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INOV8 Model R200

Multi Fuel Burner INOV8 International, Inc.

430 Nelson Place

La Crosse, WI 54601 USA



Model R200 & R700

Uncompromised engineering specifically designed for the challenges of burning waste oils in a safe, clean and reliable manner. INOV8 offers four key advantages: 1.

Clean combustion—done with higher oil preheat temperature, filtering of hot oil, higher oil & air pressure, patented needle valve & vapor elimination. This produces uncompromised clean combustion for our environment.


Flexibility of Fuels—Burn nearly any viscosity or flash point oil. No need to separate or dilute. Burnable fuels include: crankcase oil, crankcase oil with up to 20% gasoline, hydraulic fluid, transmission oil, up to #6 fuel oil, synthetic crankcase oil, jet fuel, mineral spirits. Unlisted but warranted fuels include: vegetable oils (fresh pressed, food quality & used) & biodiesel fuel.


Low Operating Costs—User friendly maintenance, no required annual factory maintenance, fully exchangeable parts, easy instructions, fully factory support.


Safety—Recently re-certified to latest safety standards in the United States & Canada by Intertek ETL-Semko. Look for the ETL logo for quality & assurance of safety. Fireye flame control provides unmatched safety with seven electronic checks not available on any other burner.

SPECIFICATIONS INPUT BTU (X 100) FUEL USAGE, GPH DIMENSIONS, LENGTH/WIDTH/HEIGHT, INCHES WEIGHT, LBS ELECTRICAL SUPPLY, VOLTS ELECTRICAL DRAW (MAX), AMPS COMPRESSED AIR REQUIREMENTS, CFM COMPRESSED AIR REQUIREMENTS, PSIG FREQUENCY – HZ 240 VOLTS & 50 HZ AVAILABILITY BURNER MOTOR, HP BURNER MOTOR RPM SEALED COMBUSTION KIT AVAILABLE SAFETY CONTROLS, STANDARD Fireye Industrial Control Ultraviolet flame detection 90 second ignition pre-purge cycle Continual proof of atomizing air Continual proof of combustion air Safe start sequence Trial for ignition – 10 seconds Flame failure shutoff, in 3 seconds Safety shut-down indicator light Fuel shut-off by solenoid valve Fuel shut-off by mechanical needle Line voltage thermostat controls burner power Oil temperature lockout Blocked filter indicator light CONVENIENCE CONTROLS Automatic restart Automatic nozzle cleanout Ignition test switch Dirty filter indicator light Hour Meter Air pressure regulator Heater on/off switch

Patent #5,341,832 & Patent #5,149260



125 to 650 .84 to 4.6 16 / 18 / 14 50 120 10 2.0 to 3.0 30 60 Yes 1/5 3,450 Yes

700 to 1.1 M 5.0 to 7.2 25 / 24 / 19 72 120 16 3.0 to 5.0 38 to 80 60 Yes 1/3 3,450 No

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

INOV8 Burners matched to furnaces, boilers, water heaters & evaporators provide unlimited economic options for disposing of wastes safely & cleanly. Model F125 Furnace—Perfect for two bay garages providing unmatched heat performance with the easiest maintenance in the industry. Model F240 Furnace—The most popular size fits most applications with ease & exceptional performance. Heats up to 5000 sq ft in northern climates. Model F450 Furnace—A powerhouse that also serves as a make-up air unit. Vertically fired burner extends cleaning time to once a season. Model B225 Petroleum-based Oil Boiler Radiant in-floor is the most popular heating today. Hot water from waste oil burning can’t be beat for economy and efficiency. Model V219 Vegetable Oil Boiler—Now, vegetable oil can provide the same radiant in-floor heating but with the benefits of Green Energy & lots of cost savings. Waste water Evaporators—Economic & efficient method of reducing or eliminating disposal costs for waste water by using available waste oil for fuel. NEW — Water Heater—So new it doesn’t have a model number but the benefits are unmatched: hot potable water and/or use for heating while burning used oils.

Multi-Fuel Burner Brochure  

INPUT BTU (X 100) 125 to 650 700 to 1.1 M FUEL USAGE, GPH .84 to 4.6 5.0 to 7.2 DIMENSIONS, LENGTH/WIDTH/HEIGHT, INCHES 16 / 18 / 14 25 / 24...

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