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24. Swift – Inheritance


The ability to take than more form is defined as Inheritance. Generally a class can inherit methods, properties and functionalities from another class. Classes can be further categorized in to sub class and super class. 

Sub Class: when a class inherits properties, methods and functions from another class it is called as sub class


Super Class: Class containing properties, methods and functions to inherit other classes from itself is called as a super class

Swift classes contain superclass which calls and access methods, properties, functions and overriding methods. Also, property observers are also used to add a property and modify the stored or computed property methods.

Base Class A Class that does not inherit methods, properties or functions from another class is called as 'Base Class'. class StudDetails { var stname: String! var mark1: Int! var mark2: Int! var mark3: Int! init(stname: String, mark1: Int, mark2: Int, mark3: Int) { self.stname = stname self.mark1 = mark1 self.mark2 = mark2 self.mark3 = mark3 } } let stname = "swift" let mark1 = 98 let mark2 = 89 let mark3 = 76

println(stname) println(mark1) 127

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