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JULY 2013 . Issue 11 . Volume 10

The Calgary Science School

Principal’s Message Thank you all for a great year. Recent events aside, we should all celebrate another successful year at CSS. I want to once again thank all of our volunteers this year – without you we would be much less than we are. Most recently, I enjoyed the grade nine graduation celebration organized by a committed group of parent volunteers. I can tell the rest of the school community that you can be proud of this group of grade nines and be sure that they will be excellent ambassadors of our school in the coming years. I wish all of our grade ten students (since they will be grade ten students by the time you receive this newsletter) all the best in the future. The flooding and the relief efforts have certainly had an impact on CSS, and so I wanted to let everyone know how our school community has been contributing to the relief efforts. As a school, we were relatively minimally impacted. We did have a few families who were significantly affected by the flooding, though, and our thoughts go out to them. As a school we have contributed to the flood relief efforts in many ways:

A group of grade nine students has been trying hard to find ways to contribute, but at this point in time most organizations are looking for adult volunteers – they will keep looking to find where they can help.

There are many stories of individuals helping out strangers in their neighbourhoods, or working to help friends and family in other parts of the city We should all be proud of our school’s response to this disaster. I want to thank everyone for your patience and understanding with the disruption to school programming this week and I thank you for your patience while we were getting information out to families. Lastly, I want to take this opportunity to say farewell to some staff who are leaving us. Ms. Amy Park has resigned her position to continue her work with the Galileo Educational Network; Ms. Candice Shaw is taking a leave of absence next year to teach overseas; Mrs. Aimee Trudel will continue to be connected to CSS as a substitute teacher, but will not be on staff next year; Mrs. Tammy Berry will be on maternity leave and Mr. Dave Scott is taking a leave of absence in order to continue to pursue his Ph.D. studies. I wish them all well in their adventures next year and thank each one for their incredible support and service to our students.

A group of CSS staff, lead by Ms. Couillard, and a number of Lakeview community members organized a donation drive this past weekend, collecting necessary supplies for First Nations communities around Calgary.

We are donating the money raised from ticket sales for the family picnic to the Red Cross and the school will cover the cost of the picnic.

Have a wonderful, safe and relaxing summer, and I will see you again on August 14.

We are selling off the unclaimed lost and found clothing and will be donating proceeds to the Red Cross.

Darrell Lonsberry

• •

Sincerely, Principal

The 4.4 homeroom is donating the money that would otherwise be used to pay for a pizza party (reward for the best participation in the parent survey) to the Red Cross.



Transportation Update

Looking back and looking ahead



JULY 2013 in this issue Transportation Update................................................ 3 The Writer’s Guild........................................................4-5 School Council Update................................................ 5 Blazing A New Trail.....................................................6-7 Track and Field.............................................................8-9 Talent Show and Term 3 PVA Showcase........10-12 Outdoor Gear Swap Notice................................12-13

Grade 8/9 Performing Arts Theatre......................13 Grade 4 Southern Alberta History Tour..........14-15 Grade 8 Rocky Mountain Tour...........................16-17 Grade 9 Celebration Evening.............................18-19 Volunteer Appreciation Lunch................................20 August School Calendar............................................21

As we come to the end of another fantastic year at CSS, we would like to thank all of our transportation parent volunteers for their hard work and freely giving of their time. In particular, we would like to say goodbye to longtime R9 Coordinator Gina Eaton. Thank you, Gina, for your many years of service and your great contributions to the Transportation Committe. Also thank you to R8 Coordinator Kris Lautermilch; we appreciate your time and contributions. Best of luck in your new endeavors!

NEW ROUTES FOR 2013/2014 Routes for the upcoming 2013/2104 were recently emailed out to parents. Once school starts in August, parents will have an opportunity to let us know of any concerns and/or route requests. Note: we must receive all requests by September 18th. The committee, along with the Transportation Analyst, reviews and votes on these requests in September (with final approval from Southland Transportation). Please use the “Contact Transportation” form (found under the CSS Family Zone Log In).


CALLING ALL VOLUNTEERS! One of the many things that makes CSS such an amazing school is the many wonderful parent volunteers. The Transportation Committee is comprised of a group of parents, just like you, who volunteer their time and WE NEED YOUR HELP! We currently have two Volunteer Route Coordinator positions available for the upcoming 2013/2014 school year. The position doesn’t require much of a time commitment, just a willingness to help out in meeting transportation needs. Please note; all training will be provided and a “route coordinator buddy” will be there to show you the ropes. Please consider joining our team! Contact Kathy Babiuk in the office or email the transportation committee @

We would love to hear from you! Please feel free to contact us at stating your route number in the subject line and one of our route volunteers will contact you. Additionally, we will be in the gym on the first day of school Coffee Meet and Greet on August 14th to answer any questions regarding transportation service. Look for our group of parent volunteers. Have a wonderful summer break! Parent Volunteer Transportation Committee

Cover Photo: Our city skyline.



The Writers’ Guild

CSS’s Writers’ Guild talking to author Dwayne Hauck about self publishing on line.

An opportunity for students of all ages to get together and share their passion for writing! In response to a student’s request to have more time to write about ‘anything I want’, she and I spearheaded the Writers’ Guild. So, for the past few months, a handful of students from grades 5 to 9 have gathered together on a weekly basis to share their passion for writing. The Writers’ Guild has since created an Edmodo group to share ideas, resources and stories (see some of the links that follow) and shared in author Dwayne Hauck’s brainstorming session on “How to Publish a Book On-line for Free” (https:// This small and very talented group of students has excelled in sharing a great deal of support toward each other. For some,


it has provided an opportunity to find the motivation they needed to focus on what they love to do. Follow these links to read and/or comment on their work: The Unknown Scarlett Stormclan Resource links for writers: Character development: Interactive stories: Ms. Trudel

School Council Update I’m sure none of us could have predicted this school year would end the way it has. I am truly saddened by the damage and upheaval that the floods have caused some of our CSS families and many of our neighbours in Southern Alberta. That said, it is also so heart-warming to see so many Calgarians, including many from the CSS community, helping those affected to rebuild their homes and lives. Money collected from the Lost and Found Items Sale was redirected to the Red Cross Flood Relief, as well as the money allocated for the pizza party won by 4.4 for having the highest number of families fill in the Parent Survey. It was unfortunate we were unable to host the pizza party due to the school closure this week, but we are sure the money will be greatly appreciated by the Red Cross. A big THANK YOU to all of the parents who spent the time to complete the Annual Parent Survey this year. The Survey Committee and school administration met earlier this week to review the responses. Please know that your input is

very important for ensuring the parent voice is heard and considered when planning future programs and events at CSS. We are pleased to announce that the Dafoe family’s name was drawn from all the survey respondents as the grand prize winner this year. The random winners of the 10 iTunes gift cards received their prizes on Wednesday. On behalf of the School Council, we would like to wish you all a safe and happy summer break. For those who are moving on this year, thank you for your support and participation. We have an amazing community here at CSS and I am proud to be part of it. We look forward to seeing many of you back in August at the Welcome Back Coffee on August 14th and the Gear Swap, Meet the Teacher Night and BBQ on August 15th. Karen Cuthbertson Co-President CSS School Council



Student Reflections The trip was fun. It was a great opportunity and was great to learn new skills and how to be independent. It was nice that the grade 6 students were nice and welcoming and made me feel like part of the group. It was a great experience and I wish everyone could have enjoyed this as much as I did. - Hannah R.

I think that the trip was a ton of fun. One thing that I wish I had brought was a pocket knife so that I didn’t have to use anyone else’s for whittling. But overall, it was a ton of fun. My favorite memory was playing sardines. - Sean G.

A New Trail June 6th saw 20 students from the the grade 6/7 Outdoor Education elective, led by Mr. Neil and Mr. Cadman, culminate their work this term with an overnight backpacking trip; a first for the Outdoor Ed. elective. Students began their trek at the Heart Creek trailhead in Bow Valley Provincial Park with their destination being the Quaite Valley Backcounty campgound, 5.1 kilometers up the trail. Preparation for the trip began long before students bundled onto the bus that Thursday morning. This term saw the class develop the skills necessary to plan and prepare for the trip, such as decisions around what gear was necessary and what might be an ideal menu, pack their bags (not a step to take lightly on an overnight trip!), hike safely, set up their own tents, prepare their own meals, work cooperatively in small groups and demonstrate the principles of no-trace camping.

I love this trip because we had to cook our own food and set up our own tents. It was so fun to play games like jackpot and frisbee. We learned how to not rely on our parents to cook our food. - Ray C.

The trip could not have been possible without the participation of Mrs. Bailey and Ms. Trudel as well as parent volunteers Randy Mosier and Stuart McPhail.



CSS at the CAAA Track and Field Meet June 4, 2013 CSS 2013 Track and Field Team Grade 6/7 Rachel B. Danielle K. Michaela V. Grace O. Dorit G. Sofia D. Alua K. Danielle V. Madyson E. Catherine M. Alice H. Tegan M. Carmen C. Victoria B. Emily J. Kaitlin F.


Sima T. Hannah R. Olivia D. Stephanie C. Kate L. Anna V. Colin T. Sten V.-S. Paul H. Jack C. Matthew H. Will F. Scott L. Tate K. Andrew H. Hugh M.

Jonathan D. Owen C. Keighan G. Dominic L.

Ben L. Ty F. Brian H. Joe H.-O.

Grade 8/9 Jada P. Heidi S. Karen T. Ethan B. Nic H. Logan W. Mitchell B. Kristian B. Jada B.

Alexandra V. Paige M. Osereme O. Nicholas M. Logan K. Sean H. Rylan C. Alex K. Adrian H.

Coaches Ms. Pereverzoff, Mr. Fawcett, Mr. Publack


C S S T A L E N T S H O W A N D T E R M 3 P VA S H O W C A S E J U N E 2 0, 2 0 1 3 10



Save that outgrown, outdoor gear for the CSS Outdoor Gear Swap

• Drop off gear to be sold in the IAC Wed. August 14 8:30 - 9:30 am & 7:00 - 8:00 pm or Thurs. August 15 8:30 - 9:30 am

• Buy bigger gear at the SALE Thurs. August 15 3:00 - 8:00 pm

Grade 8/9 Performing Arts Theatre



Dear Future Grade 4 Students,

Grade 4 Southern Alberta History Tour The Southern Alberta History Tour saw grade 4 CSS students immerse themselves in our province’s history over a period of 3 days during the first week of June. The first stop of the tour was the Nanton Aircraft Museum, where students got a hands-on glimpse of our aviation history. From there it was on to Fort MacLeod to experience the many different perspectives involved in life at an RCMP outpost in southern Alberta. Next was Frank Slide to see the lasting impact of one of Alberta’s greatest natural disasters. After dinner and a movie in the centre’s theatre, it was time to get some sleep to prepare for another big day.


Day 2 saw students head to the Bellevue Mine undergound mine. From there it was off to the Great Canadian Barn Dance to get a taste of how an early Albertan would blow off some steam. After another night’s sleep, it was off to the trip’s final destination; Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump to set up a real teepee from scratch and get a feel for what it might be like watching a herd of thundering buffalo rushing off of the cliff to their demise. Please see the opposite page for a student’s perspective and advice for incoming grade 4’s.

My name is Mackenzie and I am in grade 4, soon to be grade 5. I’m writing this letter to tell you about SAHT, or Southern Alberta History Tour. We went to so many cool places and I will name them for you: Fort MacLeod, Frank slide, Great Canadian Barn Dance, Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump, Bellevue Mine, Lundbreck Falls, and Waterton Dam. There where a lot of activities like dancing, Blackfoot “stick games”, promises in paradise, buffalo spearing, singing, mounties vs traders, sardines and camouflage. There was also potato sack races, doll-making or tipis, exploring the mine, tug of war, carriage rides, hike at Frank slide, play at Fort Macleod, movies at Frank slide and Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump, and, finally, a tour of the museum with Little Leaf or Stan. I really liked the dancing and movies, outdoor experience and our tour guide Little Leaf. I didn’t like that the trip was 3 days and 2 nights. I wish that it was maybe 1 day longer and that’s the only dislike that I have. I think you’ll love it! My BEST memories were the dancing. We learnt the electric slide, we did the limbo, hot potato, bunny hop, Macarena, Gangnam Style and the Chicken Dance. You get to meet new people and play with your friends every day. You have a lot of freedom but you also have to be responsible. You need to be respectful of others and the places you go, because some of the places are open to the public. Anyway the most important thing is be respectful to yourself. And have LOTS OF FUN!!!!!!!! That’s all I have to say and I might see you walking in the halls. Have a wonderful trip and school year!!!!!!!!!!!! Sincerely, Mackenzie


Grade 8

Rocky Mountain Tour



G ra d e 9 C e l e b ra t i o n E ve n i n g Friday, June 14, 2013 Polish-Canadian Club of Calgary



august 2013 Important dates for August, 2013 August 14 - First day of school! August 14 - Welcome Back Parent Coffee Reception in the gym 8:30-10:00 AM

August 15 Picture Day August 15 Meet the Teacher Open House 4:00pm – 8:00pm August 16 Regular classes in morning. Dismissal at 12:00 pm

Volunteer Appreciation Lunch







June 20, 2013

welcome back parent coffee reception 8:30 - 10:00 am In the gym


Meet the teacher night 4:00 - 8:00 pm outdoor ed gear and band uniform swap “CampSweet”bbq5:006:30pm


Camp Sweet 12:00 pm work bee 10:00 student dismissal am - 2:00 pm

Picture Day





21 Camp Sweet 7.3/7.4 depart

Camp Sweet 7.1/7.2 depart



Camp Sweet 5.1/5.2 depart



23 7.3/7.4 return

7.1/7.2 return




Camp Sweet 5.3/5.4 depart



Camp Sweet 5.3/5.4 depart

5.1/5.2 return


Spectrum July 2013  
Spectrum July 2013