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Caldecote Journal

Caldecote Photo Competition Winner – Congratulations to Andrew McKeown

April - May2011

Caldecote Journal June – July 2011 Community Diary Jun 11 11th PTA Masked Ball, 8.00pm in Caldecote School 18/19th Friends of Caldecote Church, Open Gardens on the weekend 24th Open Door Coffee Morning, 9:15am in the Village Hall Jul 11 3rd Ely Cathedral Girl’s Choir, 6.45pm St Michael and All Angels Church Caldecote Journal deadline 8th (New Date) th 16 Caldecote Village Feast nd 22 Open Door Coffee Morning, 9:15am in the Village Hall For Social Club events, Church Services, Frequent Group events and Village Hall dates, please see details elsewhere in this edition.

________________________ Change of Journal Deadline Important note from the Editor to all contributors

Please note the change of Deadline date, this will be the 8th of the month preceding the edition date. Hence the deadline for the Aug - Sept edition will be the 8th of July 2011. This will help to regularise the printing and distribution of the Journal The help and support of all of those who contribute to the Journal is very much appreciated. Editor

Caldecote Photo Competition Well done to Andrew McKeown of Highfields Road who is the winner of the January competition on the subject of Spring (front cover). The next round will be on the subject of BUILDINGS. The deadline for entries is the 8 July 11. Please email to by no later than this date. Please see the competition rules at the back of this edition. ______________________________

Letters Dear Editor Residents Beware Just to warn the residents of Highfields Caldecote that there is a bin thief about. On Friday 8th April our green bin was stolen from the end of our garden in West Drive some time between 07.30 and 08.30. It was clearly marked with our house number on 3 sides of the bin. We have searched the village and it has clearly disappeared. To receive a replacement bin from South Cambs Environmental Health Department you have to contact the police for a crime number. It may seem a minor crime but the police time, phone calls and cost of a replacement bin will all go towards increasing our council tax. Mary Currie

Dear Editor I agree with some of the comments made in the letter from "concerned resident" regarding the increase in dog faeces but would like to clarify a few points from the perspective of a dog walker and owner of dogs. Firstly, it is the same old story of a few irresponsible minority of residents causing problems for the majority of dog owners who are very responsible, always pick up deposits from their dogs, and place them in the respective bins. Obviously as the village has grown in size, the dog population has increased and with it their daily output! As a regular dog walker I have encountered some possible causes to part of this problem. There are unfortunately, a few dogs in the village that are let out by their owners to take themselves off for a walk, and obviously these unescorted canine wanderers do not carry bags to pick up their deposits, and will target the areas near dog bins, as they can detect the aroma of other dogs stopping near by whilst their owners deposit their bags in the bin. It is also a nuisance to other dog walkers who have to encounter an often not very friendly dog, causing mayhem with the walker’s dogs. This can be very stressful, especially if you are walking more than one dog on a lead. I have personal experience of it and on more than one occasion have been prevented from accessing my own front drive due to the presence of one of these wandering dogs. There is also the obvious danger these unescorted dogs could pose to children who may approach the dog. These dog owners are irresponsible for allowing their dogs to roam and also are putting their animal’s lives at risk and are in danger of causing an

accident to occur to unwary drivers. I also personally feel it is not ideal to have a dog on a lead running along side you when riding a bike, as I have seen incidents when the bike riders are concentrating on the road and miss the moment and do not seem aware of their dogs evacuations. I do appreciate that there are a few dog owners in the village that do not pick up after their dogs, but please can I say we are not all like that. As a village resident for over 25 years I have noticed that many people no longer speak when spoken to. I often say Good Morning or smile and say Hello to people out for a stroll, but have noticed that the camaraderie that used to exist is long gone. Many totally ignore you as if you do not exist. Maybe it is because I am walking dogs and am therefore unjustly blamed for the wrong doings of others who are responsible for the excrement on the footpaths and on the playing fields. It costs nothing to be polite and civil to your fellow human beings! Please, Dog Owners take responsibility for your animals, do not let them go for a walk on their own, make sure your garden is secure and has no escape routes, and non dog owning residents, please do not tar us all with the same brush. Resident of West Drive

Caldecote Village Hall

Open Door Charity Coffee Morning in Caldecote Village Hall 9:15 – 11:30am Everyone Welcome to join us on: Come along for coffee, conversation and company APRIL

The village hall is a great place for village activities, fundraising events, public meetings and parties for adults and children. The hirer has use of a modern, fully equipped kitchen and under certain circumstances may be able to use the Village Hall’s alcohol license. The hall has disabled and baby changing facilities and it is situated within its own secure landscaped garden with ample parking. There is plenty of room for a marquee or bouncy castle. If you would like any information or to book an event contact Janet Watson on 01954 211522. Charity number:1114201 Registered in England & Wales, company number 5736926

No coffee morning in April JUNE 24th HEARING DOGS Hearing Dogs for Deaf People is a world-leader in training hearing dogs to provide a life-changing level of greater independence, confidence and security to deaf people. JULY 22nd OUR LOCAL DOCTOR’S RUN Support this vital local service. You may need to use it one day! ALSO – they would be glad of more volunteer drivers – is this YOU? AUGUST No coffee morning in August

Caldecote Village Institute Ltd. Dates and time of classes and clubs in the Hall Mondays 3.45 - 4.30pm Karate 7 - 8pm Aerobics Tuesdays 9.15 - 9.45am Colourstrings 2.30 - 4.30pm Tuesday Club (2nd Tuesday Of The Month) 7.30 - 10pm Womens Institute (3rd Tuesday Of The Month) Wednesdays 5 - 6pm Rainbows 6.15 – 7.45pm Brownies Thursdays 7.30 – 10pm Parish Council (1st Thursday Of The Month) 7 - 9pm Dog Training Fridays 9.15 - 9.45am Colourstrings 6pm - 7.30pm Cubs

Large Projector Screen with HD Sky Sports and HD ESPN Sports Free Fortnightly Member’s Cash Prize Draw Pool, Darts & Crib Teams Smoke Free with Full Air Conditioning Throughout

Forthcoming Events Friday 10th June 2011: Member’s Free Cash Prize Draw and every 2 weeks thereafter, increasing by £10 per week until won! Open Days - Members & Non-Members Welcome Saturday 25th June 2011 - 12.30pm - 12midnight with Bouncy Castles, B.B.Q. and Cash Prize Bingo Saturday 23rd July 2011 - 12.30pm - 12midnight with Bouncy Castles, B.B.Q and Fun Casino Night Saturday 27th August 2011 - 12.30pm - 12midnight with Bouncy Castles, B.B.Q. and Cash Prize Bingo Wi-Fi is now available and free to members of Caldecote Social Club, yet another membership benefit! Temporary Visitor Pass £5 - Following a request from members, the Club has introduced a Temporary Visitor Pass for people working or holidaying in the area, including relatives of members. For further details contact Colin Fotland, Treasurer on 01954 210042. These are just some of the events/items planned. Please visit the Club’s web site for further details. Open 7 days a week - Every evening and all day Saturday & Sunday. New Members Always Welcome - Come & visit without obligation to join

Hire of the Club Weddings, Christenings, Birthdays, Anniversary’s, Wakes etc. - Free to members. Contact Colin Fotland at the Club or on 01954 - 210042.

St Michael and All Angels Church, Caldecote with Childerley Date



Place JUNE 2011

June 5 11am 12 11am 19 6.30pm 26 11am

Holy Communion Holy Communion + bring a picnic Evening Prayer Holy Communion

St Michael’s Church St Michael’s Church St Michael’s Church St Michael’s Church

JULY 2011 July 3 11am 6.45 pm 10 11am 17 6.30pm 24 11am 31 11am

Celebration Of Baptism

St Michael’s Church


St Michael’s Church C V Hall

All Age Worship followed by a BBQ Evening Prayer Holy Communion Holy Communion

St Andrew’s, Toft St Michael’s Church St Michael’s Church

AUGUST 2011 Aug 7 11am

Holy Communion

Church Notes We would like to express our grateful thanks to the Barker family (The Old Rectory) and the Kamper family (Manor Farm House) for allowing us to use their property for parking near the church. This is much appreciated by everyone. MORE LESSONS FROM MY GARDEN: It was very windy earlier in the year, and my fences were shaking! I had to tie up some of my climbers to stop them being ruined. Recently, I have been praying about the situation in Libya.

St Michael’s Church A quote from the Bible came to mind, from Hosea Chapter 8 verse 7. It seems very apt for the Gaddafi Regime. THEY SOW THE WIND AND REAP THE WHIRLWIND He most certainly has “sown the wind” in the past, and what a deadly reaping is happening now in that country.

KEEP THESE DATES! ** NOTE** JUNE 12TH: CORRECTION: No Open Farm Sunday at Childerley. They aren’t

taking part in 2011. Check the table to see what is happening on that date. SUNDAY JUNE 19TH 6.30pm: Evening Prayer in St Michael’s (we welcome folks from St Andrew’s, Toft, to join us). THE WEEKEND JUNE 18TH / 19TH : CALDECOTE OPEN GARDENS and Flower Festival in the Church + displays of Local Artwork at some addresses. See the Friends article in this issue for details SUNDAY JULY 3RD : CELEBRATION OF BAPTISM: Morning: 11am in St Michael’s, with refreshments afterwards in the gardens of The Old Rectory. Also today – Evening: CONCERT IN ST MICHAEL’S CHURCH: 6.45pm – 8.45pm. The Ely Cathedral Girls Choir + Soloist Lucy Taylor See the Friends article in this issue for details SATURDAY JULY 16TH : Caldecote Village Feast. See the Friends article in this issue for details

But is the Bible relevant today? The Authorised (“King James”) Version of the Bible in English is 400 years old. That’s a long stretch back, but the Bible itself was written originally many centuries before that the New Testament in the time of the Roman Empire, and the Old Testament anything between 400 and 1200 years earlier. How can anything that old make contact with, have any relevance for, ourselves today?

Well, taking the Authorised Version first, it’s quite remarkable how many phrases from that particular translation have become part of our daily speech. It ranks alongside Shakespeare as one of the great literary influences on the way we still speak and write now. We are all quoting the Bible on a regular basis, even if we don’t know it! When we talk about something being ‘a fly in the ointment’ we are simply repeating an idea which first came from the Book of Ecclesiastes. Somebody who talks about a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ is using the words of Jesus from St Matthew’s Gospel. If you escape ‘by the skin of your teeth’ you are sharing Job’s experience from the Book of Job in the Authorised Version of the Bible. And if somebody who really frustrates you by doing their own thing is ‘a law unto himself’ then you might understand how people felt in the Book of Judges, when everybody seemed to act in that way. I’ll give the exact Bible references to these phrases in the next edition of the Journal, but I’ll leave you to try hunting them out first. The Bible speaks to us today, because it has shaped our language and culture. But, of course, it was only translated in the reign of James I, not originally written then. The original message comes from the thoughts and experiences of people who lived under empires and kingdoms now long gone. They spoke different languages, and were part of cultures very far from our own experience. Some bits of the Bible are hard to get to grips with, there’s no doubt about that, but an awful lot of it will still jump

off the page and communicate to us when we read it now. I’d like to suggest there are two simple reasons for that: Firstly, people are still people. We are all members of the human race, longing for relationships, for selfexpression, for love, for a sense of belonging and achievement. The Bible is full of the words and experiences of real people. There are few plaster saints to be found in its pages, but many complicated, heartwarming or heart-rending stories which speak of human life being much the same then as now. People are still people! Secondly, God is still God. The God we read about in the Bible has not gone away. The experience of believers in each generation since it was written is that the same God who speaks and acts in the Bible can be known and worshipped still. We may not experience frequent miracles, but actually they are pretty few and far between in the Bible. We may find it hard to believe sometimes, but then again so did many of the figures in the Bible’s stories - God has never so completely proved His own existence that people have had no choice but to believe. God is still God. old book, true, but most certainly not on which is out of date. Rev Mike Booker (Rector) ______________________________________

Caldecote, Dry Drayton and Hardwick Community Car Scheme Due to increased numbers we now have nearly a hundred clients on our books, and as always are most grateful to all our drivers who have come forward and faithfully and kindly respond to our daily requests. In the last quarter of this year we covered some 95+ different requests! Considering virtually all these are done on weekdays this really is a huge number. As usual we are always grateful for new drivers and anyone who feels able to volunteer to join us would be much appreciated , as with the holidays approaching, our numbers of available drivers are often much reduced. Please note Cambridge County Council now covers drivers organised by the co-ordinators for additional insurance whilst driving, even if they are over 80 which is great news. Charges With our change from being a scheme covering only medical journeys to now covering as many social trips as we can manage ( medical trips always having priority) we are having to organise charges on a trial basis. These at the moment are based on past experience but may need altering as we gain more experience in the field. Below is a summary of costs as of the present. 1)Trips to Bourn and Comberton Surgeries £3.50 return 2)Trips within the same village £1 either way ( but variable if the driver has to come from a distance) 3)Out of village local social trips £3.50 4)Trips of greater distance eg

Addenbrookes, The Eversdens etc are currently at 25p per mile paid to the driver from his/her door and back home. However due to a change in Governmental policy which now allows volunteers to receive 45p per mile tax free ( an increase from 40p per mile) from July 1st 2011 we are asking clients to pay the driver at 30p per mile for the longer trips. For the moment the charges for the other runs will remain as above. However, as said they may still need some modificaton when we see how the social aspect develops.(CCC will still reimburse the remaining 15p per mile to the drivers). Coffee Morning July 22nd On a completely different note we are holding another coffee morning in Caldecote village hall on Friday July 22nd from 9.30am until 12.00noon. If you are interested in finding out more about the scheme, either as a user or driver do come along. It is hoped Care Network, the charity which supports car schemes along with other good neighbour schemes will also have a display together with another of their schemes "Welcome Home from Hospital". Donations of cakes and raffle prizes would be much appreciated. We cannot have too many! Last year the fantastic cakes simply vanished - and the raffle was so much enjoyed we hope to make it even better this year! If you are willing to provide a cake or raffle prize please contact Sheila on 01954 210638, Glenda on 01954 211700 or Hazel on 01954 212998. All will be much appreciated!!! Do come and join us. It will be a very enjoyable morning!

Caldecote Playgroup Summer Term During this term we are looking at how different things grow. We measured how tall we are and explored how seeds grow. The children chose to plant flowers, carrots, radish seeds, sweat peas, sunflower seeds, lettuces, etc. We also looked at how eggs hatch and watched the chicks grow bigger for a ten day period. For more information on how the chicks got on in playgroup visit our website We have been painting on a large scale outdoors by covering the fence with large pieces of paper from a roll. The children talked about mixing colours such as adding white to blue and getting “air force blue colour” as they call it. Committee Playgroup numbers are high and most of our sessions are full for the year. We have a waiting list and would recommend that you place your child on the list from when they are 12 months old. Please contact Jo Lydon on 01954 210497 or by e-mail:

Playgroup Sessions We are pleased to be offering warm school lunches from the school kitchen to children attending afternoon sessions or staying for lunch at £2 a meal. Please book and pay a day in advance. For more information on menus and nutrition visit: /.

Sessions for school-risers: Monday: Morning session (9:00am – 12:00pm) Afternoon session (12:00pm – 3:00pm) Tuesday: Morning session (9:00am – 12:00pm) Lunch hour (12:00pm - 1:00pm)

• A comfortable, stimulating sensory area for babies • Refreshments for families • Occasionally we will have a visitor providing small group activities such as reading stories and singing songs. Contact Anesta Cooper for more information on: 01954 210857

Mixed sessions (school-risers and non-risers): Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: Morning session (9:00am – 12:00pm) Afternoon session (12:00pm – 3:00pm) Please contact Anesta Cooper for more information. Tel: 01954 210857 or e-mail:

Caldecote Baby and Toddler Play and Stay Group Come and play and meet new friends (0- 5 years) Tuesday: 2:00 – 3:20 pm We would like to invite parents/carers to bring their babies and toddlers along to meet other families on Tuesdays between 2:00 – 3:20 pm (term time only). We are a drop-in session for Little Footsteps Children’s Centre which enables us to run this as a free session. We will provide: • Activities for toddlers and young children

Friends of Caldecote Church … reviving our heritage Our campaign to ‘raise the temperature’ has got off to an excellent start. With kind permission of Chloe Jenkins we held a plant stall at Childerley in amazing weather on Easter Monday and with that and the raffle and the beautiful Friends' cards managed to raise over £200. A big thank you to all those who kindly donated plants etc. and who gave their time on the day! In spite of the dry weather, the plants which we did not sell are being tenderly watered and will, with new ones, be on sale at the Open Gardens (see below). If anyone

would like to donate spare plants – or more raffle prizes - they would be very welcome. Please contact Lisa Hazel on 210021 or Sheila Stephenson on 210638. Every penny counts - Jam Jar collection A major initiative this year is our Jam Jar collection. Many thanks to all who donated the jars. By the time you read this we will have started to distribute them (or plastic tubs for Health and Safety!) to every house in the village some forty people have agreed to help! We are hoping nearly every household will take part and collect as much loose change as they can. At the end of the summer we will collect the jars and we have a team to do the counting up and banking. Amazingly Coton recently did a similar collection and raised £750 from 350 houses. We have nearly 700 houses in Caldecote so hopefully a target of £1000 might be possible! If you are out when the delivery takes place you may find a jar / tub left on your doorstep. Please take it in and feed it with 1ps, 2ps .. even 5ps if you can! (or if you should not wish to take part please simply recycle it). All work and materials are being donated so every penny will help towards the heating.

Big & small gardens, wildlife gardens & secret gardens, teas & cakes, there

will be something for everyone this year on Caldecote Open Gardens weekend. One programme gains entry to all gardens over the weekend. You will receive a flyer through your door and there will be an Information Point outside the village shop, with a full list of gardens. Buy a programme (£4) on the day at the first garden you visit. Any questions? ask Lisa on 210021. We also plan to hold a raffle at Open Gardens. If you can contribute or suggest any suitable prizes, please contact Sheila on 210638 (1 Porthmore Close).

Summer Concert with Ely Cathedral Girls Choir We are privileged to be welcoming the Girls’ Choir, and soloist Lucy Taylor, from Ely Cathedral, to perform a concert at St Michael’s Church, on Sunday 3rd July at 6.45pm. The choir’s repertoire includes Mozart, Mendelssohn, and Handel. Tickets for this special evening cost £10 for adults, £2 for children, including a free glass of wine or juice during the interval. Whether you are a fan of classical church music, or new to it, this promises to be a special treat for Caldecote. Don’t miss the opportunity

to hear this lovely choir! Lisa is selling the tickets, ring 01954 210021. For other ways you can help see our website: e.g. Ask Amazon to donate - it is totally painless! Sponsorship made easy: our website is there to help, and it adds gift-aid. Birthdays! Greetings! Use our Note Cards, or give our Cookbooks: We have lovely new Note Cards for sale in aid of Friends’ funds. Contact Lisa (see below), also cookbooks you could give. Contact Roger (see below). Our target: New church heating will cost about £20,000. With funds from the last 2 years we already have over £10,000, so there is hope! Thank you to everyone for all the ideas and help so far, and as always, more ideas or helping hands would be very welcome. Contact either Roger SylvesterBradley on 01 954 210560 or or Lisa Hazel on 01 954 210021 or Also, please look on our website: ______________________________

The Parish Council The Parish Council normally meets on the first Thursday of each month at 7.30pm in the Village Hall. On the third Thursday of the month an extra meeting is sometimes required to respond to planning applications within the 3 week consultation period.

Before the start of each meeting, residents are invited to address the Council on any agenda item. If you would like something added to the agenda please notify the clerk at least 10 days before hand if possible. Parish Clerk contact details are : Ginni Carroll Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer to Caldecote Parish Council 43 Strympole Way Highfields Caldecote Cambridge CB23 7ZJ Telephone 01954 212993 Email Youth Bus The visits from the Connections Youth Bus are on Wednesday evenings at the Furlong Way recreation ground from 7-15 pm until 9-15 pm. uk/ Facilities include: 4 PCs with internet access, PS3, Xbox, DVDs, Karaoke, tuck-shop, variety of sports equipment, leaflet rack, quizzes and crafts At least 3 youth workers are on the bus each session and are happy to chat and point young people in the right direction when in need of help or advice. Youth Bus – summer break visits Over the summer break (25th July to 2nd September), the Youth Bus will be visiting the village on Tuesday evenings from 7.00pm until 9.00pm at the Furlong Way recreation ground. Planning Applications Residents are reminded that planning applications are available for viewing on the South Cambs DC website. Please note, the South Cambs DC planning application search has

moved to There is also an opportunity to make comments on line. Taylor Wimpey Talks are still taking place over the transfer of the remaining public open spaces for both phases one and two. As information is changing all the time, please look for the latest on the Parish Council minutes (on the Caldecote Parish Council web site TWEA have placed an order with one of their Roads and Sewers Contractors to carry out road/sewer remedials as requested/identified by CCC and Anglian Water from their site inspections on Strympole Way and Clare Drive. The works identified by CCC and AWA will be commencing within the next couple of months and once completed this will enable TWEA to progress the adoption of the roads and sewers on both phases at Caldecote. There will obviously be some disruption but this will hopefully be kept to a minimum. Sports Pavilion Work commenced on the new sports pavilion in May and it was disappointing to see the vandalism of the original site markers. Please note that there will be increased traffic past the Furlong Way play areas to and from the recreation ground as the build progresses. Play Areas Please would you ensure that any personal play equipment used on the play areas is taken home at the end of the day and not left out overnight. Please ensure young children are supervised at all times.

Dog Owners PLEASE do NOT allow your dog to foul the sports areas or any play area, even if you intend to clear it up. PITCHES SHOULD NOT BE USED FOR DOG EXCERCISING. And PLEASE clean up after your dog elsewhere, some offenders have been reported. Fly Tipping Please note that it is an offence to dump grass cuttings or spoil or any waste. The Parish Council will not hesitate to report individuals, and offenders can expect heavy fines. Police Contact The non-emergency telephone number for Cambridgeshire Constabulary is 0345 456 456 4. For residents with call packages this number will provide a free call as 0345 numbers are classed as local calls. Remember - in an emergency, always dial 999. You should dial 999 if lives are in danger or if there is serious risk of injury, if a serious crime is happening or if a criminal is still at the scene. In all other cases, and for general enquiries, please call 0345 456 456 4. This number is staffed by specially trained operators, 24 hours a day, seven days a week including bank holidays. RNID TypeTalk is a national telephone relay service which enables, deaf, deaf blind, hard of hearing and speech impaired people to communicate, to access the service dial: 0800 515152 Our PCSO is Karen Mahoney – email The police priority at the moment is anti social behavior and there are regular patrols through the village and

at the recreation ground. Please continue to report any incidents. Street Lights If your street light is not working please let the clerk know and faults will be reported to those responsible. Street lights on adopted roads can be reported on line from the County Council db/CCCForms.nsf/streetlight_defect Allotments The Parish Council is currently investigating potential sites for allotments. If you are a resident of Caldecote and you might be interested in an allotment, please would you register an interest with the Parish Clerk (name and contact details) so that the Parish Council can gauge the size of potential site required. ______________________________

Cambridge Philharmonic Society 1791 was Mozart’s last year – and one of his most prolific. On Saturday 7th May, through a series of workshop performances starting at 11am, the Cambridge Philharmonic Society will be performing many of his last works at the Emmanuel Reformed United Church in Trumpington Street. The Cambridge Philharmonic orchestra and chorus and conductor Timothy Redmond will be joined by leading soloists: Natasha Marsh, Lucy Hall, Eileen Hulse (soprano); Kathryn Mcadam (mezzo soprano); Nicky Spence, Philip Sheffield, Adam Crockett (tenor); Timothy Connor (baritone); Guy Llewellyn (horn) and

Cordelia Williams (piano). Members of the public are invited to come and listen to any or all of the following performances: 1100-1130 La Clemenza di Tito K621, Horn Concerto in D K412 1200-1300 Piano Concerto in Bb K595, Clarinet Concerto in A K622 1400-1700 Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute), K620 Concert Performance 1730-1830 Come & Sing rehearsal 1900-2000 Come & Sing performance: Requiem K626 For those who can follow a score, you are invited to join members of the Society for a fee to perform Mozart’s requiem. Every performance is open to the public with donations appreciated. All money raised will help the Society to hold future concerts and develop young talent in Cambridge and beyond. For more information, please visit the website at: Becky Lamont Press officer Cambridge Philharmonic Society 01480 498574 / 07920 888544 ______________________________

Beautiful Bee Borders The double Bee Borders at the Botanic Garden have been created with some of the flowers bees love best and are also a honeypot for visitors since what makes a flower attractive to bees also makes them

excellent garden plants - lots of brightly-coloured flowers on sturdy plants, in this case massed in an exhilarating ‘cottage garden’ style. Bees visit flowers for food: nectar provides sugars for energy whilst pollen provides proteins essential for growth. Many good bee plants have large, tubular flowers symmetrical along the vertical axis (as we are!). The lower petal is often lipped to provide a landing platform for the visiting bee and can be decorated with lines or spots, called nectar guides, which show the way to the nectar. Foxgloves are a good example of this, and are used extensively along with snapdragons and our native Viper’s Bugloss. Bees, and especially honey bees, are in major decline worldwide due to a complex range of factors thought to include climate change, pests and diseases, colony collapse disorder, and a decline in wildflowers due to intensive agricultural practices. And yet, honey bees are vital to our food chain as pollinators of crops accounting for about one third of our diet. Gardeners can play an important role in shoring up the bee population by including some of these beautiful flowers in their own planting schemes and borders to provide a rich food source, helping to keep bees healthy. Visit us soon for inspiration - most of the plants in the Bee Borders are readily available from garden centres and many are straightforward to raise from seed. Find the Bee Border plantlist on the website at

The Botanic Garden is open 10am – 6pm through the summer months, and a one-hour highlights tour leaves Brookside Gate every Saturday at 11am. In June, July and August, the Garden stays open late on the first and third Wednesdays. Call 01223 336265 or visit for further information, including this week’s Plant Picks from the Head of Horticulture. Juliet Day, Development Officer, Cambridge University Botanic Garden ______________________________________

Caldecote Photo Competition Rules The Caldecote Photo Competition is open to all Caldecote residents and will give them the chance to enter 2 of their best photo’s every other month of a special chosen subject (chosen by the editor) as published in the Journal.. The winning Photo will be used as the front cover of the Journal for the next issue. The winner will also have their photo displayed on the Village Web Site.

Rules: • Photo entries must be taken from when the subject is announced. You are not allowed to use old library photos that you have taken previously. • Only 2 photo’s of the specific subject are allowed to be entered • Photos from the Internet are not allowed; you have to take your own entries • Photos must be submitted before the closing date. Any that are late will not be used for that subject. • You must live in the village to enter a photo. • No heavy photo editing is allowed. Only general contrast/brightness and cropping is allowed. • Any breaches of the rules will result in disqualification from the competition. The editors decision on these matters will be final Submitting Photos: • Photos must be entered by email with your name and street clearly added. • You will have approximately 3 weeks from the subject announcement date to enter your photos. The entry date will be displayed in the journal • Please try to resize your photo’s to maximum 900 x 720 pixels (about 2 Mbs) this will help you entering photo’s due to large file sizes. • Photo’s must be emailed to

Judging: • The entries will be judged by the Journal Editor and his decision will be final. If at any point you need some help or guidance on the rules or voting, or any photography help in general please don’t hesitate to email James at

The Caldecote Journal The main purpose of the Caldecote Journal is to keep the community informed of local issues, events and the activities of our village organisations and to publish useful information. The Journal will also publish reports, short stories, poems and other material produced by members of the community, subject to available space. All contributions are welcome. If you are active in a village organisation please use the Journal to report your activities and inform the community of any meetings, events and functions that you are arranging. Contributions by Email are preferred, but small articles hand written or typed are also welcome. The deadline for the next Journal is the 8th of July 11. Please have all material to the Editor by this date. The Journal is financed by the Caldecote Parish Council and is issued every other month to all parish households free of charge. The current Journal can be viewed on the village website: The Editor is: Stewart Onyon, 23 West Drive. (211085) Email:

VILLAGE DIRECTORY Please help to keep this directory up to date. If you are aware that any information is incorrect or if your group is not represented, please inform the Editor. Baby Sitting Circle New Members Welcome Sarah Bell (210892) Brownies Meets Wednesdays 6.30pm to 7.40pm Rosanna (212543) Michela (212591) Catholic Church Contact: Melanie Ward (212714) Email: Cambridge Evening News Keep them informed of what’s going on. News Desk (01223 434434) Caldecote Book Group Monthly meetings, New members welcome Chris Patel (212341) Caldecote Community Primary School Head Teacher: Rod Warsap (210263) School Secretary: Lesley Whitehead (210263) Email: Caldecote Journal All contributions welcome. Stewart Onyon, 23 West Drive (211085). Email:

Caldecote Sports Association New Members Welcome. Chair: Vacant Vice Chair: John Newby (212547) Secretary: Sue Tasker (212787) Email: Treasurer: Saskia Dart Youth Group Co-ordinator Sharon Newton Caldecote Football Club U8 Coaches: Mike Malig (210812) and Warren Seagrave (212134) U9 Coach: Mike Perkins (212321) U8 Coach: Mike Malig (210812) U10 Coach: John Miller (210545) Academy Coach: Neil Winsor (07747 465 679) County Councillor Fiona Whelan Crimestoppers Call in confidence, you do not have to give your name. 0800 555 111 Croquet Club Meets on Sundays during the summer months President: Robin Martlew (210298) Treasurer: Brenda Phillips (210396) Secretary: Diane Wakeling (211049 District Councillor Tumi Hawkins (210840)

Doctors Bourn Surgery Emergencies 719313 Appointments 719469 Repeat Prescriptions Fax 01954 718012 Comberton Surgery Appointments/Emergencies 01223 262500 Repeat Prescriptions 01223 262399 A prescription service is available from the Village Shop. Doctors Run Provides transport to and from the doctors surgeries at Bourn and Comberton as well as Addenbrooke's, Papworth and Hinchingbrook hospitals. Plus other medical/dental appointments and hospital visiting. 24 Hours notice of appointment needed. Sheila Stephenson (210638) Glenda Jones (211700) Hazel Swindells (212998) Volunteer drivers always welcome. please call Sheila on 210638. Costs for each return surgery run ÂŁ3.50. Other journeys costed by the driver at 25p per mile. All money payable to the driver at the time of journey. Callers should try to give at least 24 hours notice of any request and to avoid ringing at weekends Evangelical Church Contact: Julie Southon (211628) Friends Of Caldecote Church Contact: Roger SylvesterBradley (210560)

Hardwick and Caldecote Cricket Club Sue Tasker (212787) Chris Fuller (211226) Local History Group Sheila Stephenson (210638) Email: MP Andrew Lansley, Constituency Office, Hardwick. (212707) Neighbourhood Watch Chief Co-ordinator: Vacant Co-ordinators; St Neots Rd & Highfields Farm: Robin Martlew, Leylands. (210298) Leylands to Westwinds: Robin Martlew, Leylands. (210298) Highfields Road 6-63: Vacant Highfields Road 56-99: Mae Kember, 97 Highfields Rd (210580) Highfields Road 103-131: Vacant, West Drive 1, 3 and 5: Vacant. West Drive 7-37: David Chinery, 22a West Drive (211887) West Drive 40-67: Douglas Harris, 60 West Drive (211647) West Drive 72-102a: Doreen Francis, 100 West Drive (210395) Bosserts Way: Doreen Francis, 100 West Drive (210395) East Drive: Vacant Main Street, Kennels to Carrara Farm: Suzy Reed, Carrara Bungalow, (01223 264004)

Main Street, Orchard Farm to The Manor House: John Barker, Old Rectory (01223 264138) Parish Council Meets first Thursday of each month at 7.30pm in the Village hall. Chairman: Cllr Jack Lang (212500) Vice Chairman: Cllr Fiona Whelan (212725) Cllr Steve Breeze (210282) Cllr Mike Phillips (210438) Cllr Tom Footman (210318) Cllr Alan Levett (211494) Cllr Neale Whyatt (01223 263007) Cllr John Newby (212547) Cllr Doreen Francis (210395) Parish Clerk: Ginni Carroll (212993) Email: Playgroup Meets Monday to Friday, from 9.00-12.00 (morning session), 12.00-3.00 (afternoon session), with lunch from 12.00-1.00. Chair: Dan Talmage Vice-Chair: Nicky Wallis Secretary: Ginni Carroll Admissions: Jo Lydon Funding: Hilary Spargo Fundraising: Sarah Talmage Risk Assessment: Dan Talmage Treasurer: Kelly Rook Contact: Tel: 01954 210 857 E-mail: Website: Petcare Group Care for small pets while owners away. New members welcome Sarah Bell (210892)

Police Parkside Police Station, Cambridge (0345 4564564): In case of emergency, phone 999 PTA All parents and staff at the school are automatic members. Chair: Avril Monmont (211843) Secretary: Louise Lawson Treasurer: Heather Hodson (211375) Vice Chair: Su Goodacre (210858) Email: Rainbows Meets Wednesday Evenings 5.00 – 6.00pm Contact: 01954 211653 School Governors Chair : Sue Francis (210282) Head : Rod Warsap (210263) Clerk : Eric Smith Mary-Ann Claridge (210080) Doreen Francis (210395) Sandra Hamilton-Fox (210599) Diane Kingdon (210263) Jack Lang (212500) ZoÍ McKeown (210302) Jonathan Barnard (211484) Fiona Whelan (212725) Lesley Whitehead (210263) Robert Jakubiak (212103) Social Club New members welcome Chairman: Ron Graham .uk Secretary: Tim Bates (212627) Treasurer: Colin Fotland (210042) Club: (210791)

St Michael and All Angels Church, Caldecote with Childerley, one of the Lordsbridge team parishes Rector: Rev Mike Booker 01223 260095 email Churchwarden: Ms Annie Nason 01954 212350

Village Website Contact:

Tuesday Club For the retired, 50 + group. Meets 2nd Tuesday of the month, 2.30 4.30 pm. President: George Hyslop (01763 246684) Treasurer: Jean Stevens (210542) Minute Sec: Chris Levett (211494) Membership Secretary: Vacant In-House Entertainment: Diane Wakeling (211049)

Youth Club Contact Sharon Newton (211031) Suzy Reed (01223 264004)

Vets Ashcroft, Hardwick (210250) Village Hall Chairman: Tom Footman (210318) Company Secretary: John Butler Treasurer: Saskia Dart (210526) Bookings: Janet Watson (211522) Email: Village Feast Committee John Miller (Chairman) – 01954 21054 Mike Perkins (Vice Chairman) – 01954 212321 Colin Fotland (Treasurer) – 01954 210042 Neville Hawkins Lucy Freeman – 01954 212131 Mark Symonds – 01954 211569 Sue Tasker – 01954 212767

WI Meets every third Tuesday of the month - New members welcome. President: Hazel Steel: (01763 269955) Secretary: Lynda Gilchrist (211448)

2011 Jun-Jul Journal  

Caldecote Journal June/July 2011

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