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Caleb Ministries Newsletter Contact Details Caleb 14:24 Ministries, ℅ 33, Cliff Street, Mountain Ash, CF45 3LE Tel: 01443 403201 Mob: 0794 9497403 E-mail: Website:

Prayer Requests  For wisdom and favour as we begin to further network in both South and North Wales to spread the influence of the ministry to other churches, ministries and leaders.  For favour with the funding sources as we send out the Business Plan early next year, so that we can acquire the financial miracle needed to secure the Caleb Kingdom Life Centre.  For a significant increase in prayer partners who are committed to pray for at least 10 mins per week for Martin and Sue and Caleb Ministries.  For two people to take up our two Job Vacancies: 1. For a person to become our Promoter of the ministry who is comfortable on the phone, has some experience in marketing and who could work for half a day per week. 2. For a volunteer Admin person who could commit to work for half a day per week. Hours to suit.


An Overview of Our Activities in 2011 Launch of Our New Accredited Version of the Caleb Leadership Development Course

After much effort, negotiation and time, Caleb Ministries is now an officially recognised Open College Network Training Centre and our Caleb Leadership Development Course (CLDC) has been granted full accreditation to Level 3 (A Level standard). This means that students who enrol on this 21 module course can now pursue their studies in two ways: either doing the attend-only version or the OCN accredited version. We have already started a new course in the Midlands and intend to start another one in South Wales in February 2012. Details can be found on the events page of our website:

Caleb Regional Leadership Breakfast Seminars

The Caleb Breakfast Seminars are still going well – especially in the Rhondda and surrounding districts where we are regularly getting 20+ in attendance, representing 8 churches. To date, we have covered 14 different leadership topics and the feedback has been most encouraging. We re-launched the breakfast seminars for leaders in the Cardiff, Newport and Eastern valleys districts in June and they are also going well. The trustees are all keen to extend the reach of our leadership breakfast seminars throughout Wales and so we are exploring the possibility of starting them in Carmarthen and Flint in the New Year. For further information, please check out the events page on our website:

Our First Caleb Empowerment Day

In April we launched the first of our Caleb Empowerment Days in a beautiful location near Swansea which is the home of our good friends Steve and Sue Hetherington. This course is designed to help everyone eradicate lie-based, limiting beliefs that trap us into mediocrity. From this foundation they discover the awesome revelation of who they are in Christ and thereby learn how to become ‘spiritual magnets’ to whatever they need and whatever God longs to bestow upon and empower them with for His glory. We had 19 attend this day and innumerable testimonials were written about how effective it was to transform lives. We will be having another one next year in the Spring.

Caleb Select

During 2011, we have been invited to take selected elements of Caleb’s courses to a number of churches. These have ranged from courses which explore the heart of worship for worship leaders; working with leaders to help identify their church’s core values and vision; taking groups through the Caleb Freedom course which helps people identify their lie-based strongholds and deal with them; and helping to equip and release people in their gifts. With all of these courses, testimonials have been very encouraging indeed.

Some Statistics That Portray The Influence of Caleb Ministries Since 2006 Activity

Number of People Who Attended

Hours of Training x Number of People Represented

122 (Rep. 35 Churches)

544 Hours

Caleb Leadership Development Course


3800 Hours

Caleb Short Courses


1272 Hours

Caleb Select Courses


1420 Hours

Caleb Consultancies


1900 Hours



8936 Hours

Caleb Regional Breakfast Seminars



Message from the Chair of Trustees ~ Gary Spencer Someone once said; ‘If you fail to plan you might as well plan to fail’. Well 2011 was Caleb’s planning year - to enable us to succeed and not fail. We planned to extend Caleb’s profile and sphere of influence in every way possible. We believe that this is being achieved through Spirit-directed discussions that have led to us finding God’s strategy for organic growth. There is now a corporate longing at a heart level to see Christian leaders empowered and released to reach their potential to extend the Kingdom of God. As Caleb trustees, we have met 6 times this year and after every meeting we have left with a real sense of the Lord’s hand on all our deliberations. Seeds of faith have been planted and we have seen networks built and relationships within those networks strengthened. We started the year with a dream that one day we would have our courses recognised and fully accredited and this is now in place. We also looked at putting in place a credible 3-5 year business plan; the final draft will be on the top of the agenda for our first meeting of 2012. We are already planning to extend the courses on offer to churches and charitable organisations across Wales and even abroad. Many new events and training opportunities are in the pipeline for 2012 and we have been praying about extending the number of trustees in 2012 to help us achieve these objectives. So as you can see, we intend to press on to realise Caleb’s vision to Create Anointed Leaders to Empower the Body for the glory of the Lord. Many blessings for 2012 and thanks for all your support during 2011.

Providence Church – a growing testimonial for Caleb Consultancies We have been working with Providence Church in the Rhondda for nearly three years and continue to bring input. During that time we have helped them recover from a position of near total demise to one of considerable strength and stability. They are now a church with the following exciting hallmarks: Restored confidence; A new vision to reach children, young people and parents in their locality that is well on its way to fulfilment; Numerical increase – from 3 – 40+ at Sunday services; Trained and equipped members who are regularly functioning; Elders who are growing in their confidence to lead and facilitate the birthing of potential and New worship expressions that are touching the heart of God. It has taken time, but the foundations are now so strong that anything is possible. Gary – one of the elders gave this testimonial: “Can I encourage you to take on board what has happened to our church. We are exploring issues that we have never got to grips with before through Caleb Ministries. The teaching sessions that have been brought have been very effective and always done with love and humility. They have increased our knowledge and love for Jesus and His work in our community. We expected great things from Caleb Ministries and it’s happening amongst us. We are seeing in each one of us the development of gifts as well as a growth in wisdom and understanding that is turning us into a great powerhouse for Jesus.”

Martin and Sue’s Ministry Trip to America August saw Sue and Martin travelling to the USA for a combined Caleb ministry trip; leadership retreat and holiday with two sets of long standing missionary friends. They began in Kentucky speaking in two churches there. The first Sunday they spoke at the River of Life and thoroughly enjoyed the company and newly formed friendship of its pastor Troy. In the evening, they were invited to take an informal prophetic seminar at the Vineyard Church where they have ministered at before. Towards the end of the evening, many people were prophesying to others in their groups and the Lord spoke significant things into several lives. On both occasions, the ministry was well received. Their next stop was in Colorado where they spent the first week at a leadership retreat high up in the Rockies called Sonscape ( Sonscape specialise in revitalising the lives and all round health of ministry leaders. This is achieved through a variety of ways ranging from the rest that comes from comfortable, peaceful surroundings and accommodation, to pertinent teaching and one to one ministry. It provides an opportunity to stop, come apart, rest and receive the rejuvenating grace of Jesus through re-birthing the spiritual disciplines of prayer, meditation, solitude, etc. They came away thoroughly refreshed and blessed in body, soul and spirit, learning much that has shed new light on how the CKLC will function when we obtain it. Their final week was spent touring the West with friends. The awe-inspiring sights of the Rockies prompted spontaneous worship on several occasions as did their first glimpse of the Grand Canyon. The trip was a genuine blessing and a useful networking event for Caleb.

The Joy of Minist ering at the River of Life

ds Our Sonscape Frien The awe and worship-inspiring Grand Canyon with a fitting Scripture from the Psalms acknowledging its Creator

Caleb Newsletter Dec 2011  

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