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Caldwell, Idaho

Edition Thirty-Seven


January 2018

2017 CBOR Realtor of the Year!

District and State 4-H Distinguished Service Award

Otter and Little Cement Their Legacy in Caldwell

“It was a good day!”

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Last Day! Bittersweet for Dr. Sam Summers

by Leora Summers

It was a bittersweet day with lots of laughter and tears, after 35 years of being a family doctor in Caldwell, the town where he was born and raised. I remember when we first moved to Caldwell after his residency program in Boise in 1982. He joined Caldwell Rotary Club and when he gave them his introduction speech, he told the group that he was born and raised here and like the salmon, he went out to the ocean (medical school at the University of Washington) and has now returned home to “spawn!” I wasn’t so sure by Leora Summers L to R: Patricia Parra (Patient Service Rep), Dr. Sam Summers, Marina Zechmann (Medical Assistant), and that was very funny at the Laura Lindsay (Registered Nurse). This picture is of Dr. Sam’s last day of work on December 27th and these time as I was almost ready to deliver our first child. But are his “peeps,” the people who worked most closely with him. His “work wife,” Laura Lindsay is soon to retire right behind him in January. They have been quite a team together for many, many years. that was the kind of humor he also brought to the office and When he got up on the the last time and donned years that he should dress what made him so likable. morning of December 27th, a suit and tie. He told me like a professional at least God broke the mold when he he dressed for work for that sometime during his 35 once. His usual attire was a made him. That’s for sure!

And the winner is... The Caldwell Salvation Army Every year some of Caldwell’s service clubs and other agencies “Ring the Bell” during the holiday season beginning in November to raise funds for our local Salvation Army, who assists our community’s people in need. This year the Caldwell Police Department was “Top Dog” on the heap with a whopping $6,242.14. Each group was assigned one day to “Ring the Bell” at our local Walmart Superstore. I saw videos of our local police really getting their “groove” on while they rang the bell. They were quite the performers! They doubled the next contender’s take with their efforts. All in all, everyone wins when we all work together for a common cause. Our community is very

by Leora Summers

generous. While I rang the bell for Rotary, several folks who put money in the pot had stories about how the Salvation Army was there for them in their time of need and they wanted to “pay it forward” by giving back. Some were currently benefitting from the Salvation Army. Thanks goes to all those who rang on their day, the Walmart Super Store for letting us ring and to our generous community for their good giving hearts! Caldwell Police Department: $6,242.14 Elks: $3,121.70 Rotary: $3069.27 Sheriff Inmate Labor Detail: $3021.16 Wells Fargo: $993.13 Caldwell Board of Realtors: $989.09 Lions: $830.20 Kiwanis: $740.31

Hawaiian shirt or something not scruffy, but much more casual than a suit. One day he accidentally wore one black shoe and a blue shoe which was noticed by a little boy who pointed it out to him at the end of his work day. Oops! He was a considerate husband, for he never turned on the bedroom light when he got dressed on those early mornings so as not to wake me, thus the error. Today the alarm is turned off and we will see how this goes. Many great friendships were made and will continue for the rest of his life through his work as a family physician in our community. Job well done Sam! Now let’s have some fun....and don’t drive me crazy! Did I tell you? I now have a new personal trainer! Ugh! This could be the beginning of the end.

Visitor Shares Her Story...”My Trip To Caldwell” Driving to Caldwell I had to go through Deadman’s pass. What should’ve been an hour drive turned into almost 3 hours due to the weather conditions. Although the weather was not ideal it was beautiful. All that white fluffy snow is just what you want to see at Christmas time, and if not for the name of the pass, I might have been able to be lost in my own thoughts. Less than 8 days earlier I had been in New York state for the funeral of my 25 year old son, Robert, who passed away December 5th in Santa Monica, California, 4 days shy of his 26th birthday, and now here I was driving through a not so friendly named mountain pass on my way to relatives who live in Caldwell, Idaho. I had heard about it, even talked to Robert about it earlier in the year as he wanted to go there and see his cousin Mindy and her husband and kids and my sister, Kris. Robert would have loved that drive. He loved nature and being outside. He would’ve thought the name of the pass was “cool.” By the time I arrived in Caldwell it was already dark at 7:30 at night. My sister was traveling with me and the first thing we saw was the lamp posts all decorated with beautiful Christmas lights. This went on for a little while. What a very welcoming town. This was a town that takes pride in how they represent their selves to visitors was my first thought!

by Bev Lott

What I saw next was amazing, all the lights in the downtown area, all the trees and bushes lit up my picturesque town. The bridge all done in lights, even lights in the water, and the bridge to walk over and look at all the lit up floats in the water below. Not only family friendly, but romantic as well. The first thing we did was pick up my sister’s son and his girlfriend and headed to golden Coral. Yum! There is no Golden Coral near me and that was a special treat all on its own, and it’s nice to visit family I had not seen in 8 years. After dinner, we drove around town a little bit looking at all the beautiful Christmas lights and reminiscing about missed loved ones. I looked forward to venturing out in the daylight to see all Caldwell has to offer. 9 a.m. and out we went. One of my favorite things to see was the older business area and all the stores that not only were they still open but people bustling in and out the doors. I felt like I was in a movie. My visit to Caldwell reminded me of Bedford Falls, the town in “It’s a Wonderful Life”. I felt like I had stepped back in time, a time where people cared about their neighbors and the men tipped their hat when you walked by, a polite way of saying howdy, hello, good day!

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Page 2 CALDWELL PERSPECTIVE Senior Center • 208-459-0132 Every Monday 9 AM: Exercise Class 10 AM: Fit and Fall 1 PM: Line Dancing 7 PM: Square Dancing Every Tuesday 9 AM (ex. 1/16): Art Group 1 PM: Pinochle 4:30 PM: Bingo Every Wednesday 10:30 AM: Crochet & Knitters Every Thursday 9 AM: Exercise Class 10 AM: Fit and Fall Every Friday 1 PM: Bingo 6 PM: Dance Library • 208-459-3242 Every Monday 10:30 AM: Baby ‘n Me 4:30 PM: Gaming Mondays 11 AM: Baby ‘n Me Every Tuesday 10:30 AM: Preschool Storytime Every Wednesday 10:30 AM: Preschool Storytime 4:30 PM: Afterschool Fun Every Friday 10 AM: Tai Chi Fit and Fallproof Class: M-W-F, 9:30-10:30 AM: Caldwell Free Methodist Church, 3320 S. Montana, Contact Judi: (208) 880-9855. January 4 6:30 PM: Library Board Meeting. January 5 5:30-7:30 PM: Craft and Conversation, Rubiayat Book Store, 720 Arthur St. downtown Caldwell. January 6 6 PM: Pokémon Club, Library 1010 Dearborn St.

January 6 (continued) 6 PM: Annual Steak & Crab Feed, O’Connor Field For more information, go to the Facebook event page, or contact Tracy Kasper at 208459-4326. January 8 6:15 PM: Tai Chi, Library. January 11 2 PM: Mid-Winter Author Series: Sheila Eismann, Library. January 10 5:30 PM: Caldwell Rambler’s RV Club Dinner, 6 PMMeeting, Golden Dragon Restaurant, 211 S. 21st Ave., Ray (208) 697-1357. January 12 10 AM: Tai Chi, Library 6 PM: 7th anniversary for The Rubaiyat celebration. 1st open Mic readings, followed by wine & chocolate cake. Rubiayat Book Store, 720 Arthur St., downtown. 5:30 PM: Yotes, Women’s Basketball Home Game. January 15 Last day of Winter Wonderland! Martin Luther King Jr. Day IDAHO HUMAN RIGHTS DAY January 16 7 PM: City Council Meeting, CPD Comm. Room, 110 S. 5th Ave. January 19 10 AM: Tai Chi, Library. 6 PM: Third Friday of each month at 6 Northwest Authors Book Club, Rubaiyat Book Store, 720 Arthur Street. January 20 5:30 PM: Basque Dinner/ Dance, Caldwell Event Center, 2207 Blaine St. January 23 9 AM: Ag Expo, Caldwell Event Center, 2207 Blaine St. 2 PM: Computer Drop-In, Library.

Calendar of Events January 24 9 AM: Ag Expo, Caldwell Event Center, 2207 Blaine St. January 27 8 PM: 3rd Year Anniversary, Roots & Company, 508 Main Street, 70’s Disco Night. January 29 6:15 PM: Tai Chi, Library January 31 8:30 AM Senior Tour- McCall Ice Carnival & Elk Feeding February 1 National Freedom Day February 2 Groundhog Day

Make this Valentine’s Day one to remember.

Jamuary 2018

Exciting New Classes at the YMCA

Our local YMCA is excited to offer the following new classes for 2018. We hope you stop by and try something new this year. Look forward to seeing you. OCR -Obstacle course races: Train Prepare Compete. Learn develop and prepare skills for obstacle course races, such as ropes, wall climbing and grip strength. Ages 14+ Rock Climbing Warriors: Develop and enhance your

by Gina Yarlott

confidence in both climbing and bouldering through techniques that work on balance and core strength. Ages 14+ Yoga for veterans: Serving those who have served us, by sharing the power of mind body healing. This yoga class is designed to empower participants with the ability to relax and rest their mind. Free to all Active or retired military and first responders.

SAVE THE DATES Chamber activity and participation has a positive effect on our community, quality of life, economic development, and many other elements. If you are interested in getting involved in the Caldwell Chamber or want to make a difference in our community, the Chamber offers several volunteer committees for you to take part on.

Check out all of the sweet ideas in the February edition of the CALDWELL PERSPECTIVE. Find out what to buy your sweetie and where to take them this holiday.

217 S. 9th Ave. Caldwell 208-899-6374

EVERY MONDAY: 5:15 p.m. Meet Me Mondays, Stewarts Bar & Grill January 3: 11:30 a.m. Agri-Business Committee, Stewarts Bar & Grill January 5: 6-11 p.m. Bravehearts at Indian Creek Steakhouse January 8: 12 p.m. Transportation Committee, Acapulco January 9: 11:15 a.m. Noonbreak Luncheon, Simplot Dining Hall sponsored by St. Lukes January 17: 12 p.m. Ribbon Cutting at H&R Block, 724 Cleveland January 18: 12 p.m. Gov’t Affairs Committee, Golden Dragon January 18: 4:30 p.m. Business After Hours Please plan to attend the Chamber of Commerce Noonbreak Luncheon, January 9th at 11:15 a.m., Simplot Dining Hall, C of I. Call the Chamber of Commerce to RSVP.

Our Community

January 2018


Nikki Trautman, 2017 CBOR Realtor of the Year!

2018 CBOR President, Arvid Salisbury of Keller Williams

Caldwell Board of Realtors (CBOR) 2017 Awards & Installation Banquet was held on December 7, 2017 at the C of I – Simplot Dining Hall. Nikki Trautman is a native Idahoan and loves this community and her industry. Her favorite time is spent with her family and participating in sporting activities. Prior to Real Estate, Nikki is a 2 time All-American Softball player, participating on softball teams that placed 3rd in the Nation and 5th in the Nation. Nikki played Basketball at NNU and then finished her Accounting

2017 CBOR Affiliate of the Year, Angie Castillo with Idaho Independent Bank

Degree at BSU. Nikki became a Realtor in 2003 and opened American Dream Real Estate, here in Caldwell, at that same time. In 2005, she became a Designated Broker, and has never looked back! Fellow Realtors can always rely on Nikki for help & advice, when interesting Real Estate questions arise, as Nikki also has bragging rights and can attest, that she is only 1 of very few Real Estate Offices that have ever gotten a “perfect” audit with the Idaho Real Estate Commission. Ashton Trautman had this

L to R: 2017 CBOR ROOKIE Realtor of the Year, Amanda Muller of Century 21 Golden West Realty with Talie Elordi 2016 CBOR Realtor of the Year.

to say about her Mother, “My mom always told us kids while growing up, “It is easy to soar with the eaglesall it takes is the extra effort to be better than the average.” Not only did she tell us this, but she showed us this in her own work ethic. My mom does it all, and does it well. Not many people can say they can do both. My mom was the coach of my sport teams, the cheerleader during my meets, the PTO president of my school, and the one I could count on to buy school fundraiser cookie dough, so I could win a cool prize. She’s

Family Receives New Car For Christmas

Canyon County Asking Citizens To Provide Input On Historic Preservation Plan Update Through Online Survey & Public Meetings preservation funding should be used into the future, be it for training purposes or to help rehabilitate historic buildings and sites around the county. The survey can be found at www.canyonco.org/hpc. The HPC will also hold several public input meetings where the community can share their ideas for the new historic preservation plan. The first meeting is scheduled to take place on Thursday, January 11 from 5pm-8pm. It will be held in the public meeting room on the first floor of the County Administration

Building, located at 111 N. 11th Avenue in Caldwell. Details on the additional public meetings will be made available at a later date. The update of the countywide historic preservation plan is made possible through partnerships and grant funding from the Idaho State Historic Preservation Office and the National Park Service. For more information, please contact Canyon County Parks, Cultural and Natural Resources at (208) 455-6022 or Public Information Officer Joe Decker at (208) 455-6090.

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2017 CBOR Realtor of the Year, Nikki Trautman of American Dream Real Estate

a “super mom” that did and continues to go above and beyond, and the same can be said about her work. The way my mom creates genuine friendships with her clients, her passion for what she does, and the way she puts ‘others first’ makes her one heck of a Realtor!” Nikki is a current MLS Executive Board Member as Treasurer and Caldwell Board of Realtor’s MLS Director 2016-2017, CBOR Treasurer 2018. She has been on the Caldwell Board of Realtor’s Executive Board since 2012.

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IR Forms Committee 20152016. CBOR’s 2004 Rookie Realtor of the Year. Top Producer from 2005-2017 (Except 2011). She is a current member of Women’s Council of Realtors, has her Designated Broker Designation (DB), Short Sale & Foreclosure Resource (SFR), and Graduate of Realtor Institute (GRI). With all of this being said, Nikki has been chosen by her real estate peers as the 2017 Caldwell Board of Realtors REALTOR of the YEAR! Congratulations Nikki Trautman!

Trip Continued from page 1

by Kim Deugan

Thanks to some amazing community partners, this family received a new car for Christmas! We are overjoyed with the kindness that each one of these businesses put forth to make this possible. A huge thanks to Farmers Insurance, LKQ Corporation, and Dennis Dillon Wholesale Parts who partnered up with ABRA Autobody & Glass and ReCycled Rides. There is no one more deserving of this awesome gift. This mommy with two little ones is making every day new and exciting for her family. Her sons attend Hope Lane Learning Center, a program of Advocates Against Family Violence. With tears of gratitude, she stated, “I absolutely adore all of the ladies there that care for my boys. And the boys love them so much, as do I! The boys are always so happy to go to school. We are definitely blessed beyond belief to have such wonderful people in our lives. Thank you so much for this amazing gift. I feel so extremely fortunate to have been chosen for a new car for my boys and I too have a safe vehicle for traveling. We are very excited and I could not be more thankful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and God Bless!!!”

The Canyon County Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) is seeking public input on a very important project – updating the countywide historic preservation plan. Citizens are encouraged to take a short online survey where they can help identify preferences for the focus of the new historic preservation plan, which is being updated for the first time in 25 years. The survey allows citizens to help prioritize the historic sites in Canyon County they would like to see preserved and provide input on how historic

by Talie Elordi

Everywhere I went people said, “Merry Christmas,” not something I had heard in a long long time, and it made me feel good. We need more towns like this everywhere we go. From the Merry Christmas’ to the holiday lights, I’ve lived in tiny towns and big cities and have never quite seen anything like Caldwell. I look forward to visiting again in the Spring.

OPEN 6 AM - 3 PM MONDAY-SATURDAY 208-453-1146

21513 Main St, Greenleaf

Veteran’s Corner

Sponsored by the Caldwell Veterans Council As we close the book on 2017, it is rewarding to look back at the progress that has been made on the restoration of this historic building. The project began in November 2013, when the City of Caldwell purchased the Caldwell Carnegie Library building and commissioned the Caldwell Veterans Council to create the New diagonal parking on 11th Avenue Caldwell Veterans Memorial Hall. Work began in the summer of 2014 and has since progressed at an astounding rate. Early on, the project focused on demolition of existing structures to make room for the new design. That work was performed by volunteers. As the project progressed, the work required more skilled professionals to install the various commodities, such as plumbing, wiring and HVAC. As of 12 December 2017, 95,033 volunteer labor hours have been invested in the project and over $2,900,000 have been invested through donations from New Schindler Elevator individuals and businesses in the area. inspected The upper level of the main building is complete with and ready for the exception of installing the fire and security alarm service systems. The elevator equipment and car have been installed and inspected. The elevator building drywall is 50% complete and the basement drywall is being installed. The construction of diagonal parking on 11th Avenue is complete and painted striping, street lights and landscaping will be installed when weather permits. Electrical and plumbing systems in the upper level are complete. HVAC for the whole building is 99% complete. I feel blessed to have been associated with this project since its inception. I also look forward to its operation and the fulfillment of its mission to provide services to local area veterans and their families. The tentative grand opening date is May 1, 2018. There are a few more pieces of the construction puzzle that must fall into place to meet that date, but the construction committee is confident that the schedule is a good prediction. The members of the Caldwell Veterans’ Council are looking forward to a prosperous and successful operation in 2018. Sincerely;

John Muirhead

Chairman, Caldwell Veterans Council, Inc.

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Over the past several months the fire department’s new recruits endured a grueling fire academy that put them through scenarios they will be facing on a daily bases as they come on the line. We are proud so say all of our recruits have now graduated, and are scheduled to report for duty. Our new firefighters are currently working with the crews learning the ins and outs at the fire station and on the engines. For the next several months, they are being partnered with a veteran firefighter as they learn the ways of the Caldwell Fire Department to ensure they are completely prepared and

Jamuary 2018

Fire Department New Recruits & News

comfortable performing assigned duties. We welcomed Santa at our Open House prior to the Night Light Parade again this year. We know it was very cold this year and we would like to thank all those that were able to stop by. Santa was thrilled with the opportunity to visit with the families of Caldwell and listen to the children’s wishes as he reminded them to be good. FIRE SAFETY TIP of the MONTH: Christmas trees - Get rid of the tree after Christmas or when it is dry. Dried-out trees are a fire danger and should not be left in the home or garage,

by Lisa Richard

or placed outside against the home. The City of Caldwell Forestry Department will hold its Christmas tree chipping this month. You may dispose of your tree any time after Christmas at the U.S. West parking lot on the corner of 21st and Arthur (the gravel parking lot north of Caldwell Bowl). Please make sure all decorations, tinsel, ornament hangers, and flocking are removed before you leave your tree. Hope your New Year is filled with health and safety. Happy New Year!

Riley’s Cop Spot

by Captain Devin Riley

submitted photos

Right: It has been over 16 years since the department has received a major remodel. The Community Room, Front Lobby, Break Room, and the Administration Offices all received a new look. Along with the new color of paint, new carpet, and new furniture, we also put up new logos. Remodeling will continue to happen throughout the year.

Left: Caldwell Police Department swore in four new officers to the family. From left to right Oscar Martinez, Andrew Holmes, Zack Swim, and Kenneth Branstetter.

Offer good until 1/31/18. Can not be combined with other offers.

Right: Captain Riley and Sgt. Rice happened to be eating lunch at the College of Idaho and noticed the boys’ basketball team from Oak Hills College in Sydney, Australia. What a great group of young men, and even a better group of coaches. The team traveled around Idaho and Colorado to participate in their World Basketball Tour. Before leaving, the team was able to come to CPD where they were given a tour of the department. What a special group, hope to make it to Australia to visit sometime. A few legends were recognized for their years of service at the City Employee Appreciation Dinner. Captain Devin Riley reached the 20-year mark for the city, Sergeant Richard Ferrera has 25 years with the department, Lieutenant Alan Seevers has

30 years at CPD, Sergeant Baltazar Garza has 31 years at CPD, and Lieutenant Dave Wright has 32 years at CPD. Winter is upon us, please slow down and drive carefully.

earary Y 3rd vers i Ann

January 27th, 8 PM-CLOSE

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Brother Browns BBQ Tues.-Sat. 11 AM-2 PM & 4-9 PM 508 Main Street


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January 2018


District and State 4-H Distinguished Service Award

Congrats to Tim Lowber for not only receiving the 2017 Canyon County 4-H Distinguished Service Award, but for receiving the District and State Distinguished Service Award! This award is the highest honor that can be conveyed upon a 4-H volunteer in Idaho. Only one person receives the state award annually. This year Tim was presented the award at the annual Idaho 4-H State Volunteer Forum in Pocatello, on November 4, 2017. Tim has been an active 4-H volunteer in Canyon

County for 25 years from the club level through the state level and serving on regional committees. He has provided leadership for the swine project and horse project as well as leadership for a number of county level committees including Market Livestock Sale Committee, 4-H Leaders Council, 4-H Horse Leaders Council, Snake River Stampede Concessions Fundraiser co-chair (20 years), and Large Animal Round Robin Fair Superintendent. Tim has been known as the “go to man” for many 4-H programs

and his institutional knowledge has been invaluable to many. Tim has been just as active on the District and State levels. He has been the Round Robin Superintendent at Western Idaho Fair, active with the District Leaders Association, and workshop presenter for swine clinics in several counties throughout Idaho, 4-H Teen Mania, and State 4-H Teen Conference. Tim has held leadership roles with the Idaho Friends of 4-H Endowment Board, 4-H Advisory Board, and State 4-H Leaders Forum serving as cochair for two consecutive terms. He has been a chaperone for National 4-H Conference, National 4-H Congress and numerous Western Regional 4-H Leader’s Forums. In addition to Tim’s leadership and participation he is also a strong advocate for 4-H, promoting 4-H with the County Fair Board, county commissioners, local and state legislators, and anyone who will listen! 4-H seems to

18 Things to Know About Indian Creek Plaza in 2018 Indian Creek Plaza (ICP) is scheduled to open in April. So, what do you need to know about it until then? Here is a list of tidbits to tantalize your curiosity! 1. The Grand Opening will be in April. Woo Hoo! 2. ICP will host Treasure Valley’s ONLY Friday evening, Farmer’s Market. Bring on the Farm to Fork baby! 3. Most of the events are FREE and open to the public! 4. ICP has partnered with The Reel Theatre to bring you free Movies on the Plaza during the summer. Pack in your blankets, pillows and chairs and enjoy quality family time under the stars! 5. You can picnic with your family on the plaza! 6. Bring your sunscreen, because the super-fun splash pad is open throughout the summer! 7. For the vineyardly mobile— beer and wine will be available for purchase. The types of drink options are dependent on the activity/event of the day

8. It is only the coolest gathering spot in all of Idaho! 9. Ice Skating opens the day after Winter Wonderland (Nov. 18th) 10. ICP has the ONLY ice ribbon in the entire state of Idaho! As a matter of fact, there are just seven ice ribbons in the nation and Caldwell has boasting rights for number seven! How cool is that?! 11. You can bring your own ice skates! 12. ICP has the largest outdoor ice rink in the entire state! Can you feel the excitement yet? 13. There will be great bathrooms! 14. All the businesses around the plaza will have new facades by April! 15. Certified service animals are allowed on the plaza…so make sure your pet iguana on a leash is sporting his service jacket (hee hee) 16. They have numerous internship opportunities available. If ICP is not on your school’s approved list yet, ask your advisor to contact

by Naomi LeGere

naomi@indiancreekplaza.com 17. The plaza and stage are available through rental! For those wanting to schedule the performance space for your small group, band, play, wedding or dance recital, email melissa@indiancreekplaza. com 18. The event schedule will be posted monthly right here in the Caldwell Perspective! (you can also find them on their Facebook page: facebook. com/indiancreekplaza/) There you have it, 18 awesome things to know about ICP in 2018. Looking forward to seeing you there! Happy New Year!

by Carrie Johnson

always be on his mind and he does not hesitate to share the virtues of 4-H either in personal conversations or more formal settings including media interviews. The impact of Tim’s contributions to the 4-H program are felt through hundreds of youth who have participated in projects, activities or events that he has provided leadership for over the past 25 years. His contributions have also influenced the image and

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priorities of 4-H programming in Canyon County and Idaho because of his involvement on county, district and state committees. Tim’s time, energy, expertise, and ongoing dedication to 4-H is gratefully appreciated! Congratulations Tim for receiving the 2017 Canyon County, Southern District, and Idaho 4-H Distinguished Service Award and thank you for your support of 4-H!

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Jamuary 2018

Indian Creek Plaza Hires New Talent to Their Executive Team Indian Creek Plaza in Caldwell, ID welcomed Idaho state newcomer Naomi LeGere to their team as their Director of Marketing. “I have worked on many municipal projects throughout the nation, but none of them has had the passion and drive this one does,” said LeGere. “Caldwell is so rich with hidden gems; different boutiques, stores, and wineries. I feel a bit verklempt to be a small part of bringing this community to their next great success!”

Most recently, LeGere was the Executive Director of an upstart rural telecommunications non-profit that focused on public-private partnerships. Preceding this, she was an Art Director for a university, Editor-in-Chief of four newspapers, and a Journalist and Broadcaster for the US Marine Corps. Also, she was the Outreach Director for a national municipal broadband company where she was honored with the Colorado Broadband Project of the Year

Bringing Joy To People Thru Wonderful Wine, Fabulous Food & An Amazing View

award in 2016. Her education is as varied as her job history though it came as a result of an injury she sustained in the Marine Corps during Desert Storm. “I am a disabled vet and proud member of the DAV [Disabled American Veterans],” said LeGere. “I was blessed to not only be part of the Marine Corps family, but I owe the bulk of my amazing education to the Vocational Rehabilitation programs at the VA.” Through the curriculums offered to injured vets, she has earned a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Colorado Christian University, a BA in Art & Visual Communication from Utah Valley University, and additional degrees in graphic design, illustration, broadcasting and journalism. LeGere plans to utilize her education and experience for

Destination Caldwell/Indian Creek Plaza by engaging with the community to market not only the new plaza, but the estimated 250 individual programs and activities within their annual schedule. “Naomi will also be our brand cop,” said Executive Director Wisti Rosenthal. “With her extensive background, it is obvious she has a detailed eye for design and excellence and will ensure quality across all our endeavors.” LeGere also hopes to open new internship opportunities to high school and college students. “I am passionate about young people serving their communities and I want to help jump-start enthusiasm for public service in as many ways as I can,” added LeGere. New to Idaho, Naomi and her husband are looking to purchase a home in the

Governor Butch Otter and Lt. Governor Brad Little joined with our exceptional community in ordering their own engraved BRICKS as part of the new Indian Creek Plaza construction. “Support from them is phenomenal,” said Wisti Rosenthal, executive director of Destination Caldwell. Families, civic groups, sports teams, local businesses and even those who wanted to memorialize their loved ones were all encouraged to order their piece of the new plaza over the past few months (BRICKS orders ended on December 31st). “The BRICKS inscriptions are now being sent to the company that engraves them and then they will be added to the plaza construction

schedule in March,” added Rosenthal. Indian Creek Plaza is the planned urban heart of the downtown revitalization efforts by the City of Caldwell under the banner of Destination Caldwell. Nearly 250 annual events and activities are planned for the community space to include ice skating on Idaho’s only ice ribbon, concerts, splash pads, farm to fork markets and much more. Designed for greatness, the project is expected to bring in over 300,000 patrons a year and spur community interaction as well as economic development in the area. Rosenthal concluded, “We are so excited to see everyone’s BRICKS being arranged throughout the

Caldwell/ Snake River area. “We haven’t been here long, so we are still exploring where we want to LeGere, land. Right Naomi Director of now, we Marketing at Indian Creek Plaza are leaning h e a v i l y toward Canyon County. We love being in Idaho and this is where we plan on growing roots.” Construction for The Plaza is underway and expected to be completed late Spring 2018. If you would like to consider bringing your event to Indian Creek Plaza, feel free to call 208-649-5010. You can also contact Naomi directly through email at naomi@ indiancreekplaza.com

Governor Otter and Lt. Gov. Little Cement Their Legacy in Caldwell

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Local realtor Tressa Dodge (left) stood tall and proud for BRICKS next to Lt. Governor Brad Little, Indian Creek Plaza’s Naomi LeGere and Erin Toscan at last month’s Caldwell Night Rodeo Fundraiser.

plaza foundation. It will be a great treasure hunt for all of us when we open!”

Follow Through with Your 2018 New Year’s Resolution to Be Healthy Did you follow through with your New Year’s Resolution to live a healthier life last year? Were you able to make some

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Your Home With A New Roof Idaho Roofing Contractors have been a licensed roofing contractor in the roofing industry since 2001. We have successfully roofed over 1,000 residential houses in the Treasure Valley with 100% satisfaction. When it comes to the roof over your head, you want expert service from an experienced roofing contractor. From leaking skylights to roof stains to damaged shingles and complete reroofs, you can count on us for quality roofing solutions at affordable rates. We install Owens Corning’s high quality roofing systems. No matter which Owens Corning® products you choose, you know you are getting the very BEST! We have dealt with thousands of home owners and hundreds of insurance companies!


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press release

by Jackie Amende, FCS Extension Educator-UI Extension Canyon County

healthy changes in the first few months and then your health was put on the back burner again until 2018? Each year, New Year’s Resolutions tend to revolve around health, whether it be emotional, financial, or physical health. We usually start the year with a strong initiative to meet our goal of health and wellness. However, the year tends to fly by and our health tends to fall back on our priority list. This year, keep your health as your number one priority. Set yourself up for success throughout the whole year. One of the most successful steps forward is to sign up and participate in a support group or program in your area that aligns with your health goals. Do some research and discover programs and groups in your county that will support you in reaching your health goals. Carve out time in your schedule

to commit to make 2018 the year for a lifestyle change that will benefit you for the rest of your life. For your physical health, the Canyon County Extension Office is offering the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Prevent T2 Program (Diabetes Prevention Program). This program is an evidence-based program that helps individuals make lifestyle changes to reduce their risk of developing diseases and to live an overall healthier life. There are two main program focuses: a total weight loss of 5-7% of your starting weight and 150 minutes of moderate physical activity each week. The program starts with weekly meetings, moves to biweekly meetings, and then to monthly meetings for continued support throughout the whole 2018 year.

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We give you a reason to...

COMPLIMENTARY Upgraded Ventilation System

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January 2018 Our oldest granddaughter t u r n e d fourteen this summer and her sister is nine. We had pretty much accepted that was it for grandchildren. But we were wrong. It was sometime in February when our youngest daughter (who was nearing her 40th birthday) announced that she and her husband were expecting an addition to their family, scheduled to arrive in early October. I thought the wait


for a new grandbaby would go slowly. That wasn’t the case. The time seemed to fly by and suddenly the mom-to-be was on her way to the hospital. First babies sometimes take a while. I think Sara was in labor for about twelve hours with our first and I have heard of some births taking up to twenty-four hours. But when there was no baby after a full day of labor, we were a little concerned. And when the clock ticked past thirty-six hours we definitely were on edge, especially when everyone we talked with – including Registered Nurses – said they had never heard

Book Review by Amy Perry

Just a Matter of Time by Diana Matlashevsky Diana Matlashevsky is a high school student in the Pacific Northwest. She dreams of being a pastry chef and fulltime author. Just a Matter of Time is Matlashevsky’s debut novel. The novel is a classic comingof-age story, directed at the middle school audience. Honey, who has a heart defect, has lived past her projected lifespan and expects to die at any time. She stumbles onto a magical school and discovers that her grandmother, who has passed away, is connected to the school. Honey must help her grandmother with unfinished business. She learns to accept her illness and test her boundaries. Most of the book comes from Honey’s point of few, with a few exceptions. This is a very good first effort

by a very young author. The story is complex and the details flow in a generally smooth fashion. There is a medium to large cast of characters and it is hard to follow the first 30% of the book. Characters are well rounded, but some were not essential to the story and could have been left out. Even with imperfections, I would recommend this novel to the target audience and am looking forward to watching this young talent grow into the craft. Just a Matter of Time was the reading choice for November for the Northwest Authors Book Club, hosted by The Rubaiyat LLC on the 3rd Friday of each month, at 6:00 pm. Northwest Authors Book Club is open to the public, no purchase required.

will be accepting new individuals until Wednesday, January 31 or until class is filled. Call the Canyon County Extension Office at 208-459-6003 for more information and to register. Visit the Canyon County Extension website at https://www.uidaho. edu/extension/county/canyon/

by Wayne Cornell

of anyone going that long without intervention. Finally, fifty-three hours after momma entered the hospital, our third granddaughter entered the world. The birth of a baby has changed a lot since we became parents. In the old days new parents might inform interested parties by mail or, if they weren’t too far away, by telephone. A few minutes after Clara Emery Britson arrived, we received a text and photo from her dad in the recovery room. While sitting in the waiting room, we forwarded the picture via email and message to about 50,000

friends, family members and casual acquaintances as far away as Hawaii. We had to wait a little longer to see Clara in person. I still can’t figure out why holding a newborn in your arms for the first time makes you want to cry. The day after Clara and her mom went home, we dropped by for a visit. We brought back Preston, their pooch who stayed with us during their time in the hospital. Preston is a very smart dog and has been the baby of the family (a very spoiled one) for ten years. He ran over, took one sniff of the

After The Martian, my hopes were sky-high for Weir’s sophomore publication and unfortunately they were not met. Maybe it wasn’t fair to be so hopeful going in, but this has been on my purchase list since spring when I heard it would come out in November. It’s hard not to get excited! And even harder to feel let down. Artemis is set on the moon, where mankind has created an outpost that serves as a tourist hotspot for rich Earthlings and is home to a small number of regular moon-dwellers. Jazz, the protagonist, is of Saudi Arabian decent, but has lived most of her life on the moon where her father is a wellrespected welder and she is a less-than-model citizen who makes the majority of her money as a smuggler. When presented with the chance to make a fortune, she jumps at

the opportunity, even though the path to the cash is neither straight-forward nor safe. There’s a lot of science in this science fiction book, which is fantastic. There is also a whole lot of moon-welding, which I found less intriguing. But, I loved the female main character, the unique setting, and Weir’s return to space. The book has already been optioned for a movie and I

baby and seemed to realize his life will never be quite the same. Sara held the sleeping baby for nearly two hours, giving her mom a well deserved break and I got to see her for the first time with her eyes open. As I looked at Clara, it occurred to me that in order to be around for her high school graduation, I will have to live to be ninety years old. That’s a little depressing as I had not previously even thought about staying around that long. Still, if anything can improve my longevity it would be that beautiful little face.

Best Seller Book Review by Michelle Ross (insearchoftheendofthesidewalk.com)

Continued from page 6 Each meeting teaches a new health and wellness lesson, from nutrition to stress management. The first class begins Wednesday January 10 at 5:00-6:00 pm at the Canyon County Extension Office (501 Main St. Caldwell, ID). All classes will be on Wednesdays from 5:00-6:00 pm. The program


family-consumer to view the 2018 Prevent T2 Brochure for more information or visit the Canyon County Extension Office to pick up a brochure and ask any questions. Other organizations in Canyon County also offer the Prevent T2 (Diabetes Prevention Program) program, like Southwest District Health and West Valley Medical Center. Research and inquire about other health and wellness programs in your area.

Artemis by Andy Weir

am sure the visuals are going to be spectacular. I hate to say it, but this might be one of the few times that the movie outdoes the book. “By the way, we also hate it when people . . . call Artemis “the city in space.” We’re not in space; we’re on the moon. I’m mean, technically, we’re in space, but so is London.” ― Andy Weir, Artemis

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ols o T w e Ne Gain Knowledge A and ow To Liv w o On H py Life N Hap

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6:00-7:00 PM

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Herribatza Dantzariak & Oinkari Dancers

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Weight Carrying (txingas) *Business donations and contributions over $300 will receive an Honorary Basque Sherpherd Certificate to display and public recognition.

– DJ Music & Dancing – Contact for tickets or to donate to the fundraiser: Gina Dowen Ric Uria Chris Clary 208-830-9149 208-249-1119 208-473-0683 Caldwell Event Center, 2207 Blaine St., Caldwell

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Last month our family lost a very dear first cousin, Robert, at the young age of 25. He suffered from kidney failure and then endured complications of pneumonia. His early departure from this earth has left us all with a broken heart and many unanswered questions. If I had to choose one thing Robert did well it would be his ability to enjoy life. He took On the first day of every New Year I like to sit down and plan my funeral. Don’t get me wrong! It is not a morbid entertainment! It is in fact healthy and provides focus for the next 364 days. As Mark Twain once said, “Let us endeavor so to live that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry.” Therefore, thinking about the end result is highly recommended, since it provides the point of reference to all our decisions and actions of life. First, I pick out six key audiences that are important to me. Who will want to attend the Big Day of my afterlife? Who will want to come and honor my time on earth? I personally treasure the opinion of God, my husband, my children, my parents, my siblings, and my friends. In fifty years they Wow! Have you ever loved someone so much that you give more strength, energy, grace, money, and all you could possibly give? Maybe a dear friend? A spouse? A child? A stranger? You overlook the fact that they continue to want from you. It begins to feel like a one way highway. Always giving and never receiving from this individual. This one way highway breeds disrespect and entitlement. It’s like they cry “I need you, I love you” but their actions tell a different story.

Missoula Children’s Theatre presents:

Beauty Lou and the Country Beast, is an original country western adaptation of the classic fairy tale. Beauty Lou and the Beast both learn to look beyond appearances and first impressions to see the beauty that dwells inside. Local children audition on Monday and are ready to perform by Friday. Due to high demand, there will be two MCT residencies this year, with two performance weekends. Features a Sensory Friendly/Special Needs performance. This will be a safe place for people of all abilities to enjoy a live performance. Consideration will be given to light and sound, and patrons are able to move about freely if necessary. Wheelchair seating is available. This performance is for special needs classrooms and community children or adults with special needs.

Adult $6, $8, $10 Child $4, $6, $8 Sensory Performance $5 each

Recent Reflections

time to enjoy people and valued them. He loved to travel and explore new places leading him to always expand his circle of friends. He wasn’t worried about the status quo or doing things like others, rather he was true to himself and followed his heart. During this season of grieving many things have become apparent to me. I’m learning to not take myself too seriously,


will draw conclusion to my biography and put the final thought in its last chapter. I sit down with my journal and pen the words I want my husband to say about me. In this eulogy I hear him say, “She continued to be my bride for all these years. We laughed together. During difficult seasons of life she leaned on me. Her love towards God inspired me to seek Him, to love Him more. She was an amazing mom to our children! She remained to be my little girl. I always wanted to protect her from all evil. She was the Perfect One.” This is a beautiful summery of my relationship with my husband. I get to shape it today. I get to create his tender feelings with my acts of service, with my sweet attitude, and kind words. I want my husband to adore me!

TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS Their story looks like this... “I do not love you, I don’t respect you, or care about you. It’s all about me.” Out of the commitment to be faithful to your relative or friend you overlook the clear signs that something isn’t healthy in this relationship. You go above and beyond because you really do love them and understand them which causes you to ignore their bizarre behavior. Excuses roll around in your mind such as: they don’t really mean to be like that, they have problems; that’s why they act like this to me, they are so hurt. They are tired. .All of these excuses allow this unacceptable behavior to go on, creating a never ending crazy dance which enables the person to continue this bad behavior. Finally it happens; the straw that broke the camels back. It’s like you wake up from this delusion of what you thought was love but, no... its a TOXIC relationship! Yes, now YOU realize your boundaries and wishes mean nothing to them.

Jamuary 2018 by Mindy Scott, editor

lighten up and enjoy those around me, and take time to explore what it is that I want out of life. Life is such a precious gift we are all given. Although our circumstances and length on the earth vary, we share the ability to love and to love well. This new year is a time when the truly important things are able to take precedence if we allow them. by Polina Bratkov

And this is why I wake up and work hard! I create my destiny. I build my legacy. I identify my priorities, set action goals and take steps to reach them. I am my own life coach. Asking hard questions is essential. On the first day of 2018 I sit down and envision my future. What does it look like? What do I need to get there? I write the specific commitments that will take me to these exciting dreams. Some people call them new year resolutions. I like calling them “the building blocks for my pink castle”. I do not believe in fate. I am a master of my own destiny. I shape my life by transforming on the inside and influencing on the outside. It’s a beautiful life. Let’s design it to our own taste!

by Kristene Elliott

The best thing you can do is cut them off. I know it sounds cold or even inhumane. In reality, there are times some people in your life need to be out of your life. Toxic people make you feel bad, are negative, manipulate you, take up your valuable time, and often times take your money. Life is very short and precious. You are extremely valuable. What you think and feel is just as important as anyone else. There are times the best thing you can do for you or a toxic person is indeed to let them go. First, this action step is real love for yourself and it is also real love for the toxic person because you stop enabling them to function inappropriately in relationships. This New Year I have resolved to end toxic relationships once and for all. Just thinking of the time I will have on my hands to focus on myself and my personal goals is exhilarating. Happiness and energy shall return.

Best 2018

Give your loved one the

Say I LOVE YOU with a fresh seasonal bouquet every month!


Friday, January 26 – 7:00 pm Saturday, January 27–1:00 pm * Friday, February 2 – 1:00 pm Friday, February 2 – 7:00 pm Saturday, February 3 – 1:00 pm Jewett Auditorium, College of Idaho 2112 Cleveland Blvd., Caldwell Park at 20th and Fillmore

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You set the budget and we will do the rest.

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January 2018 Well it’s here, a New Year, some fresh snow and maybe some hot chocolate with marshmallows and a candy cane. So going outside to work in the garden is probably out of the question, but it’s not too soon to start planning your garden and spring work on your landscaping. Now is a very good time to get your lawnmower into the shop for a tune up and blade sharpening. Sharpen your loppers, pruning shears and hand pruners so they are ready when it’s time for spring clean

up. Rub a little oil on the them after cleaning to keep them free from rust. It’s not only Important to have good quality tools but well maintained tool; let the tool do all the heavy lifting. I can’t tell you how many times when I’m out in the field and I don’t have the right tool with me, how long or difficult the job is. So take all the indentation out of your shovel and stop using it as a pick axe. We went through this last year but it’s not to early to start planning your garden and buying the seeds so you have them when it’s time to start the seeds indoors. Start by



reviewing what you liked and what grew well and what didn’t. What you had huge surplus of and what you wished you had more of. Also recall how the plants did in regards to where they were planted. After your review of your garden determine how much space you have leftover, if any, and maybe try throwing in something new or different to grow. I would like to recommend a tomato variety that grew commercially for markets and restaurants. A chef friend of mine reminded me just how beautiful and flavorful they were on his BLT’s( the house specialty). He loved the

by Pat King

size and color of the tomatoes. One slice covered the entire sandwich. One and a half to two pound tomatoes every time. The variety is called Marvel Stripe. You can find it online. It has reddish orange flesh with a wonderful flavor. It was the best of all the varieties I grew commercially. I have one more request for you to think about, consider growing some extra vegetables for the food banks like St. Claire’s on the Blvd. They tell me they get a lot of processed foods, but hardly any fresh fruits and vegetables. So during this season of generosity grow a little

Join the Idaho Master Naturalist Deer Flat Chapter

Adults who enjoy nature and are interested in learning more are encouraged to register for the Deer Flat Chapter of Idaho Master Naturalists. The Idaho Master Naturalist program is an adult education and volunteer program with the aim to develop a corps of well-informed volunteers who actively work toward the stewardship of Idaho’s natural environment. To become a Certified Master Naturalist, participants must attend 40 hours of classes, field trips, and hands-on experiences and volunteer 40 hours with local agencies and organizations to teach children about nature, help biologists collect data, monitor wildlife, improve habitat, and more. The Deer Flat Chapter is beginning to register 2018 participants. A series of weekly classes will be held on Friday

afternoons from 2-5 PM from February 9-May 18 at the Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center. Participants will learn about Idaho’s ecology, plants, animals and natural systems. There is a $100 registration fee with a $50 refund upon completion of certification. Space is limited, so sign up now by emailing mndeerflat@gmail.com. Call Nic Carlson or Susan Kain at (208) 467-9278 for more information. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is committed to providing access to this event for all participants. Please direct requests for sign language interpreting services, closed captioning, or other accommodation needs to Susan Kain (208-467-9278), deerflat@ fws.gov, TTY 800-877-8339) by close of business 10 days before the event. The mission of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife

by Nic Carlson

Service is working with others to conserve, protect, and enhance fish, wildlife, plants, and their habitats for the continuing benefit of the American people. We are both a leader and trusted partner in fish and wildlife conservation, known for our scientific excellence, stewardship of lands and natural resources, dedicated professionals, and commitment to public service. For more information on our work and the people who make it happen, visit www.fws.gov. Connect with our Facebook page at www.facebook. com/usfws, follow our tweets at www.twitter. com/usfwshq, watch our YouTube Channel at http://www.youtube.com/usfws and download photos from our Flickr page at http://www.flickr.com/photos/usfwshq.

What do you do with your holiday plants after the holidays? The holiday season is a time of year when we buy a lot of houseplants. Poinsettias, Christmas cacti, Orchids, and others adorn our homes and are given as gifts to friends, family, and coworkers. What do you do with them after the holidays? Composting them is one option, but, let’s look at less drastic measures. Let’s take a look at what you can do to keep them alive all year and make them re-bloom in the future. The first general rule of plant care is “Right Plant, Right Place.” I once had a college roommate who purchased an enormous star pine for a college apartment. It took up the whole living room, and we were in a basement apartment. Star Pines like lots of direct light and warm environments. They grow on the coast of Southern California, Florida, and Hawaii. Knowing where a plant is native to can give important clues as to the type of care it will need to survive. A Star Pine is probably not the best choice for a small poorly

lit, drafty college apartment. Plants growing indoors require several things to be happy: Right light; Most plants prefer a well-lit window or area next to a window. Intensity of light includes “foot candles”, the amount of light measured by one candle one foot away, or how bright the light is. Plants also require specific length of light. Some plants are long day, others bloom during short days, like poinsettia and Christmas cactus. These plants need 14 hours of uninterrupted dark for about six weeks to bloom. Getting up and turning on the light when you have a midnight snack will disrupt the blooming of plants. Right water; some plants like a lot of water, some like it very dry. Remember to think about where the plant is native to. Poinsettias are closely related to cacti, and like well-drained soil which will dry out in between watering. How much and how frequently you water will depend on several factors including the potting medium

(soil), what the pot is made of, temperature of the room your plant is in, and amount of light your plant receives. A plant in a sunny warm room will use more water than a plant in a cool, shady room. Another important issue with house plants can be controlling insect pests. Common pest problems include fungus gnats, aphids, and scale. There are a number of cultural ways to manage them, including proper light, water, and keeping them clean. When needed, there are several insecticides that can be used to control pests. Be sure to read and follow label instructions when using any pesticide. One way to keep pests in check is to scout plants regularly for problems such as insects or disease. Do this once a week when you water, dust, and turn your plants and you can spot potential issues before they become a big problem. Hand removal of insects, or parts with problems can be an effective way to control pest and disease.

U of I Extention Office

For more information on growing plants indoors, check out the University of Idaho Extension gardening website at http://web.cals.uidaho.edu/ idahogardens/

surplus throughout the season to take down to the food banks. You will do more good than you’ll know. God bless and Happy New Year. Until next time Pat.

What’s In Your Water? Treasure Valley water has tested positive for chemicals from chlorine to arsenic. A Water Treatment System from Future Techs can eliminate harmful chemicals from the water in your home or business.

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Page 10 CALDWELL PERSPECTIVE When I was in college, one of my professors laughingly called the last great tax reform “the accountant employment act of

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Jamuary 2018

Nickels & Dimes

1986.” Here we are 30 years later and we have another attempt at tax reform and probably another act that will guarantee my employment until I retire. While I think almost everybody “wins” in the short term with the individual tax rate changes, expanded child tax credit, increased deduction for medical expenses, and doubling of the standard exemption, there are several “losses” including the repeal of most deductions and

bt Michael Hensel, CPA

the capping of most of the remaining. Also, keep in mind that many of these “reforms” are temporary and will have to be extended by future tax bills or they will start to phase out in 2025. For business, there is some permanent good news in the new corporate tax rate of 21%, the period of full and immediate expensing of asset purchases (retroactive to September 27 and extending to the end of 2022.) The capping of some tax on the income of “flow through”

businesses at 25% extends the good news to small companies as well. However, along with the good there is some loss of business and energy credits and the modification of others including the interest expense deduction. In short, while this isn’t the grand gift to the middle class as portrayed by one side nor the sell out of the poor and middle class portrayed by the other, it is a mixed bag of true reforms complicated by multiple nuances that will

make it difficult for the average taxpayer. Don’t believe for a second the hype about a “postcard” size tax return, it didn’t happen with this tax reform and probably never will - unless we truly get to the point of the old joke wherein the tax return has two lines – “1. How much did you make?” and “2. Send it in.”

D.L. Evans Bank Recognizes Duane Alexander for Employee Service Award by Mindy Scott, Editor 2017 D. L. Evans Bank Employee Service Award recipient are many. Each recipient exemplified the standards of integrity, loyalty, hard work, teamwork, and dedication to customer service. We are honored to have one of their employees in our community.

Congratulations to Duane Alexander – Vice President Senior Commercial Loan Officer (Caldwell branch) for reaching 15 years of service! Job well done.

From Failure to Fun

The New Year is upon us, and with that comes the New Year’s Resolution! I believe at the top of this list, and many past years, is weight loss and physical fitness! Each year we make it our goal to lose x number of pounds by a certain date, but each time the start is strong, full of ambition undeterred by the previous’ year failure, and yet ,somehow by Valentine’s Day we have managed to a slowly slip back into our


Open Tuesday thru Saturday Caldwell's Downtown Mini Mall 10+ Stores!!!

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Re-purposed Farm Style Furniture & Country Home Decor Hand Painted Roosters, Cows and more. Open: Tues.-Sat. 11:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. 477-4693

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FEATURING: Melissa & Doug Toys/Novelty Toys Toy’s / Rustic Decor, Collectables & More! 208-859-4526 • Tuesday-Saturday 12 p.m.-6 p.m.

MeMe’s Boutique and Thrift Open Tues.-Sat. 10 a.m.-4 p.m. • Things of the Past Vintage Clothes • Aprons • Quilts • Wedding Dresses Table Cloths • Hats

Idaho Blade Runner

Idaho’s Largest selection of custom and handmade knives, swords, hatchets,ninja stars, throwing knives, hunting knives, medieval daggers, renaissance swords and Collectables 208-412-2918 • Open Wed.-Sat. 12-5 p.m.

Hillbilly Hobbies Hand forged knives, homemade crafts & custom leather work

old ways, while reassuring ourselves and others that after we finish this last box of chocolate to celebrate the day, we will be back on track. However,I have a couple of new suggestions for meeting your goals. First, set little manageable goals, such as trying to get fifteen minutes a Day of physical activity( walking, swimming, stationary bike) or any other actively that increases your heart rate for those few minutes. Next, instead of going though

your fridge and cupboards to remove anything you believe is unhealthy, try adding in health foods like fruits, vegetables, and proteins. There are plenty of menus online that you can use to make eating them really fun. Finally , try cooking more, by this I mean not eating so many foods that you simply just “heat and eat” but require a little bit more time to put together. Cooking does not have to be difficult, but fun! Crockpot meals are a great

The Beauty of a New Year

by Marcus Scott

way to plan ahead instead of grabbing fast food for dinner. In all, making small conscious choices over a small period of time will do better than becoming overwhelmed, and stomped, by looking at the distance of how far you have to go. This year you don’t have to go at it alone. Find a buddy with common desires and goals to succeed and cheer each other on. One good choice at a time is what leads to change. by Kristene Elliott

So here it is again, saying goodbye to all of life’s issues, surprises, sorrows, and joys of 2017. I am now ready to say “Hello 2018”. I’m excited and anticipating good things this year. Don’t most of us? Something I have noticed, thru the years as I visit with others, at this time of the year is that we all have grand expectations of this year being the best year ever. We dream of happiness abounding, yet for many by January sickness hits or unforeseen family issue. We feel so disillusioned. Now for myself--I’m taking a look at this new year differently. Regardless of my expectations of this being a wonderful new start I’m sure there will be things that disappoint, frustrate, or aggravate. There is bound to be events I will need to work through because this life is full of choices, obstacles, and good things. Challenges abound every year. I’m really okay with it. Regardless, this will be the best year ever. Why? Because I’m alive! I Boise Valley have an opportunity to be good to myself and others. I can make this a really beautiful new year for me, those around me, and for those in need. I Helping Treasure Valley Buyers & Sellers want to love more, give more, for over 19 years! Ladwina and live more this year. Lancaster Starting this very month, www.IdahoHomes2See.com ladwinal@windermere.com I am planning on attending events that are offered right here in the city of Caldwell. I so enjoy all this community has to offer. I’m all for meeting new people and having new experiences. I’m currently working diligently to fill my calendar with fun, family, and friends while also exploring new areas of interest that have been laying dormant for years.

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Jamuary 2018

It Was A Good Day!

by Leora Summers

It was a Good Day! Rotarians Jeff Hunsicker, Cecilia Flores, Emilia Rioseco (Rotary Youth Exchange Student) and Patrick Baumgart thank Rotarian organizers Jerry Bauman and Aaron Buck, Rotarian volunteers, Carole Munn and her volunteers and all the donors that made this event a success!

There were many first time donors including an excited 16 year old Ciara Navin who had been waiting for her birthday to be able to do this. Since she was unable to find a blood drawing on her actual birth date she came to this one as it was the one closest to it.

Kiwanian Dan Buck was proud of his Rotarian son Aaron Buck who made his first donation ever! Aaron signed up for the February 23rd Kiwanis “Gordon Buck Memorial Blood Drive” in memory of his grandfather. To make an appointment, call Carole Munn at (208) 459-1423.

IThat’s what Carole Munn said! “It was a good day!” The goal for Caldwell Rotary Club’s December 22nd annual “David Johnson Memorial Blood Drive” was 85 units. Carole was very excited and surprised to learn that the final successful unit count was 95 units since 89 potential donors came through the door and some were turned down for various reasons. One person turned down was me, due to the fact that my shingles shot (a live virus inoculation) was administered less than 4 weeks prior. The goal was reached due to the donors who went on

after their “whole blood” donation to do the “Power Red” donation where double the red blood cells are procured. According to the Red Cross, “Red blood cells are the most frequently used blood component and are needed by almost every type of patient requiring transfusion.” This “Power Red” donation is done through a special machine that keeps the donor’s red blood cells and returns the plasma and white blood cells with some saline back to the donor allowing this donation to safely procure two units during one donation. There are certain height and weight criteria to be able

to do the “Power of Red” donation and persons with type O, A negative or B negative are eligible donors. If you do a “Power of Red” donation, you can donate about every four months. Special thanks to West Valley Memorial Center for their generous donation of their delicious stew and rolls, to Mark Flitton for the apples, to Jerry Bauman for cookies and to the Red Cross for the juice and water and other treats! Good things come from great teamwork! Thank you all!


by Leora Summers

photo: President Brian Baughman (left) with newly initiated member Bob Haunschild (right).Robert “Bob” Haunschild was initiated as a new member into Caldwell Rotary Club during the November 29th noon meeting at Kaley in Caldwell with his wife, Diane, and friends present.

Bob is a longtime Rotarian having been an active member of previous clubs in Carlsbad, CA and in Hemet, CA and also in Thayne, WY. He and his wife, Diane, now live in Caldwell. Bob is the founder of the RLH Financial Group. His Rotary classification is “Financial Consulting.” We are honored to have him as a new member in our club.

Why Join A Service Club?

by Leora Summers

You join a service club to give back to the community that has supported your business. When you give of your time and talents, you sometimes receive more than you expected in the rewards you receive by the smiles on the faces of those you helped in some special way. You learn more about the people of your community and are enriched as a person.

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