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Vierra Farm

a.k.a. Dave’s Pumpkin Patch

Fifth-generation farmer, David Vierra says of his passion for farming, “It’s in my blood, I can’t help it.” David’s grandfather, Ellard Vierra, helped settle the Sacramento River Delta in the 1920s, and farmed full time until the mid 60s when he was offered a job with Reclamation District 999. Ellard could not stop farming though, and in his spare time he maintained a hundred-acre garden on his property in West Sacramento. That same garden is where Dave’s Pumpkin Patch was born. David’s mother couldn’t keep her child out of their family garden. He always had a little plot to maintain as his own. An 8th grade field trip to Apple Hill inspired David to grow pumpkins, and he started planning what is now Dave’s Pumpkin Patch. Two decades later Dave’s Pumpkin Patch at Vierra Farm is one of West Sacramento’s favorite fall attractions. David’s family - his wife Erin, their two sons, Jace and Ayden, and their daughter, Isabella - all live on the farm. David still cultivates his grandfather’s hundredacre garden with partner Joe Perry, growing organic watermelons, heirloom and slicing tomatoes, and six varieties of squash. David encourages kids to discover the joy and satisfaction of gardening for themselves by hosting field trips, tours, and fun seasonal events on the farm.