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JULY 2017

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What Does Freedom mean to YOU? “Having the ability to not be restricted in what I can do by rules or laws that I feel are unjust.” Jim, 59 “Being able to do what I want, when I want to, because of the sacrifices of others.” Julie, 42 “Freedom would be having choices, options, and doing things that you feel would benefit yourself and society.” Abraham, 31 “Freedom is everyone being

treated equally and being seen equal.” Megan, 14 “To have an opportunity to do whatever you want in life.” Alicia, 9 “The choice to choose what we want as long as it doesn’t impose on other people. I believe we should have freedom of speech, as long as we are not imposing on people’s rights. For example, it isn’t acceptable to yell in people’s faces.” Bob, 67

by Leora Summers

While in the community, people of all ages were spontaneously asked, “What does freedom mean to you?” Here are their responses. I hope you will take a moment, for your own reflection, and ponder what it means for you. “Freedom to me means the ability to pursue your interests and work towards your dreams without being punished to do so.” Marina, 24

by Mindy Scott, Editor

Parade in Caldwell July 4, 2016

submitted photos

Heroes Honored at Caldwell Veterans Garden

Delbert D. Lambson( author and WW II Vet) with Irma Chambers ( artist, painted bell )

Jared Riemann (made bell)

Check Given by Deer Flat Vacation Bible School

As a first time visitor of the Veterans Garden, in Caldwell, I found it to be a patriotic and communal experience. Upon arrival I walked thru the gardens and noticed how well it was groomed with beautiful flowers and hearty vegetable plants for the community garden. Surely, love makes a garden grow! The event was held on June 17, 207 as a ceremony that honored Heroes and first responder’s. One of our heroes, World War ll Vet Delbert D. Lambson spoke with great passion for our country and

even wrote a book to help us understand our freedom. It is titled “When I Return In Spring.” Several heroes in our local Fire and Police Departments, from Caldwell and surrounding areas, were given awards for their special service in our neighborhoods. I also learned about this amazing group of bikers called, “The Garden Riders.” These bikers represent the Veterans Garden at funerals and other events to honor those who have served in our military.

Several community members honored our veterans through monetary donations to the garden as well as donating their time and talents. My friendly neighbor invited me to this event as it was her son, Jared Riemann, who gave a unique bell that he had welded. It was nicely painted with an American flag and soldiers by Irma Chambers. I’m proud to live in a community with so many honorable, loving, and compassionate people. I hope everyone will visit The Veterans Garden.

Knowing and Understanding Our Freedoms

Passing on love of learning and pursuance of the American dream to the next generation.

America is the ultimate place where freedom reigns. It is a country like no other. While America has her own set of challenges and issues, it is still a GREAT place to live today. As found in our first amendment there are five freedoms that are given to all its people. They are freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom to assemble peaceably, and freedom to petition the government for a redress of grievance. In 2000, Polina (pronounced “Paulina”) Viktorovna Bratvok came to America as a refugee from Russia. She was 13 years old. It was a lengthy, in depth process to finalize paperwork and legally come to this great nation, but she and her family did just that! Learning a new language and a new culture simultaneously was overwhelming at times, but she gives thanks to God and her parents for what she considers the greatest gift ever—learning the English language. This ability has opened up a new realm of knowledge for Polina. While some topics of study are printed in Russian, there are many that are not. Speaking English gives her access to unlimited resources, as she thoroughly enjoys learning

by Kristene Elliott

by Mindy Scott, Editor

and is a very intelligent woman on many levels. In conversation with Polina she stated her sincere love and commitment to America. Her love for this great nation runs deeper than many, due to the fact that she understands well what it would be like to live and breathe in a nation that isn’t so free. Growing up in Russia is very different than America. America promotes many great aspects of life for its citizens. It recognizes people as individuals and protects their rights to their own opinions. Polina states, “The idea that I have rights on all levels is what I’m thankful for. I have a right in my children’s education, with their doctors, and with their schools.” This was not so in Russia. There, children start preschool very young and the education is to teach them how to contribute and fit into society. Questioning authority is not an option and standing out as an individual is unheard of. Continued on page 12

Page 2 CALDWELL PERSPECTIVE Senior Center 208-459-0132 • 1009 Everett St. Closed July 4th Every Mon: 9 AM: Exercise Class Every Mon: 10 AM: Fit and Fall Every Mon: 1 PM: Line Dance Every Mon: 7 PM: Square Dance Every Tues: 9 AM: (Ex. 18) Art Group Every Tues: 1 PM: Pinochle Every Tues: 4:30 PM: Bingo Every Wed: 10:30 AM Crochet and Knitters Every Thurs: 9 AM: Exercise Class Every Thurs: 10 AM: Fit and Fall Every Fri: 1 PM: Bingo Every Fri: 6 PM: Community Dance Blood Pressure Clinic July 7th & 21st Foot Clinic July 7th & 18th

July 4th (continued) 1:30-2:30 PM: Education Committee, The College of Idaho, Sterry Board Room. July 5 11:45 AM-1 PM: Agri-business Committee Meeting, Stewarts Bar & Grill, 2805 Blaine St. 3-7 PM: Caldwell Farmers Market. 5th- 28th: 11 AM-1:30 Tues-Fri, Caldwell Summer Feeding Program, Lewis and Clark & Van Buren Parks. July 6 6:30 PM: CPL Board Meeting, Library, 1010 Dearborn St. July 7 11:30 AM-7 PM: 2017 Annual Golf Tournament, Purple Sage Golf Library Course. 208-459-3242 • 1010 Dearborn St. 6-11 PM: Brave Hearts Night, Indian Closed 4th of July Creek Steak House, 711 Main St. Every Mon: 10:30 & 11:15 AM: Baby July 10 ‘N Me 12-1 PM: Transportation Committee, Every Mon: 4:30 PM: Gaming Mondays Acapulco Mexican Restaurant. Every Tues: 10:30 AM: Preschool 5:15-7 PM: Meet Me Monday, Story Time Stewarts Bar & Grill, 2805 Blaine St. Every Tues: 11:15 AM: Day care 7-10 PM: URA Meeting, CPD Storytime Community Room, 110 S 5th Ave. Every Wed:11 AM & 1 PM: Kids Can! 7:30 PM: Caldwell Centennial Band Every Thurs:10:30 AM: JR Gardeners Concert, Caldwell Memorial Park Every Thurs: 3 PM: Teen Makers in the Band Shell, bring a chair and Every Fri: 10 AM: Tai Chi friends. July 11 Fit & Fall proof Class: M-W-F, 11:15 AM-1 PM: Noonbreak 10:30-11:30 AM: Caldwell Free Lunch, State of the City, Caldwell Methodist Church, 3320 S. Montana, Memorial Park, for more info go to Contact Judi: (208) 880-9855. caldwellchamber.chambermaster. Valley Church Healing Rooms, Open com. every Monday (ex. holidays) 7-9 PM 2 PM: JR Makers, Library. July 1 6-7 PM: City Council Budget 12-4 PM: Depot Open House, Workshop, Caldwell Street Caldwell Train Depot, 701 Main St. Department, 1311 North 3rd Ave. July 3 July 12 7-10 PM: City Council Meeting, CPD 1 PM: Kids Can! Bike Rodeo, Library, Community Room, 110 S 5th Ave 1010 Dearborn St. 5:15-7 PM: Meet Me Monday, 3-7 PM: Caldwell Farmers Market. Stewarts Bar & Grill, 2805 Blaine St 4 PM: Buckaroo Breakfast Committee. July 4th – Independence Day 6-9 PM: Bowling for Veterans, 10-11 PM: Independence Day Caldwell Bowling Center, 2121 Fireworks!, Brothers Park, 4099 S Blaine St, for more info go to Indiana Ave caldwellchamber.chambermaster.com

Calendar of Events

.July 12 (continued) 7 PM: Adult Makers: Coding, Library, 1010 Dearborn St July 13 2 PM: Afternoon Read, Library. 7 PM: Living With Arthritis, Library, 1010 Dearborn St. July 14 8:30-9:25 AM: Travel and Tourism Committee, Chamber Offices, 704 Blaine St. July 15 12-2 PM: Family Improv In The Park, Library, 1010 Dearborn St. July 17 5:15-7 PM: Meet Me Monday, Stewarts Bar & Grill, 2805 Blaine St. 7-10 PM: City Council Meeting, CPD Community Room, 110 S 5th Ave. July 18 2 PM: Kids Create, Library, 1010 Dearborn St. 7 PM: Canyon County Republican Central Committee meeting, Administration Building, 11th & Albany Caldwell. Public is welcome!

July 2017 July 19th 3-7 PM: Caldwell Farmers Market 7 PM: Adult Makers: Coding, Library, 1010 Dearborn St. July 20 4:30-6:30 PM: Business After Hours, Silverhawk Realty. 6:30 PM: Honey Harvesting, Library, 1010 Dearborn St. July 22 2 PM: Family Afternoon Movie: Smurfs The Lost Village, Library, 1010 Dearborn St. July 24 5:15-7 PM: Meet Me Monday, Stewarts Bar & Grill, 2805 Blaine St 7:30 PM: Caldwell Centennial Band Concert, Caldwell Memorial Park in the Band Shell, Bring a chair and friends.

July 25 1 PM: Musical Preview: Lyle, The Crocodile, Library, 1010 Dearborn St. 2 PM: Kids Create, Library, 1010 Dearborn St. July 26 3-7 PM: Caldwell Farmers Market 4 PM: Buckaroo Breakfast Committee Meeting. 7 PM: Adult Gaming, Library, 1010 Dearborn St. July 27th July 27th- July 30th: 207 Canyon County Fair, Canyon County Fair Grounds, 111 22nd Ave. July 28th 7:30 AM: New Member Reception, Chamber of Commerce. July 31 5:15-7 PM: Meet Me Monday, Stewarts Bar & Grill, 2805 Blaine St.

Email you events to chantele.hensel@caldwellperspective.com or drop off at the Caldwell Perspective office, 217 S. 9th Ave., downtown Caldwell.

Volunteers and Sponsors are appreciated. Contact Colleen at cplitt@caldwellchamber.org or 459-7493 for more information.

July 2017

Made in America

Our Community


by Mindy Scott, Editor

submitted photos

Louise Harbison 1928-2017 Welded eagles made from aluminum approximately weighing 500-600 pounds. Dimensions average 10 ft by 10 ft.

Ivak Cooper has been teaching welding at Caldwell High School for 17 years and enjoys it. He was raised by an engineer and designer and says welding is in his blood. Ivak and his brother, Kylan, worked with designer and artist, Bernie JestrabekHart on this project. Ms. Bernie has designed many metal pieces of art over the last 30 years including pieces locally and internationally. The entry sign of a wreath when you come off the highway on Meridian Road is her design as well the eagle in Eagle ,ID. Over in Golden Ear Bridge Vancouver, British Columbia she has 2 eagles, one on each side of the bridge, she made as well. Her designs, areas of expertise, and innovative ways of thinking have created art for many generations to marvel at and enjoy. Creating these pieces of art takes much planning and preparation. First, Bernie hand drew the design and uploaded into a template on

Mr. Cooper in Nevada leaning against the 15 foot concrete tree.

the computer. Next, it was printed on flat pieces of sheet metal. Then, the labor of love begins as Ivak and Kylan spend hour upon hour hammering, banging, molding the material, referencing pictures of eagles in the wild, and before their eyes seeing the metal take shape. What started as a flat piece of metal ends as a 3D design. As it began to look like an actual eagle something incredible was born. When asked how many hours this project took the two brothers looked at each other and laughed. The partially done eagle had sat in the shop for 2 years. Over Christmas vacations, summer breaks, and any other spare time they had they would work on it. For sure, each toe on the talons took 2.5 hour x 8 toes. The head of the eagle took 40 hours. Total hours spent on an eagle is estimated of over 1,000 hours. The silver eagle is an Australian Wedge Tailed Eagle. It was designed

to go to Eagle’s Rest Winery in Australia. The bronze and silver eagle is a Bald Eagle. Mr. Cooper has recently delivered it to Nevada’s transportation department where it will sit on a 15 foot concrete tree next to the newly developed remodel of the highway exchange. The eagle will be mounted at their 4th of July dedication. This is not the first time this trio has worked together. Over the years Ms. Bernie has dedicated countless hours to Mr. Cooper’s students, for which he is very grateful. Together they worked on the cougar in front of Caldwell High School. These amazing pieces of art were on display for the people of Caldwell to enjoy at the corner of 10th and Blaine. Many pulled over to take photos and get a closer look at such a creation. Thank you Ivak, Kylan, and Ms. Bernie for sharing your talents and abilities with us and the world. Your work is sensational!

Wilder Class of 1967 Plan Reunion Wilder Class of 1967 is planning their 50th year class reunion to take place on July 29th at 4 p.m. We would like to invite classes of 1966 and 1968 to join us.

Celebration of Life

Soldotna resident, Ms. Louise M. Harbison, 88, died Sunday, March 19th, 2017 at Heritage Place in Sodotna, Alaska. Louise was born August 14th, 1928 in Butte, Montana. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in education from the College of Idaho. She retired fom the Caldwell School District in 1994. In 2010, Louise moved to Alaska. Friends and family are invited to an open house to celebrate the life of Louise Harbison from 1 PM to 4 PM on Saturday, July 22nd, 2017 at the home of Richard Carrow, 1823 Ray Avenue. There will be a toast and story time at 2:30 PM. Light refreshments will be served.

by Connie Campbell

Please email idahoconniejo@gmail.com or call Les at 459-2306. Hope to see you there!

Advertising question? Call Chantele Hensel, 208-899-6374 to submit a story email editor@caldwellperspective.com

Our Community

photo by Mindy Scott

Modern Day Printing

Librarian teaching patron how to use 3D printer

by Mindy Scott, Editor

Technology is always changing. Scientists are increasing their knowledge and ability to get the job done better and faster in many areas of life. At Caldwell Public Library, patrons are enjoying the newest way of printing. Printing objects in 3D is now available. Librarians report the most popular object being printed currently are fidget spinners. While the fidget spinners print quite well, additional hardware is required to make them spin. Children enjoy these little gadgets for hours on end. Adults and children alike have been using the new 3D printer. This hands on service the library offers, gives people the opportunity to use a 3D printer that they may not otherwise have. 3D printing is great for inventors to create replicas of their ideas. Currently, printing is free, but future fees may apply to cover the cost of supplies. If interested in purchasing one’s own 3D printer they range in price from as low as $1,000 and climb with quality and ability. Prices are coming down quickly compared to when they were first released to the public. For those who would like to use the 3D printer at the library you may do so by visiting http://www. caldwellpubliclibrary.org and booking an appointment.

July 2017

Men in Top Tier Role Models Receive Award

by Kim Deugan, AAFV Director

submitted photo


L to R: Bobby Sanchez (Price and Associates), Mario Rojas (City of Caldwell), Chuck McHugh (Caldwell Rotary)CJ (Canyon County Juvenile Probation)

As an organization, we support and wish to recognize positive male role models in our community. We understand and value the importance of healthy male examples in the lives of children. The goal of M.I.T.T. is to honor and acknowledge those men that are “Top Tier” role models. The past four years we have been able to honor some amazing men within our community who give above and beyond. Whether it’s coaching a soccer team, helping raise funds for students to attend their Senior trip, or making sure students have dictionaries, these men have gone the extra mile to ensure that the youth and families of our community are given every opportunity to succeed! We want to thank the Caldwell Rotary and Kiwanis for helping sponsor this year’s event. It’s great to have community partners supporting us in our efforts to end domestic abuse and sexual assault. Please be watching for next year’s nomination forms and submit your M.I.T.T. nominee!

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Rated: A+

The goal for our Relay for Life this year was to raise $80,000 which will be used to fund cancer research and outreach. Caldwell Relay for Life began in 2013. The Caldwell Relay and Nampa Relay merged this year creating the newly named Canyon County Relay for Life. Relay for Life is a nationwide effort to raise money. There a hundreds of events across the country each summer. Our event was held at the Caldwell High School track on June 9-10, 2017. I was a team member in 2013, but I got involved on the planning committee in 2014 as my dad had been diagnosed with cancer. It suddenly felt much more personal to me. There are many community teams that sign up for Relay. They begin fundraising activities as soon as they sign up and they raise money during the lead up to the event. At the event, teams have fundraisers at each of their “campsites”. Some sell food, others have games or raffles. We invite the public to come down as well to join in the activities. We honor cancer survivors and those have passed. Our motto is Celebrate, Remember, Fight Back. The event generally begins at 7 p.m. with an opening ceremony and then our survivor ceremony. Then the teams take to the track. Since cancer never sleeps, neither do we. We have activities all night long and at least one team

by Julie Warwick

photo by Chantele Hensel

Relay For Life

Our Community

Survivors take their first lap around the Caldwell High School Track following the emotional and inspirational opening ceremonies.

Relay for Life Board Members (L to R): Mitch Davis, Scott Macaluso, Paula Packer, Cody Wolf, Kristin Macaluso, Jennifer Hubbard, Lori Weller, Julie Warwick, Annita Wilson, Christy Burch

member from each team should be on the track walking at all times. Our closing ceremony takes place at 5:00


Checking Out More Than Books at the Caldwell Public Library by Mark Pemble

use their bicycle to go where they want to go.” Checking out the locks is as easy as checking out a book. Present your card to the circulation librarian, ask for a lock, and you are on your way. Lock loans are good for one day, and the modern lock design is easy for anyone to use. Thanks to the Caldwell Public Library staff for continuing to serve our community in innovative ways.

submitted photo

July 2017

bike lock

Throughout recent decades, public libraries have transitioned services and articles to accommodate the modern library patron. Whether it was the availability of vinyl records in the 60’s and 70’s, CD’s in the 90’s and eBooks and video games in the 00’s, libraries keep with the times. Starting this summer, the Caldwell public library is adding full day bicycle lock loans for library patrons. Local bicycle enthusiast, Kelly Lannigan, is excited about the new service. “I can see this new service as a way to encourage everyone to

Black Dog Berry Farm & Market Garden

• Raspberries • Rhubarb • Blackberries • Vegetables • Homemade Pies Please call 454-0229

14623 Galloway Rd. Caldwell, Idaho

a.m. In between we do fun things like karaoke and have a Mr. Relay pageant for the guys!


by Devin Riley

OPEN 6 AM - 3 PM MONDAY-SATURDAY 208-453-1146

21513 Main St, Greenleaf

Boise Valley Monument Company “Family Owned & Operated Since 1963”

The School Resource Officers have a new look. Instead of the “bumble bees”, they are the “boys in blue.” Bike patrol has started so you should be seeing them around town.

A huge thank you to Brennen Streibel who built a shooting barricade at the CPD range as part of his Eagle Scout Project. Brennen and his crew built twelve barricades for the range. Brennen you are the man!!!!

“A Lifetime of Memories...A Single Act of Love” Large Display & Selection, Custom Artwork & Design, Monument Cleaning, Monument Restoration, Signs, Rock Lettering

1115 N. Illinois Avenue, Caldwell, Idaho a 208-454-9532 www.boisevalleymonument.com

Caldwell Police Department hired two new officers. From left to right: Nathan Rohrback and Corbin Medsker.

COMMERCIAL PROPERTY 203 Garber Street, Caldwell Pr Reduice ced

Barrett Team Silverhawk “Proudly serving the entire Treasure Valley”

James Barrett 208-353-3771 Property Offered for Sale or Lease! Rochelle Gabiola-Harris .18 Acre, Fully Fenced, Zoned Light 208-866-2329

Industrial, 24’x24’ 2-Bay Shop, 25’x20’ Showroom with Office,Utility, Bath, RV Parking and Hookups, Storage Buildings, 3 Phase Power available. www.teambarrett.silverhawkrealty.com Licensed Real Estate Professional

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Our Community


CFEO/WVMC Golf Tournament Successfully Raises Funds for Caldwell Education Hawley Troxell Ennis and Hawley, Holland and Hart, Caldwell Kiwanis Club, Piper Jaffray and Company, Powers Tolman Farley Attorneys, Rostock Furniture and Appliance, Christopher Keller, MD, and Dr. Ryan Hardy and family. The one -day event earned approximately $10,000 to support classroom grants and scholarships which are awarded annually by the Foundation. CFEO would like to give special thanks to John Watson, Pro Purple Sage Golf Course, Betsy Hunsicker, CEO, of West Valley Medical Center, Fred Webster, Physician Liaison, Ginna Maggard, Clinical Resource Director, and Karen Baese, Administrative Assistant, all of WVMC; Dr. Shalene French, Superintendent, and Lisa Hammer, Accounts Payable Clerk, of Caldwell School District #132. Over the past five years the Golf Tournament has earned nearly $60,000 for the benefit of Caldwell School District teachers and programs. The 2018 CFEO/WVMC Golf Tournament is scheduled for Friday, April 20th at Purple Sage and the public is invited to participated.

by Chuck Randolph and Kathi O’Bannon

submitted photo

A perfect Spring day greeted eighty six golfers as they participated in the 23rd Annual Caldwell Foundation for Educational Opportunity Golf Tournament co-sponsored by West Valley Medical Center. The event, held at Caldwell’s Purple Sage Golf Course, was assisted by Tournament Sponsors, White Peterson Attorneys and Caldwell Transportation Company. Corporate Sponsors included Canton Café, Crane Alarm/ Westmonico, The Crookham Company, Republic Services, Ripley Doorn and Company, The College of Idaho, The Murray Group, Beniton Construction Inc., and Dr. Ted and Mary Colwell. Hole Sponsorships were donated by Brown Bus Company, Caldwell Auto Supply, the Caldwell School Board, Caxton Printers Ltd., City of Caldwell, Chuck Randolph, the Darrel Deide Family, Design West Architects, Eloise Van Slyke in memory of former CHS teacher Barbara Gigray, Carol McCloy in memory of her father, Paul McCloy, Gem State Radiology, Dr. Richard Haensli,

July 2017

Caxton Printers Golf Team: Gregg Allington, Scott Gipson, Ron Gipson, Jerry Hayenga, Darin Alvaro

Coffee With A Cop

by Mindy Scott, Editor

Boise Valley

You just want to go home, I will help you get there. Ladwina Lancaster

Helping Treasure Valley Buyers & Sellers for over 19 years!

(208) 484-7065

ladwinal@windermere.com photos by Mindy Scott


Community and cops unite with coffee, donuts and conversation.

Mishelle Hagewood, Agent/Owner

Let Us Protect Your Champions! 459-2788

2922 Cleveland Blvd. Suite 800

www.allaboutinsuranceinc.com • allaboutinsurance1@gmail.com

On June 20, 2017 over half a dozen Police officers from Caldwell Police Department made themselves accessible to the community at The Caldwell YMCA. Citizens and YMCA staff were able to enjoy coffee and donuts as they mingled with police officers. The intent of this community event was to bring together officers and citizens to build stronger relationships within our community. By getting to know our Police

Open Wednesday-Saturday 11:30 a.m.-Close


3-6 p.m. Wednesday-Saturday $5 NACHOS $8 BURGER & FRIES BEER & WINE SPECIALS

We will be closed July 2nd-11th

Officers as individuals it is then easier to report criminal activities and suspicious behavior. The YMCA has so graciously provided a space within their building for The Caldwell Police Department to write reports. Additionally, it will create an even faster response time to that part of Caldwell. When asked how citizens can better support our local department Sgt. Rice responded with deep consideration, “By building these

new relationships we want people to know that this is our community too. We can’t be everywhere at once, but with open communication we can be alerted with what’s going on and be on the scene to help.” Essentially, our community and our Police make up one team. Working together makes Caldwell a great place to call home. A special thank you to all officers who have dedicated their lives to serving in such a catastrophic capacity!

THE LUBE SHOP Service in Minutes!

Lunch served Wednesday-Saturday 11:30 a.m.-4 p.m.

Prime Rib Served Daily!

LIVE MUSIC JULY 22nd by Michaela French and Lyle Evans 711 Main Street, Caldwell • 208•459•4835

Truly locally owned and operated for 30 years! Monday-Friday 8:30 am-5:30 pm Saturday 8:30 am-3:00 pm

505 Blaine St., Caldwell 208-454-2242


July 2017


Classics Car and Antique Tractor Show

by Mindy Scott, Editor

On June 10th, Nathan’s Greenleaf Café sponsored the 1st annual Greenleaf Car and Tractor Show at Greenleaf Community Center and Greenleaf Friends Church. Many people gathered coming from near and far to enjoy the festivities. There was something for everyone. The 2nd annual Greenleaf Car and Tractor Show in Greenleaf is already an anticipated event by many.

Tim Doser and Larry Doser restored this riding kids tractor for Levi Doser.

Mankind has been living with bugs since the dawn of time. If you close your eyes, one can almost see it: Primitive man living in a cave, chewing on his mastodon bone being plagued by a buzzing fly while watching TV. From primitive man to the modern American man, history, like cornmeal, is often riddled with bugs and their accompanying effects. Therefore, to honor that history and to honor America (hereafter America shall be referred to as ‘Merica) during this most patriotic month, I will combine ‘Merican history with Insects into a wonderful melting pot of words. Little known to most people, George

This valley is hot in more ways than one. The temperature is rising and it’s about time. The river is dropping and it’s about time. And the valley is growing and as much as I like growth and improvement to our valley and our society and I don’t necessarily care for the cultural change that has made this the bedrock for raising families in a wholesome manner. Many of you readers are either raising families or your families are now raising their own. It was a great place to raise my children and they seemed to be sticking around to raise theirs. I’m glad that this is where they want to call home. I’ve spent a good portion of my career advising people on and cleaning up properties and readying them for sale. They want to make them “Pop” or have “Curb appeal” to help them sell quickly and for asking price. A house

People’s Choice award winner, 1927 Ford pickup owned by David Garbani.

Washington during his life suffered from Malarial attacks. He grew up in the often soggy Virginia, and sometime around the age of 17 he contracted Malaria. Symptoms include fevers, chills, sweats, nausea, headaches, and fatigue caused by parasites transmitted by mosquitoes. These parasites can remain in a person’s system for years, and the father of our country had regular bouts with this disease. It’s amazing to think that all the things he did and accomplished during his life he did while enduring this awful disease. Fast forwards to the early 1800’s. Napoleon Bonaparte was in his heyday, conquering his way to domination of most of Europe. Napoleonic France at that time owned

The Pest Guy

the island of St. Domingue (modern day Haiti) where there developed a slave uprising. Thinking he could easily and simultaneously squash resistance in Haiti and then sail and march into the Louisiana Territory to both cement and expand France’s position in the Americas, Napoleon sent close to 50,000 soldiers over the ocean. Haiti was a breeding ground for mosquitoes that were, unfortunately for the soldiers, carriers of the deadly Yellow Fever. The soldiers had virtually no resistance to Yellow Fever, and succumbed in huge numbers, some 40,000 or more. Without a viable army in the America’s, Napoleon was forced to abandon his new world conquest. Soon after, He ended up selling the Louisiana Territory

Local Dirt Perspective

that is hard to see from overgrown shrubbery or trees or looks like it hasn’t been mowed in awhile is not very appealing for customers looking for that new home look. Nobody wants to take on a project. They want something that says I’m easy to care for. Unless of course you want to attract those house flipper types that will bid low ball the price go in and open up the front of the house mow the lawn and hose down the cob webs. The reason I bring this up is, I see some houses sell days after they’ve gone on market and some sit. I can see why at least from outward appearance. Most do judge a house by its cover. So what to do, and it doesn’t have to cost you that much. First get that lawn in shape, cut it short, power rake it, fertilize it, edge it, spray the weeds and make sure your sprinklers cover well. Giving your lawn a golf course look doesn’t take that much, but, goes miles in customer appeal. Next open your

Caldwell Food Service “Gee Wiz, Feed the Kids”

Antique award winner, 1927 Buick owned by Frank Tuning.

by Pat King

house up to make it look bigger not smaller from the front, a house that has over growth appears to be a smaller home which is not appealing especially when they think for your asking price they’re getting a mansion. If you have trouble pruning your trees or shrubs, hire an arborist, it will be well worth the money, you can’t put a tree limb back on once it’s cut. Weed the beds and define your plantings, over crowded beds are a lot of work to a potential buyer. Thin them out and maybe pretty them up with some fresh annuals and some bark mulch and cover up that weed fabric or better yet yank out the weed fabric and work the mulch in the soil. A well maintained landscape is a well maintained home in the eyes of buyers. So happy selling, until next time Pat.

1946 John Deere Tractor owned by Clyde Fillmore. by Kirk Dean, Pest Control Technician

to the United States for $15 million. In World War 2, the Japanese military had plans to air-drop thousands of plague infested fleas over California. Code named ‘Operation Cherry Blossoms at Night’. The plan was to take these fleas aboard submarines to just off the coast, then launch aircraft

that would then crash or drop balloons with the fleas onto the population. Thankfully, the Japanese surrendered in August of 1945, just weeks before the planned attack. And so do I also end this column about bugs by resigning. Until next month anyway.

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Wednesday-Sunday 12-5 PM

15343 Plum Rd., Caldwell, Idaho HatRanchwinery.com

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WINERY & BISTRO Now open until 9 p.m. on Friday! Fri. 12-9 p.m., Sat. 12-5 p.m. & Sun. 11 a.m.-5 p.m.

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2017 Summer Feeding Program Sites

Lewis and Clark Elementary (July 5th-28th) Closed July 4th Lunch Tues.–Fri.: 11 AM-1:30 PM

Sacajawea Elementary

Van Buren Elementary

(July 5th-28th) Lunch Tues.–Fri.: 11 AM-1:30 PM

Caldwell High School

(June 28th-July 27th) Closed July 4th (June 1st-July 28th) Closed July 4th Breakfast Mon.–Fri.: 7:30-8:30 AM Breakfast: 10-11 AM Lunch Mon.–Fri.: 10:30 AM-1 PM Lunch Tues.-Thurs.: 11:30 AM-1:30 PM Snack Mon.–Fri.: 1:15-2:45 PM All these sites are open to the public. Anyone 1-year to 18 years old can eat FREE, no paper work needed. Adults breakfast for $2.50, lunch $3.75, snack $2. For more info, www.caldwellschools. org. This Institution is an Equal Opportunity Provider.

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July 2017

Miss Amazing Inspires a Documentary Filmed in the Treasure Valley

by Mindy Scott, Caldwell Perspective Editor

The story of Abigail Manery, the winner of Miss Amazing in Idaho is quite exciting. For those who haven’t had the honor of following this story, here is a little background information. What is Miss Amazing? Miss Amazing isn’t just a pageant, but rather a platform for girls and women with disabilities to share their talents, abilities, and ambitions. It is an experience that inspires everyone to empower themselves and others. In August, Miss Abby will be heading to Nationals held in Chicago, Illinois. Abigail is a much loved teen. Her parents and siblings support her 100 percent. The support doesn’t stop there. Neighbors and community members are also cheering her on as well as complete strangers. New opportunities have arose from her deciding to enter Miss Amazing. On June 20, 2017 a film crew set up for a 3 day shooting to honor the preparation for the National Pageant of Caldwell’s very own, Abigail Manery. Abigail, age 17, was chosen out of dozens of other participants in Miss Amazing to be featured in a film that will air in New Zealand and Australia. The producer of this documentary, Rachale Davies, from Attitude Pictures, flew in to Boise, from New Zealand, June 19th, 2017, with her camera man, Hunter Crouchley, and sound man, David Bonny. This team stayed in the area for a week to do the filming. While others will also be featured in this documentary, Ms. Davies, was adamant that Abigail is their number one girl to be featured. Davies has been in television for over 20 years, previously working with reality shows such as, America’s Top Model. She has now moved into the role of what she truly considers producing more

Abigail Manery and her family during filming.

meaningful films. Attitude Pictures is seeking a way to bring this film to America. Over 30 family, friends, and supporters of all ages joined at the Manery home in Caldwell for one special scene in the production. Excitement and laughter was in the air as much preparation had occurred before the filming date. Miss Amazing describes Abigail perfectly. She has worked hard and been given a great opportunity to shine through this experience. Ashlie Van Vorous, Director of Miss Amazing of Idaho explains, “This journey for Abigail began in February. She has grown so much! When Abby first began going into the community looking for sponsors she was shy and had assistance from her mother. The second time, Abby said, “Mom I can handle this” and she boldly spoke with business owners about potential sponsorships. Abigail’s confidence has continued to build in the process of events for this pageant and is now functioning at full throttle. She is filled with anticipation and enjoying the process. This journey has had

Pre-Paid Legal Service will allow you to RELAX with the ones you love. For LESS than $20 Per Month! Monthly Plans Include: • Will Preparation • Healthcare Power of Attorney • Living Will • Unlimited Consultation with Top Get Started Today! Rated Idaho Law Firm on ANY Call Mike Pollard at (208) 249-4417 LegalShield Independent Associate Topic..and MUCH More!

a powerful and positive impact on everyone involved in Abby’s family and community. At nationals, contestants will be judged by a panel based on several events. These events consist of interview (to learn interview skills), on stage introductions (to learn public speaking skills), and on stage walk in ballroom gowns (to learn confidence). Anyone interested in off- setting traveling and lodging costs for this amazing young lady can donate at http://donate.missamazing.org/ abigailmanery. Abby, we all wish you Good luck at Nationals and believe you are already a queen!

Director and film crew all the way from New Zealand


Best parenting tips from Treasure Valley folks. These are in no specific order, simply lessons parents have learned. 1. We are called to love our children, not be perfect. 2. Focus on creating good memories as a family. 3. If your children ask to help, let them even though it may be inconvenient. Otherwise, if you continue to push them away you condition them to not bother helping if they know you will always be doing the work. 4. Encourage them always. 5. Let them be childlike forever. 6. Love children without conditions and with correction. 7. Say I love you in word and deed. 8. You can spoil kids with “things”, but you can’t spoil them with love. 9. Let kids help in the kitchen. Assign a night each of your children prepare a meal. Let them decide what they would like to make and help with writing the grocery list. The kid who cooks gets out of doing dinner dishes that night.

A Note from the Editor

By Mindy Scott

I have found activities that bring me great joy as well as clarity to my busy mind. I guard these activities very closely. Doing things specifically for me helps me avoid burnout. When I feel burnout rearing its’ ugly head, I pause and examine what I have missed lately. Is it a bubble bath, a long walk, enough water and rest? When was the last time I had a good belly laugh? These simple activities put fuel in my tank and keep me running at full speed ahead for myself and my family. I encourage you to write me at editor@ caldwellperspective.com and share with me things you do that fill your tank and keep you excited about life. You may be our featured guest next month!


July 2017

Idaho’s Annual Homeschool Convention was the Largest Ever

by Daniel Bobinski

The annual 2017 homeschool convention at Northwest Nazarene University in Nampa was attended by nearly 1,300 people, and featured 46 different workshops plus four keynote addresses. In addition to the workshops, there were over 50 vendors featuring curriculum and other services to help homeschool parents in their efforts. Linda Patchin, director of the convention, says “it’s important for parents to know that there is a lot of help out there.” Attendance at the convention has grown each year. The event is traditionally held the first weekend in June, but it is not just for parents. Convention coordinators also put together vibrant children and teen programs. In addition to the 2-day convention, many homeschool co-ops exist to help moms and dads throughout the state. Idaho also has two statewide homeschool organizations: The Idaho Coalition of Home Educators (ICHE-IDAHO.org), and Christian Homeschoolers of Idaho State (CHOIS.org). Homeschooling continues to increase in popularity across the nation. In the 1970s, several prominent American authors and educators began challenging the idea that institutional schools were the best place for children to learn. About that time, like-minded parents

here in Idaho and across the country began removing their children from the public schools to teach them at home. The benefits for doing so are many. For starters, students can learn at their own pace and they can be taught using curriculum that matches their learning style. Students are also free from peer pressure for sex and drugs, plus a homeschooling environment strengthens family relationships. Parents interested in getting more information about homeschooling can visit CHOIS.org. On that website parents can watch an informative video about the history of homeschooling in Idaho, read a useful FAQ, sign up for a free homeschooling e-newsletter, and connect with local support groups.


Eating Outside and Loving It!

The weather is warming up and the sun is shining. It’s a great season to be outside. People are gathering outside to enjoy hiking, picnics, camping, and fun summer activities. Here are children and adults enjoying a picnic in the park. They are full of smiles as they soak up Vitamin D and breathe in the fresh air. Summer is a great time to meet with friends, try new activities, and get active.

We’re More Than Just A Mansion

Cheryl began her passion for writing childrens books when she was on a medical leave from work. This was her first year selling her books at the homeschool convention. They are timeless material, sure to please all ages as children go.

Caldwell Students Experience MASSI-2017 By Shay Swan, Principle at Syringa Middle School

We Specialize In Providing Gracious Independent Retirement Living in a Supportive Atmosphere for P.E.O. Members!


(208) 459-3552

e Community e Stunning Grounds e Active Lifestyle e Food & Fellowship IDAHO

P.E.O. CHAPTER HOUSE 114 East Logan, Caldwell


& CUSTOM FABRICATION Brad & Karine Johnson

710 E. Main St., Middleton

In June, the Caldwell School District teamed up with the College of Idaho to put on the annual Math and Science Summer Institute (MASSI). As educators we have a huge responsibility to prepare our students for their future beyond Caldwell School District. MASSI is just one cog in the wheel of this preparation. Both Syringa and Jefferson Middle Schools teamed up to send 70 students to receive one week of instruction based in the areas of bacteriology and physics. The objective of this partnership is

twofold; students receive great instruction from college professors all while truly gaining experiences from life of education on a college campus. Students were able to attend multiple classes in buildings throughout campus, converse with graduate assistants about the benefits of college, hang out in the student union building, and spend a night in the dorms. The Institute was capped off on Friday with the students presenting their developed laboratory experiments. The week of MASSI was a huge success and will inevitably have a positive impact on the future success of these students. We look forward to many years of working with the College of Idaho in supplying great opportunities for students. On behalf of Caldwell School District, we would like to thank Dr. Robin Cruz, Dr. Katie Devin, Dr. Jim Dull, Dr. Anna Himler, and Dr. Scott

Truksa for helping to make this great experience possible for the kids of our community!

What’s In Your Water?

208-514-0054 710 E. Main St. www.libertymachineidaho.com

Middleton libertymachine@libertymachineidaho.com

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Treasure Valley water has tested positive for chemicals from chlorine to arsenic. A Water Treatment System from Future Techs can eliminate harmful chemicals from the water in your home or business.

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July 2017


Make this summer a chapter to remember! Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 10 AM-6 PM

SUMMER HOURS: Wednesday 10 AM-7 PM Saturday 10 AM-4:30 PM

Find us at facebook.com/rubaiyatcaldwell

720 Arthur St., Caldwell • (208) 899-1988




with us

AUGUST 15-18 5:30 P.M. to 7:30 P.M.

The major annual fund raising event of the Caldwell Kiwanis Club for ser vice to the community -- truly “a round-up of old friends!” Prices

Adults - $10.00 Seniors (62 & Over) - $9.00 Children (12 & Under) - $5.00


Crookham corn on the cob! For more information or tickets email us at CaldwellKiwanis@gmail.com or any Kiwanis member. Tickets are also available at the event!

Located on the lawn at DAKAN PARK on the corner of Everett & Kimball

One of the required school supply items when I was a kid was white paste. It came in small glass widemouth jars and was used for all sorts of arts and crafts projects. The jars weren’t very large. But if you ran out, you could refill the jar you brought to school from the big jar the teacher kept in a cupboard. And I was always running out of paste. The fact that I was a heavy user of paste had nothing to do with my arts and crafts skills. It was because I liked paste – not for pasting but for eating. My school day wasn’t complete without a taste or two of paste. Mrs. Steel, my first grade teacher, tried to cure my addition to paste by telling me it was made from ground up horse and cow hooves. That didn’t faze me. In fact, I preferred the paste in Mrs. Steel’s jar to the little jars from the store. Another school supply I liked almost as well as paste was LePages Glue. It was a brown semi-transparent liquid that came in

a bottle with a rubber applicator on the top – sort of like a baby bottle nipple. LePages Glue had been around in one form or another since the Nineteenth Century. I think that particular glue was made from fish guts. Didn’t bother me or my system in the least. There was also a period of time when I experimented with dry dog food as a snack. Purina came out with a new type that I preferred over Friskies. I figured if dogs didn’t die from eating the stuff, it probably wouldn’t hurt me either. It was better in a bowl, with milk. When I was a kid I also liked to eat parsley from Mom’s garden. One day, when playing down at the neighbor kids’ house, I ran across a plant growing in a flower bed that looked like giant parsley. It had a sweet taste. That summer, almost every time I played at the neighbors, I ate some giant parsley. Coincidently, almost every time I went to play with the neighbor kids at their house, I

by Wayne Cornell

got dizzy and spent considerable time lying on their lawn in sort of a semiconscious state. Years later I mentioned that to my Mom and she turned 30 shades of pale and suggested I was probably eating some type of poisonous plant. Nowadays, kids seem to be allergic to just about everything. If peanuts don’t make them break out in a rash or stop breathing, they are lactose intolerant or must make sure everything they eat is Gluten free. Some recent studies suggest some of these reactions are because youngsters today grow up in environments that are too sterile. They aren’t exposed to “dirty” things in the world around them so their systems never develop antibodies like kids did in the old days. When I look back at my eating history I figure I must be immune to just about everything.

Book Review by Amy Perry “A Man Called Ove” by Fredrik Backman

Fredrik Backman lives in Stockholm with his wife and two children. He is the author of My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry, Britt-Marie Was Here, And Every Morning the Way Home Gets Longer and Longer, and Beartown. A Man Called Ove is Backman’s debut novel. This is a story about Ove, a curmudgeon who finds acceptance in collective values. Ove is a man with

a ridged schedule, set opinions and limited patience with interference in goal-directed activities. Parvaneh is the pregnant foreign woman whose husband Ove considers an idiot, whose children are, well, children. Mirsaid is bent, Jimmy is fat, Rune suffers from Alzheimer’s and the cat is a mangy creature, but polite. This is a story of acceptance, individual value, bigotry and love. I laughed, I cried, and

I read the book again. Backman creates well rounded characters that continue to grow throughout the story. A Man Called Ove is suitable to adult readers. Subject matter may be considered unsuitable to teens and I would suggest that parents may want to read it before their children.

Best Seller Book Review by Michelle Ross

My Life with Bob: Flawed Heroine Keeps Book of Books, Plot Ensues by Pamela Paul GoodReads is a great way to keep track of reading lists, but Pamela Paul was keeping hers years before the internet offered up such easy tracking options. Paul, the New York Times Book Review editor, started “Bob,” her Book of Books, nearly three decades ago, logging in each literary (and not so literary) undertaking as she went through university, traveled the world, started a family, and coped with the loads of losses that are a part of daily life. Using “Bob” as the inspiration for her memoir this book is much more than a retelling of stories read. Paul takes us on the journey of her life as a reader and a human, weaving together what she was reading with what she was experiencing at various points in her life. “Bob” becomes a mirror, reflecting back who she was at certain points in life, creating an interesting timeline of life. While I couldn’t help but wish I too had a list of the books I’ve read since I was eighteen years old, it did encourage me to go back through my own GoodReads list and think

about what my reading habits said about who I was at specific points in time. Bibliophiles will enjoy Paul’s memoir, not only for the stories she tells, but for the memories it will generate in each reader. Less about books themselves and more about human connections and life perspectives, My Life with Bob is a unique take on the memoir genre. I love an author retelling their life through their passion. “At this point, there is no human way that I could read even those books I’ve deliberately marked as absolute mustreads. [ . . . ] This is every reader’s catch-22: the more you read, the more you realize you haven’t read; the more you yearn to read more, the more you understand that you have, in fact, read nothing” ― Pamela Paul, My Life with Bob: Flawed Heroine Keeps Book of Books, Plot Ensues


July 2017

Book It Forward!

submitted article

Book It Forward! Idaho partners with several organizations and community members to collect and distribute books to children all year long. Books have been collected outside the office of The Caldwell Perspective, and a new collection box has been put into service at the Caldwell Family YMCA. The box is located just outside the entrance so people can donate their gently-used books for children 0 – 18 years old anytime. Volunteers at the YMCA will clean, repair, and sort the books, and then make them available to their patrons and programs. This is a wonderful way to pay it forward and donate books that your children have outgrown, so other kids can have books in their own homes to read! Book it Forward! Idaho is a nonprofit who has been donating books since the spring of 2013. Many of these books are donated in the community at Caldwell schools and programs. BiF!I

Book It Forward Box at the Caldwell YMCA

Book It Forward Box at the Caldwell Perspective

partnered with United Way of Treasure Valley in April for the third year in a row, for a state-wide book drive. Over 96,000 books were donated by local business, families and individuals. 2,000 more books came in after the book drive. BiF!I has donated over 16,000 books from school book drives and 3 other collection boxes so far this year, for a total of 114,000 books to kids! And it is only June! The work continues through the summer, making books available

Tips for a Healthy 4th of July Food is a major part of having an excellent Independence Day. The sun is out, family and friends are in town, and the table full of food seems to always be stocked with your summer favorites. These delicious barbecue foods don’t have to set you back from your health and fitness goals. Consider following some of these healthy tips to keep you feeling great during the holiday: • Choose lean meats to grill. Lean ground beef, turkey, and chicken are great lean meat choices. If you are feeling extra adventurous, try some veggie burgers made of black beans or chickpeas. • Think “color” and load up on grilled vegetables. Grill a variety of fruits and vegetables, like zucchini, asparagus, pineapple, and bell peppers to add some color to your plate! • Use whole wheat buns. Whole grains contain fiber which will help you feel fuller longer. • Need dessert? Choose fruit. Fruit has that natural sweetness which is sure to

appease your sweet tooth. Strawberry shortcake made with angel food cake is a fan favorite. • Practice portion control. Choose a ¼ lb. burger over a ½ lb. burger. If no options exist, split your burger in half with a friend. • Carry a water bottle with you. A lot of times, we confuse hunger with thirst. Keeping hydrated will help you avoid eating when you truly aren’t hungry and will keep you feeling well-hydrated while out in the sun. In addition to these health and

to summer literacy programs and preschools. Thank you to everyone for your continued support. We are doing a launch event in the lobby of the Caldwell Family YMCA on Monday, July 24th. Hope to see you there. . Please help spread the word in the Caldwell community to donate your gently-used books for children ages 0 – 18 years old, at the Caldwell Perspective and now at the Caldwell Family YMCA. by Jackie Amende

fitness tips, don’t forget about food safety! Whether you are storing your perishable foods in your refrigerator at home or in a cooler well-stocked with ice packs in the shade, keeping your perishable foods out of the danger zone (40oF-140oF) is essential to avoid food borne illness. Never leave your perishable foods within the danger zone for over 2 hours or for over 1 hour if food is outside in 90oF or higher temperatures.


Summer Travel

With summer underway, many Idahoans are dreaming of sunbathing, sightseeing, and spending quality time with their loved ones. Better Business Bureau Serving the Northwest warns that con artists are plotting to target consumers looking for the best travel deals. Consumers across the Northwest have reported to BBB Scam Tracker losing an estimated $50,000 to nearly 300 travel scams in the past year. According to the 2016 BBB Annual Risk Report, the median loss for travel and vacation scams for 2016 was $847 and susceptibility was also high at 38 percent of reports involving a loss. Don’t let scammers bring frustration to your vacation. BBB suggests watching out for these common travel scams: • Hoax sites: Many travel websites appear to be legitimate. But once a vacation is booked the business ceases conversation with the customer. It’s best to book with a company that shows a good track record of appeasing its clients. Find a reputable travel business by searching bbb.org. • Be Wi-Fi Wise: Avoid using public WiFi, including hotel internet access, for any sites where they require personal information, such as online banking or other financial account management. With just a click of a button, fraudsters can easily create fake Wi-Fi hubs, then gain access to personal information

Beautify & Protect

Your Home With A New Roof Idaho Roofing Contractors have been a licensed roofing contractor in the roofing industry since 2001. We have successfully roofed over 1,000 residential houses in the Treasure Valley with 100% satisfaction. When it comes to the roof over your head, you want expert service from an experienced roofing contractor. From leaking skylights to roof stains to damaged shingles and complete reroofs, you can count on us for quality roofing solutions at affordable rates. We install Owens Corning’s high quality roofing systems. No matter which Owens Corning® products you choose, you know you are getting the very BEST! We have dealt with thousands of home owners and hundreds of insurance companies!


Financing Available Extended Warranties Available

COMPLIMENTARY Upgraded Ventilation System

3806 E. Newby, Suite 105 Nampa, Idaho


by Emily Valla, BBB Northwest

and passwords. • Hotel Tricks: It’s common for hotels to call and check in with guests shortly after they arrive, but be on guard if the caller asks for personal information, like credit card info, to finalize checkin. Never give out financial information over the phone. Instead, visit hotel management in person. • Vacation Rentals: Watch for fake rental listings and too good to be true deals. Scammers can hijack legitimate online listings and make it look like their own. Deal directly with the property owner or manager and be sure to verify the property exists by researching online. • Easy on the selfies. Avoid blasting on social media that everyone in the house is away. This makes it all too easy for burglars to locate an empty house available for them to rob. Save the Facebook album for after the trip is over. And when it comes to booking travel, read the fine print. Life happens, and when you are planning a trip months or even years in advance, it’s best to know what your rights are when it comes to cancelling a trip. Read the fine print on cancellation policies to ensure you won’t be losing money if you have to postpone the trip. Also, be on the lookout for any hidden fees that might be tacked on at the end of your trip. If you come across a travel scam, let BBB know at bbb.org/ScamTracker.

www.idahoroofingcontractors.com Advertising question? Call Chantele Hensel, 208-899-6374 to submit a story email editor@caldwellperspective.com


A little Dog’s Life Changed

by Mindy Scott, Caldwell Perspective Editor

Texas Gordy heard of a dog who was in need of a new home. She found out about her through a friend. Ms. Texas stated, “Trix came to me looking like hell. She was in terrible condition looking shabby, icky, and underweight. Trix was full of fear and would shake anytime she heard a noise.” Texas Gordy is a woman full of compassion. The sight of this pooch broke her heart, even though Gordy had just come out of surgery. She was told Trix was going to be done away with. She wasn’t exactly sure if this meant put down or turned loose. The thought of either was too much to bare. She decided to take action sooner rather than later. Ms. Gordy saved this dog’s life. She gave her love, a place to sleep, and plenty of food. It has been a journey getting this little one back to health. She has now put on weight and is walked by the help of neighbors. She has seen a vet several times and he is pleased with the meat on her bones. This rescue has brought together a group of folks with the sole purpose of loving this animal. Truth be told, this dog actually saved the life of its owner. Texas has had many health challenges and almost died. This rescue dog has given her the will to live. It helped her to get out of bed when getting out of bed was a huge task. Since, Texas has renamed Trix with the name Teddy Bear. It signifies the joy this little dog gives those around her. She is a huge comfort. Along with her new life, Teddy Bear is no longer unwanted. She is an incredible companion dog. They make the perfect team.

Place of Grace

Rob Belles Caldwell Paint Days

Saturday, June 10th a number of service clubs, churches, schools, and individuals participated in the painting of 7 houses and 2 sheds in Caldwell. LoveCaldwell hosted this event with the purpose of honoring the life and efforts of a great man, Rob Belles. Rob Belles was a beloved pastor, husband, father, and community leader who passed away very suddenly last year. His family has established Caldwell Paint Days to continue his legacy of compassion and caring. Paint and supplies were provided while volunteers of all ages donated their time and energy to help homeowners who needed assistance in the painting of their homes. As you can see from the before and after picture…paint makes a difference!

July 2017 submitted by volunteer team

Before and after

Deerflat Church Breaks Ground for Expansion

by Chantele Hensel, Publisher


Monday-Saturday 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. 459-1382

319 E. Simplot Blvd., Caldwell A Ground breaking took place on Sunday, June 11th. Children “the future” and long time members of Deerflat Church took shovels in hand to break ground for the new 24,920 sq. ft. expansion of the Church. The church expansion will be used for a new children’s ministry room, a larger check-in area and pick-up area, an enlarged lobby, a new kitchen, pantry, rest rooms and storage area. A large excavator that was generously donated by Barry Equipment and Rental from Nampa. Pastor Dave McGarrah took his turn, moving dirt with the equipment that Barry Equipment and Rental delivered.

Polina Continued from page 1 Polina clarifies, “People in authority make all the decisions. I now have a say in my life. American children are encouraged to be different. To shoot for the stars. To be anything they want. We don’t have words for that in Russian because we have never heard of these ideas before. Communism teaches that we do what’s best for the entire society, as if society doesn’t consist of individuals. Here in America individuals are acknowledged and celebrated.” Another type of freedom is entrepreneurship. It is encouraged here in America. Tax breaks motivate business men. In Russia, everything is done to prevent this. Taxes are way beyond normal. Interest on business loans are out of the question at high




SIGN UP NOW! www.KidsBowlFree.com/ CaldwellBowl Receive FREE Bowling Passes Every Week By Email. Cosmic Bowling Every Saturday Night at 10 PM

Caldwell Bowl 2121 Blaine St. 459-3400

rates such as fifty-percent. When asked about other freedoms Polina enjoys she mentions economic freedom. “Economically there is much freedom here. I am living a luxurious life style. I use paper towels and napkins. It’s wasteful, but I can throw them away. It’s luxurious! The first ten years of being in America I would feel guilty for using hot water. I now realize that I am able to enjoy these things as my husband loves to provide for me. There is so much freedom in everything!” Another benefit of entrepreneurship is that it promotes competition. This competition drives excellent customer service. People smile, greet you, acknowledge your existence. Polina tells of a time in Russia, “There was only one bakery and it was government owned. There was no care taken in the appearance, atmosphere, or customer service. There was no motivation to be of excellence or treat people well. After all, where else would the customers shop? There was no alternative.” Polina and her family sought out America due to the persecution that was known to take place in Russia for those who believe in Jesus Christ. As a small child she remembers the

fear and terror she experienced in the never knowing if and when her family would be persecuted through being imprisoned, like her aunt had, or death. The sense of safety she now enjoys isn’t something she grew up with. Russia is no longer a communist nation, but three generations of people were raised with this type of thinking. In order for people to change mind sets, new ways of thinking and time to understand them are needed. There is progress that has taken place since the fall of the Communist Regime in 1990, but America is still the greatest nation in the world with a plethora of freedom. Whether we, as Americans, take the time to understand the freedoms that have been bestowed upon us and how blessed we are for it is our own personal choice. So many people would risk their lives to live here on American soil, yet so many of us were given the privilege based upon the fact that our mothers gave birth to us here. There is much respect and gratitude to our military forces for their contribution to what America is today. While there is no way we can repay them, living a happy life and enjoying our time is a sure way of honoring them.

Dog Days of Summer Are Here! We have just what it takes to brighten someone’s day! Come in and meet Jack, the shop dog!

Caldwell Floral 103 S. Kimball Avenue Downtown Caldwell


July 2017

Journey to Becoming a Doctor



by Mindy Scott, Editor

The Journey to becoming a doctor is a long, challenging road. Laurisa Webster shows us it is possible to follow your dreams and make them your reality. She is a hard working, dedicated woman. She is a recent medical student graduate, originally from Saskatchewan, Canada and has officially completed her Medical Residency here in Caldwell. Dr. Webster has chosen a career path in the medical field because it combines her passion for a healthy lifestyle with helping others prevent and treat disease. She will be working in Coeur d’Alene at a Family Practice. She chose Family Practice because of the variety it includes. She is able to combine her love for nutrition, fitness, and healthy living with her career. What is simply remarkable about Laurisa is that she began her journey of education to become a doctor 11 years ago at the age of 16. Her adventurous self came from Canada to Florida, where she earned her undergrad in Biology. Snowboarding, Laurisa’s favorite From there she chose to begin medical school in the Caribbean so that she hobby and a big factor in deciding to come to Idaho.” wouldn’t need to wait a year to get into an American or Canadian Medical School. In Dominica, she completed 18 months of classroom structure and then went to Michigan for in Hospital training. Next, Webster decided to leave the mid west and find a location where she could easily access the great outdoors. She enjoys snowboarding, the mountains, biking, and the water. Caldwell was able to give her this as well as be the place she completed her residency. During her stay in Caldwell she enjoyed the opportunity to meet and serve many families in the area. She was drawn to Idaho for it’s small town feel and its geographical location. Laurisa enjoys spending her free time outdoors. While in Caldwell, her two favorite places to spend time where at Lake Lowell doing paddle boarding and at Sergeant Fitness, doing CrossFit Training. Studying to become a doctor takes tremendous dedication and focus. To offset the stress of this dedication, she found recreational activities to be of utmost importance. Combining her love of the outdoors and adventure with hard work helped her avoid burnout. Her current plans are to take the next 5 weeks off to travel and relax. She will be visiting friends and family in Canada as well as heading to Morocco and Portugal to do some surfing. Upon her return she will be starting her Career as a Doctor at Hayden Lake Family Practice. She shares that “ Everyone always said this time would go by fast, but while in it, I didn’t feel like it. Looking back I see it did pass quickly and I feel it is surreal.” Congratulations are in order for Dr. Laurisa Webster. Laurisa, we wish you the best and thank you for serving in our community and The GREAT State of Idaho. May everything you set out to do exceed your expectations of greatness!

Shaffer Buck Insurance was located in downtown Caldwell for decades. It started as M L Walker Real Estate and Insurance in 1906. After Mr. Walker passed away in 1932, Charlie Shaffer bought the agency, which turned into the Walker-Shaffer Agency. In 1972 Gordon Buck bought the Cleaver Block building on the corner of 9th and Main St, which became the businesses second location. In 1964 Gordon Buck became an equal partner with Charlie, the business then got a new name once again, the Shaffer-Buck Insurance we all know today. Third generation Dan Buck joined the insurance company after a producer, Clarence Steelman, died from an unexpected heart attack in September of 1980. After working side-by-side with Dan, Gordon retired in 1996. He passed away in 2002. The business in currently being passed onto 4th generation Aaron Buck.

by Ninnel Kelly, Caldwell Perspective

by Colleen Plitt, Caldwell Chamber

Shaffer Buck Insurance Ribbon Cutting

L to R: Dan Buck, Aaron Buck

Caldwell Businesses Land in the Slammer!

by Mindy Scott, Editor

Colby Blaine (College of Idaho), Coty (Republic Services), Greg Franz (College of Idaho), Clayton Gefre (College of Idaho), Ambitions of Idaho Team, Kim Boguslawski (State Farm Insurance), Shane Cheney (Cheney Carpentry), Ken Dunham (4D5A Security), Ed McFarland (United Muffler & Brake), Nicole Cammann, Ron Yacavace (RPMS Powder Coating)

Local businesses did a little time to do a lot of good to support children and families with muscular dystrophy on June 15th. Muscular Dystrophy severely weakens muscle strength and mobility. They gathered at Texas Roadhouse where they were given bread and water and were “ locked up” while their friends and supporters could help them “get out” by donating to their cause. Before the event they also raised “ bail.” They had an enjoyable time raising money for a worthy cause in a unique way.

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Kyle Collins, DMD

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SAVING JFK: This room is set in Lee Harvey Oswald’s apartment. You will be challenged to prove that he is attempting to kill JFK and escape to stop him. Can you go back in time and change history? PHARAOH’S TREASURE: Come experience our Finding Pharaoh’s Treasure Room! Filled with hieroglyphs, symbolism and ancient egyptian clues, this room is sure to test your mind’s capacity. Are you up for the challenge?

Located inside

Sound Hound Stereo Established in 1995.

6302 E. Cleveland Blvd., Caldwell

(208) 459-7765

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July 2017

Support Caldwell through the Lions Club

submitted photo

The Caldwell Lions Club is excited and looking forward to a busy 2017 at their booth at the Caldwell rodeo grounds. The money raised last year has been spent on glasses for those that couldn’t afford them, support for the Idaho Eastern Oregon Sight and Hearing

Local Ladies in Soroptimist honor past members

Foundation, a legacy fund that will be used to update the Caldwell Lions Park, youth programs, school programs and other ways we helped in our community. Our finger steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs and tater tots are coveted. The booth will be opened for Canyon County Fair

by Lynn Johnson

on July 27th through the 30th, the Caldwell Nights Rodeo on August 13 through the 19th, and all of the College of Idaho Yotes Football Home Games. This will be a great year and the Lions are looking forward to seeing you support their booth.

by Mindy Scott, Editor

Women from local chapter of Soroptimist have come together to check on the status of rose bushes that they had planted in honor of members who have passed away. The roses that did not survive the harsh winter are being replaced with new bushes. These lovely flowers are on display for everyone to enjoy outside of the Caldwell Library. The basis of this group is to help woman and girls better themselves through education.

2404 Paradise Circle, Caldwell photos by Mindy Scott

Updated and well located 3 bdrm. at the end of a Cul-de-sac street. New HVAC unit, 14 x 26 covered deck and room for a storage shed or small shop, RV parking and garden area... $139,900

Kaitlin Brookshire appointed Interim Caldwell Center Director Treasure Valley Community College is pleased to announce Kaitlin Brookshire has been appointed as the Interim TVCC Caldwell Center Director. Brookshire will begin her new job on July 1 and replaces TVCC Dean of Outreach Tim Rosandick who will retire on June 30, after almost two years with the College. Tim will continue to work on a limited part-time basis with the College to help with the Caldwell transition and to participate in the ongoing contract negotiations with faculty. Kaitlin comes to this position with significant knowledge and experience, not only in student services but also about TVCC. She was previously the TRIO Education Opportunity Center- Educational Specialist, working closely with all colleges and universities in the area. In this position she helped more than 1,000 adults annually to navigate the college admissions, financial aid and

712 Borchers Lane, Caldwell

GED process. She has been TVCC’s Veteran’s Certifying Official since 2014. Kaitlin worked as an advisor/recruiter at the TVCC Caldwell Center until 2014 when she took the TRIO position full-time; she started as a frontline specialist with TVCC in 2011 and was promoted shortly thereafter. Prior to that she was an instructor and student success coach at Valley Medical College from 2010-2011; and the CASA Marion County Project Director from 2009-2010. She earned a BA in psychology from Willamette University in 2010, and an MA in Curriculum and Instruction (ESL emphasis) from Arizona State University in 2015. She will begin an Ed Specialist graduate program at Northwest Nazarene University in July. Kaitlin will oversee the TVCC Caldwell Center and the TVCC Burns Center in Harney County. As part of the position restructure from the Dean of Outreach position to the Director position, the TVCC Education Center at Snake River Correctional Institution will be moved under the direction of the Vice President of Academic Affairs Eddie Alves.

Rick Sweaney 208-880-2395

2 Duplexes (4 Units) that are fully rented. Includes all appliances, washers / dryers and garage door openers. Close to !-84 and several large employers that are building in the area. Owner / Managers are retiring...$329,900






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10:00 am - Park Events


Starting At Dusk - Brothers Park Adjacent to the Caldwell High School on Indiana Avenue

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Can be fresh produce or goods, crafts, direct sales, small business, or commercial. We work with all types and industries. Must be family friendly starting vendor rates are 25.00 depending on type of event and size of space wanted etc.

COME JOIN OUR TEAM! We are hiring drivers for coach, school, charter, shuttle for all our locations in the valley-Mt. Home, Boise, Caldwell. Proud to offer exceptional wages, paid vacations, dental, vision & retention bonus. Child ride along and other benefits. Flexible hours, off during holidays, sign on bonus.

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Family SUMMER FUN Sat., July 22 • 9 am-3 pm

Kleiner Park 1920 N. Records Ave., Meridian

Food ~ Vendors ~ Fun Vendor space still available indoor 6 ft. tables and outdoor 10 ft. x10 ft. Contact Jennifer, 353-2678.



Great job for retired, parents, college students. We have paid training for those who wish to obtain a CDL (commercial drivers license) and work for a great company. Class starting soon! Experienced bus drivers with a passenger and school bus endorsement are encouraged to join a great team.

is a low income elderly apartment complex with gov’t subsidy. We provide services in addition to rent, which include: 2 homecooked meals daily, weekly housekeeping and transportation to Caldwell Doctor appts. Our building has someone on site as a first responder 24/7. We have security cameras and the outside doors are locked in the evening for your peace of mind. We give preferences to those applicants subscribing to the services. Please phone for an appt. to see an apartment.

Affordable / Económico 1 to 5 bedroom Apts. / 1 a 5 Recamaras Community Amenities / Servicios Comunitarios Rent Assistance Available / Asistencia de Renta Disponible Middleton School District Buses transport to/from CHA

Now accepting applications!

(208) 454-0004 612 West Logan Street, Caldwell, Idaho 83605

Safely transport passenger, perform pre-trip inspection, assist passenger in loading and unloading. Must be able to pass a DOT physical, criminal background check and preemployment drug test.

Logan Park is an Equal Opportunity Provider


Because we are the number one coach, school, charter business come be a part of our team!

Immediate positions for dependable, fun, loving caregivers. Experience preferred, but not required. Training provided. Must pass H&W background check.

Hay For Sale!

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Small bales, alfalfa/grass mix and grass hay available now.

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Golden West Realty

“Serving Caldwell Since 1974”

Residential • Land • Commercial

Property Management

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July 2017