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C OLO R R EP O RT a u t u m n/ wi nt e r 19/20

1. Editor’s Note 2. Flourescent Adolescent 3. Blank Slate 4. Rainbow Sherbert 5. Primary Jewels 1

Editor’s Note The Jacquemus fall/winter 2018 fashion show was one of the best reviewed shows of the season, but it wasn’t just his incredible draping that made the show memorable. The optimism that surronds Jacquemus is a breath of fresh air in the middle of such uncertain political climate. As an election year , 2020 will likely be shrowed with the hope of a changing tide and fashion will begin to reflect that. The autumn/winter 19/20 season is all about new beginnings. We are moving away from complicated or utilitarian colors that make a statement to color palettes that inspire hope, signify change, and emphasize a youthful exuberence.


Blank Sl a te . While you can’t forget the past, you can wipe your slate clean for a fresh start. These neutrals are fresh, clean, and unfussy. They are simple, sophisticated, and have a timeless elegance. They do not draw attention to themselves, but instead what is wrapped up inside making this palette perfect for those who want to be seen for who they are not what they wear.


11-060 TCX8Eggshell

7528 C Pale Silver

6665 C Tumbleweed

7527 C Timberwolf

7763 C Umber

419 C Midnight


Celine FW18

Jacquemus FW18

The Row FW18

Molly Goddard FW18


Stella Vonsenger

Freja Wewer

Camille Charriere

Camille Charriere


F lou re s c e nt Adole s c e nt. These variations of classic preschool primary color combinations have an essence youth and optimism that is a nice contrast to the dark cynicism in the world today. They provide a bright escape into a hopeful future .


297 C Maya Blue

177 C Wild Watermelon

1788 C Alizarin Crimson

7489 C Mantis

158 C Cadmium Orange

134 C Arylide Yellow


Molly Goddard FW18

Maryam Nassir Zaydeh FW18

Mansur Gavriel FW18

Maryam Nassir Zaydeh FW18

9 17

Stella Vonsenger

Miranda Makaroff

Stella Vonsenger

Reese Blutstein 10 18

R a i n bow s herb e rt Cool, calm, and collected. These colors are a great way to finish off a harrowing four years and glide into the future with hopefully a more positive outlook. The fresh look of pastels can be seen everywhere from Couture to Athleisure this season signifying new hope in all walks of life.

11 7

577 C Olivine

1635 C Crayola

7464 C Sylvian Green

7534 C Pastel Gray

5225 C Lilac

7508 C Burlywood

12 8

Maryam Nassir Zaydeh FW18

Calvin Klein FW18

Jacquemus FW18

Acne Studios FW18

13 9

Stella Vonsenger

Blanca Miro

Maria Bernad

Maria de le Orden

14 10

Pri mar y Je w e l s . Just as the primary colors are the base of all color, 2020 is the base of change as an election year. These strong jewel toned hues of the primary colors parallel the need for change. It is a no bullshit approach to color while still holding onto notes of optimism, hope, and youth.

15 3

216 C Pansy Purple

7417 C Cinnabar

287 C Air Force Blue

136 C Sandstorm

7764 C Olive Green

7622 C Vivid Auburn

16 4


Rosie Assoulin FW18

Adam Selman FW18

Jacquemus FW18

Comme des Garcon FW18

Maria de la Orden

Maria Bernad

Maria Bernad

Freja Wewer 18

S ourc e s .

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