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Treatment TOBY ARNOLD is a nineteen-year-old college student who suffers from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Toby is smart but has to work hard get good grades. Toby is a tall, skinny, and blonde with a two fade haircut. His personality is a mix of the awkward Michael Cera and the quiet and smart personality of the guy who played Mark Zuckerburg in the Social Network. Toby gets into a prestigious Ivy-League school and is roomed with a kid named ZAKARY EASTERDAY. Toby and Zak acquaint and realize they are pretty similar. We see Toby and his OCD rituals during his transition. We see him do everything in specific order, waking up at specific times, always watching his hands, checking if things are locked, and always checking to see if his phone and wallet is in his pocket. The two go to an event called “Midnight Madness” where the new students take a bus to the local school supply store to get huge discounts! A large group of kids stand and sit on the sidewalk waiting on the bus. Toby and Cal meet three girls: SHELBY, CHELSEA, and LILA. Cal and Shelby have a class together and they all exchange numbers. The five of them go out to random parties over the weekend. Toby barely drink and just take care of Zak who ends up getting lost and comes back to the room the next day with a crazy story. Classes finally start and Toby is in large lecture classes but the one class he has with Shelby is a small advanced Calculus class, but she isn’t there. SCOTT BRAZEL, a wellrespected man at the university who is in his later thirties to early forties, teaches the class. Toby texts Shelby later and finds out that she slept in and was hung over. We see them meet up for dinner and Toby explains to her that she missed a lot of important stuff in the first class. A week of class goes by and Toby spends all of his time studying and working on homework. A week goes by of classes and the first exam is upcoming and Shelby is far behind in the class. She sets up a time to meet with Scott Brazel for extra help. She talks to Toby about how they are meeting up. Shelby’s book hasn’t came in the mail yet, so she asks Toby if she can borrow his. She goes and meets up with Mr. Brazel, but he claims

he left a sample test for her at his house. She agrees to ride with him to his house. They get to his house and he pours himself a drink. He tells her there is something she can do to guarantee a good grade and he starts to make out with her. She gets into to it at first and lets him unbutton her pants. Then she denies him to continue any further, but then he gets aggressive and rapes her. Meanwhile, Toby realizes that his notes from class are in his book and tries to find Mr. Brazel’s house. Shelby had texted him and said she was going there. He finds out where he lives and drives out there. He parks down the street and walks up to the house and hears noises. The house is far back into the woods. Toby walks up and looks in when they are making out. He thinks she is a whore and leaves. Mr. Brazel goes and takes a straight pull from the bottle. They talk about how nothing could be said but he doesn’t believe her and says she will enjoy what happens. He rapes her, drugs her, and takes her out to a random places miles away and gets rid of all of the evidence. He accidentally gave her too much of the drug, and she dies. We see a dark room filled with 3 black caped senior members of the “Skull and Bones” society. Another fifteen or so men are standing behind them. Fifteen initiates are kneeling on the ground. They are chanting phrases and to give out the initiates. We see Toby at his desk studying and compulsively cleaning up the room and every little aspect he finds that is dirty. We see him and Zak talking to each other about the girls they met. Shelby is declared missing a day later and her body is found. Mr. Brazel had taken the SYM card out of her phone to use later. We see the police looking through the little evidence they have, leading to them questioning Toby, because she has his book. They suspect foul play because she is bruised around her arms and she was drugged, and with her phone missing the SYM card, they suspect someone was trying to get rid of her phone information. Detective BOWER and STERN question Toby and they let him go, but he is still one of the leading suspects. But Toby explains how he saw the Professor Brazel and Shelby kissing in his house.

We see professor Brazel reveal himself as the head, elder leader of the “Skull and Bones.” He sends the initiates to find out everything they can about Toby Arnold. The ordeal became big around school and Toby was accused of making the whole thing up about Prof. Brazel and Shelby as a cover. Toby starts doing investigations of his own and notices a kid who always talks to Prof. Brazel after class. When they talk, they both glance at Toby and this same kid follows him back to his dorm after class. Toby asks a kid in his hallway, KIRK DUNCAN to follow this kid that follows him back from class. Kirk follows him and finds out that he meets with Prof. Brazel back at the classroom he was at. Toby, Kirk, and Zak plan the next day of class for Toby to come back, and Kirk to follow the mysterious character after Toby comes back to the dorm. He notices that Kirk is following him but Zak is waiting to run into the kid and plant a wireless microphone on him. We see the “Skull and Bones” meet again and the microphone is planted on the mysterious kids shoe. Prof. Brazel reveals himself again and gives the SYM card to the leader of the initiates to be planted in Toby’s room. We see the initiates variously stalking Toby and they find out he has an obsessive compulsive problem. Prof. Brazel exploits this when the police question him. Two of the initiates, GEORGE CLINT and BLAKE CARVELL, make friends with Zak. They come and visit one day and hide the SYM card by Toby’s desk. The investigation heats up and the police get a warrant to search through his room. The find the SYM card and they arrest Toby on the spot. Word spreads around campus that Toby was the murderer and is now convicted, but he has all the evidence on his laptop. Toby has all of the recordings and his evidence against Brazel on his computer and backed up on a hard drive that is locked in a safe hidden in his room. He tells Zak to keep quiet about the information against him. The corruption of power seems to be in favor, but at the trial Toby pleas “Not Guilty” and calls Zak to bring the safe to court. Toby reveals the recordings of the “Skull and Bones” meeting where Brazel tells the initiates that they need to protect a fellow Bonesmen and plant the evidence and set up Toby Arnold. Toby presents the evidence in front of the court and points everything towards Brazel covering up to convict Toby. We

see Toby get freed from the courts and Brazel get arrested. They find strands of Shelby’s hair in his car and the same drug that was given to her in his cabinets along with other drugs and evidence of other scandals that happened around campus. Toby walks free but we see him walking to class, but a group of the Bonesmen initiates following him and conspiring to kill him.

Toby Arnold  

Toby's mishaps

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