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July 2012

Hot Calgary Market Continues According To CREB

With the influx of 30,000 people arriving in our City last year (according to the Statistics recently released by the City Census Takers) it seems that possibility is very real. We are already seeing multiple offers on properties within the more

Residential sales in the City of Calgary totaled 11,752 for the first half of this year, a 16-percent increase over the same period last year. The rise in sales has brought activity levels closer to long-term trends in the city. “Recent mortgage rule changes may dampen some of the gains in the resale market,” says Ann-Marie Lurie, CREB®’s chief economist. “But this is not expected to cause a full reversal of either sales or price growth, provided the global economic situation does not significantly worsen”. “Our housing market is returning to normal levels of activity, supported by the improvements in our employment sector and rise in-migration says Lurie.” To see the whole statistics package, go here Oh No! Not That Type Of Market Again

It depends which side of the fence you are on as to whether you yearn for the overheated Real Estate Market we saw in 2007. For someone who is waiting for the right time to sell and move out of the City or Province, they may be enamored with the prospect of waiting it out for the big prices to return, but for buyers eager to get into their first home, it is a completely different matter - one which can destroy their hopes and plans to become homeowners themselves due to inflated prices.

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It is amazing how many people suffer from overheated rooms during the summer months. Some are not fortunate enough to have air conditioning which many of us thought not necessary in Calgary until a few years ago when it became more popular. Many older homes are however equipped with ceiling fans but it is amazing how many homeowners have the fans rotating the wrong way during the summer months. Fans should be reversed during the winter months but for the summer, the blades should rotate so the air is forced downwards. If you are unaware that most fans are bi-directional, look for a switch at the base of the fan or a pull chain which will reverse the direction of the blades providing a better airflow and more comfort during those hot summer nights.

Home For Sale – Open House – Have you Thought about Identity Theft? Identity theft has become a growing problem and it’s not just the the act itself, it is a huge invasion of privacy once perpetrated, often leading to months of work and inconvenience in order for the victim to regain their privacy. Let’s face it, obtaining new credit cards, bank accounts and passwords etc, is very time consuming once someone’s identity has been stolen. Preparing a home for sale or allowing a home to be shown is a big deal and sadly, it is an issue that too many of us pay only lip service to, instead of one that should be considered very carefully prior to selling. When homeowners prepare their homes for sale, it is important not only to declutter, neutralize and stage the home to sell quickly, but also to focus on de-personalizing and eliminating the possibility that someone may obtain personal and private information unlawfully. It is important that the Realtor and Seller work together to minimize the risk of the homeowner being compromised before any showings occur or prior to any open houses. Most of us are generally trusting in nature however, the reality is that we live in an age where identity theft is on the rise, and personal protection is imperative. Once a for sale sign appears on the front lawn, there is some risk, so putting away information you would not want anyone

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else to be privy too, is extremely important in order to minimize the risk that private information will be stolen during an open house or showing. How many times when visiting open houses have you walked into a house and noticed utility bills on the kitchen counter or cheque books, pay stubs, Visa bills and worse still bank statements lying around? These items are an open invitation for thieves. De-personalizing a home means moving these items from sight and keeping them in a secure location - a locked desk drawer would be good place to store these items until a firm Purchase Contract is in place and you are back to normal. Below is a list that may help you to protect your privacy when your home goes on the market.

• Lock away all valuables and Jewelry. • Remove from view, all bills, letters, bank and Visa or credit card statements. • Shred papers with personal information that is no longer needed. • Password protect your computer to block access to your private files. • If you can, turn your phones to silent while you are away, so if someone calls while you are out, strangers will not hear messages being left. This is especially important if you use the older type answering Machines where messages can be heard being left while people are in your home. • Unplug phones with caller ID features. • Remove or conceal digital devices that contain information about you or your family i.e. cell phones, iPods, USB drives etc. Some of these suggestions might seem extreme, but for most of us, our home is a sanctuary where we should feel safe, so protect what you have when it is on the market. The other side-benefit about depersonalizing your home is that it will help a buyer to see themselves in your space which may well lead to a successful sale.

• Remove all calendars, as these often contain a great deal of private information, often noting when you’re not going to be home.

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