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INTRODUCTION Instead of the typical boring jargon here, let’s cut right to the chase: 

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As Partner in our Group I am leading our expansion into the marketing area. We are seeking businesses that wish to increase sales and profits, reduce cost, and work with us to expand their market share I will consider acquisitions, Joint Ventures, Partnership, and formal working agreements that will be mutually beneficial Profit sharing on a jointly agreed basis I do not need to have a majority position in any Joint Venture Reduce problems and receive services at a lower cost with higher standards

The Caledonian Group      

Recent acquisitions, the latest technology, new staff = increased business, additional sales, and higher profits Group GROSS Profit margins have doubled in just 3 months Over 100% increased sales in the last 3 months in Dallas area Virtual army of programmers, copywriters, and graphic experts Within 6 months I intend to acquire, partner, or develop Joint Ventures with 6 In the following 12 months I will continue to drive our growth and double our sales through acquisitions and Joint Ventures

Drop me a line and Jo-Ann, my executive assistant, will contact you personally to confirm your interest and schedule a meeting in the next few days.

Chris Chris Ducret Partner

The Caledonian Group of Companies consists of Marketing, Consulting, Finance, Management, and Technology Services Headquartered in Wilmington DE with facilities in other major cities and the UK Primary business operations in Dallas, TX I am looking to partner and form Joint Ventures with existing marketing, advertising, and website design companies. With over 65 web design experts, programmers, content and copy writers, project managers and other experts, we can deliver exactly the right blend of materials, website code, brand look and feel that will meet customers’ requirements at a cost considerably below current market rate, thus enabling both our partners and ourselves to remain highly profitable in this competitive market. Contact me personally so I can discuss our plans and how we can work together! Cheers


Chris Ducret Partner

1000 N West Street, Wilmington, DE 19801 (t) (972) 607-9781 (f) (270) 638-1669

Caledonian Expanding via JV/Acquisition  

We are expanding, do you want to expand your marketing firm too?