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Paying Attention in Class By Mr. Prater "Johnny, what is the answer?" "WRONG!! Weren't you paying attention??" Have you ever heard these words? Were they directed at you? Paying Attention in class is fun, exciting, beneficial, and it will make you a great student. Included among the many reasons why you should pay attention in class are that it will improve your grade, it will make you smarter, and finally it will help you to avoid embarrassing situations like the one mentioned at the beginning of this essay. First let’s examine the effect it will have on your grades. Many students are concerned with earning a good grade. If you are a normal kid, then you are probably concerned with your grade too. By paying attention in class, you will know how to complete assignments, and you will have the skills required to get passing grades on your tests. Next we will take a look at how paying attention can make you more intelligent. Not only will paying attention cause your grade to improve, it will also make you smarter. Dr. Ron Feeblestone, professor of student smartness at Wildcat State University says, "Paying attention in class, especially when your teacher is as brilliant as Mr. Prater, will improve your smartness level by 85%." So, if you are concerned with smartness, pay attention! Now let’s explore the other side of the argument. Many of you might be thinking to yourself, “Paying attention is just so hard, there is no way I can possibly do it!” However, the art of paying attention simply takes practice. If you set your mind that you are going to quiet yourself down and try to really concentrate on the lesson, eventually you will be able to train yourself to pay attention. It might take some work, but as we’ve seen, the payoff is well worth it. Clearly, paying attention in class is extremely important. It improves your grade, makes you smarter, and can save you tons of embarrassment. In the words of Geography Teacher Mr. Sieben, "Make sure you pay attention in class, or you could end up like me."

Paying Attention in Class  

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