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Vol 4 No 1 Issue 15

WARNING!! Contains Nudity and erotic images intended for consenting adults only

Talking Trash with

Brad Williams


Erica McLean Cali Mist Kim Khronic

David Noriega aka Brother Wolf was taken from us far too early. He had suffered the cruel effects of MS in April of 2010 with an episode of siezures that left him in a coma for several weeks but miraculously he pulled through and was slowly recovering. In December he suffered yet another vicious seizure but unfortunately this time he was unable to overcome the damage and on Dec 28, 2010 David moved on to his next Adventure. Dave was a big man in heart and stature standing 6’4� and weighing at one time almost 500lbs. Over the last 2 years he had lost nearly 250 lbs with a gluten /sugar free diet, He was the very first person we knew with a Med MJ Rec. A longtime Venice resident, a Burning Man Veteran, Dave grew up in the SGV where he was a State Champion Wrestler. He loved music and he had a special skill for repairing and refurbishing guitars. He was more than a friend, he was a brother, a weed activist and son and he will be dearly missed. There will be a special ceremony this year at Burning Man to send Wolf to Valhalla

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Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts. Albert Einstein

Out here on the perimeter there are no stars……… Out here we is stoned... Immaculate! Jim Morrison

These Dudes Opinion…

You Can’t Stop Us By the skin of our teeth, by the seat of our pants we do it. And we do it BIG. We have a tendency to be drawn to the big hitters, the superstars, the best that there is. And why not? We consider ourselves “the best that there is” and We do what we do like only a west coast stoner could. With the Best Bud in the Fucking World!! So its no doubt you are be going to see a lot more of Cali Chronic X and The 420 Comic. Our Girl Natty has hitched her wagon to Haley’s Comet and as she becomes an international sensation we will be glowing like proud parents seeing their child succeeding. We are always delighted but never surprised to see one of Cali Chronic X’ s girls blow up. Natty Kenly, Shay Lynn, Brooke Belle, Jaded Dawn, Felony Melony, Trisha Mutha Fuckin Rey, Carrie Ann, Sin City Kitty, Marley Mason, Regan Reese and the list goes on and on... We have always reached for the top. Why not? We have nothing to lose. And this ain’t our first rodeo, we have been doing this for awhile. We have no backup plans, no safety nets, no alternatives so we are just going to keep doing what we do. Bringing the hottest stoner chicks, the funniest comedians, the baddest bands , that is our gift to you. Living in the coolest city in the world with the hottest women, and the best weed in the world, We have been blessed to work with models who define sexy in their every movement. They have made the work of ours effortless and unforgettable. And as our girls explode into celebrity status, so our star shines a little brighter but as I have pointed out before we are not stopping until we hit the top!! Watch us and see!! Peace

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KIM KHRONIC It is the life we choose as Stoners, ripping and RooRing, getting baked, faded … Hell Yeah. And we have been getting high for a long time so we would consider ourselves Hardcore Stoners. We would also consider ourselves experts in Stoner Chix. In case we haven’t mentioned it , WE LOVE STONER CHIX. And representing Nor Cal is one of the coolest, sexiest ( we also love Asian girls i.e. Pinay) and all around awesome Stoner Chix to ever cross our path. Kim Khronic is proud to be a stoner and she is not concerned with faking it or keeping it on the DL. She can be seen all over Facebook and YouTube snapping bongs, getting baked and looking sexy as hell. This is one maganda pinay! Hey Kim? Puff Puff Pass!!

“Imagine all the people Living Life in Peace You might say I‟m a dreamer, but I‟m not the only one” John Lennon TM


420 REVOLUTION …. Already In Progress! Back Issues available for reading or downloading free Contact us at “I believe that pipe smoking contributes to a somewhat calm and objective judgment in all human affairs”

Albert Einstein

By Dagwood

“...and the walls came down all the way to hell” Traveling Wilburys

CHARLIE SHEEN ~ THE KING OF HOLLYWOOD When we were kids dreaming of being a Movie Star or a Sports Hero we sin-

cerely believed that when we “make it” all of the problems will disappear. No more gossip or money problems. We can do whatever we want and no one will ever disagree with us, We will be Kings. In Hollywood Charlie Sheen is King, as he is the highest paid actor on Television, A Golden Globe, SAG and Emmy Award winner with a massive resume of Major Motion pictures (Platoon, Wall St, Young Guns, Major League, The Rookie etc) and Television (Spin City and Two and a half men). His work speaks for itself but what we have embedded in our brain is Charlie The Party Animal, The hookers, the drugs “the all night porn star parties”. And like almost every guy I know at 45 years old Charlie has been married several times and he has a few kids. Typical American male. But the typical American Male doesn‟t make 2 million an episode and isn‟t worth Hundreds of Millions if not Billions of dollars. And that kind of money buys whatever it wants and some things it doesn‟t want like trouble and attention. In generations past hookers, pornstars, drugs, were the ingredients to some story of debauchery and scandal that most people couldn‟t relate to but we , the post Woodstock generation can‟t say the same is true. Many girls strip for the extra cash, the bolder ones escort, the wild ones make porn We all know a few girls from each category, Cmon. Hell many High School girls turn tricks for spending money without blinking an eye. Gucci, Prada, Fendi is not cheap. And young women are openly promiscuous and experienced before graduating junior high school. Sad but true. This is the Springer Effect.

Drugs are no longer the demon tool of low life alley trolling junkies only. Everyone smokes weed. The President smoked. Pain pills are more and more prevalent across every socio economic demographic. Kids use Adderall to study, and there are TV shows like Weeds about a woman who sells pot to help her family survive and even more telling the AMC series Breaking Bad is about a Meth cook. Many people openly proclaim “Tweekers Suck” but the use of Meth must be extremely popular to be able to generate enough interest to have an award winning series. So everyone acting shocked and appalled that Charlie Sheen does drugs, drinks, hires attractive young girls to hang out with, is major hypocrisy. Most of us guys would KILL to be Charlie Sheen, and get high and party with hot porn stars. A few pussy dudes will lie and say Not Me. Sure!? If you are not gay you must be married. FUCK OFF!! Mr. Sheen has tons of money, all the bills are being paid apparently including the ex wives alimony and child support. What else do we expect of him?. He handles his business. Hell he has been doing this for almost 30 years, and he is not dead yet. That is amazing. If we are honest and forget that jibberish about love and soul mates, Most of us guys would love to be able to order up any porn star we want to fuck. SHANGRI LA!! Living the life as a King should. But people forget that Charlie is, if nothing else, a consummate professional and has been since he was a kid. He carries the load for huge productions, He grew up on the sets of movies his father starred in. i.e. Apocalypse Now!! And now with the CBS production of Two and a Half Men he has proved year after year regardless of the firestorm around him. He delivers every time.

I recently had the pleasure of joining Charlie Sheen for a day on his yacht with his girl, our very own Natty, his Sober Coach, his 2 boys Bob and Max and a few others. We spent the day cruising up the coast from Marina Del Rey to Point Dume where he grew up. I joined them back at the house afterwards where we continued our conversation on music and film at a intellectual level that was refreshing and impressive. The entire time I was in his presence I never saw an alcoholic beverage or any drugs whatsoever. We really hit it off and I am looking forward to taking him up on his invitation for a screening of Apocalypse Now in his home theatre. About a week after the Boating I was invited back to watch a screening of Charlie‟s Blockbuster “Major League” at the Sheen Mansion. Ricky “ Wild Thing” Vaughn, Baseball Legend Lenny Dykstra, ML Champion SF Giant Pitcher Brian Wilson, Colin Farrel and Roman Coppalla enjoyed the opportunity to chill with Charlie and enjoy the camaraderie. There were several more pro ball players also keeping Charlie in the baseball mix.

He has never denied the pornstars, and why should he, he has never claimed he DIDN‟T do drugs. but when a hooker is telling everyone that some one showed up with 5 eight balls as big as her fist, remember, there were quite a few people present that night so I see it as an alleged act of generosity and sharing. The big checks he allegedly writes the girls should be seen as a cool thing not a bad thing. A lot of big shots rip those girls off , use them and not pay. I party, you party but imagine if the world judged you only by those “party” moments Check out my Blogs on especially those bad ones when you lost control. No thanks. Charlie Sheen is the King of Hollywood and the King the Cali Chronic X Facebook is just a regular dude down deep, a baseball player/fan from SaMo living the dream. Long Live The KING!!!

The Evil Pinups with Adrenalynn (left)

Photos by Dagwood The Objex, Annie Cruz & The 420 Comic Love You!

6 Melony with Dennis Hof of The Bunny Ranch Felony

The AVN Expo & Awards is the biggest event in the adult industry and when the 420 Comic & Cali Chronic X decided to cover the event we knew it would be like a homecoming party. We have so many friends in the XXX industry that we donâ€&#x;t get to party with everyday, we were excited at the chance to terrorize Sin City!!

Nicki Sexxx

Lisa Ann

Beamonstar sponsored The 420 Comic as he flossed his ability to bring the hotties. Brittany Blaze & Sonja Blaze Daisy Duxxe, Jaded Dawn, JP, Shay Lynn were getting raunchy for the crowd. The Evil Pinups (Shay Lynn & Jaded Dawn) were the big hits at the Expo & Awards. Vegas Punkers “The Objex” Felony Melony & Jim Nasty were spreading sexy chaos all weekend along with super sexy Annie Cruz turning up the heat!!

Flower Tucci the Self Proclaimed “Queen of Squirt” (Top) One of Charlie Sheen‟s Favorite Gals Bree Olsen (above) and Girls with Corpses hanging with the 420 Comic

Next Page ~ The 420 Comic, downtown at the Plaza (Top Left) Shay Lynn & Felony Melony (Top Right) Jaded Dawn, Shay Lynn, Felony Melony, Emma and Annie Cruz (bottom) Melony with Tommy Gunn and Friend!!

Jeffrey was celebrating his marriage to Superstar Shay Lynn at the Plaza Hotel and Casino only to find out it was a Hoax!! Single again! Meanwhile Melony and Shay have their hands full. Viva Las Vegas!

Jazzy Jones (below) dogs us, Mel & Dagwood with 2 cuties (Below top right) JP with Annie Cruz (center) & Vickie Chase (center right) rep Liberty Bell Temple.

Lupe Fuentes & Alektra Blue (above)

The Peterson Brothers with Tony Batman (above) JP with Brittany Blaze and Flower Tucci (right)

Join Us on The Playa BURNING MAN 2011 Special Memorial will be held for Wolf aka David Noriega

Special Re Issue

Unforgettable and

uninhibited The Evil Pinups are a lethal combination of sultry and sexy. Superstars each in their own right Shay Lynn and Jaded Dawn together are a phenomenon. Demanding attention, oozing sex appeal and prompting sinful thoughts in men and women. These girls are a force to be reckoned with. Each girl has a body that nations would wage war over and they know it. Hell they spend as much time admiring each other as others do admiring them, Unabashed and unashamed. A favorite crowds everywhere they go The Shay Lynn & Jaded DawnPhotos byofDagwood Evil Pinups hijacked the AVN/ AEN Adult Expo 2011 and crashed the red carpet to the adulation of the screaming crowd.


The Evil Pinups above left with fellow stoner chick Adrenalynn, above right with Daisy Duxe and Center Left with Corey Feldman.

The Evil Pinups Are coming to your town so keep your eye on their Facebook pages to see upcoming dates and venues. Recently Shay and Jaded wrapped up filming on an upcoming mainstream release “Interrogation Room� . They are both veterans of The Jerry Springer Show, Playboy TV, Penthouse magazine and The Evil Pinups have wowed the Playboy Mansion Parties

Jaded Dawn

Shay Lynn

“If you could give me a magic pill that would make me taller I would slap it out of your hand and say "No Sir."

Brad Williams possesses something that everyone can agree is funny: a disability. Brad is a dwarf. He has appeared on numerous TV shows including Mind Of Mencia, Live at Gotham, the Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Pitboss. Brad has also performed for the troops all over the world . But don’t let his disability fool you Brad has game, big game. So we thought we would talk some trash with Brad and find out what’s really going on. Cali Chronic X: We're talking with Brad Williams; Comedian, Actor, Dwarf. Not a Midget. "Midget" must be like the "N" word to Little People. Does it bother you when someone calls you a Midget? Brad Williams: Not at all! I actually prefer the word. A lot of midgets compare the word "midget" to the "N" word and to that I say MIDGET PLEASE! You can't compare those two words. When you hear the world midget you don't think of anything bad, when you hear the "N" Word you think of terrible things like slave ships, masters, chains, and Flavor Flav. A lot of little people wan t to be called Dwarfs but dwarf sounds worse than midget to me. So proceed with your midget names with caution. CCX: What's the best advantage of being your size? BW: That I can get away with anything. People assume that because I'm little that I'm not threatening. I can literally grab a woman's ass and she thinks I'm cute because of it. If you could give me a magic pill that would make me taller I would slap it out of your hand and say "No Sir." CCX: You have Performed in Cannabis Comedy Events including The Dope Show, Have You ever smoked Pot? BW: I have. Its not really for me but my best friend is a huge stoner and I enjoy it when he just comes over, smokes pot, and talks. I get a lot of material from that. CCX: You went to USC. Were You a Party Animal in College? BW: I wasn't. I was working too hard. I was going to class, doing homework, studying, then on the weekend traveling with Carlos Mencia doing road gigs, then taking red eye flights home to make monday morning class. I had no time for partying but I'm making up for that now. CCX: You are frequently in the company of Extremely Hot women. Have You ever been intimate with an Adult Film Star? BW: I have. Like I said before in the interview, I get away with anything. CCX: You were on The Road with Carlos Mencia for 5 years. Which Jokes has Carlos Mencia stolen from You? BW: Ha, none. I never got the whole Mencia stealing thing. I toured with him for all that time and never saw any examples of joke theft. CCX: How often do You get mistaken for Wee Man? BW: Every day of my fucking life. But I recently heard he got mistaken for me when he went out the other night and that made me a little happy in my pants. CCX: What's coming up for You this Spring Brad? BW: Constant touring across the country. Please check out my website for my tour schedule. Thanks! Thanx Brad! Keep kicking ass out there on the Road!

Halford Invades the Wiltern!! Warbiringer/Philm/Halford @ The Wiltern

By Flash Rosenstein

The sight of skulls, spikes, tattoos, bleached long hair, and patched denim

combined with the odors of pot, sweaty leather, and booze are assurances of a night of Heavy Metal. As Warbringer opened up with “Total War” off their first effort War Without End I was pleasantly surprised to hear straight forward metal reminiscent of the mid 80‟s with time changes a plenty, no infused rapping, and no A and R guy pleasing ballads. What made Warbringer enjoyable was their ability to keep their songs true to their Rock „N Roll/Blues roots. Guitarist John Laux and Adam Carroll did a fine job not jamming a few thousand notes into every solo while drummer Nick Ritter delivered steady double bass beats ignoring opportunities to cram too many fills into every song. Bassist Andy Laux did what a confident bass player does by keeping the rhythm section smooth and stable. Vocalist John Kevill was equally impressive with growling, menacing, death laden lyrics like “soon it will come when it is your turn to die” from Combat Shock and “All alone you're bound to die” from Shoot To Kill that were actually audible. No grunting rambles that leave you without any idea of what the hell is trying to be conveyed. Unfortunately for Warbringer the crowd did a poor job matching their intensity even after being offered ample marching drum led moshing invitations. Next up was Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo‟s side project Philm. After a few seconds of feedback to open their set it became painfully obvious that this band was put together to showcase Lombardo‟s drumming and it didn‟t really matter what else surrounded it. Phil‟s set reminded me of a teenager trying to find it‟s identity; one day dressing as a punk the next giving Izod Lacoste a go. Each song failed to express just what it was the band was trying to accomplish. Singer/guitarist Gerry Nestler bounced back and forth between unintelligible howls and a crunching guitar to long voice effect laden cries accompanied by single ringing guitar notes one is accustomed to hearing on a Queensryche album. All the while Lombardo and bassist Pancho Tomaselli seemed to be holding down a rhythm section more fitting for Husker Du. Equally disappointing was Lombardo not using the gong he had his roadies display. I think if the band gave Metallica‟s Load, Reload, and St. Anger a few spins they would realize it‟s best to stick with what you do great and not try to be something your not. Find your identity and be proud of it. Rob Halford‟s voice is to Heavy Metal what the noise coming out of a Harley is to a motorcycle junkie: classic. So as the lights dimmed and the music began I was curious to see if the 59 year old still had the pipes to pull off the unyielding high pitched crooning that I have come to expect since I first picked up Judas Priest‟s Screaming For Vengeance in 1982.Halford proved from the first cries of “I'm digging deep inside my soul to bring myself out of this Goddamned hole”, the first line of opening number Resurrection, why he remains a headliner no matter what gig mates he brings on tour with him. Robbed in his vintage black leather and cop shades Halford performed without even a hint of a cracked note and had the audience head banging for 90 unrelenting minutes. The set list included several different eras of his over quarter century career including Thunder And Lightning and Made of Metal from Halford‟s new release Halford IV: Made of Metal along with Fight‟s Nailed To The Gun a prototypical metal ditty featuring open E chords and lyrics focused on society‟s failures. The middle of the set was rich in Judas Priest tradition as fellow band members Roy Ramirez (guitar) Mike Davis (bass), Mike Chlasciak (guitar) and Bobby Jerome (drums) backed Rob as they covered JP covers of The Green Manalishi with the two pronged crown, Diamonds and Rust, and the Priest original Jawbreaker. By the end of the night It was clear that I was not the only one fully entertained. The crowd refused to dissipate begging for more by belting out various song titles. As the house lights came up and guitar pics were tossed to the audience I could not help but go back to the day I saw You've Got Another Thing Coming on MTV and be thankful for that moment. FR

Ozomatli @ Club Nokia If you want to get a taste of the L.A. sound, you cannot overlook the power of Ozomatli. For fifteen years Ozo has represented Los Angeles around the Globe like rock-n-roll ambassadors. The Quinceanera Bash took place at Club Nokia and in spite of the pouring rain, the place was packed. I was dressed up like I was going to a Mexican Wedding, believing the band‟s request to dress up. Oh Well, My date and I looked Hot! This was a true celebration and the band was on fire. I love Ozo‟s music, However, I couldn‟t name too many songs, because I don‟t speak Spanish. I do know that Guitarist/Singer Raul Pacheco sang his heart out. Songs such as “Como,” “Gallina,” and “Chango” had the crowd dancing.

Even the USC Marching band joined Ozo on stage. They

played my favorite Ozomatli song, “City of Angels,” which I smoked a bowl to. My buddy Ulises Bello was a madman playing guitar, saxophone and clarinet. The energy was high for “After Party” and “Can‟t Stop.” Bassist Wil-Dog Abers hit the mic and broke out with some latin Lingo that rocked the House. The band was joined by opening act Chali 2na and Cut Chemist from Jurassic 5 performing the classic “What‟s Golden,” which was spectacular! The night of excitement closed out with two Encore songs “Ranch” and “Samba.” Fifteen years of incredible, groundbreaking music that has touched the World. Thanx

The Black Crowes The Black Crowes @ The Hollywood Palladium It‟s been quite a few years since I‟ve been to a Crowes Show. So, I was excited to see them again. I have seen them 3 other times, watched them rehearse once and I even worked for their fan Club back in 1991! As I entered the Palladium, stoned with beer in hand, the band broke into “Remedy” to start the first or acoustic set. Singer Chris Robinson‟s bluesy vocals shined on songs such as “Hotel Illness”, Thorn in My Pride” and “She Talks to Angels.” The Back Up Singers added a lot to “Kickin‟ My Heart Around”, one of My favs. They even squeezed in a cover of the Rolling Stones “No Expectations.”It wasn‟t easy to get high at the Palladium, but the Dude abides. The 420 Friendly crowd had the place smelling like a skunk infestation. Glad to see the band were still cool with the Stoners. After a brief Intermission, the second or electric set started with “Exit.” The band swiftly rolled into Otis Redding‟s classic “Hard To Handle”, which got My date and I dancing. In fact, the whole place was dancing. Founding member and Guitarist Young Rich Robinson sounded fantastic on “Oh Josephine” and “And The Band Played On.” After a small break, the band returned with two Encores; “Oh! Sweet Nothin‟” by The Velvet Underground and “Willin‟” by Little Feat, another fav of mine. All in all, a great performance sans the usual drama, which was refresfing. Say Goodnight To The Bad Guys is a tour not to be missed! JP

Venice Heat Premiere at The Comedy Store By Jeffrey Peterson

WeHo Feb 17, 2011 ~ Craig X called me out to The World Famous Comedy Store for the premiere of the new sitcom he‟s in called “Venice Heat”. The show is about some over the top cops. Think, Police Academy meets Reno 911 meets Baywatch for the boobs. The pilot has become a bit of an internet sensation. Star/ Creator T.J. Hoban does a send up of the classic action hero type, six pack and all. Beach Fuzz Jennifer Lyons and Korrina Rico are definitely hot. Stoner Cop Greg Cipes is the silly one of the bunch. He even gets tied up by a Dominatrix Shirley Jones. Craig X plays a bong seller on the Boardwalk, my favorite scene. There was a packed house in the Main Room and a Red Carpet in the lobby. There were a boatload of beautiful babes and some notable people seated including “Taxi” star Jeff Conway, we talked about Grease and Taxi, but no mention of Celebrity Rehab. Also in the club was 420 Hip Hop artist Ditch Cali, comedians Vargus Mason, Joey Medina, Chris D‟Elia, Tere Joyce and her date, Polish print model Conrad. You go girl! Tere and I blazed in The Green Room, it was our duty. Thanx Craig X for a fun time in West Hollyweed.

Organic Skunk #1 OS #1 offers a delightful calming perspective that will help one achieve a healthy mental balance. Absent was a merry go round of emotions like a heavy head leaving you trapped in a psychological dystopia or a manic nirvana that keeps the term motormouth alive and viable. ( Editor’s note: Huh?) When well heated OS#1 provides a potent citrus flavor which is soon followed by dry mouth and an enlightened head that seems to have a simple and rational answer to any mind numbing queries or concerns. You will find that frequent vaping sessions are required. Fortunately this grass can last an impressive number of pressings, lets say around 8, before a new whipful becomes necessary. If you are vaporizing with a partner cut the number of expected pressings in half. While using Organic Skunk #1 I found walks, reading, listening to music, and quiet time alone wonderful activities that left me inspired and cerebrally well rested. I can‟t say that I felt much pain relief but as with most cannabis I was able to keep my mind from dwelling on whatever pain I had been feeling. I also did not experience Skunk‟s famous odor that carries it‟s name. To me, anyway, I got a sweet smell like dried sugar covered oranges. OS#1 can be identified by it‟s modestly compact camouflage greens and amber orange buds that are surrounded by dense trichome coverage. From novice to pot connoisseur Organic Skunk#1 will provide a positive encounter for all. It‟s $40 an 1/8 sale price and ability to withstand more than a normal amount of vaping pressings makes it a splendid bargain as well

Watch The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on CBS. Demand Humans before Machines

“CHRONIC GIRL” for this Issue is

I'm the Cannabis Chef!!! ” and Cali Mist loves her marijuana smoked and baked. She can show you how to really cook with cannabis. Mmmm Delicious. And we have to state the obvious she is one amazing beauty!! Check her out and tell her Cali Chronic X sent you. Stoner Chix Rule!!!


And a kid named Cory


The Objex Are Currently Touring Europe, Japan and will be back in the USA this Summer

Check out The Objex Video “RSVP” from the Crown Recording Group on YouTube

da An kid ed

m na Co ry

And a kid named Cory

In a industry that is filled with sexy beautiful women rarely does a name stand out that isn‟t strictly an adult entertainer . Erica McLean started in the entertainment industry as a model and a makeup artist until she met and married famous photographer/adult film maker Clive McLean. Unfortunately Clive was diagnosed with cancer and eventually passed away. During the battle Erica began to absorb some of his job duties. She would go on to write and direct some avant garde adult films that bring a bizarre artistic twist to the adult film industry. Films such as Hardcore Circus which starred Ron Jeremy with the late Blue Iris of Howard Stern fame., as well as our friend comedienne Tere Joyce. Erica has also stirred some controversy with her film “Flying Pink Pig”. She is being sued by a LA Lunch wagon of the same name, Pink Floyd doesn‟t seem to mind. Erica has also put a hedonistic twist to the Lewis Carol Classic “Alice”. Taking artistic chances in porn, using comedy as motivation: Erica is a visionary. That is not to say she doesn‟t make porn for the sake of porn because she is the Director of one of Hustler‟s most successful long running series Barely Legal. A lover of Marijuana and an activist that help facilitate the birth of Henry Hemp! True Story .

The World of Pot Comedy with Jeffrey Peterson

High There Dopes and Dopettes! It‟s your favorite Cannabis Court Jester, The 420 Comic! 2011 is in full effect and it‟s already kicking ass. I started the year off performing with my buddies Frazer Smith and Bruce Jingles at Pechanga Casino on New Year‟s Day. Then I spent five crazy days in Las Vegas for the Adult Entertainment Expo. I was working in the Beamonstar booth with Ron Jeremy, The Objex, Annie Cruz, Shay Lynn, Jaded Dawn and Daisy Duxe. We were right across from Dennis Hof from The Bunny Ranch. Dagwood and I made sure we got some Porns Stars high including Sonya Blaze, Brittany Blaze and Flower Tucci. When you hang out with The Objex, The Blaze Sisters and The Evil Pin Ups, in Las Vegas, shit gets crazy and let me tell you motherfuckers, it got wild and crazy! Good Times in Sin City! I went down to The La Jolla Comedy Store for ExtravaGANJA and it was a real let down. The vibe was shitty and it wasn‟t the always cool staff from The Comedy Store or The Great People of San Diego. This stench came from within the Green Room. The event was sponsored by San Diego ASA and hosted by some Canadian Schmuck named “Burnz Daily”. Sad to see such a great comedy show go down the drain. Oh well. Take Off . eh! Hemp Con in San Jose was next. I was the big closer for all three days on the Main Stage. My special guests included my Co-hosts, two sexy nurses in pink from 420 Evaluations, NBC‟s Tere Joyce, Tru Reelz‟ Eddie Funxta and Potsie Weber: Porn Star. The crowd was small but mighty. We played my trivia game for stoners, “Movie, Strain or Both” and the Hemp Con kids won some fabulous prizes. My sponsors, The Original Cannabis Crown, Best Price Evaluations,, 420 Bail Me Out and Pineapple Kush took care of me well. Potsie Weber and I had a killer set up and we blazed all day long. I kicked it with latest Cali Chronic Girls Kim Khronic, Sativa Grace and Sarah Jain. The Highlight of HCSJ was performing my “Game Show for People on Dope: Last Stoner Standing”. I fucked with the minds of Stoners at the Chronic Candy, the Pipe Mug and the Potbottles .com booths. It was a big hit. Pun intended. See you kids when I am the MC at the Hemp Con with Ziggy Marley in Los Angeles for all three days. I did my obligatory Black History Month show, after all I was raised in the hood….by Lesbians. True Story. The evening‟s festivities were held at The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club in Hollywood. Big Mike did it again. He not only Produced a great show, his set was explosive. I brought the pot comedy along with my fellow stoner comics Smokey Deese and Headliner Garrick Dixon. My Stevie Wonder joke actually offended the host so much, he mentioned it on stage! Apparently, White Man Can‟t Joke. In the last couple of months, I have been a guest on some outstanding radio programs. I wanted to take the time to give them a shout out. Check out King of Pot: Michael L. Malta, The NORML Daily Audio Stash with Radical Russ and Tere Joyce, Hemp the Comedian, The 420 Radio Show and Nuglife Radio. Give those shows a listen. Radio is a vital weapon in the battle that we are in. Keep Hemp Alive! See Video of The 420 Comic @ Visit the 420 Comic on Facebook also

Incredible Chronic Edibles With Rachie Bake

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries This month I have a special treat I get every year. My husband and cooking partner likes to make me breakfast in bed on Valentine's morning. This is a really easy recipe and can be made a day in advance as long as you keep them in the fridge. You will really enjoy these delicious berries, they will titillate you senses and put you in the mood for love!!! Ingredients •12 ounces bittersweet chocolate, chopped •6 tablespoons heavy cream •1/4 cup Cannabis infused butter •15-20 large strawberries with long stems * optional 1/8 teaspoon ground pure chili powder, such as ancho Directions In a heat-proof mixing bowl, add the chocolate, cream, and Cannabis infused butter. Place over a smaller pot of simmering water. Be sure the water does not touch the bottom of the bowl. [Or you can use a double boiler if you have one] Stir until chocolate is melted. *optional Stir in the chili powder and mix until fully incorporated. Hold each strawberry by the long stem and dip into the Cannabis chocolate mixture allowing the excess to drizzle back into the pan. Place chocolate covered strawberries on a parchment or waxed paper lined sheet tray. Once chocolate is cool, chill until fully set, about 30 minutes. Enjoy!!!

Rachie Bake

This is the place where we showcase the “POT” art Tattoos we find on the few, the brave, the dedicated stoners. Representing the Green with a commitment for life so RECOGNIZE FOOL! We seem to find these stoners everywhere and anywhere, Bus Stations, Conventions and of Course Facebook!! The 1st Tat (left) is from an UnIdentified Stoner we found on a Greyhound, the center Image is from Renata Renski , a beautiful stoner chick/adult entertainer we met at the AVN Expo. ~ and on the right “Tweek Ever” from Facebook whose tat reads “ A friend with gold is a friend I’m told but a friend with weed is a friend indeed”. We Agree!! or

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Pot Bylaw Suspension ‘Precedent Setting’ The B.C. Civil Liberties Association is

hoping the recent suspension of a controversial Mission bylaw will set a major precedent in British Columbia. Mission district council suspended its Controlled Substance Property Bylaw for one month so it can undergo a review amidst a wave of protest from citizens who say they have been unfairly targeted by the bylaw and handed inspection fees upwards of $5,200. The bylaw grants the district‟s Public Safety Inspection Team the ability to inspect homes that are consuming more than 93 kilowatts of electricity a day. The bylaw was instituted to help reduce the number of marijuana grow operations in Mission. A class-action lawsuit on behalf of several Mission residents who had their properties inspected – without a trace of a marijuana grow operation – is expected to be filed any day now. Micheal Vonn, policy director of the BCCLA, said she expects this case could set the standard for how municipalities and police forces implement and enforce similar bylaws existing now and in the future. “We‟re counting on it,” she told the Abbotsford-Mission Times. “Part of the reason we are very, very keen to see there will be legal action undertaken, given that council has thus far proved quite inadequate to the task of remedying this on their own, is essentially to define a couple of areas that stand out as things that we need clear guidance on.” That‟s exactly what I voted for in the bylaw initially and that‟s how I thought it worked,” said Stevens. Other municipalities with similar bylaws include Pitt Meadows and Coquitlam. Paul Gipps, deputy chief administrative officer for the District of Mission, said the district is aware a lawsuit is likely to be filed and that the program will now undergo a “comprehensive review.” “Council has heard the community asking questions, wanting a review, and that‟s exactly what we‟re going to do,” said Gipps. He said not only will the bylaw be open to review, but the whole process of how it was implemented, as well. “It is in its early stage, we‟re just writing up the framework and trying to get all the questions people would like to know [so] we can answer that as part of the review.” The bylaw was the focus of a massive group of people that packed Mission‟s council chambers Monday. The public meeting got heated at times, as folks voiced their displeasure with the bylaw and the council for implementing it. Vonn said her office has been inundated with phone calls, e-mails and letters from angry Mission residents, some of them she said are unable to pay their mortgages because of the inspection fees. She added the bylaw accuses people of criminal wrongdoing. “We understand that they are recording on criminal records checks people who have been found in violation of this bylaw,” said Vonn. “[This] means you have to explain why you‟ve been accused of being a criminal by the district of Mission to anyone who requires a criminal records check – employer, volunteer or otherwise. “They‟re there to accuse you of being a criminal and then claiming that it has nothing to do with criminal law.” A Mission RCMP spokeswoman Sgt. Miriam Dickson said that is not true. “That‟s impossible,” she said. “You can‟t have a criminal record unless you go to criminal court and are found guilty.” Dickson said information goes on a person‟s criminal record if they have had “adverse contact” with police, which means a complaint was launched against that individual but no charges were laid. She said this type of contact with police does not apply to municipal bylaws, including the Controlled Substance Property Bylaw. Mission implemented the bylaw in July 09.

and Entertainment News Stevens Released After Bust Two days after getting caught with more than an ounce of weed by Tampa police, Jerramy Stevens was released by the Buccaneers. The 6-7, 260pound tight end has a history of alcohol-related offenses, including a 2007 DUI. Stevens' 2006 Ford truck was pulled over on Cypress St. and West Shore Blvd. because of loud music. Police smelled pot, searched the vehicle and found 38 grams of marijuana and paraphernalia. Stevens was charged with a felony (weed) and misdemeanor (pipe), and booked at the Orient Road Jail, then paid $4,500 bail. Rather than wait for the case to play out, the Bucs gave him his walking papers. Stevens was selected in the first round of the 2002 draft out of the University of Washington by the Seahawks. The Bucs signed him in 2007. His best year was in 2005 when he caught 45 passes for 554 yards and had five TDs. This year, Stevens only caught three passes.

Kurtis Blow Busted LOS ANGELES — According to reports, rapper Kurtis Blow was cited last month at LAX after a TSA body scanner detected a stash of weed in his pocket. reported that the body scan at Terminal 7 detected “an anomaly” in the pants of Blow, 59, who was subsequently patted down. The pat down revealed the marijuana stash. Kurtis, whose real name is Kurtis Walker Combs, was cited for carrying less than 28.5 grams of marijuana and released.

AC/DC Drummer Fined for Pot Charge Busted in New Zealand Oct. 7 for marijuana possession, AC/DC's drummer Phil Rudd pled guilty and paid a $250 fine . Police had searched his boat docked at the Tauranga Bridge Marina on North Island and found just shy of an ounce of weed (25 grams). Rudd (nee Rudzevecuis), who' is Australian, joined the band in 1975. He was fired in 1983 and returned in 1994. Rudd was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame with AC/DC in 2003.

Would Be Jurors Stage Mutiny on Marijuana Case Montana -- Potential jurors staged a "mutiny" during a felony drug case, a Missoula County prosecutor says, and authorities worry the result will be viewed as a gamechanger when it comes to future attempts at prosecuting drug cases in Montana. Nearly all 27 Missoula County residents during the jury selection process on told District Court Judge Dusty Deschamps there was no way they would convict anybody of having a couple of buds of marijuana. "I thought, 'Geez, I don't know if we can seat a jury,'" said Deschamps, who called a recess. The case involved Touray Cornell, whose criminal history includes numerous felony convictions and in his latest case faced a felony charge of criminal distribution of dangerous drugs. That charge stemmed from an April 23 search of his home following complaints from neighbors he was selling drugs. Police said they found burnt marijuana cigarettes, a pipe and some residue. An affidavit said Cornell admitted to distributing small amounts of marijuana and connecting other dealers with customers, getting small amounts of marijuana for himself as payment. At the time of his arrest Cornell was out on bail on a charge of felony conspiracy to commit theft, of which he was convicted in August. During the recess called by Deschamps on Thursday, Deputy Missoula County Attorney Andrew Paul worked out a plea agreement with the defense. "A mutiny," Paul told the Missoulian in describing the actions of the potential jurors. "Bizarre," said Cornell's defense attorney, Martin Elison. In the plea memorandum filed by Elison, he noted that public opinion "is not supportive of the state's marijuana law and appeared to prevent any conviction from being obtained simply because an unbiased jury did not appear available under any circumstances." , Cornell entered an Alford plea, meaning he does not admit guilt but acknowledges there is enough evidence to convict him. Deschamps then sentenced him to 20 years in prison with 19 suspended, to be served concurrently with his sentence in the theft case. Cornell was given credit for the 200 days he's already served.

"I think it's going to become increasingly difficult to seat a jury in marijuana cases, at least the ones involving a small amount," "I'm not convinced in any way that you don't present an ongoing threat to the community," Deschamps told Cornell during the sentencing, calling him an "eight-time loser" in a reference to the number of Cornell's previous felonies. The potential jurors in the case ranged in ages from 20s to 60s, with one of the most vocal in her 60s. "It's kind of a reflection of society as a whole on the issue," said Deschamps. Missoula County voters in 2006 approved an initiative requiring law enforcement to treat marijuana crimes as their lowest priority. In 2004, Montana voters legalized medical marijuana by initiative. "I think it's going to become increasingly difficult to seat a jury in marijuana cases, at least the ones involving a small amount," Deschamps said. Associated Press

Judge Lays Down the Law In Cali California -- A judge handed Los Angeles a setback in its faltering drive to limit the number of medical marijuana dispensaries, granting a preliminary injunction on Friday that bars the city from enforcing key provisions in its controversial six-month-old ordinance. The decision, issued by Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Anthony J. Mohr, leaves the city with limited power to control pot stores, which opened by the hundreds, angering neighborhood activists when city officials failed to enforce a 2007 moratorium. Near the end of his 40-page ruling, Mohr acknowledged "there is a good chance that a large number of collectives could open once this injunction takes effect," but said his order was warranted because the dispensaries that sued the city are highly likely to prevail in a trial. The City Council first discussed regulating dispensaries 5 1/2 years ago. At the time, the Los Angeles Police Department could

find just four of them. It was five years before the city's ordinance, one of the most complex and convoluted in the state, took effect. More than 100 dispensaries have filed at least 42 lawsuits challenging the ordinance. "We're singing 'Happy Days Are Here Again,'" said Stewart Richlin, an attorney who represents nine dispensaries, while David Welch, an attorney who represents more than five dozen, described his clients as "ecstatic." He said Mohr's decision would curtail city enforcement efforts. "It means they can't use strong-arm tactics, such as arresting my clients," Welch said.

Cali Judge


But Jane Usher, a special assistant city attorney, said, "I suspect that their exuberance will be short-lived." She noted that Mohr, in ruling against some provisions, also suggested ways to fix the ordinance. "He left 90% of it intact and gave us methods for quickly correcting the remaining provisions. I think we'll be gracious and accept," she said. Councilman Ed Reyes, who led the City Council's drive to draft the ordinance, said he hoped to have a proposal to address the judge's ruling by Monday. "My sense of urgency is that great," he said. "I've already learned from the past that, if you open up the window a little, people just crash through. We have to close that window as quick as possible." Mohr enjoined a crucial provision of the ordinance that outlawed all dispensaries in Los Angeles except those that registered with the city under the moratorium the council placed on new stores. He ruled that the provision is unconstitutional because the ban was not properly extended and expired almost two months before the Nov. 13, 2007, registration deadline for dispensaries. "The justification for using that date as a bright line was compromised, if not confounded, by the fact that it was unnecessary to register," he wrote. His decision throws into disarray the city's ongoing process for identifying which dispensaries are qualified to stay open. The council has already delayed by six months enforcement of the ordinance's restrictions, such as requiring dispensaries to be at least 1,000 feet from schools. The judge, however, offered the council a quick remedy. He said the council could simply allow all dispensaries that existed before a certain date and ban the others. He noted that the documents that dispensaries filed with the city in 2007 when they registered could be used as proof they were operating at the time. "Amending the ordinance accordingly would most likely be the easiest way to avoid another equal protection challenge," he said. Usher said the city attorney's office would probably recommend the council do that. Michael Larsen, president of the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council, said, "I think what Judge Mohr has said is that the city attorney and City Council have written a flawed ordinance, and they need to go back to the drawing board very quickly to get it fixed." Mohr's decision came after the fast-multiplying lawsuits were routed to his courtroom. The judge delved deeply into the state's medical marijuana laws in a series of hearings that stretched out over more than half the year. Defending the ordinance has cost the city many hours of legal time. At some hearings, half a dozen city lawyers showed up. Usher said the city would probably appeal some of the ruling. The judge also decided the ordinance violated the due-process rights of the dispensaries because it shut them down without a hearing, and the privacy rights of patients because it required dispensaries to make records on members available to the police. The judge concluded state law preempts a provision that makes violations of the ordinance subject to criminal penalties under the municipal code and a provision that sunsets the ordinance after two years, which he said is "a blanket ban" on collectives and "goes too far."

Pot Growers Team Up To Go Legit In California County Joey Burger was 14 when his naturalist parents moved from Santa Cruz to settle in the coastal forest of Humboldt County. Local hippies and homesteaders welcomed the new kid in the woods. They schooled him in the regional art – growing marijuana. “It was never looked upon as a bad thing,” Burger said. Except before the fall harvests, when helicopters full of narcotics officers whipped through the sky. Neighbors rushed “to call their friends to make sure they were okay,” he said. These days, it isn‟t just helicopters that frighten Humboldt County‟s pot culture. America‟s most renowned bastion of illicit marijuana growing is threatened by cavernous, city-taxed cultivation warehouses soon to be licensed in Oakland. It is alarmed by cities from La Puente to Berkeley to Sacramento that approved taxes on dispensaries or endorsed medical marijuana cultivation, sanctioning a pot economy wider and more competitive than ever. So Humboldt seeks to save itself by going legit. In an area where marijuana growers typically evade attention, Burger is the public voice of the new Humboldt Growers Association. Aligned with a Sacramento lobbyist, it is working for county approval to license and tax outdoor pot plantations of up to 40,000 square feet. The proposal – for local growers who can confirm that they have contracts to supply marijuana to California medical pot shops – is attracting serious attention. But the plan riles small marijuana farmers, pits indoor vs. outdoor growers and stirs up fears that Humboldt‟s legendary marijuana brand could lose its character to industrialization. Humboldt, which permits local medical pot patients to grow up to 100 square feet of plants, is beginning work on a more liberal cultivation ordinance “Doing nothing is not an option,” said county Supervisor Bonnie Neely, who supports the Humboldt growers‟ plan in concept but is uncertain how large a scale of growing the county should allow. “This is a major part of our economy. I just don‟t think we can let Oakland or anyone else just become the leader.” The idea of taxing and regulating marijuana in Humboldt – where pot growing is considered a natural right – isn‟t an easy sell. Jim Nelson, a shaggy -haired, mustachioed carpenter who grows marijuana outside his cabin above Garberville, supports local pot taxes and oversight. But Nelson, secretary of the local Medical Marijuana Advisory Panel, said other growers express “anger and rage over getting a permit to grow marijuana.” „Taking market share‟ Burger fears that Humboldt, which long ago saw its timber and fishing industries wither away, will lose out again if it doesn‟t take proactive steps to legitimize its pot trade. Now a 28-year-old businessman with early flecks of gray in his hair, Burger runs a gardening supply showroom and supervises a well -tended outdoor orchard of marijuana that sends its product to medical dispensaries elsewhere in the state. He looks warily at municipalities elsewhere in California levying taxes and capitalizing on medicinal growing.

In Humboldt, population 138,000, it is more common to ask who doesn‟t grow pot than who does. As open-air gardens and greenhouses bloom in the mountains, average residents supplement their income growing under shimmering lights at home. Adam Hineman, 31, toiled long hours in the restaurant business until he began growing pot in a modest suburban house. The registered medical marijuana patient provides his “Big Bud Train Wreck” to pot shops in Humboldt and Santa Barbara counties. And he builds on a Humboldt dream – of someday buying property in the country and sustaining his family with marijuana flowering in the open sun.”You couldn‟t make it in Humboldt without weed,” he said. Lelehnia Du Bois, 40, learned to trim neighbors‟ pot plants in nearby Trinity County when she was 9. After moving to Southern California, becoming a fashion model and a department store buyer, she returned to the potgrowing region when her mother, then a Humboldt resident, fell ill. In 1999, while working as a nurse in a senior care facility, she caught a falling patient and ruptured her spinal cord. Now Du Bois is on disability and supplements her income in the craft introduced to her as a little girl. Her “Sweet God” marijuana strain “goes right to the spine” to ease her pain. She makes medicinal pot tinctures and lip balms. She hopes to market them if new Humboldt regulations “support the small farmer,” indoors and out. But she fears Humboldt may go too far in industrializing its trade. “I don‟t want our town to be taken over,” she said. “It won‟t be a community anymore. It will be a factory town.” District attorney Humboldt County District Attorney Paul Gallegos, the only prosecutor in California to publicly endorse Proposition 19, the initiative voters defeated Nov. 2 that would have made recreational pot legal, says it is time that Humboldt legitimizes the trade “that permeates our society.” Gallegos prosecutes more than 1,000 marijuana cases a year – mostly for grows exceeding 99 plants. Authorities also deal with robberies and home invasions at pot sites. In August, a grower was arrested on suspicion of shooting two laborers, killing one. While pot sustains the economy, growers have purchased firetrucks and paid for emergency medical training for volunteer fire crews. Recently, in the town of Redway, an anxious meeting took place over how to protect the trade. Robert Sutherland, an environmentalist known as “Man Who Walks in the Woods,” submitted a proposal declaring that the county must “work . . . to guard the worldwide reputation of Humboldt County marijuana.” Dennis Turner, a former school counselor who runs a dispensary in Arcata, pitched a regional brokerage to market small growers‟ marijuana to pot shops statewide. Another advocate proposed a local “cannabis council” including pot farmers, a human rights advocate and an expert “in weights and measures.” An informal poll taken at the event showed more support for licensing smaller marijuana grows – 2,000 square feet instead of 40,000. But Del Real, the Sacramento lobbyist, ebulliently pitched the growers association plan. It could sanction local growers who cultivate for hundreds of medical marijuana users or allow scores of small growers to share cultivation space. “The revolution is starting here,” he said. As attendees stepped outside for contemplative marijuana tokes, one pot spiritualist began to cry over the idea of taxing and regulating Humboldt pot. “This herb is a sacrament,” he said. Nelson, the local grower and medical marijuana advocate, called for protection of small cultivators and the county‟s pot-growing lifestyle. But he hailed the growers association for pitching a path to sustainability. “I think it‟s time,” he said, “to stand up for who we are.”

Issue 15 Feb 2011