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Caleb J Lawrence

Bridging The Gap Studio III- Fall 2016 Bridging the Gap is the proposed design for the Martin Luther King Jr. MARTA Station. The Project Focuses on the circulation issues between the Sweet Auburn District of Atlanta and the nearby Oakland Cemetery and Grant Park areas. Bridging the gap features a pedestrian bridge that permeates through the building. The building program, which includes shops, restaurant, rooftop garden, and the station itself is collected underneath an overarching concrete structure which encourages a pause in movement. The various modes of entrance and circulation within and around the building are suited to the freeform mind of the pedestrian.

Use of Rhinoceros

Use of Model and Craft Skills

Use of Adobe Illustrator

Use of Adobe Photoshop

Diagram of Pedestrian Movement and Thought

Diagram of Formal Relationships of Structure and Circulation

Longitudinal Section

Latitudinal Section Scale: 1/32” = 1’-0”

Pedestrian Bridge Above Decatur St.

Art Gallery Space Kitchen Bar

Pedestrian Bridge

Gallery Space

Gallery Space

Second Floor Plan with Site

1/16” = 1’-0” Model of MARTA Station

Renewing The Sky Studio v- Fall 2017 Renewing the Sky is the proposed design for a new Live-Work community for artists in the Castleberry Hill District of Atlanta. The project focuses on both community aspects of a residential complex as well as daylighting features for a gallery and studio spaces. A longitudinal green space allows for semi-public gathering and recreation whereas rooftop spaces connect the residential units and allow for inter-residential interaction. The South facade of the gallery allows for powerful ambient light that mimics true sunlight, while blocking direct sun. The gallery and other public spaces open to the south of the building onto the Nelson St. Pedestrian bridge, to create a community hub and secondary entrance to Castleberry Hill.

Use of Revit

Knowledge of Construction

Use of Rhinoceros

Use of Adobe Photoshop

Use of Adobe Illustrator

m Sum





Section B-B

1/16” = 1’-0”



st i


ice olst er S

Residential-Private Space

Green Spaces (Grow Increasingly Private)

Public Space

Programming and Public v Private

Diagram of Dayligting Via Skylight in Studios

Section C-C 1/16” = 1’-0”

Longitudinal Section Section D-D 1/16” = 1’-0”

Balcony View Inside Gallery.

Detailed Plan View of Section

Panel Connnection Detail

Gallery Slab Detail

1. Connection Plate 2. Lateral Support Bracket 3.Mullion 4. Embedded Steel Pipe [Horiz] 5. Air Seal/ Thermal Gap 6. Bearing Plate 7. Connection between Curtain Wall & Concrete Structure 8. Radiant Heating Strip 9. Spandrel Glass 10. Metal Studs to Support Drop Ceiling 11. Paneled Drop Ceiling 12. Stucco Cover over Concrete Girder 13. Suspension Cables and Plate 14. Suspended Ceiling 15. Lighting Fixtures

Carbon Fiber Resin Layer Steel Waffle Structure Connection Plate Support Bracket

Construction Detail Drawings

Site Plan and Main FLoor

Caleb j lawrence portfolio  
Caleb j lawrence portfolio