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PROLOGUE It ll started when Ali went missing. When I say ‘it a

started’ I mean the mystery began. Four girls got the best experience of their lives being apart of Alison DiLaurentis’ clique. They did everything together - go to the movies, have sleepovers. Everything was perfect, until the end of 7th Grade Sleepover. They were all in the barn - Alison, Aria, Hannah, Spencer and Emily - just about to go to sleep when Ali suggested she try hypnosis. Somehow agreeing, the girls closed their eyes and waited for Ali to begin. It worked and they fell asleep. But when they woke up Ali was gone. No sign of her anywhere. Confused and scared the girls assumed she ran away like she had talked about before. They knew she would be back... But she wasn’t. Now the girls have forever entered a world of mystery, betrayal, and traumatization. Secrets 2

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Truth be told

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Hanna Marin Talk of the clique

“ I think you need a trip to oz. See if the wizard can find you a heart”.

Hanna Marin is a beautiful but insecure girl. However Ever since Alison died, she has become the “ Queen Bee” of Rosewood High. Popular and gorgeous, she totally transformed herself over the summer., Although popular, Hanna now bases her life around her appearance and what people think of her. Ever since her dad and mom divorced she strives for attention from her dad. She may have a fortune to spend, but she desperately seeks attention from her father by stealing items from the mall. We now talk with Hanna about her newfound popularity, her insecurities, and her shopping addiction.

Newfound popularity Secrets 4


hen you were in the barn in Spencer’s back yard, you were with your four best friends – Aria, Emily, Spencer, and Alison, you were being “ hypnotized” by Ali. After waking up Ali son was gone ,what was going through your mind? Were you calm ,worried, fearful? Q)

A) I remember all the girls and I were trembling with terror, every inch of our body shock terrified of what lurked out there. I had no idea where Ali was. I felt my hear racing out of my chest. I remeber looking around with fear and dramatically I was asking Spencer, and Aria what happened and where she was. But they didn’t know either. Q) You were friends with a penurious bully; she even bullied you, calling you “ Hefty Hanna”, after all that why did you stay friends with her? And why do you think she bullied you? Was it to stay cool? Or did she just want to make you feel bad so she could feel good? A) I stayed friends with her because being apart of her “ Posy” made me feel apart of something, I guess I felt important and exceptional. I don’t think Ali intended to make me sad. I think she just said what she felt even if it hurt. Q) If Alison was here today do you think that she would have been proud of you taking her place as number 1? Ruling the school and being pretty and thin?

Q) Dealing with Alison’s death, do you believe that her dying was for the better? Or do you still wish she were here? A) That’s a tricky one. Well Ali and I were pretty close but the four of us were also extremely scared of her because she knew absolutely everything about us. And as long as she was dead at least our secrets were safe. I know that saying that it might be mean but she knew way to much. Q) I heard that you spent some time down at the police sttion for stealing various items. What was the reason behind that? A) I was down there because it may seem like I have it all but really I wanted to get attention from my dad. He left my mother and I a while ago and it’s been really difficult to come to terms with. Q) What’s your relationship with the girls now that Ali is dead? And before was it great? Or did you A) Ali was the one that brought us all together. She was the one that everyone talked to about anything. Now its weird, Ali brought us together then we were apart and now were back together because of Ali. Q) When You were sound asleep the night Alison went missing did you have any weird encounters with her, or visions of anything unusual?

A) I think that Ali would have been proud because I am exactly like she was being the “ Queen Bee”. And I mean A) I did and when the girls and I woke up we all told I am exactly like her now, because after being called “ each other our dream and it was very unusual but all the Heafty Hanna” I relized that I had to lose some weight. same. Our dream was that Alison Delaurentis was running out on Spencers farm at night and she suddenly fell into a big dark, dreary hole.

Secrets 5

Got a secret Can you keep it? Swear this one you’ll save Better lock it, in your pocket Taking this one to the grave If I show you then I know you Won’t tell what I said Cause two can keep a secret If one of the m is dead… Why do you smile Like you have told a secret Now you’re telling lies Cause you’re the one to keep it But no one keeps a secret No one keeps a secret Why when we do our darkest deeds Do we tell? They burn in our brains Become a living hell Cause everyone tells Everyone tells… Got a secret

Can you keep it? Swear this one you’ll save Better lock it, in your pocket Taking this one to the grave If I show you then I know you Won’t tell Cause two can keep a secret If one of the m is dead… Look into my eyes Now you’re getting sleepy Are you hypnotized By secrets that you’re keeping? I know what you’re keeping I know what you’re keeping [end spoken] You swore you’d never tell… You swore you’d never tell… Yes two can keep a secret if one of them is dead If one of us is…. Dead. Company: Lizard king records Country: Recorded in the US Song: Secrets by the Pierces Album: Thirteen tales of love and revenge Singers: Allison Pierce and Catherine Pierce Produced by Rick Simpson October 2008 release date

Secrets 6

Ghosts arent the only ones that haunt you......

Dont tell. Throughout the story the theme that is expressed throughout is about keeping deep dark secrets that could forever ruin a person. Secrets are about being overwhelmed with a dark past that is haunting you, and you can never run away. Like it says in secrets “ They burn in our brains become a living hell” Your brain will be so traumatized, filled with pain and deadliness. In the song it says “ Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead”, Which is saying that if you tell a friend a secret and they swore they would never tell, but they do. You can make sure a secret stays a secret if you kill them. I believe that the central message Catherine Pierce and Alison Pierce were trying to portray is to identify in the world the origin of secrets, the horror that surrounds them, the shivers that crawl up your spine and you feel uneasy you know something in the world is not right.

Secrets by the Pierces relates well to Pretty Little Liars because of the mystery and traumatization. Sara Shepard brings you into the world of nightmares, where secrets are like oxygen. Always there, never gone, but impossible to live without. When the song says, “ Now your telling lies”” it is almost as though it is saying how the girls were thinking. Pretty Little Liars deals with suspicion, fear and despair - these vivid words have a deep meaning to the imagery created for the song and books. The words “cause everybody tells” lock into your hear and ring, almost as though Alison was saying them. Reminding the girls of what she can do. Similarly, In Pretty Little Liars there seems to be a repetition of death, surprisingly enough the song says just that. “Do you swear on your life?” I think that the song relates well to the Sara Shepard Best Selling Book- Pretty Little Liars. The poetic language in this song is very thrilling and detailed. For example “ They burn in our brain becomes a living hell” That is so deep saying that the person in general is very disturbed and is terrified of what comes next after they broke a promise that is supposed to stay a secret. Another vivid image that I can picture is in the song it says “Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead” That to me is a threat simply stating the consequence that happens after you share a dark secret. It relates back to the song and life in general because we always feel and urge to get something off our chest and usually the deepest secret is the one that causes the most pain.

Secrets 7

fection r e p e v i t p e above dec ring summer storm, s g n a h y l i av ge og that he that hover like a lin f y r a e r d ysteries I am from m e n , g stilettoes i s t n e s i d e r e e d c n w r a o e l t c m s I am from ious silver shades, Tiffany boxe r u x u l , h s i er lav I am from iding behind design gh ingle word s a t o Real feelin n , g duffel ba d e k c a p r e like an ov d e i r unknown r h a t c i e w c s n s e a l i r s g e of damp urdensome ips. r b u t s m a o r p f a t m Ia g amongs uivering l n q i k y l a m w e v s a h shall le idden trut h d n a s l u o ead body, I am lost s hrieks, d a e k i l e nm ds screams an sequences hanging o con ater vapor w e k i l I am from h s i ting to van i a w s s a l g a sheet of e k i l o cheek, t t n k e c e e u l h s c n g a r isibility, t le stretchin never to be i v n m i s m g o n i r f w I am e had a glo ling hand, a mystery ir, c a n y o p t s a i h w t s n into thi ortant one ace like a bone-chil p m i n u e h t y on my f a I am from l n i a t r u c light Now a twi urled and f n u , s e o solved. t ot-covered o s y m w o l the dust be , e c a brought f ; r t s u i s a ’s w h t e r h a gether at t o neath the e t e b d e h m c o r n f e l I am laymates c p g n i m o c steamy e, unforth g n a r t s r u fo I am from foreseeing wolf ya together b

Secrets 8

The Review

s u o u t r o t a b m i o “Cl t n o i s n e t f o r e t i ladde h w f o n w o t h a pos ” s e c n e f t picke “Behind their big Gucci sunglasses, beneath their perfectly pressed polos, everyone in ultra exclusive Rosewood, Pennsylvania has something to hide”. Sara Shepard makes you climb a tortuous ladder of tension to a posh town of picket fences. Secrets, lies and hidden stories hover above quiet Rosewood. Pretty Little liars should be in the eighth grade curriculum because it does an astonishing job of showing suspense, relatable moments, and drama throughout the novel Shepard makes you feel what the characters feel inch by inch. Prepare to be in on the girl’s personal life, where secrets to them are like oxygen, you can never live without. Secrets 9

Fly on the wall Secrets 10


nees shaking, Hanna crept into the hall. There were long, dark shadows at the back door, and the scratching noise had grown louder”. This quote has you trembling with terror just like the book will as you turn another scandal filled page. Pretty little liars make vivid blood -curdling suspense that clatters throughout your body. It should be in the eighth grade curriculum because the suspense is unbelievably shocking, it will have you biting your nails when you here all the juicy dirt. “No one heard the squish of footsteps in the dewy grass or saw the light fog of breath on the window” A dark supernatural feeling is what Shepard is trying to illustrate. The illusion that someone is out there…


he relatable moments in pretty little liars are the deep moments you feel when something shocks or moves you. “ The girls stared out the window, frozen and terrified as a deer. Was someone there? Shepard puts that quote there because it moves you, and you shudder terrified as if someone had been to your house, or you wonder what lurks outside the squishy emerald grass that tickles your feet. Pretty little liars should be in the eighth grade curriculum because the relatable moments stay with you, they are clear and fresh in your brain forever. Even if the moments are brief like smelling warm crispy toast in the beam of morning. “ Spencer Hastings rubbed her sleep-crusted eyes and put a kasha waffle in the toaster. Her families kitchen smelled of freshly brewed coffee, pastries and lemon scented household cleaner” That is a relatable moment because when you wake up bright and early your eyes are all crusty and filled with sleep. And you always have a struggle waking up bright and early. Sara Shepard puts memorable moments in your heart, moments of regret, terrorizing pasts and present….


he eighth grade curriculum should consist of pretty little liars because of the drama that satisfies us. The relatable moments that so vividly enters our minds and stay there for as long as we remember them. Lastly the suspense that strangles our throats as we lie on the couch twitching, while we here scratching noises at the front door. Sara Shepard powerfully puts you in a ultra exclusive world where you feel like you really are one of the girls. The amazement has already begun…. truths come out and top secret disasters that you hoped would be locked away forever and ever -A

Secrets 11

Calgary Humane Society! Connect lifes, and support these lovable pets. Secrets 12

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