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Vol 2 Issue 2 February 2009

From the Editors

“Marijuana It’s not a party drug anymore” That is what the billboard said! I had to say it out loud as soon as it hit me… BULLSHIT!

“Marijuana—It’s not JUST a party drug anymore!”

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Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts. Albert Einstein

That is what the billboard should say. And that is the truth, whether those who wish to legitimize the Marijuana World through medical marijuana want to admit it or not. It will always be a party drug. You can’t stop rock and roll. You are not going to be able to erase an entire subculture through brain washing propaganda that betrays and denies the “STONERS” of the world. We won’t go away! And if you have been watching us for awhile you may have noticed the controversy that seems to follow us as we embark on OUR JOURNEY. A journey that promises excitement and adventure but with any endeavor that takes you outside of the charted course you must expect skepticism, criticism and complaints. Many in the Cannabis Industry didn’t pay us much attention in the first couple issues. They figured we would be gone by now, just another here today gone tomorrow publication jumping on the bandwagon for Medical Marijuana. What they failed to understand is that we are not a Medical Marijuana Journal. Yes we are a 420 Marijuana lifestyle magazine but we are not soliciting the approval of the Medical Marijuana World. We stand behind Medical Marijuana 100% and praise all of those involved in the battle to keep Marijuana accessible to those who need it. We are card carrying patients ourselves. We are also of the mind frame that we would be smoking regardless of the “Legality” of our action. And considering we have been getting high for 30+ years (combined about 55 years) it’s not going to change anytime soon. The question is why are we expected to abandon the “Party” in our smoking. And put all the pressure on the Medical Marijuana Community to sustain our freedom, our right to use marijuana freely for whatever reason we desire. All the reasons we love to get high, the socializing, the loss of inhibitions, the freedom of thoughts and ideas exchanged, the music, the munchies, and the fact that everything goes better with weed: this is what we celebrate in this publication! What is wrong with that? We believe in the Summer of Love philosophy, Do your thing whatever it is, Just let me do my thing! That’s easy enough right? Why can’t we all just focus on our similarities and forget the differences and then perhaps we can be a force that cannot be denied. A force that will finally LEGALIZE MARIJUANA once and for all for whatever reason you personally choose. We have a new President and who knows what the future holds. Change is inevitable and maybe with a new leader comes a new understanding, a new level of tolerance and a new intelligence that abandons ignorance and embraces logic? Well a man can dream can’t he? And what if…..?? Oh well….We had a wild month and we have returned with our 5th issue and a great line up for your reading pleasure. We showed our faces in Vegas for the AEE expo/awards and saw a lot of our supporters from the Adult Industry—Tony Batman, Ron Jeremy, Taylor Wayne, Darrel Hannah, Shay Lynn, Zander Kane, Jeff at the Green Door and we had a blast hanging out with Felony Melony and Jim Nasty from the Objex and Our Fav Limo Driver Henry Hemp, We promoted our new T-Shirts that read “Pot + Porn = Peace”. You might have seen them around Vegas or even seen them around porn valley. They will soon be available every where and for everybody . One thing that is available is this current issue featuring AVN nominated Regan Reese as our cover girl, Felony Melony from the Objex is our Chronic Girl of the Month, Music Reviews of Ozomatli and The Objex, and our usual stories of Tom Foolery. Lovely Ladies, Hot Music and good buds...Hey Let’s Party. And that is our Valentine’s Day Present to All of You!





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REGAN REESE : She’s Got the Looks That Kill

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SWINGIN CALI S STYLE ...Harley & Adie Fire

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CHRONIC GIRL our Babe of the Month

Life in Porn Valley USA

ADULT BIZ by Zander Kane

News, Sports, Entertainment

FELONY MELONY from Las Vegas

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GREEN INK–5150 Tattooing presents Pot Body Art

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THIS IS IT! .. by Poetry out, about at NAMM TUJUNGA BUD’S Home Grown Tips

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HEALTH and WELLNESS with Shiloh

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RED BEARD: From Clones to Cash part 1

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ShiloH does NAMM

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420 FUNNY with Jeffrey Peterson

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TALKING TRASH with Tere Joyce

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The World of Pot Comedy

Hope You Had A HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY Let’s Party!!

We welcome Nicki Duzy to the California Chronicle XXX Family…. Yo! Recognize!

Out here on the perimeter there are no stars……… Out here we is stoned... Immaculate! Jim Morrison 5

Adventure with A! Entertainment

By Tony Batman The Screaming O and Free Audio XXX Orgasm Contest on the Fyre TV Stage “The contestants from the crowd suck on a hard penis with as much love and enthusiasm as they can show.” (Las Vegas) A Entertainment NewsThe stage was filled with the pole dancers from the Las Vegas Sapphires Gentlemen’s club. The emcees for the stage who are also rappers are ready to turn the microphone over and I am standing back stage with Nikki Benz, Puma Sweede, Aurora Snow and a box of cock rings. How many times can someone say that in a sentence? We have done this Screaming O “Orgasm Contest” all over the world in the past couple of years and its is a hit every time. The newest part of the show is the “Go Down , Ho Down, Throw Down” this is the part where the contestants from the crowd suck on a hard penis with as much love and enthusiasm as they can show. This is the part of the show that people talk about all over the internet and with co workers at the water coolers on Mondays. The show at the 2009 Adult Entertainment Expo in the Sands Convention Center was the first time we had a co sponsor of orgasms on stage and I can’t think of a better company than Free Audio XXX. The company records audio orgasms and then you can call at any time to hear the sex on your cell phone, wherever you are. Free Audio XXX was giving away a thousand dollars to the audio orgasm that got the most votes. Their spokesperson is the incredibly sexy Aura Snow and if you have ever been next to this future hall of fame porn star you already know that you can feel the sexy coming off of her. If you have never met her before, I am sure you have seen her do her thing in the movies. Our normal co hosting crew of Nikki Benz and myself took the stage, I introduced Aurora and after she explained the audio orgasm contest she gave the crowd a huge treat by showing off her audio skills on the microphone. It was sexy and we all got horny just listening to her. Then it was time for Benz and me to make the crowd go crazy, for some reason once we start giving out T shirts, sex toys and nude pictures of Nikki the people in the crowd goes nuts continue

“The girls from save a clitoris did a great job moaning in their English accents” Continued and they expand like wild, and I think they really love winning those A Entertainment T-Shirts, Well I can dream they like them, Right? I will have to say that the Screaming O show on the Fyre TV stage was the biggest crowd drawing event of the convention. It was packed, the rows around the stage were at a stand still, and the crowd went two to three booth rows deep. Let’s just say we stopped traffic for 30 minuets and if you were in Sands convention center you were watching our stage show, whether you meant to or not. The orgasm contest was damn good and we had some great contestants, the girls from save a clitoris did a great job moaning in their English accents for the crowd. Yes there is a need for a company to help save the clitoris. We also had two starlets from the crowd who made you just want to jump on top of them after hearing their dirty talk and sexy moaning. After some tuff competition and the crowd going wild for the audio and visual orgasms, our winner for the 2009 AEE orgasm show winner was none other than Ashli Orion. This girl had the energy of a jack rabbit. Even after the show she kept it going on and on and on, I think I love her now. It was time for the candy dick sucking, ho down, throw down, go down competition. The last two conventions had Amber Rayne and Heidi Mayne suck out the prizes and titles of best public candy cock sucker of the show. The 2009 AEE contest was so hot and so good for a few reasons: We had so many different types of girls on stage. A non industry girl from the crowd, a dancer from Sapphires, a brand new porn girl and an experienced porn star.

After some of the sloppiest Blow jobs I have seen in a long time, saliva and spit all over the stage, we had to crown our new champion. The winner gets chosen by the roar of the crowd and it was pretty loud for the girls but Nikki Benz and I could not decide on a clear winner so we had to have a suck off where we narrowed it down to the top 3 blowing girls. I will tell you one thing for sure, the dancer from Sapphires knew how to suck dick, and she was very sexy with her oral skills. I know what you thinking, strip club, VIP room, awesome dick sucking dancer, does that all mix in some way? According to the young lady and Chris Rock, there is still no sex in the Champagne room. Believe it if you want, Ill reserve my opinion for the better good of the clubs. Our eventual winner and new blow job champion, (until the next convention) is the orally talented porn star Brooke Belle. Trust me she deserved the title. It was an honor to be a part of the biggest crowd drawing show during the 2009 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, thank you to the people at the Screaming O, Free Audio XXX, Fyre TV, and My co hosts Nikki Benz and Aurora Snow. About Tony Batman and A! Entertainment: A! Entertainment covers everything entertainment. Want us to cover your Party, Concert, Expo, Show, Movie Shoot, Awards, Ball or Event? Drop us a line and invite us. We will make every possible effort to accommodate you. Learn more about A! Entertainment founder and host Tony Batman at his personal site Watch A! Entertainment: On some of your favorite TV and IPTV outlets. A! Crew Column’s are proudly printed on and in the following outlets: Tony Batman's Travels on (worldwide) The Floating World News on (Mexico) Batman’s Belfry on (Hollywood) A! Entertainment on the Town on (Los Angeles) Tony Batman Adult News on (Miami) Batman’s The Other Hollywood Report on (Toronto) A! Entertainment Report on (Tampa Bay) Tony Batman Posts: on (San Fernando Valley) Batman Reports on (Miami) Glamor Girl Magazine on (Los Angeles) Hound Magazine on (worldwide) Private Dancer Magazine (Los Angeles) A! Entertainment News on (Canada) Lost Anarchy Magazine (Hollywood) California Chronicle XXX Magazine (Los Angeles Metro) Rude TV at (Chatsworth, ) StorErotica Magazine (Clearwater,Fl) If your site or magazine would like to print a syndicated copy of the A! Crew Event Recaps, just contact us and we will be happy to add you to our roster of sites and magazines. If you would like to be involved with or appear on A! Entertainment email us at Batman@ and leave your information. We are always looking for new events and sponsors A! Entertainment promotional merchandise is sponsored by

“I twist the ganja I pack it tight, so much weed up in my system, it be fuckin up my sight”

Mike Nasty



Zander Kane

“In reality you only go to your hotel to sleep and change your clothes” Oh my god what a month it has been. I have been asked to change the name of this column, which I will to “Inside the Adult Biz”. I talked to the California Chronicle XXX management and we decided to give it a name change before it became an issue. So let me welcome you to this column with its new name.

My trip to Vegas for the AVN Awards or ZANDER KANE: The boy without a bed! I thought hell yeah! I was going to get a free trip to Las Vegas, work for Galaxy and make sure that all of our clients were having a good time. We left Los Angeles around 12pm on Wednesday. James Bartholet, the owner of Galaxy, AVN nominee adult starlet Regan Reese the cover model for this issue and I took the long drive to Vegas. Our hotel was called “Bill’s Gambling Hall and Saloon”! Yeah? What the hell kinda hotel was this? Well in reality you only go to your hotel to sleep and change your clothes (Editors Note: AND TO FUCK!) …. So we get there and the problems start. From a third bed, to a broken bed we had to call the front desk a few times too many with problems already.

The next day neither Regan nor I were registered…. The problems just keep on coming don’t they? But it was taken care of by Brian Gross of BGPR. “We did nothing that we were not supposed to do “ Thursday was a good day because I followed Marissa the producer from Playboy’s Night Calls and Nicki Hunter to some sushi place at the Hard Rock for some really good conversation and sushi. I ignored all phone calls from anyone. We hit Circle Bar and then I went back to the room to again sleep on of the floor. Editor’s note: The floor? Again? Sure! Ok!! James informed me that he could not get me a ticket to the AVN Awards and so I went over with Keeani Lei and talked to Dan Miller about it and he was more then happy to give me a ticket. The show was amazing and it was an experience that I will not forget walking up to the venue and just walking through hundreds of fans who where taking picture after picture. Then we did the after party at Studio 54. Sunday we saw Daisy Marie again and we got some free Bang Bros gear that I am wearing as I write this . We did nothing that we were not supposed to do and Regan and I played husband and wife for a few days and couldn’t have had more fun together. Our wedding song was “Magic“ by Pilot. We irritated the shit out of James when we sang the song on our way back from Vegas. I have an I Phone so I got the lyrics and we sang together for like 15 minutes. James was not enjoying the entertainment It was irritating not having a bed but it became an experience I won’t soon forget ….. I Love LA and I’m glad to be back.

We got changed and hit one of many clubs that we would be visiting. This time to meet Derek Hay owner of LA Direct Models for a chat and a drink. This was probably one of the best parties at the expo. Then I was off to the Circle bar at the Venetian for another drink, and to meet up with Vinnie Vegas where we ran into Kayden Kross who screamed my name when she saw me! Everyone in the bar area heard it and turned around. What was so freaking special about me that this hot blonde would scream my name. Well nothing really but she made my day by doing it. Around 4am I took the small walk over to the hotel and entered my room where James and Regan where both asleep in separate beds…. That means ….. . I would take the floor. “Oh Oh Oh It’s magic you know. Never believe it’s not so”



Out in Northridge there’s a spot that rocks. M.M.I. is a high quality collective that never fails to satisfy your cannabis consumer needs. With a friendly staff and a relaxed atmosphere, these folks make you feel right at home. It’s the kind of club you can bring your dog to. The vibe is mellow. Just watch C-Dub asleep on the couch. M.M.I. has is it down. The waiting room is professional and you will be asked to present your evaluation and I.D., every time. My buddy Dave keeps his patients happy with great deals on incredible strains. I will never forget the SFV Kush that he smoked me out with once. The Smoking Lounge allows patients to medicate before they depart. The selection of edibles is outstanding, not to mention the THC drinks that will knock you on your ass! This place gets some great guests from time to time. M.M.I. brought Jack Herer and Richard Marcella out in December for a book signing of “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” and I dropped by recently with Henry Hemp and Ginger Kush. Next time you are out in Northridge looking for the best medicine around, hit M.M.I. and tell ‘em California Chronicle XXX sent you. JP

Dave (top), Jack Herer (above right) signs his book, Hey the dog has a scrip , ok? & C Dub (right)

“Climb upon my big ass steed , now we’re gonna ride , gonna smoke some weed” Tenacious D

This month we are Smoking Out with the lovely Katia . We caught up with her at MMI. Thanks to Dave for the pics

WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN SMOKING? Are you a stoner chick? Awesome! We love stoner chicks so much we dedicated this “Smoking Out” section just for them. If you want to be featured here send us some jpeg or pdf pic files and some contact info and if you are chosen, we will let you know and we will send you your own copy of the hottest and highest 420 Magazine Anywhere! Contact us :

Now this Ride makes a statement!! Nothing like that Ol “Say it Loud Say it Proud” attitude. Ed at Liberty Bell Temple in Hollywood is the Owner of the Weedmobile. You can usually see it parked there on Hollywod Blvd near the Temple!! Tell him you saw it here first!! For more go to Do you have a “Stoner Ride” that you want us to feature? If so send us a few pics and you might just see your “Stoner Ride” Right here!

“My weed is a half a pound. When there’s smoke in the air my nose like a Bassett Hound”



So let’s get to the point and lets roll another joint�

Tom Petty

REGAN REESE: HOT AS HELL – READY TO ROCK! We met Regan Reese at ADULTCON and felt an immediate connection. Kindred spirits, similar courses and our paths crossing. Growing up in Jersey, she was on her way early with her attraction to tattoos and piercing. At 17 years old she changed zip codes and was soon in Tempe Arizona in pursuit of a college education. She found the glamorous world of exotic dancing and decided to head to Hollywood where she earned a degree in engineering from MI (musicians institute). She claims engineering/recording/mixing is her passion but it seems to us Regan does everything she does with passion. She is an AVN nominated XXX film star, has appeared on Sons of Anarchy and the up coming “Killer Biker Chicks” and she will Rock Your World!! CC: So, You are a card carrying Prop 215 Patient? RR: Yes... up until 2 days ago, I have to renew! CC: Which Dispensaries do you frequent? RR: NoHo Caregivers and Valley Village Caregivers CC: What's your favorite strains? RR: Grand Daddy Purple, OG Kush, Blackberry Kush CC: What was your first memory of smoking pot? RR: Smoking out of a coke can...or beer can behind a dumpster behind a WaWa (east coasters feel me lol...) CC: You are an M.I. Graduate. How did you get interested in music? RR: I always have been. But I’ve wanted to engineer since I was about 18. CC: It's easy to see that you love Metal, who are your favorite Metal bands? RR: Deftones, Iron Maiden, Pantera, System of a Down, Killswitch Engage, Fear Factory, Slipknot and can I say Led Zeppelin? They may not be metal but I love the fuck outta them. Editor’s note: so do we!!! “I’ve been to London, seen 7 wonders, I know to trip is just to fall”

Led Zeppelin


“The truth in right or wrong, the boundaries of the law. You seem to miss the point, arresting for a joint�


Regan Reese continued from page 13

“Something about playing with another girl gets me way hot” CC: Having been a guest on Rude TV's "Ink Addicts", the show you host, it's obvious that you have a real passion for Tats. What attracted you to the Tattoo and Piercing world? RR: Back when I started...I liked being original. I was 14 when I got into piercing and 15 when I started getting inked... and I didn’t know any freshman who had stuff for me it was a way to rebel I guess. CC: So what came first, being an Adult Film Star or an Exotic Dancer? RR: Exotic Dancer. I stared in Tempe Arizona, at the now non existent club Fantasy Island

Look for the complete

Regan Reese Photo shoot on our

Or just go to

STAY HIGH!! STAY FREE!! See more Regan at

CC: What's your most enjoyable Adult Film situation? RR: girl on girl... I’ll take that any day... and not cause I’m a pussy, I’ll be more than happy to do a 5 guy blow bang, but something about playing with another girl gets me way hot, and not to brag...but I’m quite a pro when it comes to threesomes ;) CC: What projects are in the works for Regan Reese? RR: I just shot a scene in Vegas for a film called Killer Biker Chicks...its not porn but its a super hot movie about, well, killer biker chicks, directed by a guy named Regan Redding. Yea, we Regans rule :) So that comes out soon.

“She’s all that I wanted, All that I need. My ladies a killer ……. She’s a Killer Machine”



Barack Obama Inaugurated (Washington, D.C.) On January 20, 2009 Barack Obama made history by being the first African American to take office as President of the United The 47 year States of America. old Obama became the 44th President of the United States at undoubtedly the most historical and celebrated Inauguration ever. In his speech, which was broadcast worldwide, Obama spoke with passion, concern, focus and hope. During his campaign using mariObama admitted to juana in his youth and has also stated that he supports Medical Marijuana. Also as a sign of the times during the pre inauguration festivities one of the correspondents/on air hosts was none other than Kumar Patel (Kal Penn) from “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle” arguably one of the most memorable stoner characters in a film since Cheech and Chong. Penn endorsed Obama during the campaign and was now and forever part of stoner history! ~*~ President’s Brother Arrested for Weed (Kenya) Jan 31st 2009 - The half-brother of President Barack Obama has been arrested for carrying marijuana, Kenyan officials say. George Obama, 24, who shares a dad with the first Black President, was reportedly caught by police today. He denies the charges. The Obama siblings have only met twice, apparently during Barack visits to the Obama’s Kenyan village where his father lived. The senior Barack Obama died in a car accident. Kenya ranks among nations outside the U.S. with the largest numbers of supporters. The Obama hometown, Obama where the president’s grandmother has a house that has become a tourist site, celebrated the Jan. 20 inauguration with a village feast. A school there bears the president’s name, and the date Obama took office has been proposed as a national holiday. The president hadn’t commented on his brother’s arrest Saturday morning. Several other president brothers have had run-ins with the law: Billy Carter, Neil Bush, Roger Clinton and Donald Nixon.

~*~ WEED INSIDE LAWN ORNAMENTS (Fontana, CA ) LAPD confiscated 1800 pounds of Marijuana they found packed inside 200 Ceramic Donkeys. Amidst a mountain of shattered ceramic that was once an army of lawn donkeys, lay the spoils of another multi departmental intensive surveillance operation: 1800 pounds of Weed (Mexican Stress by appearance). 15 people were arrested and now Fontana is safe again . just littered with broken jack ass.

The 420 Revolution Has Begun! White House Reaffirms Intent to End Medical Marijuana Raids by: Bruce Mirken Thanks to the Henry Hemp Network for this Story

(Washington, D.C.) After a frustrating period of silence and a flurry of Drug Enforcement Administration medical marijuana raids in the Los Angeles area this week, a spokesman for President Obama has finally reaffirmed his intent to end such attacks on state medical marijuana laws. Here’s the money quote from the story in Thursday’s Washington Times: “The President believes that federal resources should not be used to circumvent state laws, and as he continues to appoint senior leadership to fill out the ranks of the federal government, he expects them to review their policies with that in mind,” said White House spokesman Nick Shapiro. While more ringing language might have been nice, the intent is clear enough: Hey DEA, the president says it’s time to stop attacking the sick. Got it?

“Got to get down to it, Soldiers are gunning us down, Should’ve been done long ago?”

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young


Phelps Exposed as a Stoner: Apologizes

Finally a stoner in the Super Bowl . Who you say? Arrested for weed early in the season after a traffic cop noticed a distinct odor coming from the vehicle of Pittsburgh Steelers Wide Receiver, Santonio Holmes. A subsequent search revealed a couple of half smoked blunts in the ash tray as well as some other marijuana in the vehicle. Charges were filed and Holmes was suspended for one week. Obviously smoking doesn’t effect Holmes game as he caught the come from behind touchdown pass that capped the victory for the Pittsburgh Steelers over the Arizona Cardinals and helped Santonio Holmes earn MVP honors. This was a record sixth Super Bowl victory for the Steelers. Congratulations !!

Caught red handed, bong in mouth but when confronted Michael Phelps simply apologizes and calls the situation a mistake and denies that he “does drugs”. The US Swim Team has suspended Phelps for 3 months. The Kellogg Cereal company has pulled their endorsement deal with Phelps, the all time Olympic Gold Medal winner, claiming the Bong picture contradicts with Kellogg’s image . According to the Star magazine’s source, Michael Phelps was a veteran bong ripper and party animal.“ Michael came to town like a bull in a china shop”, a source who spent time with Phelps in Columbia, S.C. told Star. "He was partying out of control from the moment he got here to the moment he left." In town to visit a University of South Carolina sorority girl he was seeing, Michael instead "ended up just getting wasted every night," says the source. At a keg party on Nov. 6, 2008 the witness describes Michael as "loud and obnoxious and slamming beers from the get-go. He was definitely the life of the party as every girl wanted a piece of him and every guy wanted to be his best buddy. He was eating it up. "At one point someone asked him if he wanted to smoke some weed. Michael didn't hesitate and headed to a small back room, where he was immediately handed a big red bong. He grabbed the bong and a lighter and ripped a huge smelly bong rip." Editors Note: Michael they got ya, just embrace your love for weed!!

“When you smoke up all my weed man, You gotta call the green man”

Amy Whinehouse


Porn Valley News By Red Beard Faye Reagan has always been a star to me but now she has a little award to help everyone else RECOGNIZE! As California Chronicle XXX reported last month Faye Reagan was on her way to the AVN’s in Las Vegas nominated for a trophy or two. Faye baby, I think I was right when I told you, “You’ll do just fine in porn.” Good going and here is to a great second year in the biz (Hollywood, CA) Janet, Jack and Chrissy are set to make their porn debuts along with Mr. & Mrs. Roper when Not Three’s Company XXX hits stores nationwide on DVD March 3rd from X-Play/Hustler Video. Starring beautiful rookie adult starlet Brynn Tyler as Chrissy, Penny Flame as Janet and Van Damage as Jack, Not Three’s Company XXX has the look and feel of the original ABC television show complete with picture perfect sets, costumes, and an engaging script but brings hardcore sex as something the original viewers could only imagine seeing. The ensemble cast also includes rising superstars Jenny Hendrix and Madison Scott, along with Sienna West, Roxy Jezel, Allyssa Hall, funnyman James Bartholet, Eric Swiss, Scott Lyons, the great Ron Jeremy and Dino Bravo with Nina Hartley as Mr. & Mrs. Roper. I love this guy. Dino Bravo was cast as a bookie in my first scene. I was some loser hubby who has to watch his wife pay the bill to his “ready to collect” bookie. Dino is a fun guy for sure. Nice to see you get this roll. It was made for you. A big congratulation to Scott Lyons. I used to represent Scott at Absolute Modeling and always wished him the best. Scott is a good guy as well as a professional stud. A special website with a number of exciting movie trailers will be launched in a few days as they prepare for the March 3rd DVD release of Not Three’s Company XXX available from X-Play/Hustler Video. Come and knock on our door! NOTE: If you 18 or older and think you have what it takes to be the next hot thing hit me up on

CHRON-DON Deliveries $40 top shelf 1/8ths Now Serving


714-499-8776 Tell Them CC XXX sent you

“I confess I drink and I smoke every day, stoned and drunk completely cuz my world is here to stay”

Black Label Society

The Objex Back Alley Booty Bash Beauty Bar Downtown Las Vegas (Las Vegas) We were in town for the Porn Convention and we should have arrived a day earlier but as luck would have it our printer was on a mad binge and our magazines were being held for hostage. So after a little covert work we finally secured the mags on Saturday morning and we were now officially on our way to VEGAS for the Porno Convention. While in town we had the chance to see Felony Melony and The OBJEX live. Luckily our favorite green superhero, limo driver “Henry Hemp”, was in town and available so we rolled to the Beauty Bar on Fremont St in comfort. And upon stepping out we were hit with a frigid cold wind. We walked into the club and immediately we were greeted by DJ Nasty aka Jim Nasty guitarist of the Objex. The stage was setup in the back patio area which was open air. Now this is probably great in the spring and fall but the winter and summer have to suck. Nothing undermines a tuning of a guitar more than cold weather. Your hands become numb and soon your wishing you would have taken that gig on the cruise ship. Nevertheless the true fans showed up, represented and were privileged to an energetic show. Lead Singer Felony Melony takes me back to Wendy O Williams and the Plasmatics. Mixed with a little GBH energy and a pure dose of hot sexy raunch, Melony is an amazing front person. And Jim Nasty attacks the guitar like a juggler tossing chainsaws, dangerous, aggressive and perfectly executed. Jim rips out the songs like he lives and dies on every note as if almost possessed. Aly2X is hot and she holds steady on bass and new drummer Chili was hitting with power ,precision and some angst for kicks. The band was in fine form. Due to the cold weather the set was a little shorter than expected but it never bogged down or lost fire.

The Objex Rock!

OZOMATLI @ The Echoplex(Echo Park) For over a decade Ozomatli has been a multi cultural musical force on the Global scene. When my homie Uli from Ozo invited me out to their show at The Echoplex, I grabbed Ginger Kush and headed to Echo Park. After blazing a beefy bowl and munching on some edibles, we cruised into the show. This blend of Asian, Latino, European, Middle Eastern and African American musicians makes for a fun and funky musical stew. Ginger and I were dancing with the crowd that was not short on sexy ladies. Bassist Wil Dog was throwing down with some killer moves. Uli amazingly played sax, clarinet and guitar in a Kraftwerk T-shirt. Frontman Raul really rocked on “Saturday Night” and the Ozo crew represented the L.A. style on tunes like “Can’t Stop The Blue” and “City Of Angels”. Ozomatli kept kicking ass throughout the evening and the best thing was that this was a concert with a cause. Legalize L.A. was there to bring awareness to the plight of the immigrant day laborer in Los Angeles. You know Ms. Kush went home with a Legalize L.A. shirt. Thanx for an awesome time Ozo! JP ~ *~

McCartney to Headline Coachella 09 Paul McCartney will headline Coachella 2009 along with Amy Winehouse, The Killers, The Cure, Morrissey, Franz Ferdinand, My Bloody Valentine, Leonard Cohen and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Coachella runs April 17-19 in Indio, CA.


~ *~

Tommy Lee’s Helicopter Pilot Grounded

See The OBJEX Live in So Cal Feb 21 with Bad Brains @ the Punk Noir Fest

“I’m Mr. Funkalistic I take the joint and twist it”

(Van Nuys) What started as a prank, buzzing an LAPD helicopter, has opened up a big ol can of worms. TMZ aired pics of the pilot, David Martz, apparently in Mid Air indulging in some young blonde’s beautiful tits. This alerted the FAA and started an investigation. Further snooping on the part of TMZ revealed the owner of the breasts to belong to porn star Puma Swede . In an interview Puma claims that what started as a photo shoot in front of the chopper became an exchange for payment mid air romp with a happy ending. When asked if she was nervous Ms. Swede replied “He was nervous. I wasn’t nervous. I’m like a total pro!” Fucking and Flying….that’s Rock and Roll!

Cypress Hill


with HARLEY & ADIE FIRE The Ups and Downs of the 2009 Adult Entertainment Expo part 1

“Simply watching BDSM videos does not teach you enough about the underlying principles of BDSM” It was my first Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE), and the whole experience of taping hot adult film stars, going to wild after-parties and just being in Las Vegas was amazing. I was there, of course, with my other half Harley Fire, who is a veteran of the AEE although he has been away for the last couple of years. According to the AVN, the event was slightly scaled down from previous years. However, it was still seemed huge to me. We arrived on Thursday night in time to attend Nick Manning’s party at the Voodoo Lounge, which is located on the roof of the Rio hotel. The view up there is incredible. Just as we arrived we ran into Nick. Unfortunately, he was on his way out. He had to take care of his friend who had had too much to drink. No matter, we still partied until 2 a.m. and had a great time. We went back to the hotel, watched some delicious porn and then made a little video of our own. The next day we headed over to the expo. Getting our press credentials was pretty easy. The people working the event were very helpful. We were also able to get red carpet passes to the AVN Awards, which was fortunate because it didn’t seem like they were giving many away. When we headed to the expo hall we saw a small number of booths, most of them selling sex toys or male enhancement devices. Much to our dismay, we saw no adult stars, no monitors, no music and no large crowds. We were perplexed and soon discovered that we were in the wrong hall! Eventually we made it to the main hall, and were relieved to find an event on the grand scale that we had expected. One of the most impressive booths was Jules Jordan’s “pornitentiary.” It was probably 15 feet tall, surrounded by television screens, complete with barbed wire and faux brick facing. Of course, the Wicked booth was also amazing. I’m convinced they have the hottest contract girls. Maybe I’m biased because they have my favorite girl, Alektra Blue. She is smoking hot. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to interview her, but there’s always next year.

“I slid my finger into the back of her dress and felt her wet pussy. It was hot.” That night we went to a party at Studio 54 in the MGM Grand. This party was even cooler than the one we had attended the previous night because there were even more hot girls at this one. We also saw a few more of our old friends, King Ryan, Porno Dan Leal, Jeff Mullen, Zander Kane and Jaylyn Rose. The highlight of the night was when a cute girl named Rene showed me how she had ripped her skin-tight dress, exposing her backside. I slid my finger into the back of dress and felt her wet pussy. It was hot. We did most of our taping the following day. We began our day at the expo with a wholesome breakfast of shots of Mescal and Bloody Marias.

“From the weedhouse straight to the strip club”

Needless to say, keeping the camera steady was a challenge. But we soldiered on and did several interviews. We got to talk to Lisa Ann, the star of “Who’s Nailin’ Palin.” Later that night she actually won M.I.L.F. of the year at the AVN Awards. She was wearing a short little grey business suit and those trademark Sara Palin glasses. Her outfit was adorable and for some reason that look is more sexy than wearing something more revealing. We also got to talk to Tory Black, the star of “This Ain’t the Partridge Family,” and recent Penthouse Pet. Stephanie Swift was another favorite. The previous night she had been inducted into the Legends of Erotica, a sort of porn hall of fame. She has been in the business for a long time and she still looks great. One of the most memorable interviews was with Sateen Phoenix, the sweetheart of the BDSM community. Harley asked her about some juicy details of bondage play. It was very interesting because, as Sateen pointed out, simply watching BDSM videos does not teach you enough about the underlying principles of BDSM. The best way to get educated about it is to learn it from an expert like Sateen Sadly, our day ended on a sour note. After a third round of super-strong cocktails we attempted to do an interview with one of the biggest stars in the adult industry, Jesse Jane. When we had her in front of the camera and we were ready to roll, I was too buzzed to turn on the camera. I found out later that it was because the tape was completely full. I was devastated and left the expo hall literally in tears. We walked back to our hotel feeling depressed. We decided to lie down for a little while, to rest and regroup. The plan was that we would get up in time to make it over to the red carpet for the AVN Awards. But we ended up sleeping until 11 p.m. I woke up groggy and grumpy. I didn’t want to get out of bed, let alone get dressed up and go party. Harley convinced me to get going, saying; “C’mon baby, we’re in Vegas.” I knew he was right, of course. I made myself get ready and I’m so glad I did. The party we went to that night was the mother of all parties, and that night ended up being one of the most memorable nights of my life. It was almost enough to erase my disappointment from earlier that day.

“In the bathroom adjacent to the orgy room, three girls were taking a bubble bath.” To be Continued Check out our Magically Delicious March Issue for the hot climax of Harley & Adie in Vegas!! Want More Harley & Adie? E-mail : Too Short

“CHRONIC GIRL” for this Month is She is one hot blooded entertainer. Her energy is almost as amazing as her bodacious body and sensuous beauty . As the lead Vocalist of the Las Vegas Punk Outfit “ The Objex”, she fronts the band with ferocity and a raunchy sexy swagger. Unabashed, Uninhibited and Unashamed. This girl is hot and ready to rock your world. She loves to smoke and get high but be careful, she is a whole lotta crazy, sexy fun when she parties. Suicide Girl, exotic dancer and Punk Rock Goddess Felony Melony Knows How to Party!! “ I know what boys like, I know what boys want”

The Waitresses


“Fun, fun, fun in my fluffy chair. Flame up the Herb, Woof down a Beer” Dead Kennedys

If you would like to be a “Chronic Girl” hit us up with your info and a few pics. If chosen we will do a photo shoot here in Los Angeles and of course get you properly medicated , elevated fuck it we will get you high! Must be over 18 with proof by Photo ID. So lets get baked!


Call to Arms!! February 23, 2009 Protest Planned Statewide While Eddy Lepp and Charles Lynch Await sentencing in Federal Court Help Protest the Feds Abuse of Power regarding State Medical Marijuana Laws For More info and locations go to GET UP!


ADVERTISE WITH US Call Jeffrey 818 793 9027

“Crystal water turns to dark where e’re it’s presence leaves it’s mark and Boiling currents pound like drums when something wicked this way comes” Ray Bradbury

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5150 Tattooing and Body Piercing

Do you consider yourself to be a true bud lover, a pot head, a stoner, a lifer? Do you love it enough to have it Tattooed on your body? This is a sign of absolute loyalty to the lifestyle of the enlightened slacker, a show of true abandonment of the “square” 9 to 5 mentality, and if openly visible a lack of concern for ever getting a job in that 9 to 5 world. But Fuck it all anyway! You live the lifestyle you love and you are not afraid to let the world know. 5150 Tattooing and Body Piercing knows a thing or two about ink and California Chronicle XXX is happy to have the 5150 Crew sponsor Green Ink. Check out 5150 in four Los Angeles area locations. See their ad for details. Thanks to Anthony from Reseda (l), Valenzuela from Pacoima (we ran into him in Vegas on Fremont Street), and Felony Melony (r). These Stoners know how to party and represent the Green!!

Do you have a Green Ink Pot Leaf Tattoo that you want to show off!! Send Us a Jpeg , Gif or PDF file Along with Your Name and Where you are from

“Now I would not feel so all alone, Everybody must get stoned”

Bob Dylan

A Closer Look at Fascinating Cannabis Users

GINGER KUSH She may look as innocent as Strawberry Shortcake but this little pixie has a dark side. Rob Zombie and Kottonmouth Kings rank amongst her favorites. She also loves Horror Movies. This hottie has worked at not one but two dispensaries and she is also a professional Cake Decorator. She has the distinction of being the Official California Chronicle XXX Girl for 2009 and will be featured on the first CC XXX 420 Calendar available April 20th 2009. Keep your eye on this Red Head because she is on Fire!!! Cut the Cake! Ginger with Wil Dog of Ozomatli ►

Surrounding 3 Pics by

Ron Hightower

“G – G – G – Ginger Kush” To the tune of “Cherry Bomb” by The Runaways

“ Wound up can’t sleep, can’t do anything right little honey since I set my eyes on you”

The Cult


So, I just stood there staring in awe with a huge smile upon my face. I From proceeded to photograph him. He was smoking a cigarette and so I said out loud, “No fair! How come he gets to smoke”? That’s when I got the photo of him smiling at me. Or maybe it was my shirt he was reading. Compliments of this magazine: “Pot + Porn = Peace”. This year’s NAMM convention was rocking! Thanks to my The first time I put it on I didn’t take it off for good friend, Dave Zeta (legendary soundman) for hooking 3 days! me up with passes.


I went 2 out of the 4 days it ran. It was bumper to bumper the whole way to Anaheim. Right when we walked in, I turned to ShiloH and said, “I Want to Party with Rock Stars”!!! About 20 minutes into the joint we came across Mike Inez; (Alice In Chains). Since we both know him, we stepped to the front of the line. He was there signing autographs for his many admirers and fans. After we all said our hellos, I asked him if Chuck Randall (his tour manager) was there. He said yes and so I gave him a call. He told us where we could meet him. As we made our way over to him my eyes laid upon Dave Navarro for the first time ever. Talk about a super sexy rock star! Don’t get me wrong. I feel the same about Mike Inez; I just don’t want to be too embarrassed when he gets a copy of this.

I lost ShiloH but bumped into Chuck who was with Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains guitarist) and asked me if I wanted to join. Eventually we met back up with Mike and ShiloH and then Sean (A in C drums) joined us as well. We got to hang with them all day as they did their thing. The words, “They’re with us” stuck in my head cause that’s what they kept saying. I felt like I was taking cute lessons from ShiloH as she showed me how to hang. What a good time! Now, it’s time for a poem. This one’s called:

“Wow” The divine inner sense of knowing Everything appeared just like me. I in awe, looked upon your being As you laid wide awake; staring out; open. Seeing everything in me! Never before have I ever seen anything quite as beautiful as you. Nor have I ever before imagined anything quite as beautiful as me. Written With Love:

Poetry! “You said that was that but this is it”

© 2009


ome rown ips from the DMZ

A Growing Lunatic “I grow by the phases of the moon “ Greetings from the beautiful foothills of Tujunga. All of my friends know that when they see the full moon, Tujunga Bud will be trimming those buds soon. You see I grow by the phases of the moon. The moon was used before clocks and watches by the ancients to farm. The moons gravitational pull controls the flow of water in the ground, plants and in humans. Just after the full moon the water table gradually begins to drop. The water in the plants does the same, making the drying of the buds quicker and the curing process better. The female organs on the mature buds also swell during the full moon. It gives you a two week window of opportunity to harvest until the cycle begins all over again. For cloning the best time is one to four days before the full moon. If you have insect problems it should be handled during the moons last quarter phase. “The moon is more than just a bright globe in the sky” As we grow closer to the next full moon the buds are starting to feel solid like small rocks and sticky to the touch. There are no more white hairs being produced. Then, it's that time again! I do love growing. Here are a few photos of the 2008/2009 winter crop. As always please enjoy. Editors note: Plain and Simple. Easy to follow even for the beginners! California Chronicle XXX welcomes T Bud’s guidance and advice, from deep in the hills of Old Tujunga Canyon. With the equivalent knowledge of a Zen Master, TB continues the ancient traditions of simplicity, non conformity, logic and patience in his lifelong dedication to perfecting and nurturing the green! And he grows some DANK ass Green. I have personally experienced hallucinations after a TB session ! Good Shit California Chronicle XXX cannot provide any direct contact information for Tujunga Bud but any questions or comments for TB can be sent to us and we will try to forward them to Tujunga Bud Contacting California Chronicle XXX ~ Email —

Here are a few sites we stumbled upon that may interest you All the news on cannabis up to date and pertinent . Activists should bookmark this site A plethora of info on all drugs with unbiased facts on each in many pertinent categories such as chemistry, law, effects, and history. Awesome resource for anyone interested in drug related information! Bookmark this site! A worldwide city by city(976 cities so far) travelers guide to Marijuana: where to buy it, the local laws etc excellent resource for the stoner on the go. Bookmark this site! The history, present and future of the cannabis plant. This is the website that pays homage to the super plant, everything you wanted to know about cannabis. This is also a real museum you can visit in Amsterdam. Bookmark this site!

“I sit back with this pack of zig zags and this bag of this weed” I never met a stoner that didn’t like free porn. And that is exactly what you will get from this site. Video clips in a wide variety of genres, downloadable and most of a reasonable worthy length! The best deal you may ever find. Massive amount of video streams & downloads of every genre for free forever!! Bookmark and shortcut this one. A lot of free Video clips (2-3 mins each) tons of free pics but to download or watch full length you must be a paid member. Still worth bookmarking!



Check out these pics taken from behind the walls, within the TB compound. Great examples of the “Pure Kush” and “Abusive” strains In progress! Natural Old School Simple Perfect


All Images taken by Tujunga Bud Exclusively! The 420 Revolution has begun. Los Angeles is the New Amsterdam. We can change the world “one bong at a time”


Supplementation I know you probably think taking pills every day is over-kill, and rather unnecessary, but I’m going to share some things with you. You would have to eat several plates of the food grown now to assimilate the same amount of nutritional benefit as one plate grown in the past. The reason for this is simple. We’ve been growing and growing and growing our crops, and leaching all the minerals out of the soil each time. Farmers add fertilizers for their quick-growing effect, but it usually doesn’t replace or return the lost minerals back into the soil for the future. We are eating foods that simply cannot be as wholesome as their long-ago harvested counterparts. When you know you are going to abuse yourself, treat your body with what it needs to compensate, so you will not get rundown. Its common sense and organic chemistry. I've often said you could compare us to a walking Petri dish. Whatever you put into it, that is what will grow. Our bodies are very literal in their digestive interpretation, and respond immediately to what ever you put in. So, if you want to feel better, live longer and promote longevity, eat lots of fresh, raw foods. They have enzymes that are alive and have a positive effect on the body, compared to cooked, canned and processed foods, which offer much less in nutritional value when nothing is alive. For the upcoming New Year, make a resolution to take better care of yourself. You deserve it. Get more exercise; work out; eat a little better. Do something good for yourself. Be the best you can be. And the next time someone recommends a good supplement, listen with a cautiously open mind. It might be something that could help you. A few pills or supplements once in a while aren’t going to hurt you, and might even help you. If you feel run down, you take a shot of B-12. When you have a cold, you take lots of Vitamin C. If your family has a history of cancer, you should probably take Anti-oxidants. If you’ve been eating a lot of fast food lately, you might want to supplement a poor diet with a few essential nutrients known to assist your body in functioning normally. These are examples of simple, proven things we can do to help ourselves. There are a few nutritional products out there that are for the purpose of providing most of the things the human body needs, in concentrated liquid form. For the most part, these are okay, but some are better than others. You do want to read the labels on any nutritional supplements and any food products for that matter. Look out for the obvious preservatives, food coloring and basically anything you can’t pronounce. Be aware! Your body is your temple, take care of it. Youthfulness is such a precious thing....

ShiloH Editor’s note: ShiloH is absolutely right….youthfulness is a precious thing! Enjoy your own youthfulness. You are as young as you feel.

“We in that state where that bomb ass hemp be”

Dr. Dre

2010 Hemp Initiative Summit


Jeffrey Peterson Buddy Duzy’s backyard was the meeting place for the Cannabis Culture’s inner circle concerning the 2010 Hemp Initiative. The old school Hemp activist hosted a fun and informative afternoon that empowered the troops for the battles that lay ahead. There were some heavy hitters there. Hemp Museum founder Richard Davis, 420 Attorney Jemiah, McGee, the lovely Nicki Duzy and my buddy Ron Hightower (above left). Unfortunately Jack Herer was unable to make it after two rental cars broke down. And since my bud Henry Hemp couldn’t make it, I sported his superhero shirt in his honor. Speakers such as Richard Marcella (below right), Bill Britt and Sci-Fi Master George Clayton-Johnson (above right) gave the crowd plenty to ponder. After we addressed the issues, Buddy (below left) had me drop some 420 Funny his guests. Performing standup for stoned people is my target audience so my “You know you’re a Stoner” bit went over with a Bong! I was delighted when Buddy and company asked me to be their guide at Burning Man 2009 to get the word out. Without hesitation, I agreed to be the Hemp movement’s official guide in Black Rock City.

Compassionate Use Act of 1996. You will be hearing a whole lot more about Medical Marijuana and the propositions in this election year so it is a good idea to have some knowledge of what the propositions actually say. Not what someone may have told you , or what you think it says, this is exactly what Proposition 215 says. A great reference to have when clarification is needed, and that goes for Senate Bill 420(next issue) also which mandated the implementation of Prop 215. So now you know! Section 1. Section 11362.5 is added to the California Health and Safety Code, to read: 11362.5. (a) This section shall be known and may be cited as the Compassionate Use Act of 1996. (b) (1) The people of the State of California hereby find and declare that the purposes of the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 are as follows: (A) To ensure that seriously ill Californians have the right to obtain and use marijuana for medical purposes where that medical use is deemed appropriate and has been recommended by a physician who has determined that the persons health would benefit from the use of marijuana in the treatment of cancer, anorexia, AIDS, chronic pain, spasticity, glaucoma, arthritis, migraine or any other illness for which marijuana provides relief. (B) To ensure that patients and their primary caregivers who obtain and use marijuana for medical purposes upon the recommendation of a physician are not subject to criminal prosecution or sanction. (C) To encourage the federal and state governments to implement a plan for the safe and affordable distribution of marijuana to all patients in medical need of marijuana. (2) Nothing in this act shall be construed to supersede legislation prohibiting persons from engaging in conduct that endangers others, nor to condone the diversion of marijuana for non-medical purposes. (c) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, no physician in this state shall be punished, or denied any right or privilege, for having recommended marijuana to a patient for medical purposes. (d) Section 11357, relating to the possession of marijuana, and Section 11358, relating to the cultivation of marijuana, shall not apply to a patient, or to a patient's primary caregiver, who possesses or cultivates marijuana for the personal medical purposes of the patient upon the written or oral recommendation or approval of a physician. (e) For the purposes of this section, Primary caregiver means the individual designated by the person exempted under this act who has consistently assumed responsibility for the housing, health or safety of that person.

Join Jack Herer and his Hemp army as we work toward making all forms of Cannabis legal. We need all of the help we can get. Please take some time out this year to turn someone on to the earth saving energy of this wonder plant.

Sec. 2. If any provision of this measure or the application thereof to any person or circumstance is held invalid, that invalidity shall not affect other provisions or applications of the measure which can be given effect without the invalid provision or application, and to this end the provisions of this measure are severable.

An intellectual is a person who has discovered something more interesting than sex.

- Aldous Huxley


From Clones to Cash: By Red Beard: Medicinal Marijuana behind the scenes. Last month he told you about his experiences as a Collective Employee and just what it takes to promote, compete and create an environment for patients that both welcomes and attracts. Now in his ongoing quest to bring the reader behind the scenes of the “Collective”, Red Beard will take us from start to finish or from Clones to Cash.

With the price of medical marijuana reaching upwards to $6000 a pound, its easy see why many Californian’s are opting to grow there own. My assignment for the next three months is to be a part of a medical marijuana grow program. From Clones to Cash: The first thing that had to be done, long before the baby’s (Clones) got here was to clean the place top to bottom. Once that was done, it was time to hang our lights and figure the most efficient way to make the room flow. By that, I mean so we don’t have to keep moving plants around. So we had to decide where we were going to vegetate, and where to flower and then on to the curing process. One of the decisions that we had to make was, are we growing in water or soil? For us, this time around it was to be soil. Soil prep was now the main priority. Its simple, these babies needed a good start. A good start means good nutrition. The light that we are going to use is two 1000 wt HPS to help them start on the path of vegetation. The timers will be set to provide 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness. “No going in the room with out the proper lighting”. By this we mean, a colored light. Green . We will be able to see, but the babies won’t know the lights are on. Just a few seconds of light will send a message to the plant saying it is time to get up. We don’t want this to happen and we avoid it at all cost. I am going to watch the progress of this and a few other rooms around the San Fernando Valley. We are going to keep the locations secret. It is not the intention of California Chronicle XXX to provoke or entice anyone or any agency with a hidden agenda. We are the way of the future. The purpose of this operation is to supply one particular collective. The local law enforcement does not want some guy with a duffel bag selling his illegally obtained goods to a legitimate medical collective, nor do we. We realize that growing at the location of the collective is not always practical. So .. We are growing as a collective away from the place of distribution. After all, Pfizer doesn’t make Viagra at Walgreen’s do they? Nope! I am here to keep you informed. Talk to you in a month.

ShiloH does NAMM It’s that time of year when the NAMM Show was here!

The Trade Show to unify and strengthen the global music products industry and increase active participation in music making worldwide. Good luck finding Parking in the same Zip Code, but if you can get there, you can expect to have a great time. NAMM has expanded to fill the entire Anaheim Convention Center, all three floors, and parts of the Hotels nearby, a lot of real estate to cover. Bring a comfortable pair of shoes and something to carry swag in. Don’t expect to see everything in one day; that’s why it runs for four days. NAMM has always tried to keep people from crashing the Show that don’t belong there. To attend, you must have a Badge with your name on it, and show your picture ID every time you come and go... We arrived about noon on Saturday, and stayed until it closed. But the real fun is in the numerous, legendary after-hour parties, which are the place to be. Good times! You’ll see every kind of stringed and wind instrument represented, keyboards, new designs and technologies in electronics, P.A. equipment, recording gear, mixing consoles, amplifiers, microphones, and every accessory you can think of, made by well-known companies and obscure craftsmen. There are intensive Sales Training, Productivity and Instructional seminars available. You’ll also see an impressive bunch of professional musicians who demonstrate the latest stuff, sign autographs, promote the companies who endorse them, and simply show off fresh new talent, as well as the showcasing of a variety of seasoned icons in the business. amongst the crowds are not uncommon. It’s a place to see musicians If Rock Stars are what you crave, regular sightings strutting their proverbial stuff, and looking and playing their best. Speaking of which, some of Saturday’s schedule included performances by: The Giants of Latin Jazz, the Marching Highlanders, Magnetico, a Yamaha Junior Original Concert of music students performing their own original music, Bones West, and Photo Opportunities with Sesame Street Characters, Linda Kay Parker from Lonesome Spurs, as well as the 45th Anniversary Concert of Latin Percussion that will rock your world, just to name a few. Various After-hour Shows include an All-Star Guitar Night, Blacktop Idol, Hot 4 Teacher, The Uglistick, Union Hobos, School of Rock, Nemesis and Dread Zeppelin. Things started out a little slow, but quickly picked up as we began running into people we knew or who recognized us. As we moved through the musical maze of NAMM, we got a glimpse of many familiar faces... We stumbled across Dave Navarro signing autographs. The line was really long but we got a few good shots though. We found some of the Alice in Chains guys around. Mike Inez and Jerry Cantrell were busy signing autographs and taking pics. Sean, their drummer, was hanging out and looking good. We hung out with them for quite a while. They were smoking hot... So many exquisite and beautiful instruments to mention. I was in heaven! You get caught up in the excitement of the event, and if you’re not paying attention you can get lost in the immensity of it all. “What was that guys name, I can’t remember?” Or, “I haven’t seen them in a long time”. “Let’s stop here and look around a while”. “Look at the legs on that one, or nice tits!” “I want one of everything”. In the background, the sound of the constant buzz of people discussing, sharing, playing, learning and absorbing music in every way, shape and form, permeated everything, and follows you when you leave, as a dull roar inside your head. It’s a beautiful thing to see musicians from around the world converging here for the love of music, and I’m reminded of how music is truly an international language of the extended family of man. A day at NAMM can leave you feeling inspired and weary from trying to absorb as much input as one person can stand, but also a certain satisfaction in having survived the NAMM Show again. Say goodbye to friends, some you may not see for another year.

Editor’s Note: Yes ShiloH is our Health and Wellness expert. She has also been embedded in the world of Rock and Roll for many years. She offers her own perspective on this Annual Event that has become an integral part of the music world! Mike Inez (l) and Jerry Cantrell (r)

Sean from Alice in Chains

“Shiloh when I was young, I used to call your name. When no one else would come, Shiloh you always came and we’d play” Neil Diamond


The World of Pot Comedy with Jeffrey Peterson

Silly Weedheads, Spliffs are for kids! The 420 Funny is flowing strong for February and I am your forecaster for fun. Ready, Set, Toke! I hit several comedy shows in Jan. starting with Steamed Fresh Comedy at Liquid Zoo in Van Nuys hosted by Billy Batz. This is a nice spot to catch some of L.A.’s best comics working on new shit. John DiResta from Comedy Central’s “American Bodyshop” and my buddy Skillz from “Dirty Jokes The Movie”. I had a blast trying out my new Obama bits. Keep this spot on your radar for good comedy in the Valley. It’s right down the street from Clover! I returned to the Duzy House for the 2010 Hemp Initiative Summit and I provided some much needed comic relief. There was a great group of the Leaders in the Cannabis Movement in attendance such as George Clayton-Johnson, Richard Marcella, McGee, Richard Davis, Ron Hightower, not to mention Nicky and Buddy Duzy. I had these stoners laughing with my “No wonder I’m a Stoner” bit, which made me quite happy, because I was quite high! I was back in The Belly Room at The Comedy Store for Deez Nuts. What a tremendous night. The room was packed. Hostess Gabrielle was dropping the 420 funny as were many of the other very attractive female comics that night. My “Enjoy Vagina” shirt went over so well that a married Lesbian couple asked for a photo with me. My Gary Busey stuff killed as did sets by Sally Mullins, Vargas Mason, Cathy Lewis and closer Bret Ernst from WEEDS. Watch for my bud Howard Dover and I in Las Vegas as we return to The Green Door for ExtravaGANJA featuring Jason Rouse and Tanya Lee Davis on Valentine’s Day. And I will be back at the Laugh Factory on March 15th for Chocolate Sundaes. So come out and smoke me out!

“Does anyone remember laughter?”

Led Zeppelin

Featuring The Unknown Comic, Vic Dunlop, Blue Iris, Andie Valentino, Tricia Oaks, Wanda Lust, Shay Lynn, Page Turner, Kato Kaelen, Tere Joyce, Tanya Moon, Jeffrey Peterson, Jonas Garvin, Howard Dover, Brad Williams, Robbie Rist, & more

There are a bunch of 420 comics who have surfaced in the past few years but a very few are actual “420” Comedians because 420 is not just a genre. It is a lifestyle and Tere Joyce is the real deal. Intelligent, sexy, funny and daring . Co founder of The Dope Show along with Jeffrey Peterson, A Comedy Store regular, A top ten finalist on Last Comic Standing, star of “Dirty Jokes : The Movie” and most recently she starred in her first XXX film for Hustler Barely Legal. She is a medical marijuana activist and a good friend. We took some tokes of Banana Kush recently and asked Tere a few questions:

“At Jumbo's Clown Room and I went on stage and ripped my clothes off.” CC: When was the first time you ever got high? TJ: I was 23 years old and rehearsing a scene for an actor’s showcase. One of the actresses offered me a bong hit during break from rehearsal. As I inhaled the herb, I began to notice that she had taken Joan Rivers comedy routine and adopted it as her own personality. She would pepper her conversation with, "Can we talk." and various Rivers catch phrases. I thought, "Wow, what a great impression of Joan River's but who is she?" It was one of the first times that I was able to identify my own social anxiety, because I was now calm enough to perceive it in someone else. I felt a sense and compassion, and began to see my own well-being. CC:- Are you a script carrying medical marijuana patient? TJ: Yes, I am. As a matter a fact I just renewed my recommendation today at MediCann. CC: What are some of your preferred Dispensaries and What are some of the strains you have enjoyed lately? TJ: I am a fan of The Farmacy. I love the fact that the door is wide open from the street. It speaks to the public, "We have nothing to hide". . I am a sativa lover, and have just recently enjoyed Cotton Candy.

CC: So you recently made a XXX movie, tell us how that came about. TJ: The fact that I am answering this question blows my mind. I never thought I would ever make an adult film, but I felt that an amazing creative opportunity was being given to me, and I seized the day. I had become friends with Erica McClean. Erica and her husband Clive have worked for Larry Flynt before there were even videos. They created Barely Legal films. I was hired to DJ for Erica's birthday party. I hardly knew how to run the equipment, but said "Yes." anyway. Later I asked Erica if she would be a part of the Medical Marijuana Float that Dege Coutee' of the Patient Advocacy and I were organizing for the Gay Pride parade. Erica helped raise $500.00 dollars towards the construction and road with us down Santa Monica Blvd. in the Pride Parade. Howard Stern regular Blue Iris was also on the float. Tonya Moon was also involved with the float, and connected with Erica again They were make-up artists together for Hustler back in the 1980's. We won "The Butterfly Award." for the most colorful and imaginative entry. It was a beautiful day. Erica had a dream about a circus, and wanted to do a film based on her dream. Erica cast Blue Iris in the film. Through many extraordinary and somewhat strange circumstances I ended it up writing part of the script, and performing in Hardcore Circus. It is a Politic Porno, if you can imagine that! Through all of the hot and beautiful sex there is a message. It was an amazing journey, and I am proud of our film.

CC: Will you be doing more XXX? TJ: Yes. Hardcore Circus is a part of a Trilogy. We will be working on a script that Clive McClean wrote before his passing. Hardcore Circus has inspired me to work more in the erotic genre. I would like to call it Art Core. I wish to write more screenplays, and hope hopefully one day direct. CC: You have been a Marijuana Activist for a while now, what got you started in that? TJ: About 2 1/2 years ago comedian Jeffrey Peterson approached me about putting together a Marijuana themed Show. We created "The Dope Show" at the Ice House Comedy Club Annex. When we started "The Dope Show" I knew nothing about what was going on politically surrounding Medical Marijuana, but boy do I understand it now. CC: If I am not mistaken you were us even involved in a DEA Raid? Tell a little about that! TJ: I was involved in a DEA raid. The experience changed the path I've chosen to walk in life. We voted for medical marijuana. It is what the people wanted. For our own government to terrorize our constitutional rights gravely concerns me. I pray for the raids to be stopped. CC: Being popular in the Stand Up Comedy world must bring a few admirers to the surface. Do you get “Groupies” or “stalkers“ as a bonus gift ever? TJ: I had a stalker once, but he never came to my shows. I was disappointed. CC: Ever bang a celebrity? TJ: I don't kiss and tell in print. CC: What's the most embarrassing moment on stage ? TJ: When somebody slipped me a mickey at Jumbo's Clown Room and I went on stage and ripped my clothes off. Editor’s Note: Damn it! We need to hang out at Jumbos more often. CC: Who are your favorite Comedians? TJ: I respect so many of them, it is hard for me say all of them in this interview, but I have an extreme fondness for Bill Hicks. CC: Plug time! What is on the horizon for Tere Joyce? TJ: I am currently working on a three woman show with Tonya Moon. The working title is Charlie's Pussies. It is a mixture of stand-up comedy and burlesque. I have a weekly podcast on the NORML Daily Audio Stash with Radical Russ. We cover the Southern California Marijauna Movement. I am a regular performer on "The Free Speech Show" which can be viewed online at www. comedynation. com and Stike. TV. I am exploring and wish creating projects that focus on the healing effects of laughter. CC: OK now lets get high!

“ I’d be safe and warm if I was in LA, California dreamin on such a winter’s day”

The Mamas and the Papas


Here we go again, we were off to seek the Ultimate Stoner Adventure for CALIFORNIA CHRONICLE XXX magazine, and what an adventure it was. LAS VEGAS was the host of the annual AEE aka the Porn Convention. Every boys dream and fantasy, almost every hot and sexy pornstar in one place at one time. You have got to love it! And all those stoner adult actresses would need to get high so…… We did what we do best!! Getting the Girls High!! We ran into our friend Shell big pimping , found Henry Hemp driving his Limo, saw the Vegas punk band THE OBJEX, ran into Taylor Wane, Jenny Hendrix, Regan Reese, Naomi Banks, Tony Batman, Daryl Hannah, Tricia Oaks and the sexy, elusive “Runaway” SHAY, Shay Lynn. Why Runaway? Well first we saw her then she disappeared then we found her, lost her, talked to her then she disappeared this all within 6 or 7 hours only to appear at a gig in Chitown later that week for a Jerry Springer gig she had booked!~ That’s Rock and Roll! Rock on Runaway Shay, Rock On!!

“The more money made, the more dank smoked”

Mac Dre

By Dagwood

As it turned out, there was only one seat; Jimmie let Stevie have it. Taking off in light fog, Stevie’s helicopter quickly slammed into the side of a ski hill, killing him and four others on board. The crash went unnoticed until the chopper failed to arrive in Chicago and was found early the next morning scattered across the side of the hill. A few more Premature exits by young Rockstars are Tupac, Randy Rhoades, Lynryd Skynyrd, John Bonham, Bon Scott, Darby Crash, Razzle, Shannon Hoon, Tommy Bolin, Marc Bolan, Layne Staley, Greg Chaison … Sam Cooke...Bobby Fuller , Tim Buckley …..Sid …. Wendy O Williams … and Jeff Buckley

“Hey man ! Your D string is fucking flat ..DUDE”

“The Day The Music Died” Yep….a sad day indeed! February always brought to mind the song “American Pie” by Don McClean and the Plane Crash that killed Buddy holly and friends. The Day the Music Died! And there have been so many of these “Days” and we have lost so many gifted and talented people at such a young age. 27 seems to be a real sketchy age to be when you are a celebrity, especially a rock and roll/musician or singer. Why? Joplin, Hendrix, Morrison, Brian Jones, Otis Redding , Kurt Cobain just to begin with. And in my mind it doesn’t matter if it was self administered heroin or Flight 298 to Florida: They died too young….. And we were denied their creativity. It was February 1959 on a bitter cold Nor Easter Minnesota Eve and the musicians were jockeying for a seat on the plane instead of traveling in a bus . Buddy Holly watched on in amusement as Guitarist Tommy Allsup lost a coin flip to 17 year old Ritchie Valens for the one seat left on the plane, and Holly’s bass player, future country star Waylon Jennings, graciously gave up his seat to J. P. Richardson aka “The Big Bopper”. Holly reportedly needled Jennings about his decision, telling him, “I hope your old bus freezes up.” Jennings responded: “Well, I hope your plane crashes.” Crash it did, into a snowy Iowa field, shortly after takeoff, killing everyone aboard, and forever memorializing February 3, 1959 as “The Day the Music Died.” Along with Buddy , Richardson and Valens also lost their life that evening when the plane crashed in a frozen field. Buddy Holly was one of the first Rock and Roll stars that not only wrote and performed, he produced his recordings as well, which was unheard of in the 50’s dominated by Perry Como, Pat Boone . He was destined to be a super star pioneer rebel rouser. Love is Real and Not fade Away

Stevie Ray Vaughan In 1990, the Texan bluesman had just finished a scorching set alongside fellow blues guitar virtuosos Robert Cray , Buddy Guy , Eric Clapton and his brother Jimmie Vaughan at a Wisconsin amphitheater and was preparing for a bus trek to Chicago. At the last minute, Stevie was told there was room for him, Jimmie and Jimmie’s wife on one of four helicopters Clapton had hired to make the trip to the Windy City. “Smoke pot, smoke pot everybody smoke pot”

Buckley always had a comment to make. My retort was usually …”Shut the fuck up Buckley, you are the guitar tech, I am the bass player so go find the guitar player and tell him.” The story I am telling you is absolutely true! The year is 1989 and our Heavy Metal band Knightriot had risen to headlining status at all the major Venues on the World Famous Sunset Strip. Troubadour, Whisky a Go Go, The Roxy and Gazzaris. Christopher Blake was an important part of our success after we replaced our original guitarist. Blake was a 20 yr old GIT student whose parents were quite well to do. Blake wanted to experience life as a musician struggling and chasing his dream so he maintained a fully furnished Oakwood apartment and he got a part time job at the Magic Motel in Hollywood as a night clerk. The Hotel was a hot tourist spot all year. Well it was about to get a lot closer to legendary. Blake got the job tip from his co worker, fellow GIT student, Jeff Buckley. He didn’t realize that Jeff was the son of the legendary Folk singer /poet the late Tim Buckley. Tim had committed suicide when Jeff was young. Jeff Buckley had enrolled at GIT (Guitar Institute of Technology) in Hollywood. Jeff was a excellent guitarist who had a band “Group Therapy” and Blake was the guitar tech. So the boys made a deal and agreed to swap roadie duty when the other played. So when Knightriot performed Jeff’s duty was to tech for Blake. And we played quite often and in the biggest clubs, Group Therapy played less frequent and smaller clubs. Jeff often had a comment and that was the whole of our relationship , the snide remarks and scoffing. I remember walking off stage at the Roxy and Jeff made some remark about a mistake someone made …….“Thanks Roadie” I joked backed . I thought to myself “Buckley wishes he could get a gig here” ...Yep it’s me again , the dude that blew off an autograph by Randy Rhoades. The same guy that never would have imagined the phenomenal success that swept Jeff Buckley up and earned him a MTV Music Award and a GRAMMY as best new artist. And now a legend. Less than 10 years later on May 29 1997 Jeff Buckley waded into the Mississippi River late one night and the river quickly swallowed Buckley. His body was found the next day down river. The Beatles


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