri-tip is 1:00 pm, chicken is 1:30 pm, pork ribs is 2:00 pm and carne asada is 2:30 pm. Blind judging will begin at 1:00 pm. st


Awards: Award presentation will begin at 4:00 pm. 1 place in each category pays $200, 2 place pays $100 rd st and 3 place pays $50.The Grand Champion will receive $500. Carne asada will have only one 1 place award and receive $200. Winning team for the tailgate decoration will receive a prize package. Peoples Choice Award & BBQ Samples: Each amateur BBQ team will be allowed to sell their BBQ samples to the public for $2.00 for a 2-ounce portion. Meat must be served out of a covered server and kept at 140° F. The People’s Choice will run from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm only. Attendees will purchase BBQ Bucks for $2.00 with 50% going to the amateur BBQ team and 50% going to the Spring Valley Tailgate & BBQ Festival. BBQ Bucks collected by the teams will be turned in for cash at the BBQ Bucks table no later than 4:00 pm. If your BBQ team would like to participate, please fill out the Peoples Choice Awards application. Trash: Each team is responsible for keeping their area clean during the contest. Each team is responsible for providing trash bags. A dumpster will be provided. Clean Up: Clean up and breakdown starts at 5:00 pm. The site must be torn down and free of liter by 6:30 pm. No vehicles will be allowed to enter or leave grounds until 6:00 pm. A $50 cleaning deposit will be returned upon confirmation from block captain of clean site. Find us on Facebook & Twitter @SVBBQFestival