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What you need for the internet.

Introduction: This is page 3 hardware. Some of things that this booklet will cover are hardware and what sort you need for the internet; there will also be mentions of the differences between web, mail and proxy severs. Will you need a rougher or will you knot. This is page 4 software. Then there is the software, what type of software will you need for the internet. Then we will look at browsing what is it will you need it and why there is so many of them. The final thing on software is emails what is e mail and what is e mail client This is page 5 internet service provider (I.S.P.). What is an I.S.P is it important to getting on the internet? Do you need a home phone for the access to the internet? What is uploading and downloading measured in is the final part of page five. This is page 6 Web Hosting Services & Domain Name Registration. What is web hosting? How can you get your own personal web address? Then for the final bit what is the difference between .com and This is page 7 Web 2.0 & Blogging. What do people mean by web 2.0? What is blogging and how long have people been blogging for. Where can you blog? This is page 8 online applications. What are online applications? Are online applications the same as cloud computing? Where will you be able to find online applications?

Hardware What type of hardware do you need to access the internet? Here is a list of thing you will need to access the internet through a phone line The equipment you will need to get on the internet is you will need a computer and a service provider (some one like BT or who ever you pay the internet bill to) so now you should of hade a router from the service provider once you have this router you will need to connect all of the wires to the router and computer unless you have wireless then you will connect by your computer wirelessly. (You should have a little introduction book with the wireless rougher) The web is internet pages also it is the start of the addresses www. Means World Wide Web Mail is where some one sends you a message over the internet and you can send mail back if you wont but you have to be carful when receiving mail because some people put viruses into mail so you should make sure you know who the person sending you the mail is. A proxy sever is where you can go onto websites that your computer recognised as it should be blocked and a proxy sever will confuse the computer and make it think it is a page that is acceptable. A router is very important it is the bridge between your service provider and you. The service provider let you use the internet using the rougher it will allow your rougher to connect to the internet.

Software Some of the software you need to access the internet is the actual internet explore and you should all ready have this on your computer then you can download a different internet explore like Google chrome or fire fox and many more. Browsing is a thing on the internet that every one does it is just looking on the internet browsing through the web but there are also search engines which makes it a lot easier by typing in a few words about what you wont to find and the will be pages and pages of thing related to that word. There are lots of them so that you can find one that you like the most but they all do the same thing find what you are looking for. E mail is where you can send messages over the internet and receive messages over the internet. An e mail client is you it is where you receive and read your e mail then you can send e mail back.

Internet Service Providers An I.S.P is an internet service provider this is some one like BT or who ever you pay your internet bill to. These are very important because you need them for getting onto the internet the I.S.P gives you access to the internet. Even if you don’t have a phone line there is a way to get on the internet you will have to get a dongle this you can get form many phone shops and all you have to do is buy this dongle and put credit onto the dongle or get a monthly bill for it you can get these with many companies like nearly all phone company will have a dongle, then all you do is buy credit and plug it into you computer and download the software (comes with dongle) the go onto the say it orange click on the orange dongle and a little box will cum up and click on to connect to the internet. Download and upload speeds are measured in bits (or bytes) per second transferred. For more information visit This is where I got my information on downloading and up loading Down loading is where you may won’t something on your computer so you download it so that you do not need to keep going to the site you found it. This makes things faster as you don’t need to waist time going back onto the sites. Uploading is where you haves something people wont and you are the source where they can download it form. Download and upload speeds are measured in bits (or bytes) per second transferred. For more information visit This is where I got my information on downloading and up loading

Web Hosting Services & Domain Name Registration A domain name you don’t have to have a domain name. A domain name is where you can use your name on the web then you will have to go on a website to check if it is available if you go to this web site (below) and you go and click on the search bar and put in the name you won’t and click search

Then you go down the list and find an available name if none of the names available you will need to use a different name. There is a free option but you won’t be able to pick your own name. this is the link to the free domain names. And you will have to click the button on the bottom of the page to get your free domain name. And follow the instructions. Web space is where a person can make there own website and this will cost if you won’t to make your own website you have to go on a website like this and buy some web space. Web hosting is where you create your own web page and put it onto the internet and you can make money say if you are selling this of you web page like e bay or Amazon. There is a big difference between .com and because I com means that it is American address and is the English address every country that has the inter net has one of these.

Web 2.0 & Blogging The meaning web 2.0 is the second generation is a lot better than the first because on web 1.0 you could only read in the web based like communications, like facebook, blogs and many more social networking sites. Blogging has been going on for over 10 year, but it has slowly been growing and it has now having a big impact to most people’s lives. It is that popular that even many celebrities are blogging like lady Gaga and Katy Perry. Blogging is where you can have your own blogging page and you can put information on it like, what you have been doing also you can put pictures of you and people you have been with like if you go on holiday you could take photos and instead of going to all you friends house you could just put it on your blog page and your friends can go on your blogging page and look at you holiday photos and comment, also you can play games with your friends. Also you can just talk about how you feel. There are lots of blogging sites but hear are a few sites that I know is , also there is, These are just some of the blogging websites that you can go on and make your own blogging page. Places you can go to blog are ,,, if you click on any of these links you will go to the front page and there will be a little sing up bit where you can sing up to create your own blogging page.

Online Applications An online application is software running on a Web platform. Online applications can perform many tasks and provide various different solutions. It can provide you, your clients and employees a way of managing projects, sharing and distributing information and performing other tasks all from one web based platform, accessible from anywhere, all that’s required is an internet connection. (I have got this paragraph from to find out more clicks on the website) Online applications are not the same as cloud computing because cloud computing you can go on any computer do some work save it on the cloud computing website, then you can go home and go onto the cloud computing website and save it onto your home computer without a need for a memory stick. This web address ( has lots of online applications that you can learn about and use this is what the front page should look like.

what you need for the internet  

it tells you what you will need for getting on the internet

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