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SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION FOR BUSINESSES Businesses in the 21st century are going through a huge paradigm shift when it comes to searching for new clients. One of the big things that is occurring as many conventional methods of advertising are no longer working in the same level that they once worked at. One good example of this is the Yellow Pages. Yellow Pages used to work very well, so well in fact, that a company could depend on the Yellow Pages for all of its average advertising needs. There was a huge price attached using Yellow Pages because it was so effective. But now the service is almost defunked. The biggest reason this to customers was looking for the easiest way to find a potential company to service their needs. The Internet is stepped in to become that new method for these people to find companies when they need service. Companies are now forced to enter a wilderness where they know very little information. Part of the problem is there is no formalized courses at universities or colleges that will teach them or their staff how to properly advertise using the Internet. The World Wide Web has become the de facto standard for businesses now because of its penetration to clients The sooner the businesses come to understand that they must learn how to use the Internet to the strongest benefit, the longer they will last moving into the future. The skill that is most sought-after by businesses is effective search engine optimization skills. This is a new profession as it's really only been around for about the last 10 years. What makes it hard though is that there is no written rule book on best practices when performing search engine optimization services for businesses. Let me just stop for a moment and explain what search engine optimization is and its benefits. The number one way that clients will find you is through a search with a search engine. Most clients will not look beyond the first page of a search engine listing so it is imperative that your business be on the front page if you want your client to find you. The in essence is the art of search engine optimization. This technique is a moving target as well. What is happening is there are many people who learn how to game the system so to speak, and get their sites ranked very quickly to the top of the search engines. This usually requires them to use spamming techniques such as in the past putting their keyword that they wish to get ranked for hundreds of times on this page so the search engines believe that the site is highly optimized for this particular term. Unfortunately this is not the case now the search engines have gotten so efficient at determining spamming listings that it is become an expensive venture for businesses to properly get themselves ranked. Unfortunately the search engines wish everybody to get themselves ranked through a community effort. In other words, a company would get favorably ranked for the keywords by others making references or recommendations online for them. Unfortunately this is not the case. If your business is invisible online then how do you get people to start leaving reviews or recommendations for your site? You must do some search engine optimization, which could be considered self-promotion, but it does need to be done. The self-promotion will know my last three months to a year depending on how competitive your particular company niche is. After that there should be enough critical mass that you will get natural traffic from your customers. At this point time you probably perform maintenance search engine not to miss additional work at best. If you discover that you need a company to guide you in your search engine optimization efforts, I recommend that you look for reparable company that offers white hat search engine optimization services. Do yourself a favor, and avoid any companies that make wild and bold promises of getting ranked within days. This does not work in the longterm. If anything is more damaging to your overall online reputation than anything else.

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