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Gold Oak Ranch Gold Oak Ranch produces walnuts, organic asparagus and Satsuma mandarin oranges just outside of Rumsey, CA. David Scheuring, who runs the farm with the help of his wife, Ann, comes from a long line of family farmers. Scheuring received a PhD in soil chemistry from UC Berkeley, and enjoys the scientific aspects of farming. The Scheurings are always looking for ways to farm more sustainably. Currently, they are focused on transitioning from a partially organic to a fully organic production system, and are not simply minimizing the impact of their farm, but actively seeking to conserve important natural resources like land and water. David is very involved in the local community, and has committed much of his time to ensuring that agricultural resources are conserved for the future. In 2002, David and several other community leaders founded Capay Valley Vision. This organization works to strengthen rural residents’ sense of community and to guide future development in the valley by working with the Cache Creek Casino. As former President of Capay Valley Vision, David played an important role in building these relationships and promoting “Capay Valley Grown” farm products. David has also acted as Chair for Yolo County Flood Control and Water Conservation District and Board Member of Yolo County Water Resources Association. Gold Oak Ranch’s produce is available through Full Belly and Riverdog Farms, as well as the Growers’ Collaborative.


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