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Caledonia Play is a family run, independent company established in 2002, which serves customers throughout the UK from its base in central Scotland. The company combines many years of experience in the timber industry with an excellent knowledge of how children can play. The philosophy underpinning the company is that children have the right to play in a safe but natural environment that can also be physically challenging and mentally stimulating. As part of our commitment to the environment, all timbers are from sustainably-managed forests. We use machine-rounded, dense, Northern European softwoods that have been pressure-treated and waxed for durability. Caledonia Play Drumbog, Drum, Nr Kinross, Scotland, KY13 0UN 01577 840570

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Thank you information to Kaspar, Felix, Hector, Eleanor, Jane, Freya, Atholl, Joshua, Phoebe, Emma, Rosie, For more call: 01577 840570 Katherine and Georgina who feature in this brochure.

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Creating wonderful childhood memories


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Swing Frames Our beautiful swing frames are available in a range of widths to suit your garden size. The strong, robust designs are constructed with 10cm diameter legs, 12cm top poles and the 2.5m leg span gives a free-standing stability. All the fixing bolts are recessed into the timber to prevent clothes snagging. Our swing frames sit on grass and do not need to be concreted in. As time passes, the legs of the swing frames bed into the ground, ensuring that the product remains firm and stable. The top poles will withstand the most active and energetic children and all will support an adult’s weight. Ground anchors are provided with the Single Swing Frame for extra stability. They are not required for any other swing frame.

Single Swing Frame Code SFA Size 2.00 x 2.50 x 2.60m

The closed swing pivots suit any combination of our varied choice of swing seat accessories, and these can be easily interchanged.

A simple but solid swing frame from which to hang any of our swing seats. Great for grown ups too. Includes ground anchors.

Swing seats are not included with our standard swing frames. This enables you to choose your own to suit the size and age of the children. For our full selection of swing seats turn to page 28. For more information call: 01577 840570


Code DFA Size: 2.50 x 2.50 x 2.60m

Double Swing Frame with Extension Code DFX Size: 3.00 x 2.50 x 2.60m

One step up from the Single Swing Frame. Two double swing points allow a large variety of options and possibilities.

The extra extension allows more options - pictured is the Push Me Pull You which works equally well with two children or one child.

Double Swing Frame

What is an Extension? This is when our swing frames have the top pole extended so that it protrudes from the side of the swing frame. There is then space to hang an extra swing seat. 4

Only swing seats with single swing ropes can go onto extensions. For our full selection of swing seats and accessories turn to page 28. Order online today:

Triple Swing Frame Code TFA Size 3.50 x 2.50 x 2.60m

Triple Swing Frame with Extension Code TFX Size: 4.00 x 2.50 x 2.60m

The Triple Swing Frame pictured shows a combination of swing seats that can be adapted as children grow.

This combination can keep up to five children happy at one time and will accommodate a variety of ages too.

Special Extensions All our Triple Swing Frames can be supplied with two extensions if required, allowing more options to add swings.

For more information call: 01577 840570

Further extensions are only produced on special request so please call us on 01577 840570 for more information. 5

Family Basket Swing

Our Family Basket Swing is free-standing and robust and uses larger poles than our standard frames to support the commercial quality basket. The basket has an internal galvanised steel ring and woven herculean rope. This swing is suitable for groups of children as well as adults, and those with special needs, and conforms to European Safety Standard EN 1176. Choose from the red and blue coloured basket or all black.

Family Basket Swing Code FBS-BL (black basket) Code FBS-RB (red/blue basket) Size: 3.00 x 3.00 x 2.40m Basket size: 1.20m diameter Heavy duty swing frame with a large basket included, designed for single or multi person use. 6

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Family Basket Swing with Double Extension Code FBSXX Size: 5.00 x 3.00 x 2.40m Family Basket Swing with extended top pole and swing points on either side.

Due to the extra strong top pole the extensions are able to take double swing points as well as single swing points. Please call to discuss options for extensions.

Fab products, fab service and a fab team... Need I say more!? Sam Nicholson

Family Basket Swing with Ladder and Net and Extension Code FBSNXX Size: 6.00 x 3.00 x 2.40m Family Basket Swing with two sets of double swing points, cargo net and climbing ladder. For more information call: 01577 840570


Letting them be at one with nature


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Swings with Climbing Frames

Double Swing Frame with Ladder and Net Frame Code DFN Size: 3.50 x 2.50 x 2.60m Double swing frame with two pairs of swing points, cargo net and climbing ladder.

Single Swing Frame with Ladder and Net Frame Code SFN Size: 2.50 x 2.50 x 2.60m Single swing frame with one pair of swing points, cargo net and climbing ladder. Single Swing Frame with Ladder and Net Frame and Extension Code SFNX Size: 3.00 x 2.50 x 2.60m Same as SFN with added extension.

For more information call: 01577 840570

Double Swing Frame with Ladder and Net Frame and Extension Code DFNX Size: 4.00 x 2.50 x 2.60m Two pairs of swing points plus a single swing point, cargo net and climbing ladder.


Triple Swing Frame with Ladder and Net Frame Code TFN Size: 4.50 x 2.50 x 2.60m Triple swing frame with three pairs of swing points, cargo net and climbing ladder.

Triple Swing Frame with Ladder and Net Frame and Extension Code TFNX Size: 5.00 x 2.50 x 2.60m Triple swing frame with three double swing points and one single swing point, cargo net and climbing ladder.


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Pyramid Monkey Frame Code PMF Size: 5.50 x 5.00 x 3.00m

The Pyramid Monkey Frame is a combination of a Pyramid Slide Frame with a Monkey Bar Ladder. Pyramid Slide Frame Code PSF Size: 4.50 x 2.50 x 3.00m Free-standing tripod frame with two climbing sides and a 3.0m wave slide. Alternative configurations of the Pyramid Frame can be supplied as required. Lovely swing by the way, we’re thrilled with the quality and will be recommending you to friends. L Mansfield

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Allowing children to get lost in their own imaginary worlds


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Garden Play House Garden Play House Code GPH Size: 1.50 x 4.20 x 3.20m This robust and solid structure comes with a 3.0m fibreglass wave slide, a set of steps, two benches and a table. The extended legs are sunk into the ground for extra stability. Our Garden Play House has been a firm favourite for many years and can be a lovely addition to any grandparents’ garden for when the grandchildren come to visit. Additional accessories such as the telescope, binoculars, steering wheel and periscope help to fire the imagination.

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Garden Play Fort

Our popular Garden Play Fort designs offer a challenge for even the most adventurous and imaginative children. The towers can be configured to suit individual requirements and the ramp height can be adjusted from a higher position to a lower one to suit the abilities of the children using it. Additional accessories such as the telescope, binoculars, steering wheel and periscope can also be added on as fun play elements.

Garden Play Fort Code GPF Size: 4.00 x 5.00 x 3.20m Platform height 1.45m The standard Garden Play Fort includes a climbing ramp with pull rope, a ladder, a 3.0m wave slide and a small timber extension with single swing point. The lower section can be converted into a secret den by adding a floor and extra wall – this is called the Base Floor and Wall Add-on. Base Floor and Wall Add-on Code BWA


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Garden Play Fort with Swing Extension Code GPFX Size: 7.50 x 4.50 x 3.20m

Garden Play Fort with Cargo Net and Swing Extension Code GPFX-N Size: 7.50 x 5.50 x 3.20m

This Garden Play Fort comes with a climbing ramp with pull rope, a ladder, a 3.0m wave slide and an additional double swing frame with extension.

Garden Play Fort with additional cargo net frame and a double swing frame with extension.

Choose two swing seats for the double swing points and a swing seat for the single swing point on the extension.

For more information call: 01577 840570

Fantastic swings and fort, great service and very swift delivery! Fun for the whole family. Thank you. Sarah Robinson


Garden Play Castle

Garden Play Castle Code GPC Size: 2.00 x 4.00 x 3.00m


Double level extended tower with look-out area and play space. Includes 3.0m wave slide.

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Garden Play Castle with Swing Extension Code GPCX Size: 5.00 x 4.00 x 3.00m The standard Garden Play Castle with additional double swing frame and extension.

Just to say your team have been to erect the swings. They arrived on time and did a faultless job, politely and without fuss. I was very impressed. The swings look great, thank you! Mr B, Glasgow For more information call: 01577 840570


Multi Play Centre Can’t recommend Caledonia Play enough. Swings are fantastic, great value and will last forever. Anyone looking for quality play equipment don’t hesitate to check them out, fast delivery and great customer service! Deb Bale Multi Play Centre Code MPC Size: 3.50 x 4.00 x 3.00m This sturdy design has many variant possibilities allowing it to suit most gardens. It includes a look-out house, five rung ladder, 3.0m wave slide and a swing frame with two sets of double swing points.


Multi Play Centre with Extension Code MPCX Size: 4.00 x 4.80 x 3.00m This Multi Play Centre includes an extension with a single swing point. Single swing point accessories and our full selection of swing seats are on page 28.

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A-Frame Add-ons These optional add-ons are suitable additions to swing frames or net frames.

Monkey Bar Ladder Code MBL Size: 1.25 x 3.00 x 2.60m Monkey bar frame to add on to any net frame or fort tower. This products is of a heavy-duty construction with stainless steel bars. Slide Frame Code SSF Size: 1.00 x 4.55 x 2.60m A-Frame with platform and standard 3.0m wave slide. This can be attached to either a swing frame or a net frame.

For more information call: 01577 840570


Tower Add-ons These optional add-ons can be added to the Garden Play Fort and Garden Play Castle .

V Timber Bridge Code VBR Size: 3.00 x 0.75m

Climbing Rock Wall Code CRW Size: 1.20 x 2.40m

Cargo Net Frame Code CNF Size: 1.30 x 2.80m

Climbing Ramp with Pull Rope Code RMP Size: 0.65 x 3.00m

Add to the Garden Play Castle or Fort only. 20

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Tailored Combinations Our products are modular allowing combinations to be created tailored to you.

Garden Play Fort Double Swing Extension Ladder and Net Frame and Extension

For more information call: 01577 840570

Pyramid Climbing Frame Climbing Rock Wall Climbing Ramp Net Frame Twin Tower Combination V Timber Bridge connecting a Garden Play House to a Garden Play Fort with Cargo Net and Swings.


Garden Play House V Timber Bridge Bridge A Frame Triple Swing Frame

Garden Play House V Timber Bridge Triple Swing Frame Net Frame/Extension Monkey Bar Ladder Tumble Bar Bridge A Frame


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Our products can be combined in many ways to suit specific gardens and age groups and abilities of those who will be using it. With our many years of experience we are able to help you decide which products are best suited to your needs. Garden Play House V Timber Bridge Pyramid Frame

Twin Tower combination including V Timber Bridge, Base Den and climbing activities based on the Garden Play Fort and the Garden Play House. For advice on the best solution for your garden please call the office or drop us an email.

Bespoke three unit combination designed to customer’s requirements. For more information call: 01577 840570


Garden Seating

Circular Picnic Table Code CPB Size: 0.70m high x 2.10m Ø Circular picnic table with attached benches. The seat design gives easy access and can seat up to 8 people. The timber is European slow-grown treated softwood and is undercut to ensure it will not ‘bow’ in extreme weather conditions. Our tables are built to last.

Love our new picnic table, thanks for quick and straightforward service. Maxine Scott 24

1200 2100

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Circular Picnic Table with Back Rests Code CPBB Size: 0.70m high x 2.40m Ă˜ Circular picnic table with attached benches and back rests.

Play House Picnic Table and Two Benches Code GPHA Size: 57cm x 44cm x 50cm (table) Supplied as standard with the Garden Play House, this lovely children’s bench set with table is perfect for tea parties with friends. For more information call: 01577 840570



Wooden Tidy Sandpit & Liner Code WTS Size: 1.25 x 1.25 x 0.20m Our ever popular sandpit has two folding lids which fold back to form two benches. The liner allows water to pass through it so that the sand can dry up again. Supplied flat-packed for self assembly. We have a PVC cover designed to fit our sandpit. Available in two colours Red or Green.

Sandpit Cover Code WTSC - R (Red) Code WTSC - G (Green) 26

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Goal Posts

Garden Goal Posts Code GGP - Football Size: 2.50 x 1.50 x 1.50m

Rugby Goal Posts Code GRP - Rugby Size: 2.50 x 1.50 x 3.0m

Timber goal post for the garden. Net included.

As the Garden Goal Posts but with extended poles.

Also available: Goal Post Net Code GGP -N Suitable for both types of goal posts.

Garden Goal Posts set of two Code GGP -2 Rugby Goal Posts set of two Code GRP -2

For more information call: 01577 840570


Swing Seats There are double swing points on all our standard swing frames. Single swing point swing seats are suitable for extension poles only. Wooden Swing Seat Code No 1

Sling Swing Seat Code No 2

Double swing points

Double swing points

Deluxe Rubber Seat Code No 3

Horizontal Tyre Code No 7

Vertical Tyre Code No 10

Double swing points

Double swing points

Single swing point

Toddler Swing Seat Code No 11

Baby High Back Seat Code No 12

Rings Code No 16

Double swing points

Double swing points

Double swing points

All our swing seats are available to buy online.


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Trapeze Bar Code No 21

Trapeze Bar & Rings Code No 23

Climbing Rope Code No 25

Double swing points

Double swing points

Single swing point

Rope Ladder Code No 26

Box Rope Ladder Code No 26-4

Monkey Button Code No 44

Single/Double swing points

Single/Double swing points

Single swing point

Twizzler Code No 45

Black Hammock Seat Code SHS

Push Me Pull You Code PMPY

Single swing point

Single swing point

Single/Double swing points

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The MagPost is a unique product that we developed a few years ago which has been extremely popular. It has been featured in many magazine articles and has been used as a prize for numerous competitions and awards. It is easy to install, easy to use and is popular with children and adults of all ages and abilities. It incorporates a scientific quality 5x magnifying glass on a hardwood post.

MagPost Code MP-13 Size: 800mm when installed Children can find objects in nature such as flowers and leaves and examine them up close. It is an ideal means for exploring the natural world and encouraging experimentation to stimulate a child’s knowledge of science through play. This product is robust and weatherproof and can be free-standing or sunk into the ground as a permanent feature.


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Grass Safety Mats We recommend that our play equipment is placed on grass, not a hard surface and that there is a clearance of approximately 1.5m around the structure and 2.0m behind swings. Play equipment in the garden does not require special safety surfacing if on grass.

Our Grass Safety Mats are made of heavy duty recycled rubber. The mats are flexible and able to be laid on contoured surfaces with the large holes offering sufficient drainage. They are also wheelchair friendly and can withstand all weathers and extreme temperatures.

To prevent ground erosion or to provide a more giving surface simply lay our Grass Safety Mats at strategic points under or around the equipment. The grass grows through the mats and can be cut as normal requiring minimum maintenance and keeping the natural look of the garden.

Many of the pictures in this brochure show installations with mats in place.

Before: Safety mats newly in place.

After: Safety mats after a few months.

For more information call: 01577 840570

Grass Safety Mats Code PSM Size: 1.50 x 1.00m



Cargo Net Code NET

Grip Handles Code No 40

Steering Wheel Code No 38

This sturdy cargo net will provide a welcome challenge to children of all ages. Size: 1.00m W x 2.50m H

Sturdy grip handles that can be fitted to any product for added security when climbing. Supplied as a set of two.

Let them create their own modes of transport with this simple but fun attachment to any piece of play equipment.

Telescope Code No 39

Binoculars Code No 37

Periscope Code No 41

Injection moulded, nonenlarging revolving ABS Telescope. 305 mm long. Supplied with two fixation systems and 4 x hexagonal woodscrews diameter Ă˜ 3 x 40mm.

Dark Green non-enlarging extrusion blow moulded HDPE Binoculars which revolve in all directions. Including connection piece, woodscrew and spare coloured lenses.

Injection moulded ABS Periscope with 2 builtin mirrors, includes connection piece and 4 woodscrews Ă˜ 3 x 25mm.


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3.0 metre Wave Slide Code No 48

Swing Pivot Point Code No 35

Extended Legs Code EXT

Sturdy and strong, the green colour blends well into the garden and deters insects in Summer.

Complete swing point suitable for a 12cm diameter pole or 12cm wide square cut timber.

We can extend the legs of all swing frames into the ground by 500mm to ensure extra stability. This will accommodate very rigorous swinging by children and young adults particularly those with additional support needs. The ends of the poles are fitted with bitumen postsaver sleeves to safeguard against rotting when in the ground. Please note: The Modified Swing Frame is only required in particular instances.

Not suitable for hanging our Family Basket Swing.

Ground Anchor Code No 36 (Screw)

Ground Anchor P-TER (Twist -Lock)

Galvanised steel anchor with fixings.

These heavy duty anchors are re-usable and are from our commercial range of products. Supplied with brackets and fixings.

For more information call: 01577 840570

All our accessories are available to buy online. 33

Bespoke Treehouses Everyone dreams of their own private space in the garden, a place to escape to or a place to play. To assist in turning those dreams into reality we offer a treehouse design and build service. Where possible we will utilise trees in your garden to create decks, shelters and connecting bridges.

Each site is unique and will involve site visits and specialised drawings and, as such, final costs will vary considerably.


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For more information call: 01577 840570


Information Product Sizes All product sizes are width x depth x height. Timber Care All play equipment has been pressure-treated and impregnated with wax to protect against the seasons, so there should be no requirement to further treat the wood. Wood ages and naturally turns grey in colour. If you wish to ‘refresh’ the wood Danish or Teak Oil can be used. Play equipment should be regularly checked for splinters and sanded down when necessary. Equipment Quality Our garden play equipment is designed to be sturdy and versatile to ensure long life, while maintaining the natural beauty and character of solid wood, blending into all types of gardens. All products comply with European Safety Standards. All wood is supplied from sustainably-managed woodlands, and after careful selection the timber is machined to shape, then pressure-treated and waxed ensuring a long and durable life. We use the highest quality fixtures and fittings. Ground Anchors Concrete is not required for our garden range, however, where ground is uneven or sloping, ground anchors can be used to secure the structure. These are dug into the grass and bolted onto the frame, allowing them to be easily removed if required. On sloping ground, it can also be beneficial to sink legs of a structure into the earth to find a good level, this can be carried out with a garden spade.

Product Warranty All products are sold with a one year guarantee. There is also a one year guarantee against manufacturing faults. There is an extended guarantee of seven years against rotting timber and damage by insects. Proof of purchase must be provided by the customer. Delivery We deliver to mainland UK addresses. For up-to-date delivery prices please check our website: For NI and other destinations out with the mainland, please call the office on 01577 840570 so that we can quote you a competitive delivery price. We have experience of delivering to the Scottish Islands, so again please give us a call. We have calculated our delivery charges on a weight and volume basis. As you shop, you will be able to see what additional delivery charges are due, so there are no surprises when it comes to check out. On receipt of your order, we will endeavour to deliver within 14 days. Most of our deliveries are sent by a nationwide courier company. They operate a three day service, Monday to Friday. Because we use a third party for most of our deliveries, we cannot guarantee delivery on a specific date. However, for an additional charge, we may be able to organise an overnight/next day delivery or a specific day delivery. Please call the office to see if this will be possible. We also use Royal Mail Parcel Force for smaller deliveries, and for our larger structures, we have our own in house delivery team.

Assembly Caledonia Play’s modular, add-on designs and interchangeable swing accessories allow our play structures to grow with your children. All play structures are delivered unassembled with assembly instructions and illustrations to assist you. We would advise that equipment is assembled by a minimum of 2 adults. We offer an assembly service in many parts of the country. The cost of this service varies on distance, time and product. If you would like us to quote you a price for this service, please call the office on 01577 840570.


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Special Safety Features All products supplied by Caledonia Play conform to European Safety Standard EN71 and can carry the CE mark. The following safety features are incorporated in our products: All swing ropes are 12mm thick. Swing frames are tested up to 200kg. All swing pivot points are closed, with a D shackle and a locking nut. All swing pivot points are bolted though the swing bar with double locking nuts. All metal fixings are recessed into the timber. A-frame support legs are machined timber to 100mm in diameter. Top swing bars are machined timber to 125mm in diameter A-frame supports can be adjusted to suit uneven ground. All ladders and climbing frames have safety bushes between the rungs and stringers to prevent clothing being caught. Ladder steps are 225mm apart to prevent children being caught in a fall. Diagonal braces have 4 fixing bolts - restricting movement of the swing frames. All fixing bolts are either 13mm or 17mm to gain strength and rigidity. All timbers follow EC regulations regarding positioning and spacing to prevent body parts from getting stuck in constructions so are positioned greater than 20mm apart but not greater than 100mm, preventing trap points for fingers but ensuring heads can not fit in restricted spaces.

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We attend more than twenty shows a year right across the country from Hampshire to Aberdeenshire. Please check our website for the full list of shows we will be attending.

Visit Drumbog, Drum, Nr Kinross, Scotland, KY13 0UN We have a small selection of play equipment on display. Please let us know if you would like to visit us and we will make sure there is somebody to meet you.

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