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Layered Layered Lightbox Layered Lightbox Lightbox January - Febuary 2011

The Layered Lightbox is a physical, model based investigation into a structure as a source of light. Dramatically lit from below grade, the lightbox creates a subtle gradient of light as it rises taller and taller until the peak, where nearly no light can reach. The lightbox is a solid straight wall from the outside, punctuated by bloated masses which lead into the structure. Within is a cave-like cathedral of pure light. Forms rise and clash and meld into each other to create an ephemeral space unlike any other.

This Diagram shows circulation routes by stairs throughout the building. Human History is interwoven, making it easy to get from place to place. Natural Science varies in program. It is segregated. The stair’s location act as both a barrier and a connection point.

THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL Gazing up through the lightwells in the South Silos.

THE GALLERY AT THE END OF THE WORLD Gallery space at the bottom of the South Silos. The Ark of Natural Sciences peeks through the ceiling.

THE HUMAN ARK An early design (Feb 25th - March 4th) for the Human Ark impossible to achive rendering within the constraints of the building. Idea of connectivity and visibility kept and improved in ďŹ nal plans.

THE DISCOVERY The Arks after a cataclysmic event. The Arks remain standing, the Malting Silos are destroyed.

“(Caleb’s) thesis was a thesis! He was able to conceptualize big ideas and follow them from diagram to conceptual models, addressing shape and volume, darkness and light, section and plan, design development and small details while all the time enriching and in no way losing his initial vision. He worked and reworked everything from idea to detail until it achieved the harmony of form and matter, energy and idea that he sought. He did this with remarkable efficiency.� -Stuart Reid. Thesis mentor.

Palatine Hill - Rome, Italy

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Post Undergrad Portfolio Ontario College of Art and Design University May 2014

2014 Portfolio  

Post Undergrad Portfolio Ontario College of Art and Design University May 2014

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