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FAQ Questions for the Week WILLS

FAQ My father or mother is #1: in poor health and needs to do a will. Can I assist with this?

A child can sometimes help a parent arrange to have a will done. However, the child should rarely be involved in the drafting of the will.

A child should not be a witness to a parent’s will, and should probably not be present during the signing of the will.

A lawyer being instructed on a will should receive final instructions from the parent without the child being present. This minimizes any concern that the parent received undue influence from

FAQ What makes a person #2: mentally competent or mentally incompetent as the case may be?

This is a complex area of law. Typically a testator (person writing a will) should have a sense of who the important people are in his or her life, and should understand the basic nature of what he or she might give to those people.

To make matters more complicated, a person may be competent but under undue influence. If you have any concerns in this regard, you should have a chat with a

lawyer such as me.


Will you notarize or witness a


will that I have prepared

myself? If so, what’s the costs for such a service.

For various reasons, including the avoidance of professional liability, I will not simply act as a witness for a will.

If I’m going to accept you as a client, I must have input into the drafting of the will, and I typically insist on drafting the will myself.

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