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Calibus’ Dream Escape Contract for Engagement of Services Magic of Music This is to be a legally binding contractual agreement between Calibus’ Dream Escape LLC and _______________________ for consideration of both parties in this educational engagement: Calibus’ Dream Escape agrees to hold the educational seminar entitled, “The Magic of Music.” The Magic of music is a 16-hour course that is broken up into 4 days. Beginning with lasers and a cosmic introduction phase 1 teaches the divination of music. That is a journey through time in the development of music and the cultural influence. In phase I the guitarist will learn scales, arpeggios, and chords. Phase II begins the mixing of the potions using the ingredients taught in phase I. Phase III is the incantations that includes the chord spellings, chordal melodies, open tunings, and much more. Phase IV is the sorcery. The sorcery is the associations, the compositions, the trance of music, and more. The clinic has many proprietary secrets that make use of tools solely for the use of entertainment but some in script, product placements, or other subliminal promotions are possible. This opportunity for promotional advertisement may not be limited to the engaging party and advertisement may be sold to other outside noncompeting organizations. In this event the engaging party may have the opportunity to partner and profit from the sales of said product or service but Calibus’ Dream Escape maintains complete ownership of the advertising slot. Calibus’ Dream Escape agrees to promote ________________________ Through: O In script suggestion O Product Placements O Banner or print O recording or video O Other Subliminal Methods described as _________________________

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“In script suggestion” may be something such as the example of monster energy drink advertising, “ Classical music has a profound effect on imagination. As I neared town I could see the people have gone raving mad over the influence of the monster, (take a drink from a monster can) by now, you realize the monster can be the inspiration for tones of dissonance… In this example it would be good business for the engaging party to strike a deal with Monster energy drinks to have them available for the event.. The placement of this ad is near the beginning of the story-telling portion of the show, which is determined to be able to produce immediate sales and is psychologically determined to be of the most memorable. For this reasoning the cost of advertising is, for current show, $50 per hundred sold tickets. In the event of the in script suggestion slot is in the center of the show it is reduced to $20 per hundred and at the end of the show it is increased to $30 per hundred. Banner advertisement is directed at $25 per hundred tickets sold at banner size 10’ x 4’ overhead center stage. There is a charge of $20 to the immediate left or right of center minus 6’ to offset for the center banner. Banner placements will vary from venue to venue but minimum banner cost is 10’ per 100 per placement… On screen advertising will appear as just logo or product image in 10 seconds slot on one of four screens that deliver messages to lead the audience for $10 per hundred tickets sold. This advertisement is meant to be subtle. Products placed on stage, as part of the show will be priced out on the convenience as per size. With a minimum purchase price of $20 per hundred tickets sold. Products advertised specifically on the audiotapes of the music, t-shirts, or other memorabilia will have a flat rate of $50 per hundred products sold. These are advertising slots that must be placed under a two-year contract. Other advertising possibilities exist but must be negotiated on individual terms. _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ Page 2

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