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Caldecote Journal Caldecote Photo Competition Winners –

Charlotte Hart

Amy Hills

February-March 2011

Caldecote Journal February - March 2011 Community Diary Feb 11 18th Open Coffee Morning, 9.15am – 11.30am in the Village Hall Mar 11 13th Caldecote Journal deadline 25th Open Coffee Morning, 9.15am – 11.30am in the Village Hall Jun 11 11th PTA Masked Ball, 8.00pm in Caldecote School 18/19th Friends of Caldecote Church, Open Gardens on the weekend Jul 11 16th Caldecote Village Feast For Social Club events, Church Services, Frequent Group events and Village Hall dates, please see details elsewhere in this edition.

_________________________ Caldecote Photo Competition Well done to Charlotte Hart and Amy Hills who are the joint winners of the January competition on the subject of Buildings Animals (front cover).

Brownies Need another Leader to help but are having Great Fun... Brownies are having so much fun. We are a large unit and have girls on a waiting list. With a sleepover planned and an indoor holiday we look forward to this new year with excitement. We thank Dave for taking over the role of treasurer. Unfortunately Samantha had to step down from leading due to work commitments so we are looking for a second leader to support Rosanna, Michela and our young leader helpers. So if anyone would like to come and help at brownies and help lead your support would be most appreciated. Our plans this term are to cover image and confidence. To do this we are playing games which encourage us to think about our differences. We hope to explore a little about how media forge our opinions and ideas. We are going to look at the way different cultures view body image and the way that the work we have and the choices we have can build our confidence.

The next round will be on the subject of SPORT.

If you think you would be able to come in and share your culture or work with the girls please contact

The deadline for entries is the 28 of February 11. Please email to by no later than this date.

Rosanna 01954 212543

Friends of the Rosie " Thank you for all your support in 2010 helping us raise over £3,000. Happy New Year from The Friends of the Rosie. If you have any spare ribbons or yarns we are in urgent need of your donations. Community Market, The Octagon, Bar Hill, Cambridgeshire We made £119.25 at the markets in 2010 Saturday 5th February 10.30am to 12.30pm Saturday 5th March 10.30am to 12.30pm Addenbrooke’s Outpatients, Cambridge We made over £990 at our stalls in 2010 Follow Friends of the Rosie's blog at and Rosie in Stitches on facebook for up-to-the minute information. We are registered for donations through eBay and some of our items are for sale in our Charity Store rosieinstitches2010. There are links to IWOOT, The Skate Hut, Great Days Out,, Oak Furniture Solutions, Farm and Cottage Holidays, GLTC, Garden Bargains, Habitat, Laura Ashley and Domino pizzas on our website “links” page then click on the shop you want. A percentage of your shopping bill will then come to The Friends of the Rosie Hospital as a donation. Laura Ashley End of Season Sale -Up to 50% off Home &

Fashion Domino pizza buy a large pizza and get 2 sides or desserts free While you're looking for bargains online, as well as helping us to raise funds you'll find savings at the eVoucher codes are on the Special Offers page. Buy 1 get 1 free on over 1000 kids books at Tesco 10% OFF All Orders With ELC 10% OFF Your Order At ALL JIGSAW PUZZLES By using the Easyfundraising search site at Friends of the Rosie will receive 1p for every search. If you can improve our website, provide transport for our volunteers or display a small selection of our wares please contact a member of the committee, details are given on our website “how you can help” page. Thank you for all your support All the very best for 2011"

Open Door Charity Coffee Morning in Caldecote Village Hall 9:15 – 11:30am Everyone Welcome to join us on: Friday February 18th 2011 For MSF Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an independent humanitarian medical aid organisation. They are committed to providing medical aid where it is most needed in the world, regardless of race, religion, politics or gender. Friday March 25th 2011: For WATOTO You may have been to a concert that the WATOTO UGANDAN CHILDREN’S CHOIR gave in Comberton not so long ago. If you were there, you will never forget it! The choir is just one of the things WATOTO offers to orphaned children in Uganda. They also build safe villages for them. Watoto projects are positioned to help transform the lives of the orphaned children and vulnerable women in Africa. No Coffee Morning in April.

Caldecote Village Feast – Saturday July 16th 2011 The committee has been chosen and work on this years Feast is under way. However, as always, in order for the Feast to be a great success we need your help. We will be holding a meeting in the Social Club on Monday 28th February 2011 at 8pm. This is for ALL Caldecote residents to come along and offer up ideas for stalls, games, sports, demonstration’s etc that you would like to see at this years Feast and more importantly to offer your time to run the stalls and other jobs on the day. If you can’t wait until the 28th February, then please email details of your idea or put your name down as a volunteer helper by sending an email to You can also follow our progress on Facebook. Search for Caldecote Feast Event. Feel free to phone and talk to any of the committee members; John Miller (Chairman) – 01954 21054 Mike Perkins (Vice Chairman) – 01954 212321 Colin Fotland (Treasurer) – 01954 210042 Neville Hawkins Lucy Freeman – 01954 212131 Mark Symonds – 01954 211569 Sue Tasker – 01954 212767 Village power, let’s make it happen !! John Miller (Mug)

Help Tomorrow Take Shape On 27 March, the census will take a snapshot of society in England and Wales. So any day now a questionnaire will arrive in the post asking you about your household and all the people living there. If it has already arrived keep it safe. Your household is one of around 25 million in England and Wales taking part. The 2011 Census is all about numbers. It asks about work, health, national identity, citizenship, ethnic background, education, second homes, language, religion, whether you are married and so on. This information helps the Office for National Statistics (ONS) to produce population estimates. Why should this matter to you? Like all local authorities in England and Wales, South Cambridgeshire District Council relies on census population estimates to feed into the government funding your communities need for public services. How much it gets is related to how many people the census says live in your area – so if the census can’t account for everyone, it could lose out. Even if the census were to end up just a few households short, it could make a very real difference to people’s lives. You can complete your 2011 Census online (you’ll need the internet access code on the front of your questionnaire to log in), or complete the questionnaire by hand and post it back in the pre-paid envelope. Everything you tell the census is confidential. It will only be used to help build an accurate picture of the population so that public sector organisations and other users can plan their services and activities over the next ten years. Your questionnaire is turned into numbers by ONS and is

not shared with any other local or national government department. For more information visit Thank you for taking part. ______________________________

Caldecote and Hardwick Doctors’ Run We would like you to note that from now on we are changing the name of this scheme to reflect the fact that the scheme is now offering social trips as well as medical ones. For this reason the scheme will now be called “The Hardwick and Caldecote Community Car Scheme”. To keep things simple, for the time being, the minimum cost for all trips will be £3.50. However changes are likely, so please keep an eye on your village magazine where we will update you as appropriate. By the time you read this several people will already be enjoying this extra service. It is important to remember however that all our drivers do this totally voluntarily in return only for agreed petrol expenses – and that medical journeys will always take priority. As we often say we are always grateful for new drivers. Without them the scheme could not operate. All drivers must be given a CRB check – but apart from that there are no restrictions. If you would like to join our team in this new venture please contact Sheila Stephenson on 01954 210638/or We would be delighted to hear from you!” Sheila Stephenson

The Year of the Bible

Application submitted for Bourn Solar Farm A planning application has recently been submitted to South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC) for a solar farm on land to the east of the Broadway, north of Bourn, Cambridgeshire. Bourn Solar Farm will generate 5MWp of electricity by using photovoltaic panels that convert sunlight directly into electricity. The proposed solar farm could generate enough clean energy to power approximately 1,200 homes1 - with a CO2 saving of around 500 g/kWh (based on savings made by domestic consumers)*2, or put another way, a CO2 saving of 55,000 tonnes over the 25 year lifetime. The solar farm will be built on approximately 38 acres (15.5 hectares) of agricultural land, with a third of the total area being covered by solar panels at most. Panels would be mounted between 2.65 m and 2.71 m above the ground, allowing plants and other habitats to remain and animals to graze. The site was selected as it is flat, receives good levels of sunlight and can be connected to the grid.


dual/pdf/actonco2-calc-methodology.pdf 2


The year of 2011, as you may well have noticed already from the extensive coverage on the BBC, is the 400th anniversary of the Authorised Version of the Bible being pulished. Sometimes (especially in the United States) called the King James Version, the Authorised Version has had a huge influence on our national life, shaping attitudes and giving people values to live by, as well as colouring our language with words and turns of phrase which are widespread to this day. In recognising the value and the impact of the Authorised Version, we maybe need to be just a little bit cautious. The words themselves draw very heavily on the earlier work of the courageous translator the the preceding century, William Tyndale. Indeed much of the life and power of the Authorised Version, completed as it was by a series of committees, comes from Tyndale’s bold and creative language. Most importantly, the Authorised Version is a vital stepping stone, putting the English-speaking world in touch with the original text of the Scriptures. The Bible originally, of course, was not written in Seventeenth-Century English, but in Hebrew and Greek (plus a dash of Aramaic). It speaks to us across the centuries, not primarily from the time of King James I (the monarch who originally ‘authorised’ the translation) but from the time of Caesar Augustus, of Nero, of Kings David and Solomon, and of the Babylonian Emperor Nebuchandezzar.

Although written during the reign of many kings, the bulk of the Christian Scriptures which make up the Bible come from the pens and the spoken words of a remarkable range of people. Some parts begin so far back in the mists of time that we have no idea who first began the traditions which were passed on by word of mouth for centuries before being written down. What Christians have always believed and accepted, however, is that the Bible was written by people. It reflects their style (compare St Paul’s razor-sharp arguments in his Letter to the Romans with John’s gentle ramblings about love in I John, for example), their views experiences, their understanding of the world. Unlike Muslims, who believe the Koran was dictated to Mohammed, but did not record his own ideas and opinions, Christians have always been happy to admit that the Bible was written down by people in their own words.

about the Bible in the Journal as the year goes on, but, far better than reading my comments and thoughts, why not make 2011 the year you reengage with the Bible, and read it more, or read it for the first time. Drink it in, and discover what it is to be inspired. Rev Mike Booker (Rector)

Yet, although written by people, and written over the space of many centuries, the Bible speaks remarkably with one voice. Yes, the understanding that people had of God deepened, grew richer, unfolded further as the centuries progressed, but the unity of belief, of conviction and of the message is remarkable. Christians believe this is down to inspiration - people wrote, but God prompted, guided and energised them.

In the grounds of Caldecote Primary School

The remarkable thing is that the experience of inspiration continues. One modern translator described the experience of working with the Bible as being “like re-wiring a house with the power turned on”. The Bible is a powerful book! I hope to write more

----------------------------------Coming up….

Masked Ball with Hog Roast and Live Music Saturday 11th June 2011 8.00pm to midnight By Caldecote Primary School PTA

Smart dress (black tie and masks optional but encouraged). Tickets £26; adults only. We are limited to numbers so please email to book your tickets now, a £5 deposit will be payable to secure booking.


Date FEB 6




20 27

March 6




February 2011 Holy Communion

9.30am 6.30pm 11am


Weds 8pm 9 13 11am – 12.30 20 6.30pm 27 11am


Brunch + Holy Communion Evening Prayer Holy Communion March 2011 Holy Communion ASH WEDNESDAY CHALLENGING ISSUES 3 Evening Prayer Holy Communion

***Childerley Chapel Caldecote Village Hall St Andrew’s, TOFT ***Childerley Chapel

St Michael’s Church St Andrew’s, TOFT CALDECOTE VILLAGE HALL St Andrew’s, TOFT St Michael’s Church

April 2011 Apr

3 10

11am 12 – 2pm

St Michael’s Church


Church Notes Christmas and New Year are done for another 11 months … or are they?? Try this: a Vicar in The Midlands suggests we keep one Christmas Card or Decoration up till next Christmas…. because - as he put it (borrowing heavily) “JESUS IS FOR LIFE, NOT JUST FOR CHRISTMAS”

C V Hall

Best wishes to share…from Annie Nason This Journal’s Deadline is /was Jan 13th….. today (7th Jan) I have been looking through the Christmas Cards that I have received, remembering, and thinking about the senders, before consigning the cards to the recycling bin at Morrison’s. I came across the following good wishes from some German friends. They are so

beautifully phrased, I would like to share them with everyone: “May the New Year bring you time to do what you want to do, and confidence in what you have to do. Peace and health should always be your companion. God bless you”.

some Wedding Preparation Classes locally. Ask Revd Mike Booker, our Rector, for details. 01223 260095 In the Autumn, we plan to hold a special service in St Michael’s for those who would like to renew their Marriage Vows.

Keep the Dates!

CAN YOU HELP?? Several small things: a) Have you some long heavy curtains which are in OK condition but you would like to replace? We need some new ones. b) Could you upholster 2 small kneeling stools? (for Weddings) c) We need to replace some small embroidered Hangings in St Michael’s – anyone interested in donating one in memory of a loved one, please get in touch. Thank you. Annie Nason (Churchwarden), 01954 212350

APRIL 24TH : EASTER SUNDAY: 11am in St Michael’s Church. EASTER APRIL 25TH: MONDAY: Spring Garden Walk and Easter Egg Hunt at Childerley, in aid of the Friends Church Restoration Fund. TH JUNE 12 : OPEN FARM SUNDAY : 11am: Open Air Service at Childerley. THE WEEKEND JUNE 18TH / 19TH : CALDECOTE OPEN GARDENS in aid of the Friends Church Restoration Fund. Would you like to open your garden on either the Saturday or the Sunday, or even better, on both days? Please let me know asap. Many thanks. Annie Nason. 01954 212350 JULY 3RD :

CELEBRATION OF BAPTISM: 11am: ***CONCERT IN ST MICHAEL’S CHURCH: 6.45pm – 8.45pm The Ely Cathedral Girls Choir + Soloist, Lucy Taylor in aid of the Friends Church Restoration Fund. (Tickets will be on sale nearer the date). WEDDINGS …. This is the year of THE Wedding – and Weddings often happen in our lovely Parish Church. If you are considering getting married, there are


Friends of Caldecote Church After raising an excellent sum of about £3,000 through our activities in 2010, Friends of Caldecote Church are now thinking about fun ways of fund-raising this spring and summer. The Church has been little used this winter because of the broken heating, so we need to raise the funds for a new system, ideally by next winter. Forthcoming events include: − A possible pancake race on Tuesday 8th March – watch for further notices. − Easter Egg Hunt and Spring Garden Walk at Childerley on Easter Monday (25th April) − Open Gardens on the weekend of 18-19th June. This is enjoyed by a wide range of people and raises a

good sum. Please let us know if you can help in any way in 2011. − Concert at St Michael’s Church: 6.45pm – 8.45pm on Sunday 3rd July 2011 – with Ely Cathedral Girls Choir, soloist Lucy Taylor. The cards we printed for Christmas sold out, and the Caldecote Cook Books were also popular – thanks to all who supported the Friends by buying them. Please let us know if you would like (or be able to sell) more Note Cards (pictures on the outside, blank inside) or Cook Books. As always, ideas or helping hands are always welcome. Contact either Roger SylvesterBradley on 01 954 210560 or or Lisa Hazel on 01 954 210021 or Also, look on our website: ______________________________

Burns Night This year was another great Burns night celebration! We were able to find a piper this year who was excellent and did a great job welcoming our guests and piping in the haggis. We would like to thank all those that very generously supplied and cooked the food and gave raffle and auction prizes, at the end of the evening we had raised £1370 to be divided between Caldecote church and Magpas. This level of success again is all due to the support from the local community, Shelford Country

Dancers, our chef David Pell and Mrs C Jenkins who supplies and cooks all of the haggis. Our thanks also goes out to all those who were brave enough to proffer the toasts and speeches. We hope that you will be able to join us next time. The Organisers Tom & Ruth Footman Brian & Jill Drayton Frank & Janet Wolton


Does the devil wear Prada? Conversations in Faith and Fashion. An evening for ladies with Rev Joanna Jepson, Chaplain to the London College of Fashion. St Mary’s Church, Comberton. Thursday March 3rd, 8.00pm Tickets £4.00 to include refreshments Available from: Rev Mike Booker 01223 260095 ( Sarah Tebbit 01223 264649 (

Large Projector Screen with Sky Sports and ESPN Sports. Free Fortnightly Member’s Cash Prize Draw. Pool, Darts & Crib Teams. Smoke Free with Full Air Conditioning Throughout.

Forthcoming Events (See also Notice Boards Outside Club) Friday 21st January 2011: Next Member’s Free Cash Prize Draw and every 2 weeks thereafter. Thursday 24th February 2011: Annual General Meeting at the Club, commencing at 8.00pm. All fully paid up adult members and life members can attend and vote on agenda issues. Meeting Agenda & Proposed Income & Expenditure Accounts will be on the Club notice board two weeks before the meeting. Membership Subscriptions 2011: Are now due and should be paid before 31st January 2011. Fees remain at

£10 per adult member and £5 per junior member, whilst life members (men and women of current state pensionable ages 60 and 65) are free after paying only one subscription. Any adult member failing to pay the 2011 subscription by 28.02.11 will cease to be a member of the Club and have to re-apply and pay a fee of £15 for the first year again. Crib Players: Caldecote Social Club currently requires Crib Players. If you are interested please contact Ken Wing on tele. no. 01954 210035 or for further details, please visit the Club’s web site at: uk/~socialclub/ Hire of the Club Weddings, Wakes, Christenings, Birthdays, Anniversary’s etc. - Free to all members. Contact Colin Fotland, Treasurer, at the Club or on Tele. No. 01954 210042 for further details

Madingley Exchange is a Winner in the BT Race To Infinity The Race To Infinity is finally over and winners were announced at 0800 on 3rd January 2011. Madingley exchange came third, and is one of the 6 winning exchanges. . This is much welcome news to the campaign team, which worked tirelessly to ensure that our exchange was in a winning position at the end of a closely fought 3-month race. To beat over 2000 other exchanges in the country is an absolutely fantastic achievement. This achievement is all the more remarkable because the campaign team comprised residents from 4 of the villages, people brought together by their desire to see their villages lifted from the internet back road onto the internet superhighway. The campaign was co-ordinated by Tumi Hawkins a Caldecote resident and District Councillor, who together with a team of over 20 volunteers visited over 2200 residential and business premises to encourage them to vote and/or collect proxy votes. The campaign team is also very grateful to the organisations, businesses and individuals that supported the campaign. Special thanks to Caldecote Parish Council, Dr Instone-Brewer of Hardwkick, Perfect Pet Skin of Caldecote for their donations which went toward the banners, and to James Fox of Coton, Perfect Pet Skin, Victoire Press, Paul Hammond Design & Print, for printing leaflets and posters for the campaign

There was an official photocall with the BT Regional Director, and the winning team on Tuesday 4th January at Kings College, Cambridge. Our communities can now look forward to internet speeds at least twenty times what we get now, and that will enhance all our lives at home and work, for our children at school, all businesses, and even our house prices! Some of the benefits are: 1. Several family members can be online at the same time without affecting the reliability (no buffering or frame freezing) 2. Ability for children/students to do more research for their homework 3. Ability for everyone to do online shopping and get best money saving deals, pay bills on line, do internet banking etc. 4. Constant access to entertainment such as TV on iPlayer, Radio, Video games etc 5. Faster downloads of TV programmes, films and music and faster uploading of videos to YouTube and other video sites 6. For local businesses and home workers, fast and reliable transfer of files between locations 7. Improved website access, enabling existing businesses to build their web presence and new ones to create their web presence, and thereby increase turnover 8. Ability to do online backup of files and records 9. For everyone, improving carbon footprint by avoiding unnecessary car journeys by

conducting more day to day tasks online 10. Communities can build virtual bridges to each other using the power of social media BT said the winning exchanges will have the new service up and running by early 2012. BT has also promised to donate to each of the winning exchanges, £5000 worth of IT equipment for a community project. We are now looking for ideas that will be submitted to BT, who will make the final selection. We don’t yet have timescale for that, but if you have any ideas of projects that would suit Caldecote and/or the wider community, please email them to or call 01954 210840. The progress of the next stages will continue to be posted on the Madingley Exchange race blog at and on the facebook page Tumi Hawkins Madingley Exchange Campaign Coordinator 01954 210840

Christians Together In Caldecote there are many Christians living here but many of us travel to churches in other places. It is wondered if people would like to have a 'Christians together' perhaps twice a year. To try and work out a realistic approach so that people are not pooled away from other commitments. Perhaps this might involve something put on by us for all of us. Please bring any ideas you have maybe that have worked in other places that you know of or think would work will be a good starting point. The first meet does not seal your fate to organising anything or time commitment! To set this off it is thought that anyone who might want to be involved or just explore ideas to meet at Julie & Graham Southon’s House 61, West Drive 1st March 2011, 8pm. If you are not able to attend and have an interest here please telephone 01954 211628 or email

Evangelical Church: Tel: Graham & Julie Southon 01954 211628 Email: Community Worker: Steve Gaze 01954 711184 Email: Church: meets Sundays 10.3012noon in Hardwick School Hall with crèche, & children’s /young people’s groups. Sunday Evening 7-8.30pm Young People’s Discipleship Group - Alternate Sunday evenings

Term- time, more info etc. 01954 711184 House Group: meets Mondays in Caldecote 8-10pm, for Bible discussion, worship & prayer. ‘Churches Working Together for Young People’: “Crossover” Comberton Village College lunchtimes: -years 7-9 Tuesdays in one of the Geography rooms -years 9-11 Wednesdays in Sc6. “Thirst” Service 7-8.30 pm 2nd Sunday, Cambourne Church. More information/other activities contact: Susie Thompson Tel: 07538 853609 or email:

‘Christians Together in Caldecote & Childerley’: House Group: An ecumenical group meets alternate Wednesday evenings please telephone Graham & Julie Southon 01954 211628.


The Parish Council Normally meets on the first Thursday of each month at 7.30pm in the Village hall. On the third Thursday of the month an extra meeting is sometimes required to respond to planning applications within the 3 week consultation period.

Before the start of each meeting, residents are invited to address the Council on any agenda item. If you would like something added to the agenda please notify the clerk at least 10 days before hand if possible. Parish Clerk contact details are : Ginni Carroll Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer to Caldecote Parish Council 43 Strympole Way Highfields Caldecote Cambridge CB23 7ZJ Telephone 01954 212993 Email BT Race to Infinity The Parish Council would like to express its thanks and appreciation to District Councillor Tumi Hawkins and the team of volunteers who worked so hard to secure the upgrade to fibre broadband for the Madingley exchange. Thank you to all the residents who voted in the campaign to secure this valuable service for the community. Youth Bus The visits from the Connections Youth Bus have resumed on Wednesday evenings at the Furlong Way recreation ground from 7-15 pm until 9-15 pm. uk/ Facilities include: 4 PCs with internet access, PS3, Xbox, DVDs, Karaoke, tuck-shop, variety of sports equipment, leaflet rack, quizzes and crafts At least 3 youth workers are on the bus each session and are happy to chat and point young people in the right direction when in need of help or advice

Planning applications Residents are reminded that planning applications are available for viewing on the South Cambs DC web site. Please note, the South Cambs DC planning application search has moved to: There is also an opportunity to make comments on line. Taylor Wimpey Talks are still taking place over the transfer of the remaining public open spaces for both phase one and two. As information is changing all the time, please look for the latest on the Parish Council minutes (on the Caldecote Parish Council web site Over the next few months you will see rectification works being done to both public open spaces and roads/footpaths/lighting in preparation for the transfer. Sports Pavilion Planning permission for the revised sports pavilion plans has been received. A Pavilion Committee has been formed to manage the build and the minutes are available on the parish website. Dog Owners PLEASE do NOT allow your dog to foul the sports areas or any play area, even if you intend to clear it up. PITCHES SHOULD NOT BE USED FOR DOG EXCERCISING. And PLEASE clean up after your dog elsewhere, some offenders have been reported. Horses can also be a problem on roads and footpaths. Fly tipping

Please note that it is an offence to dump grass cuttings or spoil or any waste. The Parish Council will not hesitate to report individuals, and offenders can expect heavy fines. Police Contact The non-emergency telephone number for Cambridgeshire Constabulary is 0345 456 456 4. For residents with call packages this number will provide a free call as 0345 numbers are classed as local calls. Remember - in an emergency, always dial 999. You should dial 999 if lives are in danger or if there is serious risk of injury, if a serious crime is happening or if a criminal is still at the scene. In all other cases, and for general enquiries, please call 0345 456 456 4. This number is staffed by specially trained operators, 24 hours a day, seven days a week including bank holidays. RNID TypeTalk is a national telephone relay service which enables, deaf, deaf blind, hard of hearing and speech impaired people to communicate, to access the service dial: 0800 515152 Our PCSO is Karen Mahoney – email The police priority at the moment is anti social behavior and there are regular patrols through the village and at the recreation ground. Please continue to report any incidents. Street Lights If your street light is not working please let the clerk know and faults will be reported to those responsible. Adopted roads can be reported on line from the County Council web site Forms.nsf/streetlight_defect

Salt Bins Six (bright yellow) salt bins have been purchased by the Parish Council and are located on junctions of Highfields Road and on Main Street. The salt is available for spreading on the highway by residents or District/City employees when conditions are icy (please note that the County Council accepts no liability for this activity). The bins will be refilled as stocks allow but we are asked to use it sparingly so as to conserve salt stocks.


Caldecote Playgroup Spring Term We arranged for the playgroup children to bring in a special item from home for “Show and Tell” during the first few weeks of term. The children brought in a variety items; some chose to talk about their new Barbie doll, a new favourite book and even a magic wand they made with mummy and daddy over the Christmas holiday. The children enjoyed not only talking about their special item but also listening to their friends. The children discovered muddy areas in the playground and are showing an interest in digging and filling up buckets with mud. Over the next few weeks we will be providing an opportunity to explore very messy play with mud. Playgroup Sessions We are pleased to be offering warm school lunches from the school

kitchen to children attending afternoon sessions or staying for lunch at £2 a meal. Please book and pay a day in advance. For more information on menus and nutrition visit: shire/. Sessions for school-risers: Monday: Morning session (9:00am – 12:00pm) Afternoon session (12:00pm – 3:00pm) Tuesday: Morning session (9:00am – 12:00pm) Lunch hour (12:00pm - 1:00pm) Mixed sessions (school-risers and non-risers): Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: Morning session (9:00am – 12:00pm) Afternoon session (12:00pm – 3:00pm) Please contact Anesta Cooper for more information. Tel: 01954 210857 or e-mail: Caldecote Baby and Toddler Play and Stay Group Come and play and meet new friends (0- 5 years) Tuesday: 2:00 – 3:20 pm We would like to invite parents/carers to bring their babies and toddlers along to meet other families on Tuesdays between 2:00 – 3:20 pm

(term time only). We are a drop-in session for Little Footsteps Children’s Centre which enables us to run this as a free session. We will provide: • Activities for toddlers and young children • A comfortable, stimulating sensory area for babies • Refreshments for families • Occasionally we will have a visitor providing small group activities such as reading stories and singing songs. Contact Anesta Cooper for more information on: 01954 210857

Many thanks to everyone who supported Caldecote School PTA Xmas Fayre last year, we hope you enjoyed it. The event raised a massive £1,350.98 which will be used to help fund school trips and buy other resources for the children

Nearly New Sale Saturday, 26th March 2011

What’s on at the Children’s Centre Monday: Speech and Language Drop-in. 4th Monday of the month – 12:30pm-2pm at the Children’s Centre Tiny Talk Baby Signing. Beginning 28 February at Toft Village Hall 1:45pm-2:45pm. 6 week course. Please ring to book Tuesday: Additional Needs Group 9:30am-10:30am at the Children’s Centre. 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month Stay and Play 2pm-3:30pm at Caldecote Playgroup Wednesday: Childminders Group 10am-12pm at the Children’s Centre Thursday: Stay & Play for Under 2’s 10am-11:30am at the Children’s Centre Ante Natal Clinic with Gillian Harrington 9:30am-12:30pm at the Children’s Centre Saturday: Working Mum’s Café 10am-11:30am at the Children’s Centre. 1st Saturday of the month. Little Footsteps – Caldecote Children’s Centre Caldecote School, Highfields Caldecote, CB23 7NX, 01954 214444 caldecotechildrenscentre@cambridge www.cambridgeshirechildrenscentres.

2.30pm to 4pm at The Sports Centre, Cambridge Regional College, King's Hedges Road, Cambridge, CB4 2QT Entrance: £1 High quality clothes, toys and equipment for children (0 – 10) at bargain prices Beat the rush! Help out and you get to shop at the Volunteers’ Preview Sale. To volunteer, please email: For general enquiries or to advertise your business at the sale contact 0844 243 6071 Priority queue for NCT card-holding members - doors open for members at 2pm

Charity Concert at Bourn Primary School

Saturday 5th March, 7.30pm A charity concert, performed by the Festival Players, will take place at Bourn Primary School on Saturday March 5th. Fantastic Musicals will feature hit songs from the West End, Broadway and Hollywood, including music from shows such as Phantom of the Opera, Spamalot, Wicked, Avenue Q, Little Shop of Horrors, Camelot and a host of Disney classics. The award-winning theatre group the Festival Players enjoyed a sell-out six-night run of Chess at the ADC Theatre in June 2010, while its 2009 production of Sweeney Todd and its 2008 production of The Scarlet Pimpernel both won the NODA Eastern Region Best Musical Award. This Festival Players concert is presented in partnership with Bourn Primary School and will raise funds towards developing the school’s Nature Reserve and providing laptops for use throughout the school. The concert is at 7.30pm on Saturday 5th March at Bourn Primary School. Tickets cost just £5, including a glass of wine, and a licensed bar will be available. To reserve your tickets, phone 01954 719282 or book in person at Bourn Primary School Office or Bourn Village Shop.

The Caldecote Journal The main purpose of the Caldecote Journal is to keep the community informed of local issues, events and the activities of our village organisations and to publish useful information. The Journal will also publish reports, short stories, poems and other material produced by members of the community, subject to available space. All contributions are welcome. If you are active in a village organisation please use the Journal to report your activities and inform the community of any meetings, events and functions that you are arranging. Contributions by Email are preferred, but small articles hand written or typed are also welcome. The deadline for the next Journal is the 13th of March 11. Please have all material to the Editor by this date. The Journal is financed by the Caldecote Parish Council and is issued every other month to all parish households free of charge. The current Journal can be viewed on the village website: The Editor is: Stewart Onyon, 23 West Drive. (211085) Email:

VILLAGE DIRECTORY Please help to keep this directory up to date. If you are aware that any information is incorrect or if your group is not represented, please inform the Editor. Baby Sitting Circle New Members Welcome Sarah Bell (210892) Brownies Meets Wednesdays 6.30pm to 7.40pm Rosanna (212543) Michela (212591) Catholic Church Contact: Melanie Ward (212714) Email:

Caldecote Sports Association New Members Welcome. Chair: Vacant Vice Chair: John Newby (212547) Secretary: Sue Tasker (212787) Email: Treasurer: Saskia Dart Youth Group Co-ordinator Sharon Newton Caldecote Football Club U8 Coaches: Mike Malig (210812) and Warren Seagrave (212134) U9 Coach: Mike Perkins (212321) U8 Coach: Mike Malig (210812) U10 Coach: John Miller (210545)

Academy Coach: Neil Winsor (07747 465 679)

Cambridge Evening News Keep them informed of what’s going on. News Desk (01223 434434)

County Councillor Fiona Whelan

Caldecote Book Group Monthly meetings, New members welcome Chris Patel (212341)

Crimestoppers Call in confidence, you do not have to give your name. 0800 555 111

Caldecote Community Primary School Head Teacher: Rod Warsap (210263) School Secretary: Lesley Whitehead (210263) Email:

Croquet Club Meets on Sundays during the summer months President: Robin Martlew (210298) Treasurer: Brenda Phillips (210396) Secretary: Diane Wakeling (211049

Caldecote Journal All contributions welcome. Stewart Onyon, 23 West Drive (211085). Email:

District Councillor Tumi Hawkins (210840)

Doctors Bourn Surgery Emergencies 719313 Appointments 719469 Repeat Prescriptions Fax 01954 718012 Comberton Surgery Appointments/Emergencies 01223 262500 Repeat Prescriptions 01223 262399 A prescription service is available from the Village Shop. Doctors Run Provides transport to and from the doctors surgeries at Bourn and Comberton as well as Addenbrooke's, Papworth and Hinchingbrook hospitals. Plus other medical/dental appointments and hospital visiting. 24 Hours notice of appointment needed. Sheila Stephenson (210638) Glenda Jones (211700) Hazel Swindells (212998) Volunteer drivers always welcome. please call Sheila on 210638. Costs for each return surgery run ÂŁ3.50. Other journeys costed by the driver at 25p per mile. All money payable to the driver at the time of journey. Callers should try to give at least 24 hours notice of any request and to avoid ringing at weekends Evangelical Church Contact: Julie Southon (211628) Friends Of Caldecote Church Contact: Roger SylvesterBradley (210560)

Hardwick and Caldecote Cricket Club Sue Tasker (212787) Chris Fuller (211226) Local History Group Sheila Stephenson (210638) Email: MP Andrew Lansley, Constituency Office, Hardwick. (212707) Neighbourhood Watch Chief Co-ordinator: Vacant Co-ordinators; St Neots Rd & Highfields Farm: Robin Martlew, Leylands. (210298) Leylands to Westwinds: Robin Martlew, Leylands. (210298) Highfields Road 6-63: Vacant Highfields Road 56-99: Mae Kember, 97 Highfields Rd (210580) Highfields Road 103-131: Vacant, West Drive 1, 3 and 5: Vacant. West Drive 7-37: David Chinery, 22a West Drive (211887) West Drive 40-67: Douglas Harris, 60 West Drive (211647) West Drive 72-102a: Doreen Francis, 100 West Drive (210395) Bosserts Way: Doreen Francis, 100 West Drive (210395) East Drive: Vacant Main Street, Kennels to Carrara Farm: Suzy Reed, Carrara Bungalow, (01223 264004) Main Street, Orchard Farm to The Manor House: John Barker, Old Rectory (01223 264138)

Parish Council Meets first Thursday of each month at 7.30pm in the Village hall. Chairman: Cllr Jack Lang (212500) Vice Chairman: Cllr Fiona Whelan (212725) Cllr Steve Breeze (210282) Cllr Mike Phillips (210438) Cllr Tom Footman (210318) Cllr Alan Levett (211494) Cllr Neale Whyatt (01223 263007) Cllr John Newby (212547) Cllr Doreen Francis (210395) Parish Clerk: Ginni Carroll (212993) Email: Playgroup Meets Monday to Friday, from 9.00-12.00 (morning session), 12.00-3.00 (afternoon session), with lunch from 12.00-1.00. Chair: Dan Talmage Vice-Chair: Nicky Wallis Secretary: Ginni Carroll Admissions: Jo Lydon Funding: Hilary Spargo Fundraising: Sarah Talmage Risk Assessment: Dan Talmage Treasurer: Kelly Rook Contact: Tel: 01954 210 857 E-mail: Website:

Petcare Group Care for small pets while owners away. New members welcome Sarah Bell (210892) Police Parkside Police Station, Cambridge (0345 4564564): In case of emergency, phone 999

PTA All parents and staff at the school are automatic members. Chair: Avril Monmont (211843) Secretary: Louise Lawson Treasurer: Heather Hodson (211375) Vice Chair: Su Goodacre (210858) Email: Rainbows Meets Wednesday Evenings 5.00 – 6.00pm Contact: 01954 211653 School Governors Chair : Sue Francis (210282) Head : Rod Warsap (210263) Clerk : Eric Smith Mary-Ann Claridge (210080) Doreen Francis (210395) Sandra Hamilton-Fox (210599) Diane Kingdon (210263) Jack Lang (212500) ZoÍ McKeown (210302) Jonathan Barnard (211484) Fiona Whelan (212725) Lesley Whitehead (210263) Robert Jakubiak (212103) Social Club New members welcome Chairman: Ron Graham

Secretary: Tim Bates (212627) Treasurer: Colin Fotland (210042) Club: (210791) St Michael and All Angels Church, Caldecote with Childerley, one of the LORDSBRIDGE TEAM PARISHES Rector: Rev Mike Booker 01223 260095 email Churchwarden: Ms Annie Nason 01954 212350

Tuesday Club For the retired, 50 + group. Meets 2nd Tuesday of the month, 2.30 4.30 pm. President: Janet Watson (211522) Treasurer: Jean Stevens (210542) Minute Sec: Chris Levett (211494) Membership Secretary: Vacant In-House Entertainment: Diane Wakeling (211049) Vets Ashcroft, Hardwick (210250) Village Hall Chairman: Tom Footman (210318) Company Secretary: John Butler Treasurer: Saskia Dart (210526) Bookings: Janet Watson (211522) Email: Village Feast Committee John Miller (Chairman) – 01954 21054 Mike Perkins (Vice Chairman) – 01954 212321 Colin Fotland (Treasurer) – 01954 210042 Neville Hawkins Lucy Freeman – 01954 212131 Mark Symonds – 01954 211569 Sue Tasker – 01954 212767 Village Website Contact: WI Meets every third Tuesday of the month - New members welcome. President: Cathy Higginson (212959) Secretary: Lynda Gilchrist (211448)

Youth Club Contact Sharon Newton (211031) Suzy Reed (01223 264004)

2011 Feb-Mar Journal  

Caldecote Journal February/March 2011

2011 Feb-Mar Journal  

Caldecote Journal February/March 2011