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Your Future at Caliber Home Loans

Our Value Proposition

About Caliber Home Loans

Caliber Home Loans, Inc. is a privately-held financial services company, licensed in all 50 states, with headquarters in Coppell TX. Caliber Home Loans is achieving tremendous growth due to its strong balance sheet and continued capital support from one of the largest global private equity firms. Our structure offers us a huge competitive advantage in the marketplace, and allows our sales associates to offer more products to more borrowers … expanding opportunities for home ownership. We’re an approved Seller/Servicer for both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, an approved issuer for Ginnie Mae, and an Approved Servicer for the FHA, VA and USDA. Caliber carries multiple servicer ratings from Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s, Fitch and DBRS.

Our numbers tell the story… our people make the difference Over $150 Billion in servicing


Non-Bank Purchase LenderVA Loans (2018)


Best Companies To Work For by Mortgage Executive magazine, 2018


Rating from S & P Global Ratings

We service the majority of the loans we originate**


Non-Bank Purchase Lender*




*Source: Inside Mortgage Finance, November 2018. **Caliber Home Loans does not retain servicing on all loans originated.


Why Choose Caliber

Our Top 8 Value Propositions CAPITAL FOUNDATION


Caliber is backed by the strength of several

We’re constantly working on new business

billion in capital investments. This means

strategies by soliciting your feedback

we’re well-prepared for continued, long-

and rewarding your best ideas. In 2017 we

term growth – something that will help you

introduced the Caliber Ways of Work (WOWS)

build your career here.

– Collaborating Contagiously, Caring Fiercely, Leading Thoughtfully and Doing the Right Thing.



Caliber is led by a team of seasoned,

Our multi-billion servicing portfolio continues

experienced mortgage professionals who’ve

to grow, and we service a majority of the loans you

held executive positions at other mortgage

close*. Your name, photo and contact information

lenders and top financial institutions.

appear on every borrower statement we service, keeping you top-of-mind. This makes it easier for you to ask for referrals, suggest refinancing, and remain their home financing professional.

*Caliber Home Loans, Inc. does not retain servicing on all loans originated.


Why Choose Caliber

Our Top 8 Value Propositions PRODUCTS

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In addition to Fannie, Freddie and Ginnie-

We have a decentralized model with processing

approved loans, we offer FHA 203(k) Renovation,

and closing at the local level. Sales and

HomeStyle Renovation and USDA/Rural Housing

Fulfillment have a strong partnership, with a

loans. We also participate in state-specific down

common goal of closing on time and providing

payment assistance and bond programs. We

an outstanding customer experience.

have the ability to broker and offer buy-downs. We have several non-traditional products in the Caliber Portfolio Lending suite.



Our proprietary marketing portal, CaliberAMP,

Our H2Online originations system is maintained by

provides personalized marketing material

our in-house technical team. H2O supports the end-

targeting both customers and business associates.

to-end mortgage process and allows for flexibility to

A dedicated regional marketing representative can

continually improve internally. Recent improvements

also assist with customized pieces.

include the addition of our Digital Mortgage Toolkit that helps you verify bank accounts and other assets in seconds instead of days.



National Builder Division Procures and grows business with builders and their clients. We offer extended rate locks on most fixed-rate loans, up to 360 days, condo project review/approval services, expanded condo guidelines and support, and builder appraisal panels. Professionally-designed marketing materials that address builder requirements are available. Doc Lock secures income and asset verification for 180 days.

Expanded Product/Pricing Offers Meet the needs of more borrowers with our extensive loan and pricing options. Our lock programs include extended locks, six-month validation of documents, loans for new physicians and a 580 FICO FHA product. Jumbo products include Jumbo fixed-rate with high LTVs/CLTVs and Jumbo Interest-Only ARM. Expanded condo guidelines are also available.

Caliber Portfolio Lending (CPL) Created in-house, these loans enable you to provide innovative solutions to borrowers who can demonstrate ability to repay, but may not qualify for conventional or government-insured loan products. Down payments may be entirely funded by family-provided gift funds.

Caliber Jumbo Product Our Jumbo product offers competitive guidelines, delegated underwriting and control of the collateral process.

Loan Terms Be competitive by offering odd note rates, i.e 3.99 versus 4.00 and expanded terms (per Agency tolerance). Available maturities range from 8 to 30 years.

Mortgage Insurance (MI) Delegated MI is automated in H2O to get you to closing faster. We also offer our own LPMI Express product with reduced MI factors for LPMI.




Our online marketing portal, CaliberAMP, was built exclusively for your needs. Choose from library of professionallydesigned marketing materials. AMP integrates with H2O and ListReports to optimize your contact lists.

Marketing Intelligence

Research historical origination activity in your local market by REALTOR®, builder and lender.

Database Protection

To help you retain the borrowers you’ve worked so hard to get, we notify you when one of your borrower’s credit is pulled or a borrower’s home is listed on MLS. Each time you close a Caliber loan, your new borrower is enrolled in our automated retention campaign and will hear from you at regular intervals for the next three years.

Servicing Statement Marketing

Caliber’s mortgage statements include your name, photograph and contact information to promote continuing relationships with your borrowers.

Strategic Marketing Support

Download personalized marketing materials created by our in-house marketing team – emails, flyers, postcards, print ads and brochures – and send to your targeted customers or business associates.

Web pages (Personalized)

All Loan Consultants have their own Caliber website with an online application. Completed applications automatically upload to H2O for easy qualifying. Vanity URLs are permitted for individual and team producers.

Social Media Platform

Download approved social media images from CaliberAMP and post to Facebook and LinkedIn. You can also subscribe to social media campaigns which post to your profiles on your behalf.


Integrated with AMP, your pre-qualified and pre-approved (aka TBD) customers will have the opportunity to automatically receive “Just Listed” text messages on your behalf. You can also further automate the marketing process with ListReports technology.



The Ultimate Home Buying Experience

Offer a faster loan process with less paperwork. Caliber provides you with a digital mortgage toolkit for accessing trended credit, income validation, LoanBeam, Asset Validation and Property Inspection Waivers. Provide loan approvals to qualified borrowers in minutes and close in as little as 10 days*!


Discuss loan scenarios with your local underwriting team. They’re authorized to approve all types of loans, including bond and Jumbo products. When borrowers need pre-approvals before choosing a home (TBD loans), you may request full credit and income underwrites.

Question and Scenario Desk

You can send questions and loan scenarios to your underwriters and divisional underwriting team.

Appraisal Panels

We use Appraisal Panels and Appraisal Management Companies. For purchases, the Listing Agent is notified via email and/or text when the appraiser is assigned and provided with contact information. Caliber also uses sub-panels when market or development expertise is required.

Credit Vendors

Several are currently available: ARC, CIC, CoreLogic, Credco, Credit Plus and Equifax.

Appraisal Delivery

Deliver completed appraisal reports to borrowers electronically or via USPS.

Closing Disclosure (CD) Order

Order your CD as soon as specific Prior to Closing Disclosure (PTCD) conditions are approved and the loan is locked.

Loan Pipeline Control

Pipeline priority is managed at the branch or regional level. *Some loan applications are not suited for digital delivery of asset, income, employment and other documentation required for loan approval. Processing and closing times vary depending on the nature and complexity of the transaction.



Caliber Borrowers’ Online Loan Technology (BOLT)

Our online application platform is mobile-friendly so your borrowers can apply from any device, and it has fully integrated digital verifications of assets, income and employment. BOLT syncs real-time with the borrower mobile app.

Pipeline Reporting

Get daily updates with real time results. Dynamic filter settings provide detailed reporting. Set-up automatic recurring report notifications to builders and real estate agents on their Caliber transactions.

Loan Consultant Mobile App

Our producers appreciate the 24/7 convenience of this app, CaliberH2O. In addition to dashboard smart filters, you’ll have access to full product search and online locks, including features like MI and off-sheet pricing.

Borrower Mobile App

Your borrowers can download their own Caliber app, Caliber Home Loans. They’ll be able to make payments, find a nearby Loan Consultant, and upload loan documents from their cell phone.

Agent/Builder Mobile App

Caliber MyPipeline delivers pipeline and loan status information real-time to your agents and Builder associates. You can also revise a pre-qualification letter to match an offer on a property.

Automated Underwriting System (AUS)

DU and LP are fully integrated in H2O. You may toggle between different AUS engines for flexibility. GUS is available for USDA products.

Rate Locks

H2O provides you with the ability to lock, extend and update loan structure changes. Loans may be locked after hours thru 11:59 pm CST (from most recent rate publication) and on weekends through Sundays at 11:59 CST. Extensions can be set for the exact number of days needed, with a 24-hour free extension on final approved loans. Pricing desk is available via phone or email from 8:00 am CST to 6:45 pm CST.




Paperless Process H2O facilitates and supports a paperless process within an electronic loan file (E-file) from start to finish. All borrower documentation is retained electronically in the E-file. Borrowers can upload their credit documents on your website, or with their smart phone.

Disclosures You have the option to generate disclosures at time of application. Disclosures can be sent for electronic signature by borrowers and automatically captured by H2O.

Fees H2O is home to a sizable fee library in addition to integration with the LoanEstimate portal. LoanEstimate delivers accurate and reliable closing cost data for third-party fees so you can provide efficient customer service.

AllRegs Find internal communications, Policies & Procedures, and product and underwriting guidelines via H2O AllRegs. A robust search capability helps you find what you’re looking for quickly.



Home Loan View Review your borrowers’ current loan serviced by Caliber with this tool for easier, smarter refinancing discussions.

Bi-Weekly Payments Your borrowers may pay their loans off faster by making two payments each month online at no additional cost.

Recast Option Recast applications for $5,000 or more are available so borrowers can reduce their loan balance where permitted by investor guidelines. Recasts have a 60-day waiting period after closing, and only one per year is allowed. Not available for FHA, VA, GNMA, Bond, Jumbo or CPL loans. A fee may be charged, where applicable.

Recapture / Runoff Recapture initiatives help you ensure any portfolio runoff is recaptured. You’re not penalized if a borrower refinances after 121 days (there is no compensation scrape back).

MLS Triggers Caliber reviews new MLS listings each week. You’ll be notified if a borrower has listed their home – an ideal time to reach out to them for financing.

Credit Triggers Similar to MLS Triggers, Caliber reviews daily for mortgage-related credit inquiries. If so, you’ll be notified so you can contact these borrowers.



On-Boarding & Integration

Our dedicated team of former loan originators educate and assist every new hire to ensure their career at Caliber begins smoothly and efficiently. This team provides outstanding concierge support, ranging from systems assistance to product knowledge to policies and procedures. Each new hire has an on-boarding manager for the first 90 days. After 90 days, the team remains available for guidance.

Flexible Business Model

We support both branch and satellite offices along with Production and Branch Assistants. Caliber also supports Loan Consultant teams.

VA Military Initiative

Our national military executive is dedicated to educating and supporting VA Lending-focused Loan Consultants. You can opt for training that earns you the Certified Military & Veteran Lending Professional (CMVLP) designation. We also provide resources for military families that are in the process of a permanent change of station (PCS). We’re partnered with that supports over 100 military bases nationwide and allows Caliber to identify militaryfriendly REALTORS® to assist with military base prospects.

Lead Generation

The following lead generation platforms are approved: Zillow Co-Marketing and Boomtown.

Sales Support Election System Recast (SSES)

Design and finance your personal business model with pre-tax dollars to support your marketing and business development efforts.

Customer / Business Partner Experience Survey

Customer experience surveys are issued to each of your borrowers after closing, with results provided to you and shared with Caliber leadership. We survey REALTORS® involved with your purchase transactions. We utilize Satmetrix, developer of the Net Promoter Score to determine customer loyalty rather than strictly satisfaction.


Caliber Home Loans and any above mentioned companies are not affiliated. Caliber Home Loans, Inc., 1525 S. Belt Line Rd, Coppell, TX 75019 (NMLS #15622). 1-800-401-6587. Copyright Š 2019. All Rights Reserved. Equal Housing Lender. For real estate and lending professionals only and not for distribution to consumers. This communication may contain information that is privileged, confidential, legally privileged, and/or exempt from disclosure under applicable law. Distribution to the general public is prohibited. Residential Mortgage Loan Originator. (31654)

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Caliber Home Loans - Our Value Propositions  


Caliber Home Loans - Our Value Propositions