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Caldwell, Idaho

December 2014

Washington Gives Back To The Community

What is Cindy’s Christmas Tradition?

Dominic Lends A Hand

Carnegie Library Gets A Facelift

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Why Another Newspaper?

By Michael Hensel, Caldwell Perspective

Thanks for picking up this copy of the Caldwell Perspective. Your second thought after “What a great looking little newspaper,” is probably “Why are they publishing another one?” That’s a good question which I’ll do my best to answer. In all modesty, newspapers are the lifeblood of any community. Even though we as an industry are in decline with the big papers losing subscribers and the doomsayers declaring us no longer a mass media by 2030, small community papers continue to thrive and continue to provide a necessary forum for their constituents. We are here to provide space for you. This is how you can keep in touch with your neighbors, their kids, grandkids, all the people that are active in our community. Whether it be the debate team at the

By Chantele Hensel, Caldwell Perspective

Photo by Chantele Hensel

2014 Winter Wonderland Tree Lighting Ceremony high school or the latest bingo winners at the senior citizen center we want to publish what is important to you. The ideas are limitless, even if it’s just to rub in your horseshoe victory over your neighbor, send it in and we will put it in print. Have some fun and share a smile or a laugh. If you have an itch to write a column, don’t hesitate to give us a call - we would love to hear your idea. There are plenty of outlets for the bad news, we all know about the latest car chase or shooting from watching TV and checking the Internet. As

we grow we will cover some of that from the human-interest standpoint, how it impacts our neighbors and our neighborhoods. If you have a unique perspective or insight please share, but for the most part we’ll leave that to the big boys and provide you with a paper you can read to your kids without worry. We also want to help provide a thriving marketplace, a place you can go to sell that old snowblower or buy a new one. Ideas for gifts (which if you’re like me are always last minute) and a resource for our local businesses to

reach you with their best deals and indispensable services. Take a look, call them up and get that haircut. or that book for in front of the fire. Since we’re locally owned every dime spent on advertising stays in our community where it belongs. We will post your stories online and your ads for the entire world to read. So, why another newspaper? Because this one is your opportunity to grab your fifteen minutes of fame, read about your neighbors, and participate in the community. Thanks again for picking us up.

My newspaper industry career began in Burns, OR. in 2002. From my first day on the job, it felt like an old pair of broken in cowboy boots. As they say in the industry, “I’ve got ink in my blood”. The Caldwell Perspective came to me in what I call an “aha” moment. I was sitting at the College of Idaho listening to Roger Brooks speak about the future direction of Caldwell. I reflected on my years of High School at Vallivue and the words of my parents. “Don’t you go hang out in downtown Caldwell. Why don’t you kids go shoot whistlepigs in the Owyhees or go fishing down off Map Rock Road.” (Could you imagine saying that to your kids these days?) Pulled away from my memories by the exclamation point of Roger’s voice, a much different picture was drawn for me. Caldwell is not the same place it was in the mid-90’s. Roger Brooks lit a fire under CPN Continued on Page 9

Inside this issue:

Calendar..........................2 Opinion...........................5 Outdoors.........................9 Flashback......................12 Our Schools....................3 Community.....................6 Entertainment...............10 Clubs............................13 Business..........................4 Sports..............................8 Place of Grace..............11 Classified.....................15

A part of the Caldwell Community since 1911

Nite Lite Parade December 6 6 pm Blaine Street - Caldwell The Largest Night Parade in the Northwest!


December 2014

Almanac Calendar of Events


December2n d 7:00pm–9:45pm............Hanukkah-palooza,Je wettAuditorium, CollegeofIdaho December3r d

Dale O lson and S tacy Kr ajnik were u nited in m arriage November 22nd at theth eirh omein N ampa.T hewe ddingw as followedby ar eception for friends and family.

3:00pm..............................................CreateaLi vingWillClass, WestV alleyM edicalCe nter 3:00pm....................................GuidedBusine ssPla nWorkshop, Chamber ofComme rce 6:00pm–10:00pm................................FeastofCa rdsRe ception, LangroiseC enter,C ollegeofIda ho December4t h 4:30pm................................Business AfterHour s,sponsore dby WestV alleyM edicalC enter,Cha mberofComme rce 6:00pm.............................OperaE lect,BirdSt opCoffe eHouse 7:30pm–8:30pm.....................ConcertB anda ndJa zzEnsemble, LangroiseC enter,C ollegeofIda ho December5t h

DaleO lsoni sfr omGr eatFal ls,M T.H ewo rksfo rAt lasS taffingi n Spokane, WA. He hast hreeg rownch ildren,Schae ferOlson,Da yln Olson and TrevinOl son. Stacy is the o ffice man ager of the Caldwell C hamber of Commerce.S he isth emot herof Do nnavunW right,a se niora t Caldwell High Schoolan da12yearol ddaught er,Court ny Wright. The newlyweds planto liveb etweenth eir workplaces until the childrenar e raised and into the next phases of theirl ives. submittedphot o

11:00am..................................................BillyBrauna ndLunc h, BirdS topCoffe eHous e December6t h

It’s A GIRL!

5:00pm...........................JamesBa rrett,BirdS topCoffee House 6:00pm–9pm..................................CaldwellNight LightP arade 7:00pm–9:00pm........Dreamweaver:Ye s,Virginia theMusica l, JewettA uditorium,C ollegeofIdaho 7:30pm–8:3 0pm.............................CofIPia noStudioConce rt, LangroiseC enter,C ollegeofIda ho 7:30pm–8:30pm........................................SinfoniaFa llConc ert, LangroiseC enter,C ollegeofIda ho December7t h 7:30pm–8:30pm.........................CofIChambe rMusic Rec ital, LangroiseC enter,C ollegeofIda ho December8t h 8:00pm–9:30pm..................VocalJa zz,McCa inStude ntCenter, CollegeofIdaho December9t h 3:00pm–5:00pm.........................Nutcracker,Jew ettAuditorium, CollegeofIdaho 6:30pm.............Breastfeeding101, West ValleyMedic alCente r 7:30pm–10:00pm......................Nutcracker,Jew ettAuditorium, CollegeofIdaho December1 1th 6:00pm.............................OperaE lect,BirdSt opCoffe eHouse 6:30pm........................................FamilyMat ernityCente rTour, WestV alleyM edicalCe nter 7:30pm.......................MusicT heatreofIdaho,SoundofMusic, TheNampa CivicCe nter December12t h 11:00am..................................................BillyBrauna ndLunc h, BirdS topCoffe eHous e 5:00pm...........................JamesBa rrett,BirdS topCoffee House 7:30pm.......................MusicT heatreofIdaho,SoundofMusic, TheNampa CivicCe nter December13t h 9:00am...........................................ChildbirthP reparationClass, WestV alleyM edicalCe nter 1:30pm.......................MusicT heatreofIdaho,SoundofMusic, TheNampa CivicCe nter 1:00pm–3:00pm........................................ TheDa nceAca demy, JewettA uditorium,C ollegeofIdaho 6:00pm..............................................CaldwellDucksUnl imited O'ConnorF ieldHous e 7:30pm.......................MusicT heatreofIdaho,SoundofMusic, TheNampa CivicCe nter December14t h 4:00pm–6:00pm............................................BellsofChristmas, JewettA uditorium,C ollegeofIdaho December15t h 7:30pm......................................“AC entennialBa ndChristma s” JewettA uditorium,C ollegeofIdaho December16t h 11:15am............Noonbreaklunchs ponsoredbyTre asureValley CommunityColl ege,C hamber ofCommerc e 8:00am................Coffee Connecthoste dbyIda hoYouth Ranch, December17t h

Zack T urner and Krissy Summers Tur ner ( born and raised in C aldwell) had a b aby g irl, Gwend olyn Grey Turner,bo rno nNo vember4 ,2 014,a tS t.Mar ksHosp ital in Salt L ake City. The p roud gr andparents are S am and Leora Summers ofC aldwellan dMark and KelliT urnero f Eagle. Gwendolyn "Gwen" spo rts Great Grandma Be tty Summers' nose. Bettyl iveso n.G eneticsrun st rong! submittedbyaver yproudG randma

Calendar of Events Continued December22n d–January2nd ChristmasBre ak................NoSc hool,Ca ldwellSchool D istrict ChristmasBre ak.................NoSc hool, VallivueSchoolD istrict HolidayRec ess..................................................CollegeofIdaho December26th 11:00am..................................................BillyBraunandLunch, BirdStopCof feeHous e 5:00pm...........................JamesBa rrett,Bi rdStopCof feeH ouse December28th 4:00pm........................................FamilyMat ernityCenterTour, WestVal leyM edicalCenter

To have your event(s) added to the events calendar in the January Caldwell Perspective and online at Call Chantele at 208-899-6374 or email

A Gi of Health... Have A Visit On Us! One F re e Exam an d Co n s u l ta t i on

is coupon is good for

Call (208) 455-0678 to schedule

Chamber ofComme rce December19t h 6:00pm........................................Oper aEle ct,Bir dStopCoffee HouseEarlyRel ease,Ca ldwellS choolDistrict 11:00am..................................................BillyBrauna ndLunc h, BirdS topCoffe eHous e 5:00pm...........................JamesBa rrett,BirdS topCoffee House

309 E Logan St., Caldwell, Idaho



OurSchool s ThankY ou, Rotary!

Caldwell SchoolD istrictWashingtonElementarySchool SubmittedbyRoseRettig,Principal WashingtonElementarySchool

studentsto graduate prepared top ursueth eirca reerc hoice andb ecome aneng agedme mber of theirc ommunity." Washington Elementary staffa nd studentsa rec ommittedt o giving back to ourCa ldwellc ommunity.Re cently,a g roup ofW ashington choir studentsgave an inspirational performanceon Veterans Day att he opening of theCa ldwellV eteransM emorialH all. A chili feed was held at WashingtonE lementaryo n November 13th. As t he snow fell and the roadsb ecame increasinglys lick,w e stills ervedo ver1 30 bowls ofc hili. We alsoc ollectedo ver80 0c ansof fo odto support the Salvation Armyf ood drive. Finally, we are hard atwork creatingour WashingtonE lementaryfloat fortheupcom ingN ightLi ghtParade.

Submittedby Tri ciaStone Principalof Linc olnEle mentary


Submittedp hoto

Lincoln S chool Th anks The Caldwell R otary Cl ub Members o f the Caldwell Rotary Cl ub p resented dictionariesto thet hirdgrad e students atLin colnS chool on Wednesday, Oc tober 2 2nd. We thank yo u for your generosity andt houghtfulness!

CompassC harterSchoo l LearnsB yLi ving ByMi chaelHense l CaldwellPerspect ive

Looking Ahead... Continuing thep artnershipbe tweenCaldwe lls choolsand o ur communityi s an effortthatiscru cial tot hefu turesu ccesso fo ur city. Caldwell schools are given thea wesome responsibility ofe ducating thousands of children eachyearw itht heult imatego alb eingto p repare them for whatever they choose to pursue in the future.At Washington Elementary School, we work withthatr esponsibilityinmind each andev ery day. Students and s taff a tW ashington Elementary began the year with training an d implementation o f TRIBES, w hich is a communitybuilding process th at f ocuses o n inclusion. With the TRIBES model inp lace,o ur studentsan dstaf fh ave submittedphoto the opportunity to f eel s afe in sharingt heirop inionsa ndidea s,an dtake pride intheco mmunitythat wec all "school." Cr eatinga sa fean dtru sting environment for students allowst hemtof lourishac ademicallyas w ella s socially. Froma broader perspective, we are layingthe foun dation ford evelopingfut urec itizens that arec omfortablei n workingtogether,sharing id eas,a nd confidentin their abilities to seea concept throughtofr uition. Thisisth ef irst stepin meetingt he CaldwellSchool District vision of "providing a supportive andc ommittedsc hoolc ommunity thatin spiresexcellence, allowing all


Just as the citizens ofCal dwellhavebeensupport iveof their schools over the years, our schools s upport th e community by producing s tudents who are academically prepared to be s uccessful an d b y e ncouraging o ur s tudents to bec ome involved in th eir community. By doing so, we ar e wo rking

SubmittedPh otos

TwentyS ix Studentsan dF our Teachers from Compass P ublic CharterS chool volunteeredthe ir timewhilelivingonsite for36 hours to pr ovide ne cessary improvements toFarmwayVillage, inC aldwell,N ovember24,2014 throughN ovember25,2014. The sch ool h as d eveloped a partnership with CaldwellHous ing A uthority (which r uns FarmwayVi llage) top rovidea n annual serviceproj ectbenefitting the residentf amilies. Thestudents learn the ri ch history of the community, and live in “poverty”f orthir tys ixhours to develop an appreciationforth e CompassCon tinuedonPage 13


together to develop a g roup o f committed c itizens wh o will b e prepared to lead our Cal dwell community to reaching its greatest potential.

PicturedRi ght: RoseRet tig,Pr incipal submittedphoto

Wednesday & Thursday

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“Have a Merry Christmas... from our family to yours.”

7 1 1 M a i n S t . , C a l d we l l , I d a h o



December 2014

Business Caldwell AirportPerspective

BigT hingsareH appeninginCaldwell

SubmittedbyRobOat es CaldwellInt ernational AirportM anager


“DoesC aldwell evenHAVEan airport?” Y es, we d o! And it’s reallyp retty surprisingho woft en I hear that question. N ot j ust becauseIwo rkt here,b utbe cause Caldwellhas t hebusi estair portin Idaho – weh avemo retake-offs and landings pe r year than any otherai rport– la rgeor small. Our G eneral Aviation (G A) airportisowned bytheC ityof Caldwell an d is on a 532 a cre property jus t nor th of I-84 between L inden S treet a nd Ustick Roa d. G A airports a re usedmo stlyforprivatel yown ed andbu sinessai rcraft. TheBoi seAi rport,ou rn earest Commercial Ser vice Airpo rt, caters to passengers an d ca rgo aircraft. Nat urally, somesma ller aircraftarea lsob asedat Boise, but man y of the aircra ft in th e hangars in Caldwe ll are o wned by peopleor businessesi nBoi se, Eagle or Meridians inceCal dwell is the designated “R eliever

Airport”f or Boise. Many aircraft owners b ase h ere in Ca ldwell since it’s o ften easier to fly inand-outf romC aldwellan dmo st aviationexpenses are lower here. Event houghwe d on’tha vel arge passenger o r c argo jets, w e do have almost ev erything e lse. Caldwelli sh ome to hundreds of single-enginea irplaneswit ht wo, fouro rs ixsea ts,l argean dsma ll twin-enginepla nes, WorldW ar II ‘warb irds’,b usiness jets, former military fighterj et trainers,l arge turbine-powered helicopters, two and f our-seat h elicopters, and some ultra-light aircraft. Pilot training a nd pa rachute jumpinga re twoo fth e mostv isibleact ivitiesonan da roundth e field. M aybe you’ve se en the swarm of small helicopters and airplanes takingo fft oci rcle the field and land a gain and again. Both s tudent a nd e xperienced pilots a like h ave to pra ctice take-offs andla ndingst orem ain proficient. Th e parachute jumpers mo stly practice their landings! The Silverhawk A viation Academyi so urla rgesth elicopter flight s chool w ith mo re th an a dozen helicopters.Th ey hav e a widev ariety ofp rogramsfo r both beginninga nda dvanceds tudents

and a lso offer a c ooperative program with Treasure Valley Community College for dual enrollment fo r students who qualify. T he fl ying c onditions, terraina ndl ocation makeS ilverhawko ne of the topfli ghtsc hools in ther egion. Skydown S kydiving is r esponsible f or all the colorful parachutes th at you can see descendingt oward thef ield.N ot quiteh alfo ft hosep arachutesa re tandem,c arryingtwo p eople:a n instructor a nd a first-time o r student jumper. A round 2 ,300 tandem jumpsl anda t Caldwell each year. After gaining so me experience a nd demonstrating theirabi lities, sportj umperscan make solo,fr ee-fall jumps from up to 11,000to 12 ,000fe et. Ove r 3,000 such j umpers land here annually, manyof them landing overa nd overa ndo ver anda lwayslo okingfor that next rideup into thes ky! There area lot morea ctivities hereat t he airport andI’ lltr yto coverm oreo ft hemi nafu ture column. Caldwell Airport ManagerRo b Oatesis a Caldwell native anda former Ar my he licopter pilot holding FAA ratings a s a Commercial Instrument Rotary WingP ilot.

aldwell Perspective Shop Our Advertisers for the best deals Keepy our$ $$ in the community! dg Bri

ommunity and Com ing C mer ce

Submittedby JohnMcGee Chairman,D owntownCal dwellAssoci ation

Caldwelli s onthe move and youc ana lmost literally feel the momentum! When Ita lk to our neighbors and fr iends i n the c ommunity, thereisa buzza round our town about the exciting future Caldwell has to offer. But don’tj ust take my word for it. Recently Caldwellar ea residents shattered the r ecord for public input made on ab randingsu rvey. Our townprovi ded1440 responses identifying the Cityof Ca ldwell’s strengthsa ndop portunities.T he largen umber orr esponsesbro ke ther ecord fora community our size.T hat’s what Ic all community engagement! Another great example oft he momentumth aty oucans ensein ourc ommunityis Coyotefoo tball. The College of I daho just concludeda s uccessful returno f its football program. Ourf amilyat tended ma ny g ames a nd witnessed thousands inou rcom munity cheering on theY otes.Y ou see thep urple and gold shirtsa ll overt own! This newe ra for Caldwelli sn ot bya ccident. B ym akings ound financial a nd development decisions,M ayorG arretNa ncolas andt hec ity council have put our communityi n ap osition to have majors uccess. Their inv estment m ade in uncovering a nd be autifying Indian Creekhas not onlybe autified our community, but it works asa m agnet to bringpe oplei nto ourt own—ands pendt heirdol lars. Thism ay be beste videnced by the b reath-taking light di splay that linesInd ianC reek duringt he Christmas season. Ifyou haven’t been downtoc heckit ou t,you shouldm ake it a priority. Butwe canta keth is momen-


JohnMcG eeandFam ily

tum toa ne ven higher level. You may have heard t he ta lk about building a plazad owntown at the siteo f the former King’sb uilding. Many ofu sa rew orking to build a downtown showpiece that would attract peoplefr omal l over theT reasure Valley andb eyond. The Do wntown Caldwell Organization ( DCO) is working to develop specific recommendations f or city officials, local businesses, property owners a nd i nvestors to spur economic d evelopment in downtown Caldwell. We are workingh andinh andw ithth e “BrandingC ommittee”,s et up by international consultant Roger Brooks, a nd we expect that drawings of a new public plaza ford owntown Caldwell wills oon be available. A plaza is an atural extension andn extst epfo r ourto wn. The plaza woul d be a b eautiful community ga thering place, surrounded by re staurants and shops while providing fun a nd entertaining events52 weeksa year. The idea is similar to the plaza at theVi llage in Meridian, but would have our own Caldwell look and feel. Stayt uned,ge tinvo lvedand proclaimittoyo ur friendsa nd neighbors—Caldwell i s on th e move!

Downtown Caldwell 114 S. 7th 2084 5942 79 BAR OPEN NOW • RESTAURANT COMING SOON

OPEN Everyday!!! 11am to Close

U m r a W C o me The party goes all weekend!

! r a B l l u F r u O t pA Happy Hour

M on. - Fri . Music & Dancing on Friday & Saturday Nights! 3- 6 p m Pool Tables • Golf Game • Sunday FOOTBALL Specials!

December 2014


Opinion Caldwell Perspective Poll Barn Question: What is your favorite Christmas movie? Do you have any holiday traditions? Information and photographs for this month’s Poll Barn were compiled by Chantele Hensel Downtown Caldwell

Cindy Heinze

Joe Lombardo

Emily Morrison

Brett Sund

Maggie Hinton

Cara Robinson

“It’s a Wonderful Life. I buy my kids a Hallmark ornament.”

“Tim Allen’s, Santa Clause. I buy hundreds of dollars in gifts and I get socks.”

“White Christmas. I make lots of cookies and candy at Christmas.”

“Christmas stories. This year we are going to Seattle for an early Christmas”

“It’s A Wonderful Life.

“It’s A Wonderful Life. We read the nativity story on Christmas Eve and open presents on Christmas morning.”

Let’s Talk With Leora Summers

Right now it seems like Caldwell is this huge sleeping volcano with lots of stuff going on just under the surface and it's just waiting to explode. I want to be there when it happens. You can just feel it, as change begins to happen, with the Roger Brooks' study going on, the Kings' parking lot being leveled, with people buying some of the empty buildings as they try to figure out how they will fit them into the downtown scheme of things. Exciting times lie ahead. There have already been a couple of business owners take a "leap in faith", by expanding their businesses and remodeling their buildings, energizing a bright new future for downtown business in Caldwell. Other business owners are beginning to perk up and take notice. This could be the beginning of something really big for Caldwell. We already have some great established events that bring

I don’t have any traditions.”

others to our community. Caldwell has two events that we can be particularly proud of this time of year. Our annual "Winter Wonderland", where over 500,000 lights, light up the creek is rivaled by none. Our "Treasure Valley Night Light Parade" with over 70 lit floats is the largest family parade in the Northwest and is to be held on December 6. This column is your opportunity to let us know what is happening in your "neck of the woods" regarding your thoughts, wishes, and activities in our community. Let's Talk! To submit information to "Let's Talk", Title your submission "Let's Talk" and submit to: Submissions will be edited for space.

11 Craft Beers • Local Wines LIVE MUSIC ON WEEKENDS

All Ages Family Atmosphere


Homemade Baked Goods 702 Main St. Caldwell

Homemade Hot Soup and Sandwiches


December 2014

Our Community St Alphonsus Shaves Heads for a Cause Nessa Parker Caldwell Perspective

On the chilly morning of Saturday November 15th, family, friends, and staff gather in the reception room of the Caldwell St. Alphonsus Medical Group to rally around the husband and father and of two, Chuck Gidney. Recently, Chuck, age 33, went in to be examined for hip pain. Much to Chuck and his family’s dismay, this seemingly innocent and routine appointment was anything but. After an x-ray and various other tests, Chuck was diagnosed with Stage III High Grade Osteosarcoma. Osteosarcoma is rare type of bone cancer only affecting 1% of all cancer diagnoses per year. Chuck’s tumor is located in his right hip and pelvic bone and branches out into his gluteus muscle. He was to receive three rounds of chemotherapy, then visit an orthopedic oncologist to have the tumor surgically removed in hopes of saving and repairing the affected bone. Chuck and his wife, Stacey have been traveling to Salt Lake City, Utah to meet with an Orthopedic Oncologist at the Huntsman Cancer Institute, which has a special Sarcoma Clinic at the University of Utah. Chuck was only supposed to be in Salt Lake for one week. Three weeks later, was is still at Huntsman. Currently, Chuck is back at the University of Utah for inpatient rehabilitation. Stacey’s parents left the day after Thanksgiving, taking the kids to see their parents. The accumulation of hospital bills and travel expenses will become quite expensive rather quickly. To help out this remarkable family, coworkers decided to give a little something of their own as incentive to raise funds. Twenty-three coworkers and friends volunteered to have their heads shaved at $250 a head. Soon enough, the donations came in and the barbering began. Chuck and Stacey couldn’t be there in person, but were able to watch through FaceTime. Stacey’s parents,

Brian and Linda Allen brought the Gidney kids. The Gidneys’ own little boy Dominic, age 4, was the first to brave the chair. When Dominic asked his sister Devyn, age 9, if she was having her head shaved too, she said no and he replied ,“Ah come on sis it’s going to be fun.” The sweet little boy then announced that he was getting his head shaved because his daddy has cancer. While he was being shaven, his mother commented, “You look just like Daddy.” The room was full of emotion over such precious moments. Lorrie Crose, from Meridian Hairrzr, and Dominic headed the shearing. While Dominic shaved Dr. Roach’s hair he announced, “I am going to cut hair and work here.” Every time a person was done Dominic would call out, “Who’s next?” as he held the clippers. As they finished the 22nd person, Juanita Nieto-Madero, a public service representative in Urgent Care, said she would shave her head if she had a sponsor. Dr. Gardner donated the $250 for her to shave her head. We at the Caldwell Perspective would like to commend these volunteers for their contribution to such a wonderful cause. It is no small feat to give up something that is so entwined with a person’s identity as their hair. It may seem like no big deal to some, but a

person’s hair is more than just a pile of keratin. It is part of what makes each of us an individual and helps the world recognize us as us. Quite frankly, people are connected to their hair both physically and emotionally. For these volunteers to give up a piece of their own identity to stand in solidarity with their friend Chuck Gidney is a truly selfless, an honorable act. Not to mention it seems a great way to bring some cheer to Dominic and Devyn. The Gidney’s still have a long way to go on Chuck’s road to recovery, but thanks to folks like these volunteers, that road should be a little less rough. So far a total of $9,967 has been raised toward the goal the goal of $15,000 or more. To donate go to any Idaho central credit union and donate to: Chuck Gidney Donations.

Dominic Gidney, talking to his parents through FaceTime as he gets his head shaved.

Dr. Jocele Skinner almost finished.

Dr. Samuel Summers led the Stacey Gidney’s parents, Brian event the Thursday prior to the and Linda, Dominic Gidney & big event in his office. Devyn Gidney.

Participants in Order:

Ella Searle, shaving her Daddy's head, Jake Searle, PA. Jake’s brothers had dared him to shave his head earlier this summer and he resisted. When he heard of this fundraiser and it’s cause he came home to his wife, Camilla and told her he was shaving his head. Camilla and their five children were there to show their support.

Dominic Gidney, began the shaving of Laura Lindsay’s head. Renee Gledhill, office manager of Mountain States Physical Therapy stands behind Laura waiting to finish the job after sponsoring Laura.

“Courage is being scared to death – but saddling up anyway.” John Wayne


Dr. Samuel Summers Dr. Travis Moulton Dominic Gidney Dr. Michael Roach Kelly Robinson Candie Elkington, MA Dr. Jocele Skinner Carl Steinann- PA Dr. Michael Adams Carol Massey- Medical Records Jake Searle- PA Ana Gonzalez , patient representative Guillermo Gonzalez Laura Lindsay- RN Dr. Justin Parkinson- Resident MD Dr. James Gardner Dr. Justin Rosenau- Resident MD Jaunita Nieto-Madero Public Service Caden Steinman, age 9 Luis Dominquiz Chris Bedford, RN



Any Haircut Schedule with Rebecca Whitmire by 12/31/15 at Rose Parlor Salon 718 Main St., Caldwell

208.454.5659 208.695.1322


Any Color Service Look

Your Best for the Holidays

Schedule with Rebecca Whitmire by 12/31/15 at Rose Parlor Salon 718 Main St., Caldwell

208.454.5659 208.695.1322

December 2014


Our Community Hester s Happenings

Nickels & Dimes


By: Michael Hensel The idea f or this column came indirectlyf rommysecond bossoutof collegewhenIwasa young accountant servingashis controller. He was fond of saying“Looka fterthepennies and thedollars willtakecar eof themselves.” Since thatha sbe en afewyear sagoandpennies are basicallyw orthlessnow (people won’tevenbend overandpick one u p f rom the street) I think it’s a ppropriate to change it to “lookaft er the nickelsanddimes and thedollars willtakecar eof themselves.” Thiscolumn willbe dedicated toa llthing s financial;budgets, savings, retirement,taxes,debt, investments, college,big -ticket purchases s uch as houses and cars. Everything willbe openfor discussion with a littl e b it of humor, as malldoseofphilosophy andhopeful lya wh ole bunchof fun. T here a re hundreds of competent advisors andwebsites

and blogs and b ooks al ready devotedto thiss ubject,w ehope to cut through t he everyday noise an d b ring a mo dicum of sanitya ndcl arity toan otherwise drys ubject matter.We also hope to br ing a di scussion o f t he ethics of finance,how yout reat yourmo neya nd how yout reat thepeopl et hat arei mpactedby yourde cisions.W ear e blessed to li ve in this c ountry an d th is community,wes houldk eepi n mindt he opportunities to impact both for t he better – h owever youdefi nebett er. So,sendm eyour f eedback, sendyour questi onsandmaybe we can meet for acup of coffee and ag reat discussion. This will beyour chancet oi njectali ttle ofyour wi sdomandadviceint o the co nversation as we ll. I’m looking forward t o learning a s muchfrom you asyoudo from me!

Daya fter ThanksgivingBarre lTastin g PhotosbyChanteleHensel

MaryA lger,H ustonVi neyard

WilliamsonO rchards&V ineyards

Saying g oodbye to an old friend: That’s w hat i t w ill b e like watching Penny-WiseD rug Store close. I am an old Caldwell gi rl. I wa s bo rn an d grew up here. I attendedMrs . Berry’s kindergarten onL ogan, andg raduated HighSc hoolh ere. I workeda tt heR ed Steer,M odel Market, TheNe ws Tribune and The I daho Department St ore overt hecourseof myl ateyout h andyo ungad ulthood. A llplac es that arel ong sincecl osed orr elocated. So i t w as w ith profound sadness anda f loodo f memories that Il earned Penny-Wise Drug Store was closing after serving the co mmunity for over 50 years. Th e memories spanned severaldecades becauseI wasa toddler when t hey ope ned. I remember m y g randmother taking me there and w aiting while Dick Burger filled her prescriptions.Ibought m yfi rst mascara as a p re-teen, f rom a wonderful wo man w ho st affed the“cos meticdepar tment”.She hadl avenderhai rand matching eyebrows and she was stunning. I remember thinking I w ould surely have hairt hatcol or when Ig otol der. I , sadly, do not. I remember bei ng uns ure i f I should buy brown orbl ack mascara and she sa id, “Honey, always wear black. Br owni s for blondegi rls”.It wa sth ee mphasis she placedo n thew ord ALWAYS that let mek nowsh ew as at rue expert andm adem efeel I hada leg up on “blondes” whos urely

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GregA lger,HustonVi neyards caughtout ofhis dre ssa ttire gettingre adyfor their event .

Homedale Rd.


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Karcher Rd.

16473 Chicken Dinner Rd., Caldwell, Id •

wouldne ver be ableto u sebla ck mascara and ha ve it wor k o ut nicely for them! I believe that lady’s name wasMrs. Ap plegate. I bought ma ny mor e c osmetic items f rom he r ov er th e years and shew asa lways forthcoming with advice anda smileand her beautifull avenderhai r. Whenever we neede d a gif t item, we alw ays w ent t o t he basementof Penny-Wise. Mrs. Ogstadw ould helpu s peruse the shelves,asking allt he important questionsand helpi ngus come up w ith just t he ri ght thi ng. I bought m y first Pr ecious Momentsfi gurines there andm y firstpot holders and my first beer canl ures int hes portinggo ods departmentj ust across from the gifts ection. The pharm acy fi lled al l m y family’s pr escriptions until I movedto Bo ise. The back ofth e store always smelled of vicks vapo-rub and oi ntments the pharmacist w ould mi x w ith a mortar and pestle and serious cough m edicine. They were alwaysb usy. But theyt ookt ime withth eirc ustomers…and they cared about get ting t hings just right. My mother worked at t he pharmacyfor a while,as did my dear fri end Cher i. They loved working there and loved the peoplet heyw orked with. It says al ot aboutt hechar acterof the placew hene mployees love their

jobs. Irem emberam annam ed Elmer Ficks who lived in town and wal ked a r oute e ach da y, visiting and pestering as h e went. Hew ore coveralls and a pith hel met and a nyone who lived in Caldwell during the 1960sa nd1 970s,a nd might be readingt his,know sexactl yw ho Iam t alkinga bout. I told him onceth at my mother worked at Penny-Wise Drug, in the back. Hew ouldopen the frontdoor of thest oreand hol lert o thet op of his lungs “ HELLO, H ELLO, THELMA, MY D ARLING DOLLY,L OVE OFMY LIFE!!” Ithi nk he didi t justabout every day m y m om w orked t here. Then therei s Georgia. Georgia has been ou r g o-to la dy f or camera andw atch batteries and isSTILLt heonl yonei nt ownI trustto put a batteryi naw atch, andI’msad toknow Iw on’tbe ablet o goto her to fill thatneed anymore.S he is afi xtureand I think she must be sad toseet he placecl osed oors. Iknowm anywhohaveal lof these m emories, a nd m any more, of the store with the owl andthepenn ies on the corner of Cleveland and Kimball. There will never b e a nother like it…andt hat’s too bad on a good manyl evels. Iwi ll missi t. But Iw illalw ays haveso many fond recollections…while I wait for my hair tot urn a lovely shade of lavender!


Join us for Happy Hour 3-6 pm Monday thru Saturday 2805 Blaine St, Caldwell • 459-3308


December 2014

Sports Striving for 300 Chantele Hensel Caldwell Perspective

Nathaniel Tollman is a 3rd generation bowler. Born and raised in Caldwell, Idaho his first years in school at Washington Elementary. Followed by Syringa Middle School and now attending Vision Charter School where he maintains a 3.833 GPA. Nathaniel is currently taking an Economics Dual Credit class through Northwest Nazarene University. He is also studying Physics and Pre-Calculus through College of Western Idaho dual credit. Nathaniel enjoys school and hopes to own a business in Caldwell someday.

Nathaniel has 2 siblings, Kaylyn and Tyler. One of their family pastimes has always been bowling. He threw his first ball down a Caldwell Bowling lane at age 3. He found a passion and has enjoyed bowling ever since. Nathaniel has had many coaches but gives much credit to a couple. One being his Dad and the other his Grandfather. Nathaniel calls Caldwell Bowl home but has bowled in large events outside of the State. He has bowled in the Junior Golf Tournament in Indianapolis, Indiana, Las Vegas in 2013 with a

team and won 1st place. He went been to Buffalo, New York over the summer for the Junior Gold Tournament. The highest sanctioned game that he has bowled is a 280, about a month ago. His best sanctioned series is about 770. Nathaniel serves on the Caldwell USBC Association as the youth representative. He holds the office of Secretary for both Wednesday Leagues at 4pm and the Saturday Pinblasters on Saturday morning at 9:00a.m. After school Nathaniel works at Caldwell Bowl.

EN FUEGO DANCE TEAM ROCKS!! Just two short years ago, a group of girls gathered at the Farmway Village Community Center on the Caldwell Housing Authority campus. Their goal….to dance and have fun. That year, they earned the opportunity to dance at local, state and national Hip Hop Dance competitions, and they experienced successes at all three. Last year, with a limited budget and the desire to try something just a little different, three members of The Armada Idaho professional dance team from the Boise area were solicited to choreograph dances and give short tutorial classes to the team. The dance team learned each complete dance in just a couple of hours and then

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worked really hard to practice, clean and perfect the dances before competition time. Again they earned their way to local, state and Nationals, where they earned a high gold award on each of three dances and a studio award for their efforts. The studio award may not have meant much to the team members, but to Mike and Tammy Dittenber, and Cece Flores, who helped mentor and lead the team, it elicited tears and was a sign of having succeeded at creating a lasting dance experience for the dance team. You see, there is no studio. There is no dance instructor. There is no ballet bar and there were no mirrors in the community center until mid-year. The girls had never seen themselves dance! Fundraising had taken the shape of carnivals, selling raffle tickets, soliciting donations, and relying on the kindness of a group of foundation members who saw the good in the girls and fostered it by making sure they and their families got to attend National dance competition in Salt Lake, UT for two years in a row. This fall, a young man, and another young lady, auditioned and made the team, bringing the total to eight dancers. All of the members are academic successes, leaders in their communities, involved in sports, service groups, cheerleading, and just really great kids. These young people represent Caldwell and the Middleton areas all over the state and at National competitions as they travel and dance. You can be very proud of them!! If you have a special event, holiday party or service group luncheon and you need entertainment, En Fuego Dance Team is available to come and rock your event. Contact Tammy through Caldwell Perspective if you are interested.

Vallivue High School Sophomore Achieves Level 9 Michael Hensel Caldwell Perspective

Submitted Photos

At age fifteen, Madison Carson, a Sophomore at Vallivue High School, will be competing at level 9 as an optional gymnast. Level 10 is the highest level in the Junior Olympic program and will be the next achievement in this remarkable athlete’s development. She began gymnastics at age 9. As she has attained different skills she has advanced through the levels, starting competition through the Xcel program which is designed to get the athlete the feel for competition. Basically give them the confidence and competence to decide whether they would like to move up to the competition levels. After they achieve level 6, they can then showcase the skills at which they excel, choosing their own routines and music. Madisons’ favorite event is bars because she enjoys the challenge. She works out 5 days per week for 3 and a half hours per day at Advanced Gymnastics in Nampa. Madison will begin competition again in January. She hopes to achieve a scholarship and compete in college gymnastics after graduation. We, here at the Caldwell Perspective will continue to follow her coming competition season and report her progress and results. We are rooting for you Madison!

December 2014


Outdoors Fishing Report

Robert Bassham, caught out fishing at Rotary Ponds The Rotary and Gun Club ponds were both planted with Rainbow trout in early November and the Rotary pond again the 1st of December. Try all the usual suspects, Powerbait or worms for the bait fisherman, small spinners and spoons work best for those of you that throw hardware and a nymph pattern for you fly fishers. Remember there is a smallmouth bass population, bluegill and other species available as well. You never know what might be coming to your hook, and it’s all in the name of good fun.

Recipe of the Month Michael Hensel Caldwell Perspective

Local Author Stephen Weston

Idaho Fish and Game stocked their last truckload of 300 Steelhead into the Boise River on November 24th, which was the third load of that size in November so there is still a bunch of catchable fish available. They will have disbursed from the stocking areas by the time of this reading so be prepared to find them up and down the river. Normal steelhead regulations and permits apply except barbless hooks are not required on the Boise River and limits are 3 fish per day and 9 fish in possession. The river is full of rainbows as it is stocked regularly, with both the lower and upper river stocked on December 1st. Water flows continue to run about normal at around 265 cfs. so access to fishing is excellent. As long as the weather holds, the normal hatches will continue, so try fishing the riffles into the deeper runs and pools. Bait anglers can catch fish drifting worms, bright colored salmon eggs or PowerBait while others are using small spoons or spinners to catch both steelhead and trout. Fly fishermen are using nymph patterns like a #12-16 Prince Nymphs to catch trout and whitefish. The steelhead will also come to bigger streamers, worms, shrimp, or spinners. Remember that down in our neck of the river there is a good smallmouth population and the occasional brown trout as well. The key is to get out and enjoy the goodweather; although the days are shorter the only reason for not catching fish is not going fishing!

Note from the Publisher: I just have to say it is such an honor to have this great local Author as a monthly columnist. Stephen’s book can be found at Rubaiyat Book Store, Downtown Caldwell.

Boy Scout Pizza Rice ,, ( '0 -10 '0",3 + +"

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, !,,( &* 1. %#./ *,. # #2#+)4 0&.,1%&,10 -10 &,)# '+ 0&#*'" " )# ,$ 4, 1. & * 1.%#. , 100&# /'5# ,$ 10 tool. It will work. It has the 4, 1. $'+%#. "1.' +%%.'))'+%0&#&,)# 3')) "' /- - #. makings of a very effective 0&# ! #+0#. 3 ')) # ! , , ( #" 0&# / * # / 0&# #" %#/

–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––CPN Continued from Page 1

me that day. I left with a new perspective. Hence, the name, Caldwell Perspective. This year I sent, Audie, our youngest of four children, to kindergarden. I was excited for him to begin school, but it left me lonely for the outside world. Although, at times I feel I’m not wearing those comfortable old boots, but rather breaking in a new pair (if any of you have broken a pair of boots in you can surely sympathize). Here I am. With plans to grow into a bi-weekly and then weekly publication. I hope as you

read through these pages you see the direction I choose to take this little paper. At this very moment the first publication of The Caldwell Perspective is due to hit the press in less than 24 hours. I am so excited to share this space with you. So, if and when you see me walking around downtown or in a business, please stop me. Let me know what you think of your newspaper. Remember, that this paper is solely funded by advertising. If you own a business, I encourage you to use this marketing

vehicle, delivering your message to every deliverable address in Caldwell. If you do not own a business (and even if you do) shop at the advertisers businesses. Use the coupons for those great bargains, meals and services, spend your dollars locally. A community is defined as a feeling of fellowship with others as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests and goals. We are an us. As the old cowboy quote says, “Happy trails”.

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December 2014

Entertainment MusicThe atre ofI daho Presents“ TheSound ofMusic”

" 22A(D < $ 3( 52 .@A ?<: (5 2 ' <B;1 < 3" B@ 60

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A Town Called Alice Bookreviewby AmyPerry RubaiyatBookStore Nevil S hute (Norway) w as an Englishn ovelista ndae ronautical engineer. A TownLi ke Alicei sa storyaboutworkingforwhatyou want. It is also a love story. Englishwoman J ean P aget s urvivesa J apanesede athw alkd uring World War II only to find that shec annotret urnt ot heyout hful interestsofthe pre-war girl. Com ing into anin heritance,s he returns to Malaysiatorepaykindness receivedfr omth e nativesdu ringhe r ordeal.Wh ileth ere,s he discovers that Joe, they oung Australianm an who helped her d uring t he war, has alsosurvived. Jean decidesto got o Australiat of indJ oe,s topping b riefly i n Alice S prings, a –––––––––––Alicecontinuedonpage13

December 2014


Place of Grace Because Jesus Did

There’s Still Good News

By Chantele Hensel Caldwell Perspective

By Jim and Sharon Porter, United Free Methodist Church

I don’t know about you, but I was pleased to learn a new local newspaper was coming to the Treasure Valley; I even got a little excited when I learned it was for and about our city of Caldwell. Its Publisher promises me that it’s all about good news. Good. We can use it. I’m a fan of good news. I’ve learned to be tolerant of the bad stuff. Sure, bad news is a part of life, but it seems we’ve become a society and culture that is choosing to linger in the bad news longer than what is good for us. From the recent election cycle and its constant barrage of negativity, to the immigration crisis (or opportunity, depending on what makes for bad news in your worldview), to the recent spread of Ebola into our country, to unemployment and under-employment, to the economy, there’s no doubt that these are great days to be a skeptic and cynic. It becomes more difficult with every passing year to remain optimistic. Then, every year at this same time I pause, exhale, and remember there’s still reason for optimism and hope. We have much to be thankful for. Our basic needs of life are

met; food, shelter, water, warmth, relationships. In spite of everything, our country is prosperous. We’re still safe, thanks to those who risk their lives while protecting ours. Industry is still moving into Caldwell, jobs and opportunity are being created for those who want to work. There are still open and generous hearts in our city that do good on a daily basis, and willingly and joyfully give of their time and abilities. There is reason for hope, because a very long time ago, into a world of skepticism, cynicism and division (in some ways like our own) a young mother delivered her first child—a baby boy—who arrived in a humanly impossible way, but whose arrival we’re still acknowledging and celebrating. Whether you believe or not, we can’t deny that He stands as the pivot point for all humankind. His is the one birthday that is universally celebrated, because the story of human destiny changed with His first breath. Be thankful. Be glad. Be curious about the Christ child. It’s Christmastime. We wish you peace.

Merry Christmas. May this Season bring many blessings to you and your family. e Staff at the Caldwell Perspective

Photos by Chantele Hensel

Arlene Robinett (Pictured above)

In 2004, Arlene Robinett’s daughter started a program for the kids walking home after school. When Arlene retired in 2012, she gladly continued the program. At the Caldwell Free Methodist Church, located at 3320 South Montana Avenue, every Tuesday. Arlene Robinett and her assistant Dottie Jones meet at the Church with treats. They pop popcorn, make hot apple cider and hot chocolate. Each week, school kids to get out of school and head to see Arlene and Dottie for their after school snacks. On November 11th, one-hundred and ninety-two kids came to the Church. Arlene and Dottie have became friends with many of the children even attending their extracurricular activities .Thank you ladies!

Dottie Jones (Pictured above)

Dylan Davis, 22 months old is a proud supporter to this great after school program. (Pictured left)

“I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.” John 15:5

819 Main St., Caldwell • 454-0425

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Sunday Service at 10 am

Join Us For Christmas Eve Service

Dec. 23rd • 6:30 to 7:25 pm 3320 S Montana Ave, Caldwell


Sunday Services LifeGroups.............................9:45am Worship.................................11:00am Evening Service....................5:30pm Wednesday Services Awana....................................6:45pm Youth Group..........................7:00pm Young Adults.........................7:00pm One on One Discipleship.......7pm Adult Bible Study..................7pm

3610 E. Ustick Road, Caldwell 208.454.8951

221 East Linden Street, Caldwell Sunday Morning worship 9:30am Sunday School (for all ages) 11:00am Come for Biblical, relevant preaching…Stay for the blessing of encouraging fellowship.

Christmas Eve Service, Dec. 24, 6:30pm Facebook: Caldwell First Baptist Church Watch by Video at Tune into AM1060 Sundays at 11:05 am

Come Worship With Us!

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December 2014

Flashback Treasures Found During Demolition

Transforminga1 01YearOldLibraryIntoaVeterans’ResourceCenter

ChanteleHe nsel CaldwellPe rspective

I have beens oe xcitedt o share thesepi cturesw ithth ecommu nity. Ma ny thing s w ere in the walls o f t he old library. Jo hn Muirhead, ha s allowed me to be a p art f inding ou t an y

information on the hi dden treasures.I f you haveanyi nformation. Please call me at 208-899-6374 or e mail m e a t

Manys chool papersan d projectswer e found.

Doy ou know Wade Pettitt?


Every Thursday Noon to 4 pm Veterans and Family Members $1.50 per Game 50¢ Will Go To a Fund For Vets In Need

Thank You For Your Service

Some projectsd id not have nameso nt hem.

MichaelHensel CaldwellPerspective

TheC arnegieL ibraryi nC aldwellwas oneof 11l ibrariesb uilti nI dahow ithm oneyfr omthe Carnegie Corporationof N ewY ork from1903 to 1914.T hel ibraryhas beenafixt ureof ourt own since itsc ompletion in 1914. OnJ une 17th of 1979 the library was certifiedb y theNa tionalPa rk Service as a nat ional h istorical site. T he architect/builder/engineeri sunknow n. The bu ilding wa s an a ctual library from its opening in 1914unt il1976. Aft er that i t was use d, u ntil r ecently, as the administrative officeso fth e CaldwellS chool District. W hen the s chool district mov ed it s offices Mayor Nancolasd ecidedto keep thisp iece of history a nd preserve the historical building. The City o f Caldwell purchased the building, which is locatedat 1101 ClevelandBl vd.,fr om the CaldwellSc hool Districtan d agreedt ode signateit as the CaldwellV eterans’ Memorial Hall. Undera 100y earl ease agreementw itht he Cityo f Caldwell and the Caldwell chapters oft he DisabledAm erican Veterans, Veterans of Foreign Warsa ndt heAm erican Legion, this building will beu tilizedby all veteran organizationsa nd the partnership of organizationspre pared to provide a wi de va riety of pr ograms an d services.T hepl an is toprovi de localassi stance with education,e mploymentan dc areer development, counseling an d he alth c are issu es, f amily programs, homelessness,a ddictions,ab usea ndhu manitariann eedsfo ra part of ourso ciety that are under-serveda ndl imited atti mesb ecause ofh andicaps, economic issues or ability to get through often confusingand complicatedp rocesses.N ot only are thevet erans oft hew est-endof theTr easureV alley in need ofanent ityt oprovi deuni ques pecialized services, but alsow idows andfam ilym embers of military personneldep loyed, retiredo r deceaseda re in need of af acility where they will be understoodan d their needs, issues andb enefitsc anb ead dresseda nd provided. Ther enovationp rojecti s beinga blyma naged by JohnMui rhead, am emberof t he CaldwellVeter ans Council a nd o f t he Ca ldwell American Legion. John i s an engineer with an extensive background inp rojectma nagement. Hei s keeping thep roject on trackwh ileu sing an exclusivelyv ol-

LookF amiliar?

Caldwell Bowl 2121 Blaine St. Caldwell


New York Times, Sunday, May3 1, 1931Ne wspaper found in thew all.

“A C e n t u r y o f S e r v i c e . . . A Le ga c y o f C a r in g”

AlanC.K errick

Douglas K.Re inke ValdenG.C hristensen

LisaC .K errick




steam heating systemt oa l arge metalb eam that oncew as a component ofa n iceh ousein Caldwell. Severalarti factshave been discovered during the demolition phase that will be madeav ailablet ot he public forco mment and hopefully some enlightenment. MikeD ittenber,D irector oft heC aldwellH ousingA uthority(CH A),andanum ber of his friends and colleagues donated theirp ersonalti me toa ssist in the demolitiono ft hei nteriorwa lls the firsts tage in preparation of the building toco nstructo ffices, meetingr ooms,a din ingh all andkit chen. CHA techniciansc arefullyre movedth ebuild ing’s mechanical components such as: heating ducts,sus pended ceiling grid, andnon-st ructural wall sections. On September25t h,aw orkcrew t hati ncluded volunteer v eterans, C aldwell Ve terans’ Councilm embers demolished most of the remaining non-structural walls and removed four tonsofde bris fromt he building. All salvageable materials that were removed fromt hebui lding were donated to the local Habitat for HumanityR estore.A comprehensive estimate of the building contents donated totalingover$31,000. Putting the Fun in Fund Raising Coupling abarbeque with a demolition event was a good way tonot only raise some fundsbut alsoi ntroduce the projectt ot hecom munity.The Caldwell Fire Department stoppedb y forl unch and the Caldwell American Legion Postd id the setup,cookingandcl eanup. The Caldwell Veterans’ Memorial Ha ll, wh en complete,w illo ffer aw ider ange of servicesf or TreasureV alley veteransand their families.The Hall willb e occupiedfro m 8:00a mto 5 :00p md aily, Mondayt hrough Friday. A Veterans ServiceO fficerw ill be a vailable thr oughout the week with National Service Officer on siteon ed aype rwe ekto fin alize or initiate support for veterans or beneficiariesr equiring assistance. Picturedb elow is the final rendering.

unteer workforce that has alreadyp uti n 7000 plus man hours, with noi njuries or accidents that required medical treatment. The Caldwell Veterans'Council safety plana ndth ed edicationt o safetyo ftheco uncil members is largely re sponsible for t his safety record. John is a wealtho f information about theh istorical constructionte chniques and materials foundin the building. Hee asilye laborateso na v ariety of subjectsf romthe brick sus ed,to the oldc oalfir ed

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December 2014


Clubs David JohnsonMemo rial BloodD rive Photosandw rittenbyL eoraSum mers CaldwellRot arySec retary

onCh ristmasEv ein1984.Johnson,whow as 40ye arsoldatthe tim e, was severelyi njureda t his b usiness, AC E Supply Inc . He wa s unhooking a scraper from his vi ntage J ohn Deeret ractor,w hichh eh ad been usingt o scrape snowfrompa rkinglots att heCol legeof Idaho. Itw asa Su ndayaf ternoon,an dhe wa sal one, andb yt hetimeh ewa sf ound, he had losta l arge amountofblood. RotariansatWork.

(pictureda bove)

Rotariansat Wor k. (pictureda bove) JerryB auman

sign up on line or thro ugh t exting. Thisye ar'sgoalis80pints. Thisa nnualChr istmasEveb looddrive was begun i n 1 985 to memorialize pa st Caldwell RotaryClubm ember,David Johnson,w hodie d

MeetBU TCH, an extra large1 yearo ld Great Pyreneesan dBorde rCol liem ix. BUTCH weighs 75 pounds. BUTCH is fearful of strangersandneeds time to warm up.He is GREAT around children, goodw ithcat sandisagreat fam ilycom panion. DASHER qualifies for our Seniors For Seniors Program.A ny dog 6 year of ageorol deri s free to an adopter 60years ofageor older. DASHERi s a 12yearol dChihuahua mixwho is tan in colorand weighs10.8 pounds.H ecam e to us as a stray, so wearest illget tingtoknow hi m.

BrianB aughman

Caldwell Rotary Club's "David Johnson Memorial Blood Drive" will be he ld on December24 tha tt heChu rcho fCh ristonth e corner of South 10th Avenue and Ustick in Caldwell.App ointments beg inat 9 a. m.a nd endat2p.m. To makea na ppointment,call CaroleMunn at( 208)459- 1423.Ifnoo neans wers,l eavea message and Carole will call y ou back to confirmyoura ppointment.Tore duce"double booking" of appointments,pl easedonottryto

Petsfea turedare a vailableat the CanyonCount yAni mal Shelter,5801Gra yeL n.,Ca ldwell•455-5920

GINGERBREAD is a2 year old female Chihuahua mix who ist anincol orandweig hs 9.8p ounds.S he came tou sa sast ray sow e ares tillg etting to her. She isa v eryc utel ittle girl. Chihuahuam ixes are small in sizebut hugei nperson ality andl ove. Rotariansat W ork. (picturedabov e) BruceK rosch

Ont hat night,Ca ldwell Rotarians linedt he halls o f C aldwell M emorial Hospital, now knownas WestVa lleyM edical Center,to d onate bloodinJoh nson'snam etohe lpsa vehi sl ife. UnfortunatelyJo hnson died and ever since then, CaldwellRotary Club hasj oined with the Red Crosst oh avethisa nnualblooddra wing,not onlyt ohonorDavidJ ohnson,but al sotobri ng attentionto the increased needfor bloodduri ng theholi dayse ason. Givet he"gift oflife" fora bow loft hatgre at West Valley Medical Ce nter's famous stew! CallA SAPtom akean a ppointmentto d onate blood during the " David J ohnson Me morial BloodD rive"thisChris tmasE veda y.

––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––Compasscon tinuedfr omPage3

LENNYis adashi ng3y earo ldMin iatureD achshund withas moothbl ackc oatan dh intof t an.H ei sa s mall dogwhow asbroug htt ou sa sastr ay.W ear ew orking with him to learn moreabo uthima ndwillu pdateth e filea s quicklya sw e do. SOFIAis a 10 monthol dfema leR ottweiler mix who isc hocolate and tani n colora nd weighs 66 pounds. She wass urrendered to the shelter due to nof aultof herown.Sheis a beautifulg irl. She ist imid around newpeoplebut warmsup quickly once she getst oknowyou. Take a good lookin this little girls eyes! What a prettyf ace!TOO TSIEis a2y earo ld Miniature Dachshundwi thasm oothbl ackcoat and a hint of brown. She's a smalldog whow as brought tousas ast ray.

Begin A New Tradition This Year... $

the less fortunate, and provide hard la bor to make necessary improvements to theapartments andc ommunityg rounds. They learn to shop on a budget as meals a re limited to $2.60 per personper meal. Thestu dent interest topa rticipate in this annual service project is s o imm ense that the opportunityis only opentothe junior an d se nior students. Compassf ocusesondeveloping students witha strongse nseo f civicr esponsibility. High School students must complete two-

hundred ho urs of community service i n or der t o g raduate. The projects this year included erecting a pole i n th e c enter grounds and decorating it to look likea Christmast reea nd helping with th e r enovation of s everal apartments f irst b uilt around 1970 to better fit t he needs of current re sidents. Ca ldwell HousingA uthority providesl ow costh ousingf orap proximately 1100 residents of wh ich 700 – 750arechi ldren.


OFF When you stay with us!

Take time to enjoy this Holiday season. Pamper yourself with a getaway or let us take care of your family when they visit! Located within minutes of Downtown Caldwell. SHOP, DINE, WINE & STAY NEXT DOOR Submittedphoto

Studentshe lping string lightsf or “Christmas tree”

• Costco • Kohl’s • Target • Hobby L obby • Dick’s Sp orting Goods • Sportsman’s Warehouse

• Best Buy • Bed, Bath & Beyond • Cost Plus World Market • Cracker Barrel • Texas Roadhouse • Olive Garden

–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––AliceCont inuedfromPage10

lovelyt ownin th eAu stralian outback.Co ntinuingh er search,J ean arrivesin Wil lstown,a sc atteringo f buildings nearthesta tionwh ereJ oe is employed.Wi llstown residents haveou tbackitis,th efirm b elieft hat becauseitisl ocated inth eo utback of Australiath atitwill ne ver be anything.And , indeed, th ere ar e f ew women andnor easonforw oment o staythe re.A nd no Joebecaus ehe hasg oneto Eng landto searchf or

her. While Jeanw aitsforJoe’ sre turn, shetu rnsh er mindt oways to improve Willstown. Si nce A lice Springs isa lovelyt own,i tm ustb e possible. Andyo uw illh avet oread theb ookf ort her est ofth e story! Shute’s w riting style is br isk an d spare;h issto ryl inesarecl eanwi th well rounded charactersa nd clean endings. I think “A Tow n Li ke Alice” sh ould b e r equired s enior year reading.

16150 N. Midland Blvd Nampa, Idaho 83687 at EXIT 33 on I-84

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December 2014

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What do you want for Christmas this year?

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Caldwell Perspective 899-6374

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Mail to: Caldwell Perspective, PO Box 922, Caldwell, Idaho 83606. Winners will be notified by phone. Good luck and have fun! Winners pages will be featured in the January Caldwell Perspective. Deadline is December 23rd. Age groups 4 and under, 5-7 years old, 8-12 years old. Winners will be awarded a prize.

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December 2014 Top lacea c lassified adinthe Ca ldwell Perspective, call208- 899-6374 orem ail CARDO FTH ANKS I would like to thank the following people for their hard work and the many pep talks required to make this newspaper come together. Dear family, I know you have made great sacrifices in contribution to our new adventure. I plan on spending the next week watching Transformers, Sound of Music and helping my Husband with his new endever, Hensel Accounting and Tax. A new business coming to Caldwell. Allison Adams, thank you for helping get this production on the right track with your expertise in design. Big hugs! To Leora Summers, you are my confidant. Thank you for your friendship, the many lunches you prepared forcing me to eat, the stories you have written and the love you put into each butt kicking I have needed along the way. Mike Pollard, where do I begin. Your support has been such a compliment. Thank you my friend. I just have to know, would you and Christina have sat by Michael and I at the Farm to Fork dinner if you knew then what what I pain I would become? To my Michael, my best friend and the love of my life. What a wild ride at times. Thank you for taking such great care of our family. I am so excited to watch Hensel Accounting and Tax grow. This community is so lucky to have you and and the expertise

you possess. Last, but not least, to the community business owners, organizations, clubs, schools and community leaders. You are my inspiration. I believe in you and Caldwell. We are an us. Thank you so much. I hope you love the Caldwell Perspective as much as I do. This is only the beginning. Thank you so much. Chantele Hensel, Publisher of The Caldwell Perspective. ANNOUNCEMENTS




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December 2014

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2007 GMC Envoy SLE

2009 Chrysler 300 Series LX

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Happy Holidays! 3623 E. Cleveland Blvd Caldwell 208-453-2107 Tom Draper 412-2709 Clint Walker 870-4279

Next to the BIG GREEN MONSTER TRUCK in Caldwell